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Episode 223  Renewable Energy

The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

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Episode 223 Renewable Energy

"Suburban Eastern Australia an environment that has all the time evolved some extraordinarily unique groups of Hamas sappy I but today we observe are small tribe akin to a group of Mickens that gathered together a tough a small mound to watch be polite I felt now I don't know whether or not that's me being too critical of her or whether I was just thinking it was possible to replace Cultivar with renewable energy and could quite big sort of list of things to get through Eh this group fondly known as the Iron Fist and the velvet glove yes welcome deal is now welcome at one in the attack of the whole thing I did I was expecting US opposed for her to be a little more forthright and I really thought of anyone allies concepts and after that maybe a little bit of Donald trump threatening the world up to all sorts of mischief I mean normally the sorts of things that Donald trump has been saying if any other is going to have mountain all's on his is it would have been her but she didn't it was almost like she was being the week of things happening this is a podcast if you've tune in for the first time we talk news and politics sex and religion particularly focusing on Australia but we'll also look at the champion so well the debate so this is what the National Press Club in Vienna pattern leader of reason party formally on the broadcast who are watching is the fist fill the glove podcast episode two hundred twenty three On Trevor Beyond Feast Wilda Vince when appropriate and to not we're going to kickoff with a bit of a look at the great debate between a pattern and Martin I suspect the first two or three minutes which would have been sort of of Martin all's introduction in the stream that came through kind of cuddle rod on the mark six party she was debating man also the ICL about the religious discrimination bill so I sat down and watched it I missed probably uh-huh thoughts I've already expressed it wasn't a complete disaster Roy but I do think that I was disappointed in Vienna patents eight disaster but it wasn't a don't think it was her best performance ever that's probably the fairest way could put it we should have sent at room score out of ten or your thoughts and how it went but for me Martin als is a very house of the L. which was at the press and all that so I've got some thoughts about that and then last week twelve main we were talking about renewable energy and whether another outrageous statement and passed the course exactly par for the course quite frightening tied Callo will hello Alison let's say at any other time we would have created a special episode we would have gone to way Oh my God the president can you believe what's happening but alas it's just polished performer he is obviously used to standing up and giving his spiel on the topic of religious freedom I think he's done it a lot more pianos serving as always with me Scott the velvet glove can I get I get listeners and twelve main you very good ice Scott listeners we've had titian with a lot of things on the plight and a lot of things happening and it was clear that he was across the brief in detail more than shave and the other thing was that this was a debate which degenerated into legal interpretations of the Religious Discrimination Act and what would be cool and what wouldn't and win myself I really want to say this Guy Damn because I do want to see that busted good and there is no doubt about that but it wasn't a complete Woah that's probably fair assessment I'll probably be a little bit harsher I'm going to be hashing each allison if you watched it whether you thought or and he's a lawyer like end so he was clearly you know as another lawyer watching it running rings around or when it kind the entire bill and focus was and the focus of the hold abide was about that section forty one which was the section that talked about saying statements of belief and how that would be green get a green light and you wouldn't be like those uh-huh much was said afterwards I might have been two minutes of the beginning and how much at the end that I'm missing anyway that Dodd Roy held accountable under a religious discrimination act in the states that's what the whole God damned by saying to me to be about was about section to describing have sections worked and being able to decide what you just said makes sense because what you've talked about is something that's occurred speech and the whole issue of employment and and the ability in the sort of the during in work whereas a section we're talking about is occurring outside of work and and things like this and I don't think the iron ahead full grasp of can they were still going with it and cut off so Scott you sort what ax was sort of raised to try and prevent him from sighing stuff and the sick and forty one is basically saying if he might statement of a religious belief you can't be forty one in a bad freedom of speech issues and when we've talked about that bill the least offensive to us is portia sin Tasmania who was hauled before the courts for making statements about how marriage equality and antidiscrimination the freedom of speech things because the three of us kind of like well we're happy for people to say almost anything provided you're not inciting violence I it's I've enough simple examples of a person in this situation could be sacked your volunteer working hey that religious faker advantaged compared to secular people really wasn't explode properly and I really don't think China right still talking about freedom of speech sixty minute mark the whole thing was a freedom of speech and section forty one shield's op shop could be sacked or other really concrete examples where people would guy that's clearly unfair we don't want that happening it just got tied up in the legal ease of it I thought so so it's just the chat rooms program God forbid and really he was soft on he wasn't a draw on it as well like he was signing argue are either yeah so the sections of the act that really doesn't worry me in the team match and that was what the debate degenerated into was about the freedom of you say I felt that she didn't really lag love on him in anybody watching that debate would come out of it going well she said this he said that probably God no it's still going so so yeah at the thirty minute mark I was writing in by notes still toiling freedom of speech the forty seven what is that grounds for loss now he's a constitutional lawyer always yeah so you know it's difficult for the national lobby because they need passages of some sort of fine if you like we'll celebrity status but then ambassadors mine bryce fully how much we would like anyway the sort of secular ideals I e e cross after pie so hopefully they can ally this into some future things where other debates beheads the president of the national secular lobby will be deemed sufficient celebrity vision celebrity status to appear and he can be more forthright and in the Middle Mouse June this that we don't necessarily worry about side it's a waste of opportunity for secularist they were there and I had a chance to get legally trained BETHEL's League Beck was in that yeah I think so too the national secular beliefs credit I mean they got to a venue like that and got to have a sigh and while it might not have been perfect at least Australia celebrity ambassadors of Phillip Adams although I don't get the feeling he's not all that active is and John Carroll she's pretty thing for the grains isn't he he's not an ambassador Julian Ben Sira is he associated with secular lovey the need them because you wouldn't get a Gig like that other laws but then you don't really control Saimaa of what the Guy Deci well no yeah and special interests so giants more about education and private schools audiology you're nothing special why should you be given anything at all was you can just make up your own doctrine which is when you sign up for a Gig with a Christian institution you're given a list of ethical requirements and you either accept them I have a religious ethos and the I should be able to conduct the institution according to the religious ethos and you really need to sigh relevant to it and into enunciate why that's unfair in the fact at night employs seventy people in teaching and he was basically saying well that's relevant when we're talking about the appointment of price and many of the religious instruction teacher but not the Gardner and not the math teacher it has to be you were US setting yourselves up to be above the rest of us which is what they are that's what they feel absolutely and I just will reject them and you you were told up front what you're going to be compelled to do and of course I would say well let's just irrelevant thought she'd hit that harder than she would have landed a body bone Brussels this whole concept where Martin all's believes that religious institution lead rise it but no very loudly or anything like that I thought was chase maybe she's GonNa get him but then she didn't sign it he added again and that's the whole point she said there are enough of them in the world but when you come across really shop minded people and they have every opportunity to investigate the assistant or not but I really would have liked some more philosophical discussion about my hobby horse of I it's just thing saying she strong public schooling give full credit for that and his the other Legal Eagle from Melbourne who was yeah so anyway that was that it was a bit of a letdown I think but anyway if you're at the and you get a chance to watch it let me know if you think on crazy I intelligence he's certainly very well spike and then he presents exceptionally well and doesn't it surprise you when you come across someone who really is smart and anyone he did a look at children's law shelter would have done I'd life dangerous he's a dangerous the detail that it'd be more say so yeah so we ask for rematch veracity of these fairytales and and they don't want to go near but we've said this in the past isn't tribalism that the smarter you are unprotected ideology it's a ludicrous ideology based on fairy tales that was raised by Fiona initially she we're talking about for why people the religious people are able to Michael religious belief and it's not discrimination they believe this ludicrous nonsense. US is yeah. I'm always amazed I can understand stupid people believing in and I can talk about anything at all that is baton into religious doctrine but when it comes to a non religious person the better you'll rationalizations for green anything the tribal position so you actually get really clever adopting your argument to to mention with the with the travelogue emphasize rock so so that's that I actually since last time we spoke Danes Trenton Remember Dean is admission on this religious discrimination bill and there's a link to it on the website if you look at the blog posts by appeal to talk about any topic under the sun that vaguely falls within the doctrinal beliefs Typically Christians could talk about guy married people he argued that yes yeah yeah and he signed that's wrong to give a special benefit to religious people after cy cy confidence issue on top of these brave he wasn't that the meeting we went to sometime back well nigh law shelter visiting contributors you'll see link to it the PDF so great submission bud dain and just one part of it was where Jordan even climate China potentially with secular people you're really limited to commenting on religious issues and being I'm from From the accident and he was saying really you could have for example the following beliefs one abortion as Marley wrong to voluntary euthanasia as morally wrong three there are only two genders and a person count shines agenda simply by identifying as different the only thing I can say is something about religion which will be sort of protected by the act so so whereas religious people have an open jobs that have a religious element to them also then they were talking about it was audio opportunity aside we'll hang on you don't think that when it comes to fill out because he was given a contract which says repeat without Pantheon I would've thought so Matt Niles has the legal background does it yes yeah wondering he was very good very good beliefs on religious grounds you'd be protected from discrimination under the bill but seeing totally possible that you could hold one of those beliefs just as a philosophical ground it's been a long it was another chat that spot quite articulately at that meeting as well I recall but I don't know who he was in a future episode disagree we will have to future episodes well somebody at the listening first of all research but I'm GonNa give you sort of nuts and bolts cry understanding Sipho And then if you come up with something different light on you can you can always charming editor this and this and this and then he decided not to want to sack him and you're saying you can't do that because he needs to be able to uphold his faith he was quite hypocritical with that and at the age of both on neighbor so because I think he might have taken the view that well it could be a bit of both that comic changes got outraged and he said let's just a false dichotomy I didn't really know what he was doing I and he said well it should enough for marriage should only be between a man and woman five killing animals for food is morally permissible so he said if you hold one of those a normal fluctuation in the climate which was twenty five percent and the diagnosed with an ancient and was one of our listeners it's happening because of human activity given the limited choices that I had on the four right question is forty was that any with this particular debate it got down to such legal arguments that they would have been better off with Luke perhaps as a constitutional would've been across you're right yeah radically from Sydney Games. He's a lawyer is an ex yeah he wrote an extremely good submission didn't so he's whether it was possible to have a fully renewable system so you're on economically possible because I've done some richer research and you haven't had the chance to fully nothing is caused by human activity and it's because normal fluctuations in the sky was that it can be quite right it's often a mistake to really are you surprised by that figure it's a weird question how it's affected these new problems were do we as Australian Kale and the A. B. C. has been conducting a poll about various issues and strategies so I think the fifty thousand people have logged into the ABC survey found out about it today I'm GonNa do it one of them divide things into an either all year it wasn't happy with with the economy but anyway that was what Paul was about sixty three percent and whether or not enough switch screen societe people watching on the live stream can say some of this back now I was just I don't know why but my mind went back to model and I thought he's arguing against case the problems affecting them personally and the biggest one was climate change seventy percent saving enough for retirement six Israel or not and the choices were China's happening and is caused by human activity which was sixty three percent of people or we are just witnessing ask questions about loneliness about how often you have six things like that they were twenty seven factors so out of that is the and last week we talked about climate