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S1E88: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/18/21 | Celebrating Martin Luther King

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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S1E88: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/18/21 | Celebrating Martin Luther King

"Book but come on like this yogurt. Forty though i make right we eat j. but also to make sure the phone own this morning we would start. We teach this thought we as people wiki with this get you. Hey also google google go. Do ask short. Shut up like my mother's say. Thank god for jesus we are here. We are in the building of motivation. Monday it monday. January the eighteenth twenty twenty one seventeen minutes after the hour welcome to harvey morning. Show featuring sidney j l'enfant co host barbie cologne way. You get your started right only place on earth where you get your morning started right. Why not that. Chat room is wide open. Please call in five seven zero nine. Two six nine five zero broadcast a lot. I heart Radio dot com sean. Having morning show dot com or so fan radio station Distributed by comedy worldnet radio of special out to all our distributors. We we we appreciate you. All affiliates also Facebook live this morning. We appreciate you guys in all major podcast platforms. When he place on earth we get your morning started right. Why barco on a motivational monday. I'm already motivated right until on motivational monday. God bless you. Bobby a good to see you and how you doing. I am great. Sean how are you. I'm good and it's good to be seen here. And beverly we broadcast live to you from thirty degrees today. The highest going to be forty one and there's going to be clear in strasbourg. Thirty degrees forty one for the high and fail fair but there will be some clouds rolling in some time. A little later la late morning and Newark new jersey studies degrees clear and forty six for the high thirty seven in new york city. Clear and how will be forty. Six today in hotlanta is thirty. Six degrees fifty four will be. The high end is going to become clear. Sixty three in miami seventy three will be the high and partly cloudy in. Chicago is twenty eight degrees. Cloudy today and Thirty for the fifty. Five in los angeles clear in eighty one would be. The high jealous in louisville is thirty degrees thirty seven. We'll be the high is going to be cloudy and rochester is twenty eight degrees cloudy with a chance of rain all day. Today's about thirty forty percent. So that means it's probably gonna rain and thirty two will be the hat. That's the way that i have for you all. What's it look like where you are where we coming to you. Live michelle heavy morning. Show free jay where you want to start exactly you get your morning started right. Thank you so much cologne. We have front page news with cindy j. a. S to the ny we giving you the news locally nationally globally. I like it from the hood. You know we're give that news at the top of the hour. You don't wanna miss front page. News with cindy j. a. He's working behind the scenes on the news. But it'd be a barbie cologne edition so after nine o'clock or around the nine o'clock hour from pays news with supersized about that and we also have the morning buzz. You know the deal before nine. Am there's one thing that we can guarantee you guys on. This show is that your head will be buzzing before so you stay tuned for that as well poverty cologne widows and they'll be some harvey sports your state so listen. Don't go nowhere we hear. Mlk birthday weekend celebration. We're talking about that in a minute when we come back but When we come back we'll shout out the room. Where's the heart set in the chat room. Hey you know we're going to show you some without you guys. We wouldn't be here and we do. We go back to work out good friend. Is he a chat room today. dj young so featuring a young enough for the next couple of weeks. We appreciate them so applaud them. If you need some music from young get you right. E is in the building. We're into building greg asses in the building. The building i see you gotta check out. My man will be a bad thing. You you're in the mix with the patriots. Are you a black owned business. Or witching light to support one then join go. Black owned on facebook and instagram and become a part of the gopro movement hosting is unlimited and free on goes facebook and instagram pages listing will also be free on gold bold list dot com anticipated to launch in december. Twenty twenty hates social media and business services including highlights features banners and more are also available with gogo and globo affiliates. Be sure to invite your friends and family to shop with over one thousand member businesses. And don't forget to go. Do you need help with your heating plumbing air conditioning refrigeration electrical or even your appliances then look no further call long jetty environmental at three four seven five four eight seven six two one longevity environmental services new york and new jersey. They are licensed insured reliable and they were all year round call today for the winter. Heating tune-up special ten ask for mr whipple at three four seven five four eight seven six two one. That's three four seven five. Four eight seven six to one or email him today at longevity environment at g mail dot com. Hello this dj rome. And i miss de we'll the co host of the open house radio show all good. Music is welcome and house. music is always at home. We would love you to join us every saturday. From twelve o'clock to three. Pm eastern standard time. that's right reveal. Hit everything from classics to disco latin to reggae and of course house music. Catch us using the tune in app. Download it from your mobile app store and listening on w. f. pincay all day and w w off in that db sixteen twenty on your am dial simulcast. Y'all and you can hit us up on facebook at the open house. Radio show featuring dj rome and ms d. That doors are always open. And we'll see you the open house. It's sean hobby creature has cine j. Along with our co host. Bob cologne on comedy world. Net radio as to the double n. Y. and you can't deny we got the front page news. Y'all hey guys. Barbie from the show have wanted show featuring team or combat net radio. Hey this is jay. From the sean harvey morning show featuring the wake of team catch us on comedy worldnet radio hey With a smile talk this k. As to don visit the win one wrong. I'm half we pay off June no Ooh i come back marquee. Three we back. Scott motivators motivational. Monday is monday. January the eighteenth of twenty twenty one thirty one minutes after the hour. Welcome back shaw morning. Show features j. co host cologne. Where you get your morning started. Why not that chaperones wide wide-open. Please call five hundred ninety two six nine five zero broadcasting live fam- iheartradio radio dot com fan radio station mic download. Fm app is distributed by kami world. Radio we are in the building and this one right here We're live on facebook. So if you you're watching do social media Please go to our business. Pays show harvey morning show featuring awake team business. Page like the page and you'll get notified Monday through friday between seven seven ten in the morning. You know so you know. Come in hang out washer show with us so and then join our group on facebook show. Have you want show featuring waco teen group but we also like. I said we strongly recommend that you download these radio app so you know facebook you know. We are on this platform. It could be leaked. Which is what's happened. It could just shut off but we still running on. These apps are strongly suggests that in all our affiliate apps as well distributed by communists. Net radio comedy radio and also fan map get i up bonn cologne a good morning. Good to see you a barbie. Let's do some quick weather. And then we're gonna shout out the room and show these folks love yes here in bethlehem guys that we work has lives you from thirty degrees right now. Going to a high of forty one and it will be cleared today in strasbourg. Thirty degrees forty one will be the high fair but the clouds gonna roll in. You know sometime late morning and new jersey. Thirty six degrees forty six will be the high in clear. Thirty seven in new york city. Forty six four. The high in clear also in hotlanta thirty six degrees clear today in the high will be fifty. Four and miami is sixty three degrees right now. The highest going to be seventy three and it's going to be partly cloudy in. Chicago is twenty eight degrees thirty four. The high end cloudy in los angeles. It's fifty five right now. Going to hype. Av went and clear in louisville is thirty degrees right now. Cloudy and thirty seven. We'll be the halfway today. Twenty eight in rochester. Thirty two four. The high cloudy with a chance of rain all day. i think he's like thirty forty percents. So it's probably. That's the way i have for you are. What's it like where you are becoming so you live michelle harvey show featuring cindy j. Will you get him. Wanna start right. Exactly we get your morning started right only place on earth where you get your morning started right. Thank you so much. And we'd like to welcome all listening so we do a shot off room barbie. Some folks in seattle they. I hear shots guys channel but before we shout out to chapman we want to say that This is important today. This is a martin. Luther king's national holiday the business version. Would that be right. Yes sort of like money. We need when was his actual birth day. The fifteenth the fifteenth of january and And then we go. We celebrate all weekend and then no one works on monday. Federal federal people. Write your business and you wanna give your employees off you came. You know it's a federal holiday so off employees here they get off right so all the feds And most federal employees took them. Police is okay. You know the fbi ages and all that this isn't working right okay. So like like the federal workers like that got home social security administration part me postal service so the post office is closed. Yeah see that's major. It really pay extra day. Come on for them to catch up. Right just stayed open. We're gonna pay extra couple of points today right so so so so so king martin luther king junior's a federal holiday now. Now i don't know what state you're in if you're in new york. I have your state work. Are you working. Is everything closed in new york. Because i remember when Back in the