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"bulls island state park" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"But Papa 2831 on 1.5 out of the strange food combinations You have put together your call coming up after weather in New Jersey fest traffic. Just getting rid of a crash in Linden on the sampans out of one of nine coming down the South Would avenue heads up for DeLay is getting around that this report responsible. I staple stores. Staples has everything you need to start the year, right? Like home office furniture. The latest tech an organization supplies all of amazing prices get a fresh start this year with big savings from staples Ridwan. We have a crash in Edison on the north and south to read one right by Amboy Avenue. It's the left lane that's close of still water. Main repairs and planes borrows on the shoulder on grid one north of her by Ridge Road. 18 sounds is kind of slow coming down past eager street down over its turnpike, and the traffic is flowing down on 35 South and Spring Lake again today at Ocean Road Down to sea girt have any route 70 and Route nine, both on the slow side and liquid. Not doing badly leaving New Jersey across the Hudson, Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Chill My Red New Jersey traffic south and a real pretty spot. Delaware Township er 29 is closed in both directions. Not so pretty now with backed up traffic at the area where it is closed off right by Bulls Island State Park, and that's because a tree went down onto the roadway. We also have delays in Mercer County on Route one South found from 2 95 down through that intersection of Baker's based on Franklin Corner, And then you have to 95 South bound with a delay from exit. 29, the white horse, Pike. Down through to exit. 26, New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 503 on New Jersey one a 1.5 New Jersey one a 1.5 instant whether it's going to be cold tonight very cold. In fact, that thermometer will drop to the teens across most of the state, even colder than that single digits to the Northwest. But as.

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