change briefly and we're discussing about renewables and briefly the way this came up was because we were talking about the poll which was thinking essential which said asking a strike with I think comic changes to do with religion but you wouldn't be protected under the act and that was one of these arguments for saying here just treating religious people differently too secular wording but I'm pretty sure there are other questions that were related to your you know your personal personal state like mental state emotional state things like that following statements comes closest to your opinion climate China has been established as a serious problem and immediate action is necessary fifty two percent of men. I know that Kenny O. J. Sony why that was the debate of as far as I'm concerned I think the ICL would be very action is necessary or at least there's enough evidence that it's taking place that some action should be taken so that's a big majority of people who think that that was twenty one percent of women in twenty six percent of men site take those two together and you've got are- sixty eight percent of women grain and next one Dan there was enough evidence that climate change is taking place in some action should be taken oh I did it a couple of days ago to take on not really ten minutes in having done it then I tell you the statistics I haven't done it take your health or the health of a family member of fifty-six and affording was forty six so a bunch of other ones job security crime family men sixty eight percent women that's seems to me a significant gap isn't it it is in the ones where people said well concerned that climate eighty nine percent women and seventy percent of men Silat climate change has been established as a serious problem and immediate question and discuss the current events of their city their country and their world at large let's listen keenly and vet but I'm not a Pauline Hanson on on changes unwarranted no I think the other to spend each year to help prevent climate change and the possible answers were nothing what do you think about the gap between men and women at that top one climate change has been established as a serious problem immediate action is necessary fifty two percent are affecting going to affect you personally or anyway I guess just signing people read a question but would probably guy what's important to you Talkin Center that is wearing the most Sydney tape isn't that would make sense but I didn't agree with the whole thing that it's going to affect me personally yeah but I think people would read this thing what's important to you okay that's seventy from ABC so I'm not sure but they were I don't recall is the interesting one nine Hammett would you personally be willing less than a hundred between one hundred five hundred between five hundred thousand between two thousand eighteen thousand or more than two thousand and to die is unwarranted men with ten percent women fought presents I hear people who think about climate change as being unwarranted on will likely to be men to be Wa distractions to be aren't you visualize but the clear leader in that was seventy two percent climate change said it's very strong indication where people saying it's affecting impersonal squad china-africa worry factor what do you worry about climate change then I ask people from what you know that climate change which the why are they at the medicine is probably what do you worry about the most would be here people would paraphrase the question and it seemed like climate change with the top one that's fair enough yes that would be my Alda and deleting regional or rural parts of the country like this said trusting Pauline Hanson support about just thinking I was just thinking my brother-in-law that's all right Canada's well he's an alderbrook he's parts of the press all you'll probably in the category that says there's enough evidence of climate change is taking place in some action should be tight absolutely put you in you're in law and white old man was this of some of the results side they asked people one of the was the proportion of people who said this is this is things threaten straightened sorry give Martin he's only and so on so you know I agree with and and I only I only nine percent of people would want to spend more than a year so when we had close to eighty percent of people saying it's real it's a genuine thing we've got to do something about it then there is damage to they want to spend serve I if got forty percent you're only willing to spend a maximum of one hundred dollars it's just bullshit appealing to the hip pocket and he was he was able to destroy any destroyed it very effectively yeah the cabin tax was and on do we care what we say we do do we really care no I don't think we did we died I've not prepared to spend the one hundred dollars a year seriously it's one hundred dollars summit when people site action should be taken but then in the signs August and it might have made some kind of difference if it had continued right up until the present day absolutely would've and pay renewables and can we have one hundred percent renewable that's that's where we're heading side so bear with me as we head down this journey together in hand sta deduction surely is still pay for it like you still lose money you get some of it back in your tax return you in like seriously that's really test how much people when you test people's pockets when you find yeah they should have added to the question how much would you be willing to spend turnbull he he probably would have embraced it I dare say even if he well he wanted to support it and he did support the CPS can get anywhere good anywhere listener we're just heading into territory where I'm just gonNA quickly talk about is there really emergency what is the cost whole point you know you just gotTa look at the fact that Tony Abbott was able to destroy Julia Gillard Colin Tax and he destroyed it and he did it by sustainable leadership and he says that scientists warn that even if all the Paris emissions commitments Mitt temperatures will surpass into the depends on your tax bracket that the more I was born in the wrong economic close right so that's a good background vice something now it's actually started wired them all to death look so so I've got a link to some articles here all anyone in the chat room actually alive and I will and Alison said hello and it looks like a better living people watching and I'm just worried with the chattering actually functioning so just I if it was a tax deduction I reckon I would have a significant significantly different number wouldn't you why more than more than forty percent of people not even prepared to do that that's your book that that is the your luck most people that are paying up to thirty percent tax then you get thirty percent of it back so the more tax you pay the Moyer Australia and the Americas become largely uninhabitable for much of the year in a large proportion of humanity estimated two billion refugees will need to relocate what Fox in Wyoming and then increased by three to five percent by twenty one hundred with additional warming beyond so he crossed the floor invited with the government on that which is when we read Mr promised and he agate strongly for it and he didn't get get back in your deductions the more that's become work I had no idea I thought it was the same for everybody not assigned for everyone there's lots of unknowns so we can't cy whether that's going to happen the question is whether there's a reasonable likelihood such dot com the last time the will was that hot which is present Wilma was fifteen million years ago during the Miocene period so it's a while since it's huntly bad of courses in China it's and this particular one I've distracted some Google search did was from a guy called Paul Gilding who was a fellow at the University of Cambridge Institute thirds and all of the glycemic that the'd Asia and South America's most important reversible lock disappear we could see tropical regions in Asia Africa just parts of the will become intolerable so that's under the worst case scenario not because I end human beings tend to earn assuming the more positive outcomes that we hike four and so it's unknown exactly it could go in either direction so it could be better than that or it could be worse again we just died nine so this guy was saying that as a matter of risk management giving Oh cautionary principle sign so that's you know a short synopsis of is There Bulls Plus storage cheaper than call on nuclear power generation and looking at that and saying is that correct so point so if that happens which is what science assign sees could rise by more than two meters the century between so I'm going to look at the cost of renewables this call and see what the story is and check report and this is the reason for this article was because at the time now we're referring to something that Malcolm Turnbull it said where he was signed that renewed call Fahd's stations how stations with renewables up to fifty percent and you don't have to worry about there's enough flexibility in the system that you don't need to worry that extra backup storage up to fifty percent renewables you could reply extra storage that's what the statistics tell you because the coal fired power stations yes the the risk that we face in the probabilities you just have to say that I like me and and plan for the circle urgency next question they knees about renewables verses call and I've got a lot of stuff here initially from an ABC SUV complicating factor here is is the amount of backup me need depends on demand renewable so you've got so you can just keep adding new ables up to that point and not even worry about extra storage so energy is typically measured in megawatt hearing direct running costs can pint a misleading picture because some technologies are more expensive to build but cheaper to run others have lower capital costs high running costs so what you need to do is use a measure cooled deliver law is cost of electricity where you incorporate the cost of the capital doc roughly the lowest cost of wind and solar wind fifty seven dollars Sola fifty three cost so it's really the capital costs amortized plus the running costs in that accounts for the differences where you've got a lot of infrastructure up front for most states except South Australia this is not an issue yet so is saying is that bicycling until you get to fifty percent renewables you must get back for it depends on where you're talking forty percents assess sort of a fifty percent discount on top so so in terms of actual running costs you could easily and windmill cost per megawatt half that it doesn't matter you just build enough to to to have enough electricity into an article me to see the hitting over here with me the Australian National University and what they did was they looked at and you decrease throughout the law span of the infrastructure and then add the operating cost to that to get the level laws one hundred percent renewable feasible and this was a report by these three guys Blancas Lou and stocks ran hundred dollar mark keep that Monaco now some people will give you a slightly cheaper estimate but if you had to build a call Fahd House ells on the nose and it's a lot to invest and you're not sure the ever going to be able to use it so you go into any figures so Iran hundred system that would be able to have supplied power for every hour of the die during those reserve yeah looking at the weather patterns labor laws cost that's taking into account infrastructure so it's a no brainer you would have renewables but how many meals would you have to build so the point is that there's actually contracts now like the state government Victoria into contract with a wind farm who basically agreed it is so pumped hydro is where you have pond of water up in the hills supply electricity at fifty sixty dollars so long term renewable contracts these are not fanciful figures the only then is about storage and this is where we were coming to a you assign will thank you can have a one hundred percent renewable because what if the sun doesn't shine in the wind doesn't blow what's going to happen so on going to skip a hit dizin there's a risk premium that anybody lending to build a coffee house dash is abby at five percent risk premium because he's twenty percent but that's not bad in this game things and this is a method of storage of how that's being used around the World Pariahs House and a megawatt L. is is roughly what three hundred homes used during Mondale and ninety six dollars per megawatt l. for call that's what Black Call Brown colleen bit more hundred seven in high dame de Listener in Queensland was constructed about thirty years ago for water downs when you know when the wind's not blowing winds up long when the sun's not shying we'll get to that and say so up to fifty percent in a state ala you run the pump to pump the water up to the top dame and then during periods where the wind's not blowing and the sun joining you run the water helmets sun was shining and would it have been possible to construct a system that would have relied just on temperatures and wind and whatever and basically how much would it cost and they said could news it's possible it cost let's say of tells you looking at how much cul Fahd POW station can generate the cost per megawatt roughly one hundred and upon the water down in the valley and you have a pump in between them in a pot and basically when you've got excessive wind and solid climate in Australia ever think a three year period for every hour of the day helmet was they in various pockets off St Louis so anyway so essentially what they're saying is that obviously be able to spend money on these ponds and already guys exactly and they created a little split Ya damn it was cold the SOD which bicycling pumps water up during and wind and saw and a little bit of high dry that's already existing without any color I wrote a little in could we have created for coal the CSIRO and he's trying energy market operator. These various figures applied Ram that you can pretty safely cy. Six months enough money to go backpacking to South America and North America for nine months living quite nicely well done so that's a little bit so they worked out that the level is cost of renewable electricity way you built enough of those Dame's and the why that you do it is through pumped hydro storage to produce the same amount of powers one coal fired power station it doesn't matter because of giving you the level launch cost the power of the issues pumping the water up to the top pond and then the pad you get back as it comes through you get eighty percent return so you're gonNA lose pumps and whatnot but Australia's quite a hilly country in the hills nearby where we all small fun fact why haven't High Dam has got this did you know it didn't until Joel Shug on so us so nearly half the cost of coal generation from megawatt hour of a big difference all that land to storage ponds surprisingly all that incorporate as part of it but a lot of this is kind of particular importance and get a one hectare Saurav pond at the top one hectare at the bottom and twenty five meters deepened the storing of the path through these little dams and in a better mind backbone through and generate electricity through don about work or whatever so for that sort of hydro staff would be ninety three dollars per megawatt out I still under the cost of call of call not far and end basically there are maps showing typical scenarios in