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"build bear workshop" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"To absolute plumbing dot com. So we're asking people very simple question. Looking back at your childhood. What do you think your favourite toy was because it was a year ago in July that this pay your age promotion that they were doing at build a bear around the country. It was chaos. It was terrible. So they're redoing it this year. But the doing in a very, very different way you have to sign up ahead of time. Not everybody gets the little winning ticket, but I'm going back a year ago to this old story on our website by Dan Alexander and, yeah, there was a one mall, cherry hill mall mayhem, twelve hundred people was the estimate were in line before they had the just shut the whole thing, down, twelve hundred people twelve hundred angry you right. You know that had to get a really ugly when they had to shut it down. And they have to tell twelve hundred moms and dads, and it was the same all across the country all over the country that had to close this whole thing down eight of these build. Bear workshops in New Jersey alone had to be, you know, shut down turn people, but is a bear really anybody's favorite toy. I just I just feel like it's not. But it was already wrong with your kid. Probably was his most constant toy. Yes. See there is a distinction there. Gary wasn't his favorite toy. Or was it just his most sentimental thing? I mean he'd much rather play when he was a kid with his you know, buzz. Ear. Right. Toy Story stuff. And then when he got older, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, but the bear never went away. Right. It was always there because you hear really like is it even toy. Can't really do much with. That's what I was thinking. I mean you can make him pretend to talk right about it. I do it kind of creeps him out because he's twenty two. But, but you do it for twenty two year old Likud good home over. One eight hundred eight three one zero one point five. Your favorite toy as child Bonnie in Milford. You're on New Jersey, one point five. My favorite twins child, which I still have I've had it since I was one is a da L remember that show, Al, of course, the alien. Yeah. Alien life form. Yeah, I still have him. I'm thirty four. The what does it do? Does it you pull a string talks? What does it do like a teddy? Rupp's. Now you've not wanted to talking one. He's just stopped. It looks just like you know, Al stuffed animal. So I don't know why. But, you know, I just held onto him all these years, he has some sort of comfort. I guess, you know, but my wife at the kid and my wife still has her Alf. Really, it's in our basement. Well mine still in bed with me. I still sleep at night. Really? Pulled off, you know, and you just kind of like bear, but, you know, I don't know he's just always. I just could never get rid of them. Okay. When you I mean you're thirty four. So when you've, you know, brought someone to bed with you every time you have to explain the Al right ideal. And like we might theon say is pretty entertaining. And he's like he thinks it's kind of cool that I've held onto him for so long. You know, he's like I never had a twilight that he never had had a step in that I had, you know, such a bond with I guess, you know, from childhood. So, you know, he digs his cute. I guess it's cuter with, you know, a girl, hold onto update and we'll let you know an adult man does so. What are you doing? What did you call Doyle, son? Well, he's not thirty forty you know, once you get married Alice gonna get kicked out of the bed. I mean he's being nice. Now. But when you get married else history. I think he'll let him stick around probably have a choice. When things get hot and heavy d does he make you move the Alf to the floor? He comes to kind of fall off. Yeah. Point taken. All right body. Thanks for calling New Jersey, one at one point five when you were a kid. What would you say your favorite toy was Kathy and Edison? Your on New Jersey one on one point five. My favorite boy was in the sixties. It was a, a dog that would walk that you'd have a little wire you press the button, it would walk. His name was Gaylord, and it was a Basset hound and I went everywhere with that dog. I even have my parents have old film it was when Kennedy died funeral. And I'm in the background walking the dog I loved that dog. I'm looking this up. So Gaylord at first, I thought you were going to say you name that Gaylord, but that was actually the toys name. I see it. Gaylord. I actually have had to Basset hounds in my lifetime. I have one currently. That's how much I loved that dog watching a video of this thing's kind of it moves sort of a creepy way. But it was all, you know, it was in the sixties. I mean back then it was probably really high tech is like the best they can come up with. That walk. Kathy. Thank you, cool. My favorite toy is a kid. It was so stupid simple. It's almost a barrister doing then require any batteries or anything just imagination. Just green plastic. Army men that was at man that that was my favorite toy. I don't have the patience because you got to set them all up and it takes forever. You gotta have your battle and knock them all down. And he got a them all back up again. Now. That's I mean I could spend hours doing that. I would get like a blanket off my bed and put it on the floor, shape it and like it'd be like a mountain. So I mean it was like way before you know, like say, like the Afghantistan battles, but that's basically what I was doing like, you know, the Americans fighting some enemy, when know little tunnels and caves enemy soldiers. I did what color were they? I'm pretty sure they were like beige beige or yellow, and we're not as many of those, I had many more green plastic soldiers, but like the beige orangish yellow ones just because they were different. That was that, that had to be the enemy. That's how the enemy was okay, how many how many green army men, would you have in action at one given time in a battle? I don't know. Maybe fifty there's a lot of little to stop with one and then move over to the other one. Oh, yeah. Stop with one and move over to a lot of time on my hands. I would I would literally spend five straight hours. I was much more into immediate gratification p cars. Was it s? S. P. S. S. T. S. P S. How do I know that because it came up one s t some? All right. I do remember them that they had like the strip that you would record man, the suckers would go, and then you could like have fights with the Ripcord by themselves. But I mean the, the getting the cars to actually go fast was the was the prime goal, but it was kind of like the Hot Wheels track, the prime reason for having them was for cars to go down them. But smacking each other with him was about two thirds as much fun to. Oh, but that they could do a job. Are they good? Yeah. They would leave marks on your brothers. Yep. I talking about what your favorite childhood toy was think back and what was it? And I'll be a again, be of shocked if it was actually a teddy bear one eight hundred two eight three one O one point five time for the news to thirty..

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