day when they started the martin luther king day like nobody paid it. No mind nobody nobody. I don't know maybe the feds. I don't know but it's dinner. Started this movement but like a certain state so i don't know if they even record i don't even know if they've been recognized. Martin luther king birthday but Barbie that least like out. Are we supposed to be today. Probably not home celebrating our multi. That's i wish we should be doing right but we have. Y'all very right but like back. So for me. What bobby honest with you Sherri god bless you now and i knew it was martin. Luther king's birthday we. I guess we all did. If i mean if you on this planet and yet but we'll barbecue i'll be honest with you. I didn't like not for one moment. You know stop and say hey man this is like the king birthday and you know and and all all these you know struggles that this man is went through and and You know we shall overcome in in the freedom speeches is nine hundred sixty three and washington. Dc and. i didn't happy honest with barbie at it. And i didn't even i didn't even i i i it's like the words is very challenging for me to get the words of mouth but barbie cologne. I've had in the knowledge. I didn't i didn't i. I'd be honest with you. I'll be honest and al get mad at me care bobby. I was more caught up into football yesterday. Then martin luther king's birthday and this And i apologize for that but it wasn't like what we left here friday that i was like wow martin. Luther king's birthday weekend would can i do the show. I think right. Bobby cool because like this. All of us and we don't and none of us is saying this in a selfish way. Is this a lot going on. And everybody's personal live in. The coronavirus of course have have have superseded a lot of these holidays. Honestly by since the last major holiday we had with shawn harvey's birthday bash last march we then a week later everything was shut down. The last big party we had was showing harvey birthday. Yeah and everything. Shut down so after the show. Happy birthday bash. We didn't have a fourth of july. Now we'd have memorial. They have not is so so. So do i feel barclay. Do i feel guilty. That i didn't celebrate this man a birthday in his accomplishments for for serb disclosure You know i must say now. Now i'm gonna say no harvey's trying to stay alive a shot harvey's almost fifty six that corona viruses tapping on my show with past me about four times. So i i think i think that's the public sentiment with this We can't do the things obviously this year last year. And go you know of filtering into this year. We can't obviously do the things that that that were norm. I mean there's a new normal. But i but bobby i don't feel guilty at all like back in the day. I was like hold on all the businesses. Please close for martin. Luther king's birthday. You guys are being disrespectful by way. I'm not saying that this year. We talked about this before the show you and i city had a little pre meeting before the show started and we talked about martin luther king for a moment and we kept pushing now this man. Of course you know is american. Hero the babylonians don't recognize him We do and With the whole civil rights movement with this guy. But i really be honest with you. i didn't take. This is the most that i've talked about. Martin luther king and his movement since last year so everybody putting them one in a chat room if you celebrate the movement If you even the knowledge it. I'm being honest of barbie clones. Always catch the heat. Beat for being honest. And it's cool. But i will be honest. I am not one moment since we left here that i think about this national holiday either but i didn't think about new year's eve will either. My son's birthday was on january. First and i was just like please stay alive and hung up. The phone like christmas was just what that was that. We really didn't have to do that. Thanksgiving practically half the day by myself so we do it. Knowledge the martin luther king movement today holiday a put a number one in a chat room. Or call it if you're working today or if you're not working today and what. What do we need to do. We don't. I'll tell you what we play. I'll know facebook. Youtube will allow with player. Martin luther king before the tonight's for this morning's over how about that barbie. Because then if i play a few little bit martin. Luther king's speech. I think i will feel better about myself and i won't feel so guilty. That is being. You've been glow selfish. 'cause it's freecell the is being a little because you know we honored this man that i i didn't recognize it at all so i think Right now while we had the moment well before the show when we're playing that down because lord knows i don't want to forget we're someone looking but probably not one you don't feel guilty not one bit or you just push right right right. Yeah you'd be so so. I say this everyone doing this for bob. Insignia myself before shows for the show. Today will play a little. Two minutes of dr martin. Luther king how about that. Yes i do anybody and yeah they care. Do you guys care number one. If you even put the cam take care. Shown black folks why folks are listening latinos even care a grassy. Say he always celebrate our movement. Okay come on let me know. Let me know if you care. I'll just say they are saying. Is that i feel bad for not acknowledging this man this whole weekend. That's all and i'm making it up here at this show to acknowledge his great man and i feel a little guilty. Barbie doesn't but i'm just saying that and it's fine example blog. Did you have like a regular weekend this right so it right and then at during that weekend because we haven't seen jobs in now right so you didn't at one tago you know what an okay now. Our celebrate my family right now. I haven't seen it almost two years right so y llosa get. We ate that though weekend. So when you always gathered in that big ass white kitchen and yours one. What are you guys. With the life long chairs. Barbie not one time i was happening. Nail one of us. It was six of us out of seven. That was there right now. Was said you know m okay. We know so. Let's chat room if even making their own black history so we want to show the chat. Rooms love Without you guys again like oh we say without you guys. We wouldn't be here. Then we're gonna get into the show we got a great show for you guys We would have someone say. Oh yeah okay. So we're doing stand up comedy in paterson new jersey. That's february d February the twelfth. We're in paterson new jersey. Boy sean harvey. They're telling jokes and then locally here. In the lehigh valley we doing a comedy show on february the thirteenth in bethlehem pennsylvania. So you need tickets. You're coming you know look I have tickets for you. Someone come on now We have limited seating of course barbecue Same i see bullet of is this and i said last weekend Don't don't look for no spacing. Okay i gotta piney. Not and don't come up in their film in the comedy show talking about everybody on top of each other. Hey everybody's going to be close up on each other. Okay so if you wanna come out. That's going to be of a friday thirteen. We'll have a good time. We only have a limited amount of seating We have live standup comedy and we have After party and we can loan deep my man. dj Hot sauce is going to be the dj for the after party. Okay okay and i'm going to host the show and we're going to be in the building but i'm let you know now just where you gas masks in india your your regular mass and whatever you probably head when asked to not help i don't know what you're gonna do but you're come on out and get you laugh on okay so i have information having tickets. Let's go we're going to. Costa rica is well. That is July twenty second through the twenty six the queen of comedy more is the headliner. Myself is on the show ray. Dijon kelly kelly's man to going from philadelphia we there for about five days all inclusive parties. Every night of the week we had dame events right there at the resort. Five diamond as my man. Mr chirac would say so Please go to the links on my page ultimate sole escape twenty twenty one bar clone harvey Cj we trying to get down there so we want guys to come down there with us. Costa rica july twenty second July twenty second to twenty six. Okay you gonna show chapman's some love. Yeah because without these guys. We wouldn't be here but before we do that we want. Show all those creepers some love out there. The creep was i say that and guys just listen to the show On the radio You know part chapel. You love listen to the show each and every day. Barbulescu those folks that god bless you thank you hate us. We still hear about. Mlk like the sean. I can't stand to hear my voice but you've got to listen to the show. Lavoie two replay. But we here for you as well now. All stars in the chat room our beloved members. Let's show them some love right now a barbie cologne heart set appropriate chapel chat room. Hey chat chat room pay with. Let's go apollo. Were may heart set. A where the only way to go food were. Hey hey hey automotive. Parts that chat room with a heart. Set danish chef room. Hey ping chat room. Hey hey wait a heart attack party. Let's go hey where. The hearts at heart set sack. Hey hey hey hey right turn down foe talk about martin luther king the phone. Don't even ring people call in with the Relationship drama the foaming writer economy drama phone or somebody call up here. Say some crazy you're just reacting in the charitable calling in model. Not kid birsh turpin it so i guess the same way saying this and nobody. Nobody likes sean. Shame on you nutting shannon. Hurry up get to the point. You got more than starting right right. I think they were you saying something about. Should we be off. He's ideally right now british ads. Should we even be here. We principle the say to leave right now. We do that whereas us right. We see priorities are right. We get into the funny and everything else may show more. Luther king's some love you only. Hey dad give me gail a luther. Some life spokesman we have andrews and the building. Good morning beautiful. how are you today. Mico street justice grassy is in the building. Good morning michael. How are you think about that guy often every time because he celebrate so well. Let's clarify acknowledges his people every time we get up here in different. We get a lot of phila- philadelphia news like here in this town. We get a like a a mixture of news. We get the new york news channel. Five is out here if you're