different locations that I found where they've nine the actual location because of weather predictions the improved weather predicting and you know it's Kinda come in what you can sigh is to the way it was described in the report and links to listen to go and read them was these are areas that are not national parks the not of any to distribute the electricity through the country and what they said was that according to the study that deed the extra cost involved in making the system big enough that you do not have to do that isn't justified and you'd be better off just paying compensation a living on the east coast like when you go on an airplane and you're looking down a quietly isn't you see little hills and stuff and into that company and signing the two days that you don't have power every three years he's a lump sum of money because it the actual cost of bumping the system sorry is there might be one or two times every three years where there's not enough pale and I said the people watching on the broadcast I'm going to show on the board cost so this lots of places in down through the country that allows the quick exchange of electricity I've lodged distances so that's all side factored into the cost but the two main things ob is it's some of those manufacturing processing technologies you need to keep it like five basically they were saying to it to avoid that happening was going to cost an extra two billion dollars per five years so you can pay a lot of money as compensation to Ooh I wrap up front clear his months I couldn't so the liberalized cost of electricity they foresaw that that might be the case closing Dan for two days every three years yes I don't know but my understanding is back up again very easily that's why you have to pay compensation but even with compensation I dare say you might chase some of those industries out of the country isn't worth extremely except that in something like a metal smelter my understanding is that you can't just shut them down and Dan is our creating the the little hydro dam the journey I was part of the and yes it was quite good money I can tell you and I and avoid that so when they arrive at the figure which was ninety seven dollars allowed for that compensation it's all hypothetical anyway yeah so anyway nsima Donald The costings and and that's what I've come up with so often is who are watching on the if there are people actually did an alley basis the might have been minutes within these hours that they couldn't account for bicycling or an ally and I said look at this and tons of plenty of pal and let's we need the power and yours truly was a construction liquor class three licked on the split yod little uh-huh sitting there for an emergency if you really wanted to as well and accept the carbon emissions from and that was running like a jet fuel value working go the other thing that you would need to build is a new a sort of a train you high transmission line sort of a backbone not but given the benefits for Kwan pretty good what about the cost of sacrificing ace all the money it needs for an entire year when the wholesale price was described it was making unbelievable money so so you can have things like that I've got a link to it is theoretically possible to go one hundred percent renewable according to this report yeah the pumps water up in when I need to pal the water run through and Auchan that's a really ingenious my doing things so is place using an APP starts to line up and then get them used car and draw into the factory into the end it's already warming up and I get a gallon wherever you build a dam you you lose habitat for for something for some kind of wildlife or when you're flying over the thing and literally within an hour they're supplying the greed in earning bucket loads and that that facility sometimes owns in a matter of an aluminium smelter for example guys we're GONNA have a problem into an today's Tom you're going to have to shut down and what they said was yeah so interesting so there's not a little graph that just shows how that would have panned out in this particular scenario and you can see when the times are good the countryside and you open or Sidney you sing lots of areas and these are not national parks that'll be suitable say still so they guy that's such a there is of course an environmental cost for for dance and you know I mean this is well known that so you're still inundating something the thing was set up triple Acehnese setup two pawns just a hick to that's not a big area night let me see if I can find the exact figure dinner on the bed hectarage yes so you go to a pond up top of the hill that's the opponent and the bottom of the hill it's hectic and apart you're saying that the car batteries once they've been used in the car can then go on and become a second laugh at you hyme the Saddam low overtone and just last couple of days you just got fired up well another of mine fun fact La worked at a on it it's pretty terrible isn't it and twenty one percent less than would be nothing at all and eighteen percent daily about seven hundred meters at least in elevation between them and data Hick would be enough that they took a heck to would you would it be he might be at home and he gets a text message that says fire up the tube on and he on his my ball fine in Townsville and it's one Kemoko or something like that it runs on jet fuel and when the price reaches with law level it just have it going into the into the streets unlike conventional on river hydropower the off river closed loop requires pairs same steep hilly country stupidly countries really on the East Coast and the South East Coast of Australia. This little bit I'll come pretty good idea you know there's always a favor to work together through it and that's the thing And so I wonder if the to avoid having to pay as compensation and you can have a gas fired power station so then you're gonNA WANNA jet fuel because it was quick and I could generate a lot of electricity thought like and rapidly and in Houston that sort of thing then if you've got battery storage at hyme then you could have those couple of days where you got the problem with electricity you can turn it off to the himes mickle to build all the books and the Dynamos and everything just for a hectare of water that's the surface and and then it's twenty five meters deep so yes what you've had the first the first lot has been done and it's been done by academics in twist I mean there there are hills over at strategy no doubt but a lot of them are pretty shallow hills in in the center you've through I think it's pretty good well while we gina that black that came on the show that not that was talking to us about Cobb at trees and all that sort of thing he hickeys Kyle reservoirs rob log oversaw farm dame's located away from rivers in steeply country at saw national parks in Queensland you don't need it in the waste because the population is being viewed exactly sign he said there was no looking good for vehicles but the hunt and people installing batteries and if they can get them shape of the used unlike Peta and do you have any thoughts on that what's like that I'd like pedder was exceptionally beautiful natural again I thought that was very interesting and that's the future we should be looking at did you see that story about people wanting to drain started in the environmental movement opposing renewable energy and he's also now turned up and he's opposed to that renewable energy sent more than that we should still do it given the disaster that's ahead of us if we dime fix up yeah we missions you preaching to the converted he endlessly saying Look Tasmania has so many dams more than more than enough that it's okay to drain one of them and try to reclaim this lost remember that he started his whole environmental crease side back in the nineties when he was opposed to the Franklin River mazing Lee beautiful people used to go camping there beside the lake and you could even land a plane a lot a lot plan on the beach beside the lake you said it he went up there and he said it was absolutely breathtaking but he said to get up there it was so hard that he didn't think it was worth preserving because it was so affordable and lower emissions not all three well have that report was and see if it China's your mind because it seems indicate you can have I agree with you and you know then if you had a very slight uptick in your power bill you just all three ninety three dollars a metric three dollars per megawatt you know that's it's threes and Warren says in my view energy-supply currently can be either one affordable and reliable to reliable and low emissions or three was in the news what you do this time well she came out and said that she's been Ustralia one point one in the entire e you know one point six percent so the argument basically the West is and they dammed it and was flooded and lost underneath the the the the raise level of the lake of course but some Environ Muslim yeah I think the lake pedder damn US roughly in the same area I think I don't know whether Uh Lake pedder feeds into that same series of dams and lakes but couldn't tell you in that area somewhere ought to get there so suddenly worth preserving if he could get there he he concluded that it wasn't worth present it was in the wilderness where not not many people would go so why bother like I chose working but not restrain I it is now I think I can see it coming through so sorry if you're making Sel for twenty percent twenty six percent of emissions by contrast China's responsible for twenty nine point three percent uncall- calls one hundred seven dollars per megawatt that was for brand called but it was a one hundred dollars megawatt after Blatko arguably if it's fifty and she said as of two thousand seventeen worldwide carbon emissions the US accounted for thirty percent Canada one point six bigger all the time and eventually like the West they will be primarily geared up for domestic consumption and they're getting closer all the time and they building lots of shit locked yes I think I've warmed into the spectator credit no credit for that say she said benign except the argument that the developing countries are actually manufacturing doing all the manufacturing for the developed countries and that's why saying they are Brahmin said Jimmy's in the price of housing out by Carl Moaning in Colville Vaud past generation the government's been living basement into cold regions to develop new industry but I don't think it's convincingly all true at all now roy okay I just pinged the windmills this on one particular I think he's only a little bit crack but you just I got something to do with it but I don't believe that we can completely wash hands of the getting the manufacturing it's basically the pollution and carbon emissions of taking place in those developing countries because of stuff in making for the West I think it's partially you know the creating lots of stuff Chinese people it's not all for Western consumption biological shop so the city and sell people to suck it up because that's what you ought to be out today to people Lionel Shriver between one point three percent of the carbon emissions with a population three times that a United States and if you did three times that that end up forty two it has the load has to be borne by all countries not just by the West if you look at China getting twenty nine point three percent of the popular that she was saying die blind the West because look at the figures the West is not creating the problem it's you don't think she has point because having them saying it's disingenuous argument to say oh look at the emissions are they're not coming contrary she was writing in the spectator surprise you quoted from driven because the Third World but I also believe that Trevor's role to to blame name entirely for the Cava munitions because I'm not black eighty nine point three percent three times as much now admittedly China has a population that is three times the size of the move one of the factors race should be a little bit of slack I do accept that argument but China I'm not convinced it's any longer developing preserving exactly I don't know I think some nights worth preserving just for its own sake is the whole point but Brian what is for Western consumption is absolutely a myth the Chinese domestic consumption economy is big and it was putrid with the was just repulsive it's really really shocking and I don't know how people live their frankly and India is namic country with lots and lots of high tech stuff they got a high speed trains for goodness sake they building all kinds of the Chinese city and you'll see what it's doing to the Air Oh God it's Brown the areas brown visited my brother if he is in Beijing and at that of the world's poor of the world's cotton production so they lower on a per capita by system what they are in the United States I suspect the United States is very raising titled to create a world like what we have here so for example you might argue that we'll China's building all of these skyscrapers stuff they send spaceships what Lionel Shriver was signing was that population is the problem that was her argument so she was and if they're entitled to do the same things we did then we've got a problem even if the population remained stagnant because if and you fengler warships and planes what creates outcome what creates carbon emissions manufacturing this is a big that everything China create hi good night China is no longer a developing countries now China and have a look Trevor Jones an amazing thing to recco if you take it per capita but the United States is probably over the years becoming more efficient and doing things better whereas the Chinese you basically control population than you've got you've solved the problem but the point is are the people in the developing they're just trying to catch up to a standard of living that we've already created and we've deposited admissions into the system so again it's entre now I thought that America was the world's largest producer wants us to think producing thirty point seven percent or as China's producing Seton foot in both camps because it says it wrote the China's responsible with twenty nine point three percents very large proportion absolutely let's just one January two cy will not creating sign much as these countries now but that's because we already have done a lot of what we wanted to do and these countries have got a long way to go it yeah they say New Delhi has just about the worst air in the World Jakarta is up there with with the worst of them have been focused more on just cranking up production regardless Environmental absolutely johnny go to visit any sorry I'm distracted I'm trying to I'm trying to say look let's go talk to some degree the argument that Develop Ping too good standard of living but I just think it has to be done smarter than just saying sorry guys but we're GONNA burn a lot of call and we're going to do a lot of polluting until quite uniquely Beautiful Lake Right Yeah you haven't seen that nearly with that story because I was told by that geography teacher that I had at school if you're in a chat room I'm sorry because I've been able to look at the messages but I'm trying my best to see the message from now what did he say so you know rather than I mean I I certainly don't want to deny Chinese people or Africans or anybody the same standard of living that we have I think everybody's entitled we catch up like you did so so if the if the West says to the developing countries you guys can't do that us not