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"buki klay" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"I i just wanted to say that you know it's been welldocumented would rural land that i will he pitch before in the playoffs but you then nobody mentioning that in the last five thought who are darvish pitch tour one earned run average and he came into pitching in against the club's a one hater england fifty seven pitcher for number want everyone 400 i wrote my that you back to the old darvish i understood he got killed the first pitch but i wish the role that even speculate that i felt this is the game going to pitch his ball game so i i was wrong clear the fact that curve show came in for those boring is absolutely meaningless for me that is a meaningless but it's not anything to throw buki klay's at earlier i agree with it the frankly you know the the astros at a so they wanted to keep the train moving you want that is that is part of it okay that god you that is part of it and the dog you and i i won't grocery did not have been a follow the him i i do think defensive m mad when he pitched at game five was hurt him a lot with two things number one was back to to winning h they were in the dugout for over a half an hour it was standing he wanted to give back and the amount you spending there and i think those two times when the dodgers got up and changing patriots thirty minutes he could have got out of any grew i really think that's what happened well you might be right that is a fair that's fair i mean in may the might be a reason for that i don't know beat the but he's he's had a lot of it he has had a lot of evidence now of him not performing in the postseason he doesn't need a fair number ferrying paid players mike who've act like greg win like danny murphy that he have it off time putting away and it frustrates them could in no way he cannot put both guys away and in many kinds o inning after randal data mcgrath the the the before that he gave up a base hip tell touvai of base it two the cleanup hitter and then a base it and then threerun jack the grill so he go right boom boom boom he got at one right after.

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