familiar with new york and then we get all the philly news so we get news from new york and philly and every time half philly news out there. I always think about mike because this is a lot going on out there. Angrily is so. Be careful out there crazy over everytime phrase this crazy right crazy. Thomas king is in the building. good morning. Thomas mann from brooklyn doing smith is here. Hello good morning to you. God bless you sean hayes. Joe's is in the bill de do the show without right freda nearly was set free. Free hager live long live very long long the only free we have in that chat. Room right yeah. I used to know a lot of freedoms back in the day. Live long free to please. Many sexy to yoga is the bell. There was some young night right morning that saw is here. Hey masan good morning to you in those facebook streets see do the show. James is here. Hey girl good morning. The sean james polk. That's no sean be ex. We had three four. The show once was one this. Sean j hager she. Would you wanna get the sean sean. God bless you. Got a lot of sean you. We have four seven leshan. I god bless you smile off. Say he did get a day off talking about king. Who do that king. He said he did give us a day off school. You know happy smile often okay. That's the name of the person. Yeah yeah smell often thank you. Smile auden is a female. I'm not sure it 'cause it doesn't seem like a male photo his Picture how often but okay. Well welcome brother or sister. That's original the sean james is from chicago yes chicago did i remember now sakala. That's right that's right. Be careful over there too because it's cold it's slippery and we all over the dot com show in chicago was with the comedian. Bobby we barbecue. We went on some side of chicago. Like i didn't even like it was like the the bronx new york is horrible. You and that's for my and yeah. That was where the bronx new york has. Some hoods that are horrible and from the x ray. Love it north new jersey's even worse you might be right. Some crazy train new jersey. Like vietnam supports trenton. Going up trade. Bobby cologne. This parts of chicago now known saw you know honey Vivian and grays is in the building. Good morning vivian. How are you today. Derek evidence here. She said the wild one hundred. Oh that's that's the hood vivian. I mean la- showing honey all crazy. I i don't mess. Who else we have. In the building that nasa brian. No good morning beautiful. Hold on let me get together the whole lot. Hold on a second. Debbie he met barbie barbie hobby morning. Show cine barbie. Can you hear me. Hello oh wait wait wait a minute. Wait as me as a black short sean. Having a moment guys show have you watched. She'll say hello. Good morning more. sorry that was. Who's this is a net all the way from california that knocks. How are you this morning. I complain a plane. How y'all doing hit the same year. I won't complain how you doing this morning. What i'm doing great. I'm doing great and chime in the end and found john again. This monitor buffalo. Thirty five o'clock. Will you know what. I applaud this young lady. She's a sacramento. California is almost five o'clock in the morning over there And and she's up listening to this show My first question. And and she's also now. I would new representative shaw gordon show wakeup team in sacramento california. So like i said last week yeah a lot of work do but and edit fascinates me Y you absorb early this morning going on because this is the day that the lord has made is shelby choice to be. Glad in early slow. Wake up early and you do right. You do want to put in as many hours of the day. You can't right right. You're the winner lasts close to the last days anyway. Might as well stay up all day right. Pretty is pretty sad. It's pretty pathetic. You know you'd be at eight seven. Thirty eight o'clock at night cremona neither life but it is what it is michael. Now are you in a relationship was going over. You know. i need a man a good man round here. Four bedroom house round near cape find modise amazing moment out on the. What's wrong with these men around kelly. She's where she said she had a thick. What what did you say they. She had a nice bow bedroom home. Owner i'm a good mom and i got my own and the qassam a good man that's ready to live love and want to be you know a grow old together. Let's do some things together that live up trying to get on that trip. Ooh oh come on a trip so no you might leave would would apartheid scared because this virus up roll up to get hold on. Hold on hold on. I feel for you get into the vard. She's single. She has a four bedroom houses sacramento california. That's win that's a win Do you have a car. Obviously you got a car. Shell okay and she has a car and and and and she's a very attractive young lady. I could hear it through the phone and this is go. Yes this is a woman that can take care of a man and you better believe it probably clone this type of woman that have a man a big talker. I could put him to sleep. Okay fiji right. She'll she'll bust man asking bed and put him right to sleep. Don't we put a pacifying. Wait a minute wait a minute. Now before we get to the cocoa away to win so she can do all this team and look at us. He ready out. She's ready barbie call. But my whole thing's this and then to listen to this show. Okay from my experience of being here and i think bobby cologne and everyone else would agree to listen to this. Show every morning monday through friday seven. Am to ten am. You have to be a dabba crazy and you agree absolutely okay so in saying that this galaxy some crazy and you all right. Let's see this one say that's why this is the thing that upsets me about the folks in this room every day. Keep it real. Keep it real scratching my head right now. I'm a little crazy. I got a little crazy years old to how do you not see. God bless you. Listen this is. What i'm talking about see is very we talked about. This recently is very liberating to identify. You're crazy there's a lot of folks that really are in about the crazy and that's why the in these mental situations that they are now now lutely now in saying that and i acknowledge crazy on the craziest six years. I left my mom alabama. The house. When i was nine i to get the hell out of there was set you free. God bless you now partners saying maybe there might be some crazy with her and maybe these men also running out to pull out the place to. Because i'm trying to figure out even though yes men. We are We amend we you know we. We dropped the ball. I'm going to say we dropped the ball all the time. There's a lot going on with us but wait a minute. Wait a minute. But there's still a small percentage of good men out there barbagallo. My thing is this and that has you has crazy got involved in relationships where you play the part before we finish our see. Let me say this woman right here to limit what they pushed to the limit and he took my kindness as a weakness didn't start napoleon. She says nutting up. So what these feisty. so so Have you tried the. Because i don't think have you tried these dating sites and that every guy. I'm all f joke. Oh my god. Plenty of fish dot gov my gut and let me tell you them. Let's put this out there. You when it says employment retire mattel. Retirement is not Disability transport where we retire is not disability. You eight retired from if you getting a lousy nine hundred dollars a month. They need to stop lying with that. This time. that retirement is when you don't work on the job for twenty five thirty years of money coming in not waiting for government to send you a damn nine hundred dollar check and i totally off now. Not totally agree to matt now. I i wouldn't what type what type of weed. this is. the woman that smoked i. I don't even do drugs anymore. But i was sitting smoke a joint. Which now is it. What type of weed you smoke over there at four o'clock a spot o'clock into that that's her before ashanti. Well do you do old school because back in the day. I haven't smoked weed so long. We did the easy wide and the bamboo. Are you doing the only way to go. It's the only way to go shows up so only do papers. But i tried up. You know i tried upgrade. I tried to upgrade to cannabis place last week and i went ahead and got me a cartridge when the cartridge sorry got one of these little the battery but an old school every day all day ninety nine ninety nine percent of mine is i wrote was exact blunts. I like that stuff old school. So i have the medical marijuana instead pennsylvania Because of my arthritis. I don't get that shooting. I authorized so bad. They gave me the claim not showing up. But i don't i don't i don't smoke. I don't smoke. We might do to an the medical marijuana card as well. I don't need it. I'm here in california. Let is legal. I'm on medication. So when when you already medication already told my psychiatrist. I got to have a little something. Stop drinking praise. the lord. Look i got or hundred twenty well over four months sober of no liquor so thanks to animal this six years and then star kit with this man ended up started drinking a little bit six years sober six. I had six years clean. But thank you. Jesus four-month up feel so much better. Just a yeah. So there's been a lot point mike but i. I'm grateful grateful because you are amazing. The woman is the most fifty eight years old. She has a whole of a house for for for bevan. Got on car. She does sacramento california. She's smoking weed. First thing in the morning on on these online sites and you know what else is going on around here dealers was going to let me you. How god is moving my world. Let me tell you how. God is moving. Oh my you know when you when you when you do better elevates you but you know he's blessed me and you always you always financial. But he's kept me you know i have. I have a thirty eight year. Old special needs son liked it word mental retardation. I don't like that. I you know you'll be with me all his life. Me and my pumpkin sean. Right so let's head a busted pipe on december. third. Oh my god. We got four. Pipe december two third. It was just wash waterline over twenty thousand dollars later holiday lead in paint that ass off and just to redo my house here now getting a kick it up a notch around here. It's about to go down okay. Yes he will come. Oh yeah right. Talk about so. I'm stewart over my money these days. We have to be a better stewart over our finances. Yes i yes. Be a better stewart over your of my finance before. I guess i haven't been not been blessed to have that. He has continued