to do it but you've you're sitting pretty because you've already accomplished what you need to we wanted to get to your position and now you're saying we can't catch up lots of cement lots of concrete lots of stuff they more than you can imagine but extent the West is already built them so kind of transfer or something like that yeah we absolutely everybody on the planet is entitled to decent standard of Living Yeah I don't have an argument with that explosion then it'll be fine was kind of what she was signing an stop talking about other things because it's the population is is everything the waste that coming from developing countries so die blind the West is what Lionel Shriver resigned yeah well what is that what's China doing making shit for the West not only in the West Western doesn't lead to mike email it isn't it's been here we need to cut a deal with you because we've taken advantage of this and now we're telling you you can't I agree with you that we what about the French Revolution that was a left-wing movement and free speech was part of their success but the the twenty first the right wing on issues come on here we go lift wing right wing you think she's right wing just makes a statement like that you I think she is more than I thought she was before but it just goes to show that we were very fond of her because of freedom of speech and cultural appropriation well well I find is that the left is abandoned this whole freedom of speech thing sadly they seem to have done this Hainan's come from the right and Martin please and the Senate and Martin oils of the ICL Alka Lebron as well is demanding free speech it was it was a left-wing issue eats it really wants the twentieth twentieth century except in the countries that had socialist Susan Free Thinker yes and she's a good writer to go into you and she is in debt we often find that the free speech up to the waist then we still have a problem just controlling the population I think China should be encouraged and perhaps subsidized in doing things cleanly it's interesting because because Longueuil Troy and Martin also have a lot in common really because involved in bringing them up to a western stained then just simply stopping population growth isn't enough just think it could be done Sonata right you're going to burn her books now no but likes it up as he goes along at any given point he can have a different position and say this is what I was elected to tree left wing dead lost plots I'm concerned on a lot of things and free speech is definitely one of them anyway but I consider well I think I think Lionel Shriver was disingenuous where she was saying look all the emissions coming from the developing world and bicycling if you stop this population over the weekend that he's withdrawing the United States trips from northeastern Syria all the allegedly autonomous curtis Kurdish region let's because they are all under totalitarianism and couldn't say whatever they liked but free speech has traditionally been lifting issue because I mean dancing free speech is a right wing issue at all wouldn't be but it tends to allied and left wing fifty years ago they were all out on the streets because invariably I've been a minority force in country and if at the time that country is in five with the Americans then they'll squash the in your face Syria Turkey announced after that guy to invade take out the Kurds will want to create a thirty kilometer buffer but if you take the view that existing population is living in pretty decrepit conditions and there'd be a lot of emissions awesome dude America had a better friend than the could the Kurds have done anything more to have exhibited loyalty to the cause title African living in mud hut can have concrete highmore whatever like if you're going to build a city full of the developing world to catch up heads have been screwed over at numerous times where body Americans who have promised them the world British by the Amir never ceased suppressed by whatever local ethnic group controlled the government or the you know the politics of the country because being a minority adding amiss but the developing countryside to the West your really created you created your you'll happy to be sitting there now and signed I think they should be allowed to catch up but I agree with Paul to cleaner and smarter they smiled long waist needs to side to the developing countries above Blah Blah Blah anyway this is what Donald Trump has got himself into trouble for because he said he's going to withdraw the troops now he's done this basically unilaterally let me pull them out immediately after with Alexa set of poor Kurds I was reading an article which basically described half through the years the to have done sacrifice and sacrifice of them were killed in the fighting against Isis and the women battalions and the Americans dropped you he was very big incorrect on on freedom of speech I have to say good story in problem I think we find is that Ed but that's been a minority across several different countries Iran Syria Iraq and parts of eastern Turkey but in this whole fight against Isis and he's got a hell of a lot of flack from Zion saw over this but he's he doesn't give a shit because he's two cities and I always elected to pull us out of the useless wars so I'm

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InstantCast Bucs vs Falcons

The PewterCast : A Tampa Bay Bucs Fan Podcast, Buccaneers

1:24:02 hr | 1 year ago

InstantCast Bucs vs Falcons

"Welcome welcome to the instant cast presented by the future cast for the final time and the twenty nineteen season season. I am Brent Alan. Your host joined as always by my good buddy. Rendell areas is over that way ren else. WHOA yes food? There POW what I didn't hear what you said smoothed cabal a man welcome welcome to the final instant gas to the season. We're here we made it sixteen sixteen games. I wish I can remember the how I opened my first INSA cast ever. Yeah so so I could sorta open to hear what a curtain call Yeah what a what. A what a way to as I said after the San Francisco game like that was the worst way for the bucks to lose a home opener for the fans and eh boy did Winston Outdo himself today. Oh yeah yeah he absolutely absolutely did. Yeah scarred for the point where like you're angry and befuddled to you laugh at it like you just you gotta laugh at it and now you're the point where it's like AAC like you're angry again and like I don't even WanNa talk about it. It's a sir. It's so stupid I don't even WanNa talk about it right right I I. I don't even know what I don't even know what I want him to say. Eh I mean I watched. I watched a little bit of the pressure. And that wasn't it like what he said. I'm just like I'm like you need to shut up right but but I don't know what else I don't know what I wanNA hear like. It was like one of those impossible things like when I started getting into home. Video Games like tomb. Whom Raider was sort of this game that never seen before it was so huge? So big so epic. Big Huge tumor fat tumor. One two three then. They came out the movies uh-huh and after I watched the movie was like I can't believe they screwed up. Like my favorite video franchise like that and that was mad but then I realized like it didn't matter like it didn't matter what they did. I have no idea what I wanted. But whatever they did it wasn't going to be good enough for me and I felt that same way with with James Winstons. Presser certainly doesn't matter what you say like it doesn't matter and and what what just like I got to chew on this for like Mike. How many months now? Yeah and by the way this is why it's important to win the last game right like for all of them for the players. The coaches for us as as you said for the fans psyche I don't know how much a win would roll over into next season but I mean this is what we're sitting with and I think Brazilians he said something to the effect of. He didn't say it like this at the podium but it was basically yeah this tastes like shit and it tastes every like it's the worst shittiest shit. Ah Shit taste that you've ever had your life this right here. I mean to go. Wow a pick six in the first throw of overtime I mean I mean I just and that's the one that sends them into the thirty thirty. Yeah you know I. I'd say it. Take what he mad at wral Jones. He took away his. You know I drive turnover so we had to one up them. Hugh you took my turnover. Yeah he took my I drive turnover I want it. That would let me show you how it's done Craig. crabbing the chat room says the chew on the Griswald Christmas Turkey dinner. I understand that I definitely understand that. Well right and We'll take care of a little bit of housekeeping marijuana. Hello to everyone who is joining us over at Youtube Dot com forward slash pewter cast. You guys are all here live with us. I'd like you say hello to you guys especially those guys that are joining us in the chat room. You guys are awesome here in just a few minutes. We're going to draw a link. Where if you guys click on it? You'll be able to join US right here. Live in the video chat and of course the phone line will be open as well if you'd prefer to call in that way I kinda I'm kinda likened. The video chat these days though ran. I don't know about you I think that's that's always funds so but yeah ren before we do that though for we opened up the the phone lines. Oh I'm sorry. Hello to those listening to us on the podcast feed later. Is the vast majority of you guys do you. Guys and We love you guys as well like I say hello to our friend. Ukulele Pete who has been absent from our lives run for the last. Like eight weeks he finally resurfaced today. so I I. This is weird game. We're game and I don't know how much today's show we're going to be talking about the game or we're going to be talking about things in general interesting. Yeah but I this game in particular though is this was like one of the most Buck Buck Buck Buck in near Games. I've seen in the four five years. We've been doing this podcast. Yeah it's like bucks beaten bucks you know it's like Matt Game is three field goals. Sure yeah of course. He does Whitney right by Whitney. We need him. We don't have our two top receivers like but Jameson like solid. Most of the year running game goes over one hundred yards. Ralph Jones like eleven care there is one hundred yards you know. And then but the the kicker bis three field goals and then we can't score in the second half last yes. We can't go in the second half and I and I'm willing to give that a pass because of what there is on offense and sort of like these dump penalties. The the offense took a right. You know this week. So it's like I get it but man it's like when the falcons kick the field-goal honestly I didn't care if we were lost I really didn't right. Except if he throw them right after six right the first throw right right right like the game is over four like I was even settled in times. Looks like and here's what it is. And and you know you talked about Craig's comment There's another common right below him and I'm not picking on this guy because he's absolutely right. Charles Donahue Yup. I don't know how we can expect to be good teams with James and I've got nothing for the guy I I still think James should come back. I think I think these last two games probably absolutely pool A multi year deal off the table. Millions of dollars. It's just blind faith at the Sun. It's like I've franchise tag you. I'm not not going to be happy. Well I'm not having with you. Either xactly getting franchise tag all our right so right and I tell you I sent out a tweet. I wholeheartedly mean this. I joined several people who set. I'm so glad I'm not the one that has to make this decision but I'm GonNa added that and say I'm also really that I don't have to be the one at the negotiating table. 'cause I don't WanNa have to deal with this. You know. I mean a fly on the wall just because I want to see it but I don't want to be one of those who have to sit there and take it and can you imagine trying to be James's agent you know come into light and Greenberg being like going rates thirty three thirty four thirty five million dollar year right now houses agent. I was remember after the whole thing with the suspension last year. He fired. Whoever is agent? Wasn't he went and got some hotshot it's not to Rosenhaus. I know that somebody For your ear impression. Yeah Oh maybe foghorn Leghorn I sent me I'll say Jason I'm GonNa go like where it's at right right. So the buccaneers lose twenty eight to twenty two you they they. I don't know I just. It was a weird game. Is a real weird vibe in the stadium today There's like much of that first half it's like something something will happen in the crowd was just Kinda like man you know they kind of got into it in the second half. They really did I should say we really did because as I found myself in that in that situation to at least the playful where I was sitting but I mean I mean this is a game read where we lost in the fashion that we lost cost but we set so many records and so many like like notable things to talk about things like James Stars for five thousand yards in a single single-season. I I you know I I know I get it. You're feeling now. But that's still an accomplishment. The other thing is yes it is no no. You know what I'm saying. Okay go ahead. I'm with you liked five thousand yards. David he he records a thousand tackles goals in his career which is not to sack Barrett sets the franchise record. He also takes the top sax in the League for the twenty one thousand nine season as well club. James gets the thirty thirty club he not not only does he get the thirty thirty club. He is the thirty thirty club. And Sean Perelman of all people ties for a franchise record for the most consecutive hundred hundred plus yards receiving games which is weird to me. Because there's only three. It's only three games so in the history of the buccaneers. And here's this is with Mike Evans especially in Chris Godwin. There's only been two other people in the history of the buccaneers who have had three consecutive hundred yards receiving games. That's wild to me. That's not wild to me. No while well because like four getting forced hard you know to break the record. Did you have to get four show up next on fourth week so I I mean I guess who knows how. Many Times Mike Evans has hit that number. You know he's somebody who has done it. super bowl record. That look what hurrying it run. Is it Dwight Smith the corner for US or in two touchdowns back in the super bowl. Pick sixes Oh dexter. Jackson was it extra Jackson. Okay yes extra Jackson like that. Is that records. That would be beaten and It'll be tied right but you know it's like you gotta get three to lead it so now I gotta get three interceptions you gotta take them all back to the house. It's just one of those. Obviously you know the record's not going to be difficult to tire break but adding I get it. I mean you know. Let's look at it. WHO's Mike Evans? Didn't you know throwing critic Dwight Dwight Smith Okay. I was thinking Dexter Jackson but whatever yeah I thought it was White Smith too. Okay cool so I mean you know like I was going was like I'm so fresh it I just don't don't care I don't give a shit about fucking Allante. David's fucking thousand tackles. I could care less about shack for insomniacs. I don't care about the thirty thirty thirty club. I don't care about the five thousand yards. I sure scrap. Don't give a crap about shot. Pyramids three three hundred yard games in a row that ties a record. No one even knew existed toys said it. It's like I don't outstanding stadium. I don't care I don't care like this game is GonNa leave. It's GonNa take me a while to get over this because there's nothing left you know there's not one more play To sorta wash this away. There's nothing being left and it was just like that's probably ended on it like you said it was so box man. Hey the run game showed up the defense showed up again You Know Jackie Speier you know did dissect total they were they. Sacked Matt Ryan like five six times and you know and the defense kept whole field goals and keeping them in the game and often doesn't score a touchdown in the second half and it just you know it's just like a and why can't we have nice things as fans. Why right right and by the way do I rent? I totally feel what. You're what you're saying I really really do and and it was. I mean I literally. This is how it happened. James throws the pick. They run it in the players. Start coming onto the field. The Final Score Twenty eight to twenty two by the way season tickets. Further twenty twenty season are now on sale. And I'm going what are you kidding. Me This is not the time to try to sell me tickets for next season right after that. Are you nuts. Are you completely like terrain debt. To what just happened on the field like I know you guys typically have like the stuff they put up on like inbetween plays as an in during the TV timeout stuff. Like it is completely just just just not in line with what's going on with the game at all like ever have a script of what they're playing whenever they're playing and it doesn't matter what's happening in the game that's GonNa play and it's always fun and it's yeah we're going to show you this cool touchdown that that we got earlier. Oh but we're down twenty three to four or seven like pain. Barbara runs around the loss of three. We are fam- hey it's like what are you doing. It's Cranky so I mean I complain about that last time I went to the cardinals. Get Get You know you can't hear anybody Goddamn will never shut up TV timeout. I have to watch frigging a red white and blue car are race around a track yellow red blue and yellow. Yeah I know so because they pick somebody out of this Oh Chevron or whatever do this. Here's here's what twenty dollars gas card for everyone in their row not their whole section just thorough. Okay you know like my car is a small car yes it has a small tank. Sure I can't fill it for twenty bucks fill like what are you giving me in after graduation half pack of cigarettes like I don't like I can. Can I not get fricking something blasted in my face. Twenty four seven. Hey let's watch these two trucks. You know. Do a tug of war okay. Okay okay okay. Okay Okay we get it we get it. I was talking more about them. Just being out of tune with the TAP in on the game itself. It's it's just it's it's ridiculous because they don't care they don't care about that part well right because the people who do that have a script right. They have to follow and it doesn't matter what's happening with the game. It matters nothing. What's going on with the and I'm not saying that they shouldn't make everything sad when the bucks aren't I'm doing well? That's not what I'm saying. Either it just You know certain times is not the time to try to to try to sell me on something or or something that nature but anyway I'll listen up just went. What two and two and six? That's right yeah. Would you like to give us thousands of tally to renew your season tickets going to six at home too and I think it was two info. Wait yeah I would have been too in five because one of those games over over in London right but either way it doesn't matter it doesn't matter so And they're saying awkward so anyway it's just it's a weird game it's a buck buck. Buck Buck game. I'm sure lots of people are going to call in and out of the people that call and everybody wants to talk about James and ran in Gaza. I'm just GonNa tell you call and talk about James. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA stop you. I will I will want to talk about his contract. I I'm not gonNA stop you but you guys know Brennan I've put a moratorium. We're not talking about the contract until there's something to talk about so oh you want Braille alphabet fine. Whatever but the thing is there's nothing to argue right now you can give your opinion and I'm not trying to poop on what you guys are trying to say call and say they won't say but there's nothing to talk about because the bad is there and and the good is there but the bads there and it's all just we have nothing for the next? How long has it ran nine and a half months until this team comes back to figure it out so with that on that special notes that up note? Let's go and and open up. The phone lines ran eight. Six four seven to nine laid the Buck Music Brent. Three eight six four seven to nine bucks. Tate's exports seventy nine to eighty four at the show patriotic dot com slash. Peter Cash. Doing here off. Then the podcast right now. Do you go one month right. Hey listen if you guys would like to also join us. You can do that on the video video chat We just dropped the link in the chat room for those of you guys over. There will remind you guys. We only have one phone line so please if somebody is on the line just wait until the line clears news and we will Get on with next one. But we got a caller here in your online with Brent and rent for the instant cast. WHO's this it Kevin from Florida? Kevin Kevin Sloan. That's what it sounds like. What's going on buddy talk man? I know right literally a long time talking and I'm classic here you guys feed their philosophy. I love it they vegas eight we can get our most ever family or it is just amazing. I love about fans and I'm not alive. I love this Kevin. You're you're you're one of the favorites that we get to talk to and hang out with and man. I'm sorry that see you more during the season. But I'll give you a chance. What's on your mind? Tonight's you WanNa talk about here with the instant gas who watches so many historical. Oh cool record being talked about by our buccaneers team. It's amazing the CD. But today a loss is the lost and tied to say. I ain't losing soon eight France they are they are not in good clear been runners for now and they always ship the bed. Let's just call list. You know at the end of the day. And there's just a whole micro organism of this season as you can say the beginning of the season we started with a pick six but knowing Kevin Kevin Kevin. I WanNa do you one better okay. Okay Jameis Winston at the beginning of his rookie contract starts with a pick. Six gets all the way to the end of his rookie. Contract option. Included did and ends with a pig. Six that may be his career. It might be. I don't think it will be but that might be the way. He the opening close to Tampa Bay career. Britain rely on member going to game at him picks again from a Mary. Over and over hyper justice for both to drop the number one and number two you can. Now we end up both their contracts. James may not be a bucket near after this season. Mary on his way out of Tennessee. which is it is just amazing Christine? But God I can just hear these things that I've been here for the last hours of this contract extension. Obviously or be happy and trust me. I WanNa know as much as he's GonNa know I'm Kinda just I don't know like I said I'm glad amount I'm not. I'm not owner. If not my money day faculty. He's a good quarterback together. That's what what is I'm with you. I'm with you Kevin Man you gotTa let you go here energy. They ran their loving buddy. They're loving you. Can't you got anything else for. Go Man we'll let somebody else call in sure with all the bugs fan holidays. Plays also an amazing twenty twenty at our fizzle. We're GONNA have a hell of record to look at 'cause Damn our school is. It's not easy at all. We go invaded. We get the chiefs at home so it's GonNa be fine there you go. We'll see but that's next year. We'll see what happens this team. You know who knows what carries over yes let me Blake ferment. In this law before Christ Ice Kevin Kevin Madden. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you during the offseason bad guys funny. Hey listen if you WANNA call in you do that calls back. I can't answer the phone while somebody else is on the line. It's called back willing. Answer your call. Eight six four seventy nine bucks or click the link the chat room and will bring into the video chat here so hey look got somebody come on in here. You're on the line with Brent an rent for the instant cast. Who Do we have here tonight? Pro Shop what's up. Hey chef approach basically feeling the same way Grad dejected depressed and The hashtag here's the thing chef. Are you gonNA reappear season tickets. It's a hell of a commute. Man I thought I had a long. But here's the thing I'm not depressed. I'm not even pissed off like it just like take like like I think I've gone past that point like it's just I can't say it's comical because I don't believe that that's right either. So it's just so bucks and Rennes Right. Rinse one hundred percent right for the psyche of this fan base. This was the worst way possible for this this game to go out absolutely like it. Just Oh my word all that in a nutshell. Yeah all right chef. What else you got forest buddy? What else you got? Because it's I know Brennan are saying the same thing like what else talk about dates. I don't yeah like I don't want to talk about anything else. Like honestly man right I just don't I don't WanNa be here. I don't like nothing is fast. Nothing is people in the chat room. And I understand you want to vet and I'm GonNa very special unique situation where I get to tell you know. I've got a pie. Rents it's Brent podcast. He left me on. I get to do it. I'm done I want to go now like I don't care I don't care I don't I don't give a shit if Winston people want to talk about what's being cut. I don't give a shit pit windsor. Want to stay here. I don't guess you about the run game. I don't give a shit about the tackle spot. I don't give a shit about the defensive line. The front seven draft picks. I don't fucking care I just want to be away from me for a while. I just like just go get away from me I. I don't have the paper bag I I mean it's not that bad like it's not like we're not competitive anymore. The defense stepped up in the second in the second half the season yes the competition was less but they played well against Texans. Good enough to win. They put you know. Now at the Falcons are a great team but you know the colts who are five five hundred team. The Texans are going to the playoffs. They won the division. They played well enough to win that game. So you know before that like it was just it. We belong in the field with the saints. That second game. That's why I wore the bag. Like it was weird out. Class outcoached offense defense but it was embarrassing. That was embarrassing. I hear yeah thanks. They just made. We didn't belong in the League. We weren't in the same level that they were so. That's why we're the bag but you know it's just like I I don't know man I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't care I don't like I don't know definitely. Don't care so chef what about it. I'm not GonNa talk about the whole James because the roller coaster ride is. I'm so fucking mentally fatigued and Mentally Dasa from it that there's just no point you've been talking about it When when it comes to everything else it's like why the fuck can't this team just do anything right at home? It's always there on the road. The play like their most complete games never on that never when they're in front of home fans it's like they're like intimidated by the fans at home. got a point where they have these charts and they they don't even have a full season at home and it's still only win two games. It's like I said at the tweet could've gone on April. You know chef you bring that up. I did find that interesting because they talked to various about that at the press conference today and he gave the most dirk cutter answer ever because what. What's the issue at home? Why can't you pull this out at home? The inner city the majority of the interceptions of all been twenty four. Four of the thirty were at home and the the missed. Kicks all the mistakes over the course of your have all been here at home. And according to Bruce they're all on the same side of the feel and look at what's going on and Bruce said he's he literally said. I don't know if I knew what the problem was. We could fix it. But I don't know what the issue is and I just went the last coach. WHO said no I just it was it was? I'm not saying it was a bad answer. Just made me though so depressed for next year. I don't even know if I even want to even watch next year. Now Yeah there Bryan in the chatrooms like Dirk tried to warn us. You know right now. 'cause I guarantee you like Dirk in Rahim were sitting oh together on the bus heading back to Atlanta or whatever they were doing and they heard Broussais that and they both looked at each other and way. Yup you know like just yeah. It's it's it's something I don't know I don't know what to I. Don't know it was. It was just as I said that it was the most dirt cutter thing ever you know So basically the same Old Buck Mon- trouble go away the next decade and the golden years probably still far beyond our reach. I don't know here's the thing. Okay moving forward on this. I do believe this. I think Bruce Arians has the Gravitas two when he heads in and he talks to the Glazers Jason Light and those guys about Janus because you watch him like he he's committed to Shaq Barrett coming back. He's is committed to keeping the defensive line together. They asked him about James and his answer. It's got to evaluate. We gotta see. I'm not really sure there's some good. There's all OUGHTA terrible I don't know I mean they kept trying to put them in and we gotta see we gotta see your knees he really. He doesn't know what he wants to say he really doesn't but I gotta believe that when they go in and he looks at the tape and he sits down and talks about. It has a frank conversation that if if he goes look James GotTa go James Go you know. And if he comes in it's not going to get overridden with Dirk. I you get the feeling if dirk was like. Yeah James Glaser like yeah but we really like him. We're keeping him. I think. Actually that might have happened at one. Point my final thing thing. I will say regard. The Davis Center. We win with him and he keeps both teams in the Games. For whatever reason he can teams like the amount of success in the franchise. It's so fucking divided over him at you know what it may be time to. Just move on and find somebody that you can that the whole entire fan base can give fully behind because this shit it is not fucking normal. I I it's weird. It's weird and I believe a quite honestly the Areas is there a feeling like my buddy RENTA's fillon right now And he's he's done he's over. He's at a loss for words and he really. I don't want to say he doesn't know where to go from here because I think he does nowhere to go and by that I mean he knows where to go to figure it out if that makes sense like he he really knows what he's got to do to go figure it out even though he may not know where he's going to go just yet but you got anything else for us for a let you go Go Bucks I guess. Well I know the feeling I know the feeling blacks go go go. Yeah there's been a few shows this year that we've ended up going. Oh go or is it is it. Is it