to keep me around you so I'm just grateful and my brother. Getting ready remodeled. My house here. He he ain't that nice. Percy mcdaniel here at the sacramento. Ain't no joke the mic mac. And he did my bathroom so now. We're getting ready to take the Floors at a mobile my fireplace going all the way up to the top is about to go down here. I a strong desire now to get on a plane to go to sacramento california. Right right wiggly wiggly. We'll keep wiggling you. What's turning me on about you. The whole thing about your honesty. Because that's what. I love. Honest i i love honest conversation. That's where we have right now and the thing that's taught me on about and that right now who's now a representative in sacramento. And i need you to share this show. Everyone before we continue chatting shouting out doing. They enjoyed his compensation in general. Now now now you know turning me on about you right now. Okay does psychologist thing. Yeah i love that. Because i've been in therapy like all my like adult life because of just like out of my mind and like like you to psychiatrists like that. She's being. yeah. But that's what i'm talking about. I like like a therapy session together. All right and just chop it up. Teaming it you know only to see a ike needs the doctor continue to give a damn case there through so much is nice but only the dark. Keep giving me medicare. No no no. Because she says no you want not get it. You want the medications and you lead it because lord knows without that medication you you are completely out of your mind but not complete not completely but it helps to anxiety. You're not using. i'd get talkative as you can see. It's morning i've already like ten talk am too damn up it. Don't make no dances this. Help to combat as down this downward so this woman. This woman is on medication. She's highs hill wheat and seeking and searching seeking searches penis and her whole pipes of working in a how. And it's fine but my whole thing. Did i believe a barbie cologne. That all of us need to sit down and say all the time. We all need to sit down and have therapy cycle all but now how or what time of the morning. Voi- finish out. Now what's whatever to wanna do you start taking this medication. Because she's off. The war's right five o'clock in the morning nara so we're talking about monday. You are motivating meet right now. Right the copy all right now like i got the bed got got up but i'm putting low coast posed laundry wash. Oh my best time. That's why i go about thirty of up at lea- really here's like mental by three thirty every morning. It's ridiculous it's ridiculous. i don't know but i understand. You know it is what it is. And i'm just going to let it let it be. You know just the way my body clock what you have. You have a friend here sean. Harvey barbie cologne and everyone in the channel right. So now now you have a sanctuary a net in the morning. So now you don't have to sit there and sacramento california in the morning by yourself on your device or whatever the hell you doing over there what you're crazy ass. Now now you can sit here and join our group because echo in her house and everything. Because we saw hobby saw you'll waco t we welcomed the crazy absolutely. Yeah i don. I despise saying folks that got their life together. Walk shock all so if you say and you got to like together stay away from me. I'm trying to get my life together. You don't want your life too much together. You need a dapper that crazy as some uncertainty in your life and a damn medication. That's because it keeps you own point. Yes come on now. You say people around me that got they should. It's the other way for harvey. Keep keep six feet away from me to distance now because life is real real like now. I want you to go into the chairman and i want you to smoke another blunt and i want you to take that that may not easy water and i want to enjoy the rest of the show. I want you to do another load laundry. I want you to do the laundry. I want you to do to laundry again. You're downloading the man. I want you to take some if you took your medication. Don't take no more. Would you to smoke that. We want you to stay off these sites. I don't want you on no dating site right now. Right here in the group room. I want the the president is purchasing that role. Everybody going that chat room. Okay in the chapel. Everybody to show some love. She's with us now your morning your face when you wake up in the morning and you drop to your knees and you pray to jesus christ and you get up and you spoke weed and take your medication. I want you to go right onto the show. Eight o'clock and then and then now part of your day in the morning. 'cause probably colognes very weird. She's the only one on how block. That's up yeah. Yeah it'd be three thirty and she's the only one much vermont. Six drink. jerus- committed outside because scanning cocoa. That's fine because the corona virus. We call it. The coakley is fine. You stay your pretty ass in that house and be crazy okay. Oh i'm so glad you guys took my call gonna continue on with the show but martin luther king this is martin luther king day. Yes i had to remind myself and others that this is the weekend. Martin luther king weekend we did. Not you know. It wasn't discussed like it. Normally is in and things like that and he sacrificed a lot for all of us and i never really understood all the you know a blood shaving about what thinking the discrimination back then and it's and and and it seems like nothing has it. You know we fought. He fought a long hard fight but still so much more to do. And we've come a long way and and in this past last year says floyd And it was way before then that they've the knee in our neck for years and is just We need to duffy. Acknowledge who he is. And what he stood for and things Yes and the justice quality that he you know that he stood for us. That's all i want to say the mortgage loan. This woman's amazing. She's high on medication. And we can't complete a whole sentence got got going back in a chat room. We're gonna finish out in the chat room. We was in the middle of that right. Yeah i'm sorry. I just started. We're just started. We're gonna get a chat room. You stayed into. This show is okay. All righty god bless you bless god bless host. Boy does show told you. Okay the next marquess. Mr one emoji. Johnson it's in the building that was really gotta the first like eight days. You may. I can't do in the building. Hey jemaine good morning to you joy. Oh yeah oh yeah. let's apprentice. Our catholic smart the type of chick back. I'm engaged and we'll get married right. You're not yeah. But that's the type of chick that i like to be with medication. Crazy of the medicaid. The bad guy. I love my lady gaga. But let me tell you. That's the type of women right. There can cause she she women like that and barbie cologne they. They go all out. They one hundred percent committed. They will tell you. Wes up eight years old. She ain't playing no games. You know i want you. I need to talk tiny about that. She doesn't take any medication i wanted. I wanted to take no take something. She'll have to just take something just to get that crazy going saying she don't need to be crazy. Oh my god tie. don't do a girl. Don't do away with deora. jackson is here. Hey the era. Good morning shannon manelli. Figueroa is in the building. Hey shanny good morning to you. Prentice car tax. Good morning mr robinson. Hey boob good morning baby. Johnny wapo in the building. Hey johnny good morning to you. How are you today but necessary thrown is here. Good morning ten the graham. Hey beautiful mama comedies. And the building miss tina. Hello yes see. Lynn rooney in the building. Hey krystal good morning to you. A speaking of christiaan make sure your download. Y'all going over there to a comedy worldnet. Get the app on the website. I'll augusta 'cause you know once again just like i was at fan radio you casey us you can hear us. You know what i'm saying so go get. Christie has a valid reason to be up running here breath the us on the west coast wide awake like they haven't valerie's it because they want is the ad hayride that's valid that's valid. Oh absolutely three o'clock. I don't care we love keep on waking up your accenture alarm clocks no no forget a replay watch it live right okay for everybody who west coast right natalie. Right is here good. good morning natalie. How are you today. Veneta george haiti race and the head. Are you ready to act that. Because we i have ready get and and knocks girl that you this her car. That was a good lesson right. Good morning to this showed us from sane like this this analysts inlet supply crazy crazy member. We're gained one. It's just a matter of time right and everybody embrace she's would us sacramento california as part of the family. That's it she's with us. We took a said if you normal and you've got your light together please. Stay away from sean hawks. She's beautiful to beige now. She a whole look. You telling us there you go days is here. Hey is good morning. How are you morning. Good morning Amos crude up is here. Hello amos good morning to you. Know he's been here well. Kimber lack is in the bill. The hey ken good morning. Cobblers you nate. Y you know. Nate everytime you proper here i never realized who you were but now i see i actually had a chance to look at your profile. Almost cousin was gonna which i don't know if they're from looking at his mom used to go to our church here quite yet when they were god. Bless you man. Facebook with a heated debate about donald trump. He's i think he's a trump supporter. That's fine native. he he's like he's black. I call it if you need if you are a trump supporter and your black guy call in bros. For five seven zero nine eight two six nine. Five zero ain't matching. We have different. People have different. You know why. Why was it so heated. Why have ahead of us thought was little story. But that's the problem that i have which will also slow way of course. But that's the problem that i have with us folks including you barbara cologne. The thing is we know that the trump supporters radicalized you. Are you believe a lot of the fantasy and You know his policies you know like just off the change races. You probably know that about him. Trump supported can't see that well was just surprised so me and so why radical with it because from what and his mom came but i m sorry i race better girl whereabout he. He had his views trust me. I know he was they our mobile because she embarrassed she was because people because people put it this guy then all of a sudden five million people ninety percent of my out of their mind. I had a lot of cousins. Who added who. Now what i was like. Oh naval uh-huh. Oh yeah i was like what i said you name one thing. He did your points. 