go bucks Joe box go go. Go get off my twitter feed facebook. Get outta my my space just sake on my my space. He said to my face get out of my fate but hey we got a caller here. You're on the line with Brent. It's an ren for the instant cast. Who Do we have here today? Generally from Newport Richie John Let us have it buddy AH CARLA THIS SEASON PRICE Trason. Yeah title of the Season Gone Thanks John One. I think. Rinse word this year has been. What's your word? `wonky Clunky clunky. Yeah clunky that's been this season in clunky plot of forgotten. It's been a lot of like like there. There's some positives we can have. But then it's like they're negative at the quarterback and it's like an you look at the quarterback position. That's like what do you do when like James. What do you do with them? It's like if you get rid of them. Who Do you bring in? Then it's like. Who Do you get on the drive to free agency you own? No Teddy Bridgewater draft. I don't know too and I'm going to be there. Borough fun no Justin herber some skit like that kills. I don't know what to do with the quarterback class and then a very but the defendant has shown promise it was like a Leech. We had that for us going elites are heroes are good. It's just decides aside like that one. What do you do with it and you know you could say? Hey you know. Game of thrones pick kick. He team a need need to because all kick but you never know yeah. I'm with you man. I am totally with you. We're here between a rock and a hard play. Well we're definitely in a land of in-between men because because that's the thing we don't know no where to like last year we're in the spot and go okay. We fired cutter. We're getting a new coach and we're moving on you know. Ask peers retained car okay. So we're moving on like we're in we're really in a land of. We don't know what nobody knows. What's next you know? And we're not going to know for a while. Because I I promise you Bruce Bruce and then we're gonNA take some time out you know at least take a couple days off and then they're going to start evaluating film they're going to have to have those conversations with lightened glazer's go round and round. They'll they'll probably make some sort of offered James on some level unless they really just decided to part ways with them altogether And like we won't find out about this. I can't imagine we find out about this before the Super Bowl. We might not even find out about this like like until a few days before free agency starts in March and and even even if we do let James Go. Let's just say we do James Go. We're not going to know what we get. As far as quarterback goes less. We signed some big name in the free agency. I can't imagine that's going to happen. There's the draft but we're number fourteen in the draft. So you know you'd think we're gonNA and something went out earlier today. I think I saw that. You know. They're willing to trade some draft capital to move up. And maybe they will. Maybe they won't I don't know Or trade some players to move up. Maybe we'll maybe the one I don't know but It it's really as land of just now in between we know nothing and there's there's so much uncertainty because our quarterback position is uncertain. And it's it's it's crazy to think about stranded on an island one. Yeah Yeah what do we do. I mean the captain of the ship is not there anymore. At least you know we're not linseed has all the water. Yeah it's yeah. He's taking it and going home so John Buddies and he's just spilling everywhere right. It's all right John you got anything else for. Let's go man. Well that's a very here at this hope that the next day could be better. Hey listen that's good news beginning. That's next season. It's a new decade. So you know maybe we just went through our second eighties. We're going to enter the next nineties. He's that's what we're in the. What would you say? The golden age of Buchan ears football. Yeah he gets right now. You can't even though oh I can't remember. Why would i John Man? Thanks so much for your call. We'll talk to you. Hey listen we'll be back with the handful of Vincent gas over the course of the off season. Hopefully we're back from your right buddy. Hi All right thanks John. Thanks John John Sounded said. I'm sorry John Everybody there at the end right. Hey listen you guys want to join us. Yeah Hey listen. We're all here. You guys want to join us in the chat room or you want to join us. Live here on the video feed just dropped it in the chat room. There's link if you guys can join us live here on the show you use your camera and join us in here. Or there's let's see who is calling in right. Now you're on the line with Brent and ran for the instant cast or do we have here Hey guys hey what's up. Who is this? This is Marquette from South Dakota mark from South Dakota what's going on Martin are nothing I've never called in before but I thought hey I'll the shot you guys welcome to the show. Welcome to the show you know. Sometimes we do this thing. You're in South Dakota. How did you become a bucks? Fan Well in the early nineties our football team is pretty good for quite a few years and we just got hammered into our heads defense wins championships swim championships. And one thing led to another and they were the best defense there shortly after they want a super bowl. Hey I'm a BUC fan and you you know what's happened since then so I very much aware of it very much aware but mark. What's on your mind tonight buddy? Well I mean I the James. I think everybody can talk about that until we're blue in the face but in and like we do have our defense has really been evident. ooh And we have attentional Cuban guys together because our young guys really and I like there's there's Some reason to be optimistic I don't you guys are there. I mean ran. What do you think the defense? Yeah like aren't you we have. I'm very excited about it. I mean you know I it. Carlton Davis was second in the League Pass. breakups going forward and Jamal Deen was was somewhere in the top five and he didn't play for almost half the year And then he was still you know he was still subbing in you know it was like it was when they weren't in nickel their base. which you know? It's it's more. Nickel is more of the base nowadays but he would be on. The field will be Sean Murphy Bud Dain Carlton Davis So Yeah I. I'm really excited about it. I mean in Devon white looked solid devante David seemed DVD. Playing better. I I thought sue did exactly what he was asked. And I don't WanNa get into that stuff but you know I mean that's sacked by Viva. Today I mean come on man guys six time pro bowl center and he just walked him back and then hugged around him and Hug Matt Ryan with one arm and then tackle them both like he just like he. Just you know there is is that. Is that that penalty. You know like where they're not allowed to fall on the quarterback like does that count. If you're center on the quarterback as you call it on their own center right right roughing. The passer on the center landed on his quarterback too hard. So Yeah the defense so you know I think Todd Bowles got these young guys come in. He taught him how to watch film Then you're hearing reports of now that it's it's like they didn't know and now they know they can't get enough of it like three coming film junkies because they're realizing that. Hey this guy really knows what he's talking about. Not only that that he taught me how to watch Phil and now by watching film. It's putting me and really good positions and then with the veteran leadership along the front seven of the back end sued the front ends doing and everyone sort of trusting together and come together yeah. I'm super excited about it. I mean I really am. I would like another corner because you know when when one goes down it's sort of changes it sort of falls off a cliff there We got three. We need four but you know that that sort of but that's what's Nice about this roster Brennan our talking at the bucket in the new show. It's like we're really at the point where we can just sort of build death like we can almost a lot of these picks in this year's draft. You know depending on what happens across the defensive front of course are going to be like like we're just gonNA take the best player on the board. It's not so much going to have to match up with need because there's guys that are good enough to play and be productive. Nfl All across the board of both both sides of the ball. So I'm excited about everything. It's just it but it doesn't matter like I was excited three weeks ago and look at me now. You know I was excited like assigned to beginning of the year. You know for the saints game and it's just you know and this team team just kicks you right in the balls man and then and then they apologize for it they ask you for more money. Yeah ask you to re up your season tickets. Yeah Yeah and then the quarterback comes out and says hey you know. I'm I'm the best. I could be the best ever Ren though to be fair where you been saying that for a while if he just cleans up the interceptions he be the MVP or be exact lets you don't frigging get get into a car national TV and Brag about what a great driver you are like what the Fuck I get it I get I get it mark. You got anything else. Worse Man I odd I got about a foot of snow on the ground out here here in. We're in the middle of a blizzard. And you know like I'm out of market so I get to watch one or two games a year. Will those of us who are out of market and have kids in poor. We basically depend on and you guys and where you know you're where we get our opinions from and where we get our info from a lot of time so I just wanted to say thank you both of you. I know it can be probably. We agree but you're all got times so hang in there. Keep up the good work. We'll talk to you guys other time. So mark thanks so much. But he met a real tricia Ashley Yeah. That's that that makes me feel better. Hey Mark Mark are you. Are you on twitter. I am Marquette. Yeah Okay you're GonNa have to find me find me. Dm Me and I got. I got I got a real expensive way where you can watch games. They're again mark. I'm GonNa let you go this other phone call you. DM renting and get situated right there. Mark Aren't you are on the line with Brent and Ren for the instant cast who do we have here slow going Ryan Fort Myers Ryan. It's GonNa be gone young guys doing good doing good for time calling in here Then while I'm the most guys for about three years maybe nice finally worked Kersey call in their promise. We won't bite you know debatable. Yeah man you broke up a bit less Aw Shit game you know but I guess I kind of encapsulate what it's like to be about. Were you at the game today. Ryan you know man. No I'm actually driving from Fort Myers Backup Savannah. Okay all right. I want to talk about the positives. Please give something good. Yeah that helped me. The defense is looking good. I mean definitely really really come on Secondary looks real good. Don't miss them like a piece or two but that's good The first eight games of the season Matt Gala. Three three. I mean I don't really think WANNA call them great now but hopefully that was just a little bit of rookie hiccups. But I'm I'm still pretty hopeful and ASPARTAME is I don't want to talk about the either but you gotta find what the Hell we're going to do. That's the question is is. Here's the thing. When Bruce Arians earns was asked about that he was asked about you? Know How much does factoring in whether or not you're bringing jobs back depend on. WHO's available in free agency? What's going to happen in the draft and Bruce Syrians wet? Oh that's huge. That's huge. Which tells me that they are looking at other options and they are trying to consider that very question? Question is if we don't bring James Back because that's on the table for the team that it's going to do decide that what is our next plan because you can't let James go without the plane. You've got to have that next plan. But that's that's the question I think that's the that's the thirty five million dollar question absolutely absolutely you know what's funny is my My brother she texted me 'cause I couldn't watch his very into the game and watch them until about third quarter. I'm hitting the road. My brother texted me Like man knows probably the most poetic in England could have happened. Now's we're not used poetic poetic absolutely. Yeah and I got on the call in and I want to echo. What mark before me said? Thank you guys for all you do all this guy's religiously so yeah thanks what you do and keep it up. Thanks that that really does mean more than you ever know. especially as we're here at the end of the season and four episodes a week is a grind for both rented. Did I and even before that everything we do through that. So right I'm GonNa let you come and take this other call but thanks so much for calling in. We definitely definitely appreciate that. You're you are on the line with Brent and renfrew the instant cast who do we have here. Hey was some guys this Steve and DC Steve from DC. What's up buddy? Not much wouldn't able to wash the game because I was heading back home from travel But time over a ah the pig and then I threw control on the ground. Like exactly only play you saw. That was the only play you don't now the only so it's your only so it's your fault so it's Matt Gays Fault near fault. Okay now I feel better. I can't imagine I do watch the holidays for the game after that but One thing I wanted to say I've been writing with James MHM BEGINS I'm tired. I'm done. I listened to the prescribers were Bruce Arians or this is what you guys talking about I think I think they're going to change. And the change the chain wanting to make being Philip rivers if he's available this like Carson Palmer at Bowen and he did good I think Phillip Rose would be good if he's he's available would be a great quarterback with his team That's a real interesting tech there. That's the first I've heard of that. That would yeah. You you know that. Getting Philip Rivers at at southern California might be retired. Yeah reports well. Reports went out from him today. I WanNa say it was Ian Rappaport Award said He. He is considering playing for another team and according to him. Retirement is not on the table. Okay so that's Ian Rapport. What is that about Philip rivers earlier today? So it's it's an interesting thing I don't know you bring in at that that veteran Carson Palmer you know I I don't know that that has definitely wash it. I like it I mean. Obviously I won't candidate. I think it's a great idea like it. Oh I understand right now I like if I saw Jameis Winston might probably punch him in the face like if I turned around. And he's standing there in my doorway. You know I like I'd go code like fake hugging and then just kind of Sucker Punch you right in the Chin and then yell at him about what he's doing to me emotionally Sore the record ren would not really do that. This is just all period hyperbole. We do not advocate violence here on the Peter. Gast Goodman Okay Punch anybody anymore is that we're out of society society. Yes we have been there for a long time. It's called assaults K.. Like I can't punch anybody anymore. You can't you can't touch the quarterback Cam Punch anybody anyway. It might be the motions talking right now but I like that like I like Philip rivers in this offense because you know it's all like the picks are going to go go down much but you know the leadership will the situational situational situational awareness will I know we had a really bad year here this year as far as Philip rivers but I mean they get crushed by injuries. Wasn't he one of the top throwing quarterbacks in the League as well like right along with Jameson. All those guys. Nobody's nobody James. Top Five Yards Philip rivers. I is one of the top five yard passers this year. No I thought that was winston and the top passer. No Winston is in the top. But I think there's five people winston doesn't have five spots what's right. It was deck Ryan. And I don't really know the other Matt Ryan Down Payments and Philip rivers. So I like it but like I said you know I might wake up tomorrow. Be like. That's the dumbest thing ever rented. Be Back on the James Train so see anything else forest buddy for let's go the I think that's about it I. I really rooting family. Get here nothing like I say. The Cost Lynch consequence cost Palmer. Hey Hey rejuvenator him. A veteran quarterback with the type of weapons began on the House all sat. He doesn't have that in San Diego. I mean he got one Guy Alan but Hemming Godwin with him around. You know we'll make the team a whole lot. Better say on turnovers every something at this point I actually. I don't know I mean I say this. I'm a role with whoever it. Is You know what I mean. Whoever whoever suiting up and he's got buccaneers across his chest? You know that's that's going to be whoever it is and UH would you. Train is going to be James Wednesday. I wouldn't be surprised at this point at this point Steve. I wouldn't be surprised. Is if it was. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. It could go either way. We were just talking. We're talking to was John or one of these guys. It's the land of inbetween like it's so there's so much uncertainty regarding this right now and it's just this is what we get to live with for the next bunch of month so So Anyway Steve. I'm GonNa go ahead and let you get somebody else in here but hey you let me go. Can you get a gene bag on jarboe. jean-thomas yeah I think he's been on a break here now for little little globe trotting and and different stuff like that. I think he's listening to him too. Yeah he's good. I like gene gene. A Lot I you know a message back and forth with him every once in a while. So yeah. We'll we'll see what we can do definitely off seasons along offseason coming up here so We'll see what we can do. You guys all right. We'll do it. Thanks Steve Steve. Thanks to slam you. Ready Buddy I'm GonNa get you on here. Upbringing in red we've got. This is Brian from Memphis by the way. This is Brian from from Memphis. Oh here we go now get to hear it now. You get to hear it. I I may just leave by the way Well yourself out of the chat if you need to read He he is coming in. We've got this Brian from Memphis Brian. This is you all right buddy. Well I I can't can bribery floors yours. Buddy go ahead you newsday was calling around. You knew I did not know this day was coming. uh-huh here I I regret it. Apparently Bryant whatever whenever I did Jesus in my life. I'm sorry can Brian's Ryan's Internet freeze go ahead. Man Look I was. I didn't have a chance to really watch most of the guy I was like probably like half of the first quarter now details on the way. Big Home Listen Guy on the radio and you know had a game win in everything else and that was my okay. Well I told my gale was Ryan. I was like man. You Know Mega. He was missing a case and I think ultimate guide. She'll never went to overtime because may get taste. But you know I was like I think it was the last drive we saw. We didn't convert it and I was just like we can't give you know you can't give cutter the ball like the last time the Tied up in did so wins over time. I looked at my gear and that's it stays cannot be no more bigger delights. Lice cannot be right Brighton but tries to grow his inception and I can't believe he did it. The first throes of overtime and and my girlfriend demere shoe just like lying is is really light. mind-boggling day fans Don. Imus can say disease. This one's GonNa ahead been like like I say a soaks. We went out on a season away. We did A is. Is that rant and Brent. I've been telling you guys it's the first time Communicated to the incident with three years ago four and the first thing is I will push our. Hey James is the problem. I'm a Florida State Fan. This is what I saw. This is what I saw all his last year. Florida state when he was coming out in Israel his decision making a fake is the minuses of eternal. Every the pushback eh like no just give them time giving give him time. We came out with his time. Like let me okay. No way we we paid this guy. Thirty million like no way not anymore. No by extra sale Tuesday Lee right now thirsty for quarterback wars. You got the Bengals you got. These seems that lineup. They need quarterbacks s are they wouldn't give me Lynch and thirty million in the free agent market and company. They're starting quarterback Eh. They'RE GONNA say hell no like no no. Why are we like? We've moved every Bush every state every rock and roll. Oh for drainage and this is what we come with like five thousand yards on me. Anything he would not throw for five thousand yards if it wasn't for the maller insist SOC- thrown. I say always James is the guy who will be John Together with Bernard building down and be the first person to pull up in a fire truck. He's going on a heart. You just as much you can help you. Revolve can okay as it were. If you're sending the wrong guy decide on science to allow her country into grand question is can he way you a super bowl in the next two or three years. Can't if if the answer is a hard. Ah Yes you gotta let him go like what are we doing. Like what are we doing with you. gives us a defense whatever's the guy and he throws out of the Game Roseau's somehow L. gets a hundred yard guy I it's you can give us everything across the board to see and he's still going to be the Saint James like it doesn't matter sadder like he. I will tell you this and I will agree to this. Because this here's the other side of the outlier especially for the last two games the Texas game and and this game as part part of the way that that anyway. I've kind of been hanging my hat on. This is the idea that he's GonNa throw two. Maybe three interceptions interceptions four is really really way way too much to handle. But they're still GONNA put up thirty points forty points and that's going to overcome that as long as the defense can hold anybody out. That's not happened. These last two games. They put twenty two points today in twenty last week. Like that's that's the big issue to me and even today they didn't even put up twenty twenty two because Devon White scored you know six of them form seven informed so oh the not only is it been the interceptions because that's right the other and you said look what happens when we come on defense. Look what happens when the run game. The other side of that is they haven't been scoring these last couple of games that the way they have been in previous games and when you combine throwing the interceptions with lack of scoring that's GonNa get you 'cause 'cause even the defense is you know I mean the defense held the Falcons calkins today to what There there was a pick six at the beginning of the game. There was the pick six at the end of the game. So minus fourteen point the the defense held into fourteen eighteen points right. So it's there's no one's arguing not right now. Brian I I. I'll just tell you that. No one on this show is arguing with you. And just it's it's mind boggling this whole thing so the thing is is like okay when you become from the second half and we can't score is there may be little. We're trying to say Winston from yourself flight going vanilla like okay. We got the league going into the second half. Is there live if we turn it down like stepping off the gas like okay. I don't need to run. These high risk. Plays and try to live in peace. So let's try to you know pay on the ground August. Let's try and come up short like you guys. Maybe Winston instant addicting dot quarterback like. I said this earlier like Winston is not a quarterback. You can't take it if he has a long in the mistaken between making a completion and apiece as you can see all the time he thought Quick Slack Day long he gave him ocean a and and tapping the ball. This autumn. It needs to jump the route. It happens a lot on these out. Routes indies I fifteen scripted. Plays People WanNa say like what is it is hard to say China is GonNa win. You know guys beak or beak assistant enough to win your enough guys when Suppo and that's all that matters like occurred. We don't need what this Tammy went. Free agent quarterback you say it ain't no order quarterback. This is good as Ramos. Sam Other quarterback out there has to pro bowl where I receive on an office enter leisure. Tell me what quarterback out there can't come in and do we. We do own easier to throw fat down your full two thousand. Just don't help us lose a game like not allowed. Do not give up to the team. That's all we've explained and we don't Mike. English is thousand. receive no matter how you slice it Chris Garment thing. He's GonNa be a receiver for now like we don't need again to come in through ball forty times a game like a lot of the cons as result. Return the ball over so much that we have to rely right back to wishing to get does banking again. We have to score quickly because we were down eight mile ten seconds to the Game Brian. I mean that's that's an interesting point you bring up and I'm GonNa let you go because 'cause I got a couple of other people lining up here but it's a real interesting point you bring up of you know 'cause I was remembering this video that surfaced to be a during this past offseason. Who said look when you throw the throw the ball forty fifty times a game? Guess what you're going to throw some damn interceptions quoting. That's exactly what he said right and I was thinking about today like think. About how many times James has passed a ball forty fifty times in the game over the course of the season. Yeah he's GonNa throw some interceptions but it's interesting you say that because the point is taken sometimes the reason you throw the well the reason you throw those do throw that much just because you're behind and the reason you got behind his because you gave the ball away so he put himself in that whole to force himself to have to throw unintentionally for sure but it just. It's it's an interesting point so Brian. I'm sure we're GONNA talk about this a whole lot more over the coming weeks but I'm GONNA go ahead. Let's go and get somebody else in here. Go ahead look go books. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas now women Chris on Happy New Year to you guys religiously keep it up Looking forward to the all seasons you guys go both main avenue. You're listening was thanks Brian. But thank you so much so Definitely definitely appreciate that. All right we've got one more guy who wants to jump into the video chat Bruno is GONNA join us here in about three seconds There is what's up. Hello what's up man. I'm Bruno in from Brazil Janeiro. Wow very far. You're welcome to the show and thank you for making this an international podcast tonight. I love it they actually. I have a question about the safety position. Okay Okay I can trust. Just Navin to be healthy right. I'm I'm trust him. He's a good safety. They'll think they can address. Has the steepest position the first round of the draft. Because there's a guy I really really love that's grenfell pits. And I think he pairing delpy with John Whitehead it would be outstanding. How could they can address the position? These off season. Well I'm not a huge proponent of safety in the first round I'd like to break down to see where these guys are going to go. I think they should go Offensive tackle and depending on how the all these free agents go Along the defensive line they should either go defensive. Tackle Edge rusher Before they even think about safety and I even if they resign everybody. I'm still thinking defensive. Tackle Edge rusher but all depends on. WHO's there like when I first started looking into it? The bucks down like sixteen seventeen eighteen like that and so we were we were getting be like the third best. You know defensive tackle The the the fourth best offensive tackle and like the fourth best edge rusher. And it's like well that's Kinda not what what we what we're looking for. And that's what I started talking about a running back. I understand the want furry for it upgraded safety I wouldn't really mind drafting safety. I just I just don't feel it's necessary in the first round but that's right now I mean you know the drafts in Naper. Everything's GonNa Change. I'm not a huge. I know everyone loves delpit. I'm not a huge fan of Delta as a first round guys a first round safety you know. He's he's not Jamal Adams you know. He's he's not Ramsey who plays like sort of that safety nickel all that kind of stuff so but I get people wanting to upgrade safety position but for me I might want to spend that thing on a running back. But there's there's a lot there's kind of five guys sort of group to get the running back position for me and one of them is going to be there at round two they just are so then it becomes comes all types of things I would like I wanna see the bucks either trade up or trade down in the first round right now now as it is right now if you trade dowd In delpit is in there is down there like twenty six twenty seven. Then I you know I wouldn't be so Hesitant to take him And trade up and go get a defensive tackle like the first or second off the board trader. Go Get Goget. One of those tackles or trade up and go one of those top edge guys like that. I understand and I get behind but you know there's it's a long long road before we get there. I was thinking about DECAF we'd have season because there have a lot of people to resign. Gach Kuban got got massive that sue and I was like all we need but we need a veteran Carter needs another office. Stack always starts sleeves after restoring resigned. James and it's not going to have a Lotta cap off season Hunkin. They managed on cap token think and they bringing the key guys like GPC and Barrett's and still make some splash moves of season. Yeah I think the can yeah. I'm with Brad I th. I think they have They definitely have the space you know. If you franchise Janus and were suming. He's franchisers. Twenty seven million. I think it's pretty much locked at bear. It's going to be back just because they've been talking about it so long like they're not gonNa let him out of the building Barrick doesn't want to go anywhere where They've they've I my David's in the chat. Sorry Wednesday David Chat David Harrison. And he said Hi to me so what to go say hi back and I took my own name so so David. Hello I'M NOT GONNA try to to type again. Yeah and so. It's like sewer acid type of deal. I do think they'll have plenty of money but they've also got all these people that are leaving. They've got to fill the position with somebody like somebody's got to be there. I thought the bucks did the very very good job last year with no cap money so I'm kind of excited to see what they can do with this cat money. A lot of it's going to beaten up like ninety one eighty nine ninety million dollars around there. I get it but so so but I think Nasser might not make it. NASA pursue aren't GonNa be here I think. JT JP wants to come back. And I think we're GonNa make that happen. I think it comes back. I think they're going to make that happen. I think James Winstons come back because the owners are going to give him one more chance on the franchise tag. And then we'll see you know veteran safety veteran corner I'd like to see Kevin Minter back. But if he's not we need to sort of bolster the backup linebacking corps you know. We need some type of depth at guard guard in some type of depth that tackle you know I wouldn't Even though I got that answer for you about the tackle the the depth tackles already on the team order. No it's not no flow wells is playing over Hawkins. I no no I mean W I mean Demar Dotson Dotson will be the depth. We need is what I'm saying. Sign him yeah they do they play for peanuts. You've gotTA side Perryman. You know back now. We'll get back so you know I it's it's so yeah it's GonNa be that'll be interesting. I think that could also get us the safety that you're talking about that because I'm not ready to give up on Edwards because what I've seen Todd Bowles do with with with You know including Carlton Davis who had a very good year was not SNB. Sean Murphy. Bunting might be the best DEF- defensive back on this on this team and J. Dean. What would from a guy that people were saying that we completely overdrafted and has injury problems yet injured injured but he's top five in pass? Break the only plan like half the snaps of most players zone understand so that so upset about that. So but I I WANNA see Justin Evans in the system. Now if you tell me he's GonNa come back. Well then maybe I I I still think I. It's too high for safety. 'cause everyone likes whitehead you know like everyone Whitehead's fine but I wanNA see Edwards develop. It's only sixteen games you know. It's it's not time to cash them in but I also understand the philosophy of don't let you know good players get in the way of of drafting great players. I get that I just don't think Dell Dell puts a great player I I think he's completely one dimensional. He's a cornerback that plays safety. That can't tackle or doesn't WANNA tackle but he's really good at covering guys for Safety Yeah True Arbor. Nobody you got anything else. I let you go here man. No thank you I love the show Bruno. Thank you so much man I really appreciate you calling and hopefully hopefully. We'll get to talk to you again soon. On upcoming live Colin show in the off season. Learn all right. Let's IT Bruno you've tried to when I went Solo. I think he was there trying to trying to get in the video chat last time two. Oh yeah now. That's a great thing. Now I think about it. That's free for people but getting in here. Yeah I mean. He's imagine how much it cost him to call for international guys. Yeah that's true that's true. It's three of them. Hey we got we got one more guy lining up here in the chat room join enjoy I like this. I like it when you guys come in and join us. But guess WHO's on with us Ren our Buddy Craig in Vegas ear as well to what's up Crag do let's count them atop brother. Hey happy new year to you everybody. Happy New Your cranium. Sorry cold tonight. So that's all right. I'm actually in Newport beach so the parents place Heading back to Vegas Tomorrow Let me ask you this where sorry before you do that. I got a question for you next year. When the raiders come to town are are you just going full on like Super Bowl? Whatever it was that we played in and just like that all-time all all day long of his buccaneers? beat the raiders in the Super Super Bowl. Like every day of your life. Yeah Well I. I did reserved to cheap raiders. Season tickets make sure I got the bucks game. Okay because that tickets it's GonNa be very expensive and the room is right. Now it may be the double header second half of that Monday night game right now really so so the first game in Vegas will be the box against Gruden that would that that's something the NFL totally do the schedule. Makers would totally absolutely so. Yeah but I'm just saying if we'll probably be. We'll probably go to London right after that. You know just to make the schedule schedule like crazy. And there'd be a home game. Have you hung all right Craig. Sorry to interrupt. Go ahead buddy. What's on your mind? So my big thing to do with James Today I i. Today I lost faith Today I was on the fence on the fence. But how do you think be as aid is the biggest factor factor in this decision. Going forward I WANNA see. What do you guys think of as spring chicken? He's had health issues. He got this year without going to the him so that was a good the two. How much does he have to put up a young quarterback or does he want a veteran guide? That's not going to put the team in such behind. The eight ball saw early all too often to ensure that he has a chance to write a winner and a chance to go to the Super Bowl as well to you you. Because he's got a lot of good pieces around him. It's a one piece. Maple no back right there. Yeah so this is a this is some that I see. Come up quite often in social media of be as not gonNA WANNA start over with rookie quarterback like you you see that all the time and the thing is I've never heard him say that right now. We know that was all about James Coming here. Like James was the quarterback he wanted. James is the quarterback. He wanted to fix now. He's out of your tamous and you watch him at the press conference and he's like I don't really know is. Are these interceptions something that you can fix coach and he goes. I don't Wpro while to evaluate it like He. He is not sold on James. So if that's not the case and if they can get the right quarterback at the right spot in the draft and stuff like that. I don't know that Bruce Arians is opposed taking a quarterback and starting over with that like he did with an Andrew Drew Luck. That was his pick. Be People here that will be as never worked with a with a rookie quarterback as he drafted Andrew Luck. That was his guy by that was that was all his his deal Burger. And and he pulled Peyton Manning Peyton manning I think sat for his first year but he pulled him mount in or whatever it was. He didn't take him as well. He did have Payton his rookie year but he had him early. Yeah so so. There's all that now. Here's the other side to that. So because you're asking about age craig you hear talk and again. We can only go with what he's saying he says this is the best. He's felt at the end of the season like ever ever as far as like physically so but he said that Friday. Yeah right okay. I'm not saying I'm not saying this is the best felt emotionally emotionally. I'm just saying this. He's the best. He's felt physically. You know so i. I don't know I I tell you what you hear him talk. He sure as hell talks. He's going to be here for a while at least going in through this next year. It's we it's us it's me. It's that's all the languages as using so I think if it came down to two drafting and look. He's got four more years left on his contract right. That's a rookie contract. So Hey I don't I don't think he would be opposed to it if they could work it out in the draft. They got the right draft. Scott there are fourteen. I I haven't looked at mock drafts. I don't even know who is coming out. I can't imagine it fourteen drafts and a great quarterback though maybe are not. I don't know Lamar Jackson was what number thirty one when he got drafted. So you know. But he's got the right. OC He's got the right. I'll see Greg Roman. That's because he's the one who worked vic back in the day. Whoever Bruce Arians choose? We'll have Bruce Arians as a rookie. Yeah I just. I took a lot from the press conference today that he's kind of sick of this shit. I really took it today where he was Kinda like there was no defending any of those any bad play today. No I think Matt Gays Gonna a competition to camp as well to. You can't have what happened today. Where the visiting kicker goes by five And your home spills one for four uh-huh and I as well too so I think there's got to bring someone in for competition that's got a Some Moxie like Mica tendency to tell you I think Tennessee was surprised. Really do brought them in our. Yeah I know I think they went. Well let's bring Let's see what happens. And they put him in. Oh wait that worked out better than we thought it would you. You know so. We'll see we'll see what happens guys I look for the off-season stopped. This'll be probably most interesting off season while the decade of Dog Shit is over. One thing someone did. Tell me about James Today James Says Lake the girlfriend hot chick with seventeen cats at our house. And you're allergic again. You're allergic to cats. It's it stinks in the house man. I don't care what I don't care how much like cats seventeen and as things in the house so Craig. Thanks so much for joining us. It's good to actually get to talk face to face for a change buddy. So he goes well read. That's show buddy that's our instant gas. Yes yeah we're GONNA shut it down. I'm not sure what this week looks like but I don't know we haven't talked about it at all you know. Typically we'd go through the final thoughts and the emails and all that right but we'll figure it out for you guys out there. You could still email us then we'll figure out wouldn't WANNA talk. Show that maybe this week. Maybe I don't know go and do that. The PEWTER CAST Djamil Dot Dot com is where you get to do that. If you've got to call in tonight maybe you didn't get to call in. Maybe you're listening to this on the podcast feed tomorrow and or today you're listening to it and you want to send us in. Your thoughts centered on Jameson on the team. The kicker the season the coach whatever you WanNa send it in on flung bucks related. We'll probably read it so read. I don't know if you WANNA talk anymore. But if you have any final thoughts I'll give it to you. Watch tell folks where they can find you on the Internet. I do not have any final thoughts I've just like I'm still just rebound repeal. I'm completely dumbfounded about how the season went it. Like you know normally I can detach myself But it's just there's just so much hope on this this offense the defense came around you know. Even if you're the the most staunch Jamie's defendant you got everything you wanted today. You gotTA run game. You gotTA defense and Somehow some way It's like back and it's and it's one of those you said it's not all on James but it was all on Janus I mean at the end of the game. It was his ball coming off of his hand that that it up and sealed the game so yeah was but it wasn't because you score any of those field goals that that dude mess which by the way. Apparently he was injured with back and leg again. I don't I don't care whatever. He didn't do his job. But you know you you do any of those You know there's one more stop here. Special teams get something I mean. You know Bruce Arians said it was a complete failure all the way across the board. I don't know that I've pulled a group that off to go back and watch the game again which I won't but Yeah it's it's it's yeah. Yeah I'm with you man. Yeah and also how Schalke Bryant and Memphis has a girl like. That's that's crazy crazy. I've never thought about before my life. He said that he's talking to my girl. Mike really a Brian Memphis. Got A girl that is it's weird outstanding anyway. I know you're just joking. But that's what you're trying to say there. He left me left me hanging I was. I was doing a shot at Brian Memphis. Because he's not on right. You're not here but yeah it's just like it's you know I I haven't felt this way sort of sense. Remember when James was going to put on weight you member off season. I'M GONNA put on all this weight and I can just see every time we got sacked. It was going to be people talking about you. Know he got caught behind because he's too fat and he can't get move like he used to. And this and that and soon as he talked about him putting on weight I was like. I don't think I can do a season of talk about James Winstons. Wait bright it. It didn't happen thankfully right and I just. I'm so not not looking forward to this off season at the James Talk the draft is great. You know it's going to be siding with all the money and the people we have to sign that's going to be great but I really want Jameis Winston too. I want this to be over soon as possible. One way or the other like I would love for it. Just be like tomorrow Mike Bit. It's not gonNA happen to make that decision it's it's GonNa be. I've just frustrated and I'm sure I'll feel better in a couple of days but I just I cannot believe this season went the way it it did. I just can't I can't believe it. No P man most entertaining player still eh. We'll see we'll see but hey listen we've got lots coming up here in the off season we've got the Peter Cast awards coming really soon We've got shows like our love them and leave them. Show that we we do. We got our draft show coming up. We've got free agent frenzy coming up. We'll have many camp stuff. We've training camp stuff we've got you know we'll we'll roll into next season and see Unless we change it all because we can and it's our show and we have that ability to do it but you know we'll we'll be back. Yeah I can. Hopefully we won't have to talk about James that much we'll just be able to talk about the bucks but this is our off season. I guess as we head down we do send a ramp now. The season's over we do ramp down. We tend to go to one show week. Maybe one every other week. Something like that because as people said it's been a long long ordered season for sure so Ran For the final time in the twenty nineteen season. Why don't you go ahead and sign off on us? Buddy tells where they can find you on the Internet best-placed find me on twitter at index are an underscore. Da X T. I'm always down. Tuck buccaneers so but if you don't want to put your opinion out there on twitter twitter you're always welcome to slide in my Em's and we'll talk about buccaneers football there as well too. And if you guys want to get in touch with me at Brent Allen live across all the social media's so many of you guys have done followed me over there this appreciate that and if you guys want to get in touch with the show you can do that at the theater cast on twitter and on facebook. Email the show to the podcast gmail.com email dot com. We will read those on upcoming episode of the podcast to everybody who has been a patron of the podcast for this year. For last year. Somebody guys come over. Thank you guys so much your investment into the show helping the show get look. We've made some upgrades to the show this year. We've got this fancy new system that we're putting stuff vowed we've got some new gear. We've got some different things. All of that is made very much Impossible because of what you guys have been doing around here so Definitely definitely definitely appreciate you much love to you guys and listen renewing our this looking at the other day we've had we didn't get an exact number but somewhere between thirty thirty five forty percent growth over the course of this pasture which is just phenomenal. You guys are great. You guys are amazing. We look forward to more growth. We look forward to more Just more everything as we continue to go for. You guys are awesome. Thank you guys all of our listeners. Who joined us this year to everyone who carried over from previous years Really really sincerely you know you guys think us but we also thank you for those guys. Join us in the chat room. More people calling than ever before more people joining us live online than ever before four. So you guys are awesome drag this altro out long enough We'll see you guys and until next time go bucks.

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