'cause you pull his hair you come on come on cops as you can't even you can't get a room in a trump hotel because obama. I said we talk about his personal right. So you go there. That one thing without bringing up that he's done for you and there was like. Oh i said okay conversation before we finish out not doing. I'm not taking but that's fine. I don't care okay Everybody loves a chatroom. In when we say your name is echoed out. The thousands of people survive on a second hold on barbecue is worse. African american who hates president our beloved barack obama or african american nasa trump supporter. Which one would be worth. I would think in my opinion the one who hit us support trump. You so right so you have issue with a black person supporting trump then in postal than hating barack obama because usually if someone who am i because i spoke to some who liked to say. Hey what they didn't light or pru. President obama right because a lot of them didn't approve of his You know all his The way he was up a proven guilty rights and things like that. I can see why you dislike some of his policies and his beliefs. But you are out route rights supporting a racist. Big like really. This man has done before you must you a hatred towards your people and you want to support it now. It's weird because like i. There's a lot of closed minded but that's being against the positive but my whole thing is like it's very disturbing to me. If black folks really dislike president barack obama person. I think so. I get it. I did it with the views but it might be something underlying too because black folks always hate on each other but nate. Call him bro. It's fine it's fine broke if that's what did you. Rock with trump calling. And it's nothing okay. Nelson adrian is here. Hello nelson adrian. Mom who was clever all these welcome to the show. We appreciate you watching If you have been here before. I remember okay. If you're a new please let us know. How did you hear about the show and sharing you know share with people throwing your wall enjoying the group room and make sure you like and share the show having wanted show business page. Thank you smell often is here. Hello again settle mental woman out. He he he never are you but his profile picture look like it was a man with a mask all but you know sometimes it could be a girl with kevin cannon is here good morning kevin today. No god no bridge. Richardson is in the building in. She's fairly new because she hunger shame. Really be that much but she is in the building on deal. Oh god bless okay mic. Grassy says smile is a man on a no. I'm not being disrespectful man because of profile picture. But you know we don't want to be can't be a hundred percent. Sure admin as my profile. Like my son. Mike will ever put somebody in the channel. I don't i don't even know. I came and see a picture. I don't even say he's a man. See the bad be missed. Smell also smile often as a man like a guy like that with a name like that. I'll be scared from north from newark. See god like that offense. Kick your ass like he's one of those guys he's not. He's one of those one of those guys that dance to house music but a kick your ass at the same time that's the thing scares me about newark down. You're not gonna be a cold killer but we're that house music on dance floor move though. That's bill bill. Gas bill jumping around so baby. You're saying you're celebrate billy house. Bill light bill. Do i like what this neighbor saying to party ryan decides is finally out of jail. He'll be right back posting back in their issue. a slew email address start new accounts down trump. You are next a joshua koto within the building. One morning joshua. How are you today travis. Grant is here. Goodman travis Eric range is the bill travers. Grant is a name. You can't like you can't lose in life. Travelers grant travis grant. That's like it. Sounds like a news reporter name actor. Someone that's A white collar worker. Even in the hood like travis travis l. grant. You said travis green travis travis grant please man let me know you are here winning in the streets because if you now with name like that as a total waste of time to travis bro. Come on. tell me you in these streets winning because if you're not winning there's no help for the rest of us row travis grant bobby cologne. Yeah that you're winning you. Winning get any job anywhere with travis. Grant right right. Tell me you win and bro please. Are you winning or you. Winning put only drives winning winning right travel. Always that name. Dawn smith is here. Good morning how are you this morning. Frank kleiber hey cousin. Good morning thank you so much for in. I appreciate you appreciate you go. Queen is in the building. Your your sega monitor. Diane and lee clue queen moaning so number one. Yes i ram mr sensational. How is he a good monorail house. Their coffee coming man. I don't well make it myself. I do a well. I'm not doing well. Because i'll have tablet what i get up. Have you ever get out the door if i wake up early. I could but. I'm not gonna do that. Took bobby i covered for last week. Thousand realm making videos where about nine hundred sixty seven dollars stupid cough. They'll fight it. I know is here. What up charles. Good morning to do shells. Shampoo was in the building. He said he is here at work. Yeah sean shells. Thank you for tuning there while you're at work and he's sitting there man. That guy makes fifty sixty dollars an hour. You don't care. He's the only person at work on that construction site that works. In up towns nagy's he got still up towns on especially especially with this especially for him with the wool. Socks work construction uptown on. That's how we could do yoga. We fly like that. I guess train the pinker here. Good water treatment right. The real sakina scott is in the bill to hager all good morning. Corrine williams is here. Hello kareem have you this morning. Sabrina laurich is in the building. Good morning julia gillard. Hello julius good morning to you. Rj johnson just popped in. Hey artery how are you this morning john. Jay rock nettles at third is here. Hello john jay rock good morning. God bless you brother morning and the a t taniela necropolis. She's a day one trap. Travis grant is he. Is he winning or you winning travis let me let me. I want wanna know if travis is winning. Now he hasn't come travis. Please comment because the world is going to come to an end if squad too much. You gotta be winning bronco well. Michael grasped the coffee is winning. As of now he said barbara. You make choices about whether spend money on coffee. Orsu wait travis. I mean michael. The coffee is winning. But i always make a way to get me. A new pair of shoes Saint choice coffee or shoe last week. He was like why are we. Don't have any issues. You could buy with the money and i said oh my god you're gonna give me a lot. You doesn't lose us so if it was if it was nine hundred dollars nine hundred sixty seven dollars worth for coffee on the table and nine hundred sixty seven dollars for shoes on the other side of table which one you take. The shoes no brainer. Okay absolutely and then what you're gonna do on the fourth day of now i will get a soda or something out. No but i will be fine. I would have to deal with the headaches. They paid up shows shot body. Yes i believe those. All that i have seen freddie jenkins just popped in. Hey freddie ex morning took an hour that was that was my four and then they beautiful. Antioch shepherdess piloted but hager this. Let's go to where we have a special guest calling in the hilarious tied davis. She's called the national and talk for me. Then we're gonna get into some news. We're going to get into some all things that we do here motivational monday. You feel motivated and so far as well a senior. Be here on a wednesday She's working behind the scenes or we'll be right back. We go back to the morning drive. Dj not here mm-hmm mystic eighty off on them issue future off talk Short this were d. J. wrong think you don. Oh okay back with it. Saw remind me to cocaine for jesus man yeah so. We have back as motivational monday barco. I'm already motivated. Money got me hike. No doubt it is monday. January eighteenth twenty thirty nine minutes. After i walked back shall have him on show features. Cj landfall co-host barbie on we want to started right. Why not chat rooms wide open. Please call in seven zero ninety. Two six nine five zero. We are in the building iheartradio. Radio dot com fan radio distributed by communist radio. God bless you guys out there or podcast platforms and all our affiliate. Thank you so much barbara just before we get into the news and all that just the weather. It looks sunny out there. It's just the weather across the street. If you turn bethlehem we broadcast live. So you're about thirty two degrees right now. The highest going to be forty one today and it's going to be clear in the sun is really coming out. Guides me beautiful. That's where the half of you all today. What's it look like where you are become coming to. You live from the show heavy morning show features cindy j. You want to start. We're gonna do front page news. Part one and part two. This is part one coming up right now. Everyone's in a chat while we are here for you. We don't front page. was sitting j. quad cologne dishes. You know detail. We're in the motivation the monday. Let's go front page job. Hey front page news. Talk double can't deny she got the phone jong yong guaranteed gotcha. Free take double. Can't do the job. A bobby colonic. This you'll be should be She got she didn't have a german programmer has told chances to correctly guessed the password to his hard drive or he will lose out on two hundred twenty million dollars. Oh my goodness stefan. Thomas german-born programmer living in san francisco told the new york times this week. He had two chances left to his password to the hard drive that holds the keys to his wallet. Worth two hundred and bitcoins guys. Twenty two hundred twenty million twenty million dollars worth of bitcoin. I guess he had a bunch of chances and he he no. He gets his chances and he bought the blow it while prices has a record historic growth increase in ninety two percent in a month and over three hundred forty percent in a year. One investor has locked out. Mike himself out of it accessing his richest because he forgot his password and like i said he is joined a german born programmer and he lives in san francisco. He forgot his password to his iron key. A secure hard drive with with the key to his wallet with seven thousand and two bitcoins or about two hundred and twenty million dollars worth of bitcoin. The iron key gives users ten guesses to get their password right before encrypting hard drive contents and thomas has two more tries left. Oh my goodness. I am on edge of my seat aren't even notice. I i have exciting for him right now. Like dude you back where well great in-store that was the does. yeah potatoes. Well the first question would be a party cologne. The last time you had a hard drive it has better show. I am going a little black book. What do we need the us. I n key to get to your hard drive. You absolutely what kind of the worst i used to have. In key before took my have key up. Where can i get an hour. Lady's chaplain in the last time. I had a hard drive fullest. Put into one. If you gotta. I in key pause sean. Hobby don't have nike. Usb longtime us good hard drive okay cool so barbara this guy. Stephan right stephan. yeah dude. Even sydney thanks. For destroy. I'm barbie barbie those cheap then. I thought he was called listening. Okay thought that was courtesy of our young syndicate jay now porbeagle stephan first of all the amount of embarrassment that he's going through right now and i give them a shot up. Because i think that. Would i be able to share this type of information with people that i'm going to basically lose a lottery ticket. Yeah because that's basically what it is pretty much and this goes back to these incriptions in these thousand. I don't know this language but to me is just like breaking it down in the most simplest forms like this guy put three passwords on his passwords. And then the system that he's working with going to implode in itself if he doesn't get this right. And how much money is he gonna lose two hundred twenty million dollars. Imagine the burden of barbecue alone. I get perplexed when i lose twenty dollars right and my feelers lane. I need to read the bible verse. I got a call. My mother got to check my bank account. Twenty dollars two hundred and twenty two hundred and twenty million. I'ma be sick forever now. There's a lot of therapy that got to be involved on this talking about him mentally right now now but at the same time. You miss what. You've never had twenty eight dollars. But he has no he do have it. All he do got was hit it never had shown he hit the money sitting there so he invested in the bitcoin right and all of a sudden bitcoin has exploded into all this money. Right right right right. He never had the money he never like went out there and picked up one hundred million dollars of it he never. He never touched the money so so kind of somebody never had him on. He said transferred that so soon to say boy this This is taken a person's level of acceptance to a whole 'nother level. You have to find a way. I listen man stuff. And i'm not gonna say. Jump off a bridge bro. I think about like jump jumping river. Like i can't swim and i might think about that because you have to pray to your god and let this go because you can do have two tries To figure out your passwords on ten tents. You've done bro Because of this. I n key vais because all you iphone users yelled at dealt with all these keys and passwords. You can't get into your own cellphone now. Sitting talked about this earlier as. Hey maybe you can hire someone to hack into this account. Right a hacker. But then you can't just. Because now he got all the information give him a few percentage he might take all of it so now you in dire straits hoping. Is this stephan from germany. That now lives in. San francisco is probably and if you live in san francisco. You're making money already. Stuffing might be a millionaire already. Might be down one of these tech giant companies or he might even have ab And i and i pray that you do my friend some because because you have. I wouldn't even do other two chances. I wouldn't do it. Because i'll tell you one thing i've barbara have you forgotten password. I wanted all the time often very with gas. You know. that's what do i write down. I write my passwords in. My phone's right. And then i write them on twelve different pieces of paper all the papers scattered about all over the place. I do and i emailed myself 'cause dissipation phone crash like minded couple months ago and i had the massive reset it everything if you can log as e mail in yeah. He should have did that. But now when you when you take your email like if you take a password and diverted for your normal passwords right. That's the straw. That's when you have that problem. And when you add on a lot of upper lower case right symbols bound pleasant candidate the lower case z with the upper case f. And then i three four seven but cash sign like too much. You make it too difficult for yourself. But he's right so now snapping who can't remember the passwords and the thing the whole system is going to shut down bro you two hundred and twenty million dollars. I sympathize with our. I don't even wanna be around you bro. But i give you the ultimate respect of just sharing this information to the world because this is horrific harvestable. Oh my goodness. I am sick for you right now. How old you. He's gotta be a smart guy. He's impressed with this brilliant. Like you said he's gonna have to get him a hacker in they. They don't take all right with. This is the casualty of war of being so smart in a programmer. They say you don't have a say so smart or stupid wail so he he fell into his own demise as a as a programmer. He forgot his password. That's like the famous And you got another story about that once you talk about that but but opening that's like the old school honeymoon episode numbered honeymooners back. When when ralph was on a like sort of like a less megadeal show like it was a music show. Like sort of like ralph. Kramden knew all the songs. Because him ed norton was practicing the saul so every time at play the song raf nude assault. But every ta edna and started playing the song he would play one be then detonated it right and then he would play the song. Yeah and then guess the song by route annoyed at ed because every time he kept playing done debt that and he said you'll stop playing that song and gets to the music and then he went on the show. The first song that they played on the show was that did he go. Category november and then he go mr no. It's the crandon you've got one more minute he goes you guys he goes and this is sort of like the same thing like these guys are. So you're right. These guys are so smart they stupid. Yeah so smart state. And now this is like a horror flick. Two hundred and twenty million dollars is our conic forever. Do you think you have the mental capacity to get over this. Now commit me right now. you'll take me to an insane asylum. Because i am going to lose my ever loving mind but bobby you always. You are always closed in the blood of jesus baby own. I've got to tell you right now. This twisted money on my books. Whatever they call it. You may eat good. Y'all move. i'm going to go crazy bobby. Wood about the blood. The blood he had me write it out. They just got work. Show it it's gonna be what's up. Tell you because there is two hundred million dollars so you're gonna work this something like this would consume your mind every single day. I'll be. I'll be so depressed. You take so on knowing. I will tell you right now. You put it in perspective. You never had the money anyway. But they had to do was hit transfer from insane. But i wanna be just went away and then i forget my my password. Whatever show that. What made me physically. So sick i will not be able to come to function. I wouldn't so would be would. Would it be additional torture of like now moving forward new passwords knowing that you have this money in escrow and i would not even yes definitely and i will not even trauma last two attempts because i was physically and there was still there. I will wait until i can remember that. Everyone i pray please. That's where i'm going to whom she probably for me knowing. No lash apprentice have appetite you by the way in the crazy out. They say you won't even have appetite right. I am going to waste. Await said nothing. I know you're not gonna believe is barbara bush. Sean harvey vows in this situation. I'm walking away from this. You crazy and i gotta go. I got of course creating a cologne. I'm walking away from this. Because i will lose whatever ten or fifteen percent of my mind that i have left over anyway. Noses torture was the next door you have because that and then again they go hand in hand and then again we need. We need to really discuss our passwords and being responsible. This is a story that that i mean we. We hear these stories alive and this is not the first time we've done but i'm just saying every time you hear these type of horrific stories. Check your passwords. You just never know something could be sitting in your account or back next thing. You got two million dollars and you just simply can't remember a password. I think we all of us need to respect this story. And i for me a barbeque vitual off on my passwords. My passwords like. I got a main passwords and i got. I have sisters and brothers of those past right so i don't vision. Variation is not remember. Do you practice that same philosophy. Yeah okay And maybe like smith one-two-three and output. Mr smith were cook something. I can remember because if not and then every hour get. Forget that like okay. What what's what was this book. And you know you only get three a tip for you gotta call eight hundred number. Because he had. I n key call customer. There's no customer service for this. that's wrong. they should have regular regular people. Said that should go. Daddy accounts and be on doping a mess. Now you lose your mind. What does family lost so on a motivational monday. I think we all should be motivated to clean up our password a streamline them make them seamless. Don't complicate them and don't venture too far. Because bobby i honest with you before you could sit next door okay. I and i have. I have high self esteem about myself. I know i carry myself in the proper fashion. Only by the grace of god. Thank god for jesus but why we. I don't have the mental capacity to handle fifteen different passwords. Are you in the same boat. So i'm not by myself in for tom. Trying to figure out who is very for that when it was a man doing okay. I don't feel that bad now down a chat room do you have. Do you have like ten different ten different passwords for your accounts. Because that's who challenge for me. Go ahead for a another little story about bitcoin. And and you know accidents a man who accidentally threw out at bitcoin. Fortune offers seventy million dollars for permission to dig it up. A british man who accidentally through a hard drive loaded with bitcoin into the trash has offered a local the local authorities where he lives more than seventy million dollars of it if allows him to a landfill site of it. Work james how we got rid of the hard drive which held you store of seven thousand five hundred you bitcoins and between join august in two thousand thirteen. He had originally mind the currency for four years four years earlier when it was a little value but when the crypto currency shot up in value he went in search of it. So you threw it away because oh my god people crazy He discovered that he had mistakenly thrown the hard drive out with the trash now with the loss of the bitcoin. Having with the loss of a big having served soared even further howls has approached in newport city council in wells to ask for permission to dig pacific section of the landfill site where he believes. The hard drives ended up in return. He has offered to pay the council. A quarter of the current value of the hall of the horde which he says could be distributed to a local to local residents so in the where he can give your seventy million dollars. You could give it to the people if you want to. His bitcoin is value at two hundred. Seventy three million dollars these babylonians right. I see so so so the first. What bobby in you liked. How many hard drives have been thrown away. Throw a cut love because there was a great s you know. Their system probably failed couple of march. We'll google came naturally for you to throw away a hard time. You are giving me any great corn more money eight city. Seventy beg your city jaeger. Cassini this is the one thing. I love about apple phones though apple. Foam they your password. Right they all your passers anything that you log into on your apple phone actor if you want to start attached birth safety. How many how many things. I have passwords more. There's no way god's green earth that i'm going to if i had multiple different pets i would never remember past for this story on a motivational. Monday is good for you. And all of us to just sets familiar to streamline all this way and make everything seamless and consolidate your best password. Barbie says she would have been. She's done mentally. She couldn't she couldn't deal with the fact that she only had two chances to get her passwords right or lose the two hundred and twenty million dollars. Permanently in the guy has no way of finding soundlessly. Get a hack. Whatever he's trying to do. I well i robot can walk away from this. How'd you mitchell capacity knowing that two hundred and twenty million dollars in escrow for you but you don't know the passwords to and then you're done no i'm with bob lack for the rest of my life. I'm going to be like y god. What did i do deserve punishment. Why are you doing this to me. Not right enough right way. why do i have to. Why do you are you doing this. God i will be walking in the street. people look at. I would be literally outside looking up with this guy. Talking to god guy please. Why so this would be a kasich conversation in your head for the rest of your natural life for the rest of the short. I would be talking about like it's crazy. I will be out here like bush. Frog pro right. Could be in. The middle of the club talked about god. Why wait a minute. Well leg barbie cologne myself like this guy. You never had it anyway. It's not like you had to pass where you got seventy five million one day you may transactions and then you lost everything. He's never know. Listen for all the passwords you had it. Ran past birth vein had lost. Because you lost your password right you make mind even even the even the blood of jesus wouldn't help you so we are talking to. I'm skipping pants off. Why why right real. Okay man adjusts subs baby right a bobby cologne or both of you guys might be forgetting. Somebody might have a talk with lucifer. Look i appreciate you. I would actually to folks them what y'all doing like whatever counseling ca. I need to figure this right. Don't put me but he's conversations with go in the middle of the supermarket online loud and they'd be like some drovers i will. Fbi whether those people at poppy everything. I'd probably be out here and nobody understands why what happened. He's saying i find this very interesting I find this little like why might be right. Did you put put what about what about just kinda moving off from that. I know this challenges mentally would acceptance because this is set this. This isn't a substance issue. But it's hard to accept lost you potentially can lose two hundred and twenty million dollars or two two hundred seventy three million dollars from other guy that you cannot accept that show. It's not that's something you can except i do. It is your acceptance level. Well you do think that you already answered the question. But what about your acceptance in life. This things that you've been doing life and the things that we've all been to life and we stepped in and we moved on. So is there a price real on your acceptance level in life. Obviously it is two hundred. Go my shoe. Yeah yes yes that made dollars know you gotta start tapping into the billion. I don't understand why my life got to be a document about passwords. The past right so so a sense and you you would agree with him. Barbara cologne acceptance has a price. Yeah well you know what they were. You know what well. I sympathize with you and bobby cologne and all of us shame on you. Well you could both of you view. Think win jay because because because at the mta is so many brought here now you know you're not how you know how they say like Good money folded into the wrong hands. And and and actually that then then that might put me on a on a murdering spree the money if i e spell somebody go i like and i know it's long some some. You know the eight nut locally every day like this morning noon and night played playstation all day and they just laid it on some money. Thank for putting the no burt out like that. Okay so well so route. Would you hit the lotto hit the lotto so okay so in this two hundred and twenty million dollars would also give you the mental ability to hurt somebody. Would you object. That would you become angry at the. We can't accept it. But what about the feelings. Now will you become. I'm gonna just right now. I think a lot you're going to have they're gonna have to put me. I'm bellevue call you and tell them come. Get me right because that the come out. I'm somebody goes wrong. I go say they landed on the pot of gold. And i'm a student right. I'm ceuta walk down to in anybody's neck. Money fell fell to the wrong man. Don't be the wrong be wrong. It was so real simple. Good morning from your neighbor with that with that. Set you off to a good but that we out by sweat stay with us way you ever see what what i think it would I forgot what movie with When we were soldiers and and wondered if soldiers he goes to older like lieutenant sasaki and he said he goes good morning. Good morning sir. And what's so good about it but that would be walking an okay so now. Let's let's let's go right back into the beginning this conversation we let it go everybody real on the phone decision to check out all videos. His screams pod. Well let's go. let's come right. let's come back into real time. You just said that your phone has feature got saving all your passwords all the passwords that you know right now share in a hearing this story and we're talking about this morning. Is it giving you the motivation to kind of. Get your passwords in order. Nope would say on. I'm like you. I do the same things like like i'd made. It's the password. Be the same. And i make like the last letter or symbol just to like i know like okay. I know it and they have and then at the end has to see one of these show. I d i do that. I do too like i put like four and i. I think it's about i. I would say four. Four different has word. I use in different variations but i always know if if i used this password then most likely if the numbers or whatever that end it's gonna be most likely that so i don't get locked out 'cause i of know but i know it's always you so. His passwords has sisters and brothers in this clip. Well did you make a coffee this morning. I'm going to do that now. i can like you. Let me tell you how much i love you. I'll wake up. And when i wake up i go to my phone that goes and make you round. Be getting out the bed. I just get up and grabbed the phone. I i can't even cold syllabi. And i didn't go go to facebook and i've just come into the circles. I i when i see past seven o'clock you know i feel like you know how you feel like you're late for work on the late late for work like i got old shoot. I'm late. I gotta get over on the class. They can appreciate you hala. We're gonna we're gonna go mississippi. Love ya not to ram for. Cologne jackson despises looking. Cheryl derrick jackson her passwords. a bios. Gracious la okay good good. That's good the home. I wouldn't remember those scripture dowd. Now the best of friends now go back to this guy. His his he threw away accidentally threw away his hard drive. He discovered he discovered that the hard drive was missing when the bitcoin only worth only worth nine million dollars. That was a couple years ago. A couple of years nazi. He gone through the app surprise. He's able to speak about it. Because i would have been sick. Alpa phenomenon dollars. I would have been sick. But now the is estimated to be worth two hundred and seventy three million dollars and he said he told. Cnn offered to donate twenty five percent or fifty two point five million euros. And they're they're calling their money. Which would translate to seventy one point. Seven million and our money To distribute to the local residents of newport. Should i find and recover the bitcoins but Is the city where he is is not going forward. They're not let allowing do it. Say that. anyway y'all gonna. I'm a fine. My dad going hard drive. Barbie is like looking for a nail in the atlantic ocean the landfill. It's garbage in there every day and that garbage been there since two thousand thirteen so he is in the landfill. Two thousand and thirteen is two thousand twenty one. He was worth nine million dollars when he realized he lost it. Now is where two hundred seventy something million dollars home. My what's worse barbie the password or throwing it away accidentally which one is worse because this is horrible saying on the motivation of monday so on a motivational monday. Don't throw things away like that. Is equally this horrible. And no sir we. What's going to happen is somebody's gonna do that landfill and finally cells in whatever and it's over it's that land is the richest landfill on earth And that's it. We're gonna take a break we'll be we'll be right back. I'm sick i'm sick. Just commit me right now. You'll food on the love all. Aw legal you gotta get. Dan has been maybe fees commented. Kid i believe is one employee to let gonna get reading the renter Are you a black owned business or would you like to support one then. Join go black-owned. 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Four eight seven six to one or email him today at longevity environment at g mail dot com. Hello this dj rome. And i miss de we'll the co host of the open house radio show all good. Music is welcome and house. music is always at home. We would love you to join us every saturday. From twelve o'clock to three. Pm eastern standard time that you'll hear everything from classics to disco latin to rig and of course house music catches using the tune in app. Download it from your mobile app store and listen him on w. f. n. k. all day. And w w n that db sixteen twenty on your am. Dial a simulcast. Y'all that's right and you can hit us up on facebook at the open house. Radio show featuring dj rome and ms d. The doors are always open. And we'll see you. The open house playoff second facebook. Do sean i gotta match okay. We have back ratio that they ran lion motivational monday. Mlk weekend a january. The eighteenth twenty twenty one twenty three minutes after the hour part because you believe that show have you show featuring. Cj long calls margaret cologne. Where you get your morning starting right number one ranked no show in the neighborhood. We are here. it's a beautiful sunny day outside. We're in the middle of front page news. Part two. Oh cindy j. Barbie colognes edition and different than we go sports and everybody. We're gonna get on out here things. I gotta do anyway a ratio so we would have a then. We're going to sport You're going to get a little bit of a dog ration- news you guys know the naga rations on wednesday as soon as i can pull this story But it's still controversy surrounding the inauguration. Because i we had to increase our security. Because i was you know current Person who sits to cheer is act stupid and his followers is acting just as crazy but so the Fans had to increase. You know the the police in round and even local states had to increase their a police presence around their capitol buildings in there in the Around here yeah so Hopefully you know. The inauguration will go off without a hitch legacy way from us thirty. Pull up biding lou. The washington has locked down there in locked down. You know in certain areas. It's terrifying you know. Seeing you know now we are very that trump supporters will start to riot again in cause havoc around the world and country and fbi has decided to increase our. We know our home alert. Because they have gotten credible sources have They got credible threats about an impending writing with trump supporters so they had to increased capital police and Like i said local authorities had to increase their police presence and their Building itself and they are telling official. People in officials are to remain vigilant. Because it's a possible threat. You know in his credible so know to remain in the next couple of days guys you know. Keep your head as a michael grassy would say. Keep your head on the swivel right. They've shared a first of all before you get. I want to give nasa ron channel. Snow here well. Anyway for we can llanesa. Ronald the only one as i can see. I could be wrong. I i just i just just approved to lynette serano posts barbie cologne about martin luther king. Okay one about Kereta scott king And went about martin. Luther king okay and over the last five day last friday. I don't think no one else has posted anything in the chat room. And i could be wrong. Show i don't know lynette veneta sticks reach to lament vilma this guy. She's the only person in this entire group. I yeah. I haven't really yeah. Shame on all of us. Shame assefa micro grassy. Say one rest of us because just took a to acknowledge the mlk. I just approved to pose serano. That's all i'm saying. Shame on you. Sean hardman now well Home so now. The high alert high alert because of the the knock delicious president and now they're being profiled and City was talking about earlier. Those very fascinating babylonians you have the nerve enough to be mad because your profile kimmy. We've been black folks been profile for five hundred years. He's talking about hockey my babylonian france. How can you take back something. That's how can you take back country and you can take an everything since you've been landed here on plymouth rock or whatever you plan from you've been taken everything that you landed on these shores. Will you take in your country back for. It's what the hell you mad for. How arrogant can the babylonian be the trump supporter. That you are mad because you want to take your country back when you have taken everything you believe this fantasy that boy. The not juice have polluted your mind would go run into some capitol building. That's your house. It's not sure how it's private property Because you think that these people work for you that that you voted for you in volt formed. Cpi argue about the electoral vote for with is not learn. Everyone that even though your vote count and really doesn't count. It counts but that you can have a vote but then there's legislation that might supersede devote. Donald trump tried to do seventy five thousand times and every court has denied him except for one because they know that he biting won fair and square wired to our friends. Now the whole country has to be on alert because this fantasy right to trump supporters. All these folks out there. There's run around. I don't even know if you know you notice as make this so bizarre so insidious. The trump lawsuits were all shut down for like of a better word or rejected from trump appointed judges. Right bobby cologne. The judges really hold the power. This legislation there's executive and there's the congressional part of the way this government is lined up right The the courts. Hold the power even at this state level barbie cologne with judges. It's a minimum of ten years. A judge when you see a judge in the running for election on the crap out here for anywhere in the country. It's a ten year term right so you when you get elected. Judge judge for ten years congestion power on the fed level. Somebody's judges the judges. Yeah i'm not talking about the ones really level. The supreme and put the low of two like the district courts throughout the country when the fed level. These people had these jobs. Have you look terrible. Data ruben her office. She back in session. May she rest in peace. So i say this to say that you bet. Bologna and king appointed these judges. Yeah the trump supporter and they reject it all his claims ray all his lawsuit and they should have 'cause it was understand. What are you trying to take bat. He is a sore loser right. But you're right when of as like that's my toy coy exactly but his followers and supporters. Who would ever going on right. So we know you're right. He's a sore loser but the others who follow him. Don't you guys have any mind of your own. Click abbas lead big white guys. Are you a lot of mark on educating blandly. Are you really a mental midget like that. It's a salute. Fits right to know that all of this frivolous so now. We're on high alert and every bodies right. I do agree if black folks latinos would ran in that place. Everybody got shot. That is true but everyone of these folks have the beginning arrested for lebanese fantasy. Donald trump who half trump supporters. You can't even stay in the donald trump hotel the five hundred dollars thousand dollars a night. Hey you go run and go to jail for this and lose your job just like that. Duda moorhead pause from alatau school district. You also you know. And i say this respectively you work for the school district you you can stay at a trump resort golf who pay employees even if they paid you one hundred thousand dollars. You still can't afford to go play golf at one of these facilities and be a member but you going to run into the private property and smash up things. And now we are on his high alert. I say this for your going to sports and facebook going to school sports. Let me say this. God bless you. By the trump supporter or barbie cologne. I wanna say hall voice sean. Harvey trump song. Yeah nor gration that wants you to fail. Gone down now thousands and try to run up in that building again. Oh my popcorn ready. I need to see this. 'cause you're gonna get some leading yes Go up in there this time and run up there which big flags in nubia patriots and your privilege in your entitlement. I want to see this play out on live. He know that. Big on bleep. They go 'cause when when when they were women. Black folks water holes in german shepherds in birmingham alabama in nineteen sixty three was televised for the nation. Right let's televise this so. Let's televise babylonian trump support kit that has that revolution. We will see this. Yes i want to see it. Put an chat. Movie was this. I want to say yes would you. Would you be interested in. Seeing some trump babylonians getting sprayed with water was described cable. Tv to get that one. And i don't even have television. They were okay. I would get justice. Have whole contract that. I'll even want jesse that foolishness to get a little bit of what i got i would. I would pay for pay for a barbeque if it was paid for view. Would you pay if they say is to ninety nine baby count negative for it. I was sick. I want to see your what. But i wanna see chris yet. Chris like i wanna see it. You would want to see. What all of lou biens waters yet deaths. How did i ask my uncle who tease grandparents seventy. I'm sorry chris yet. I wanna see. I'm here for it continue. Oh i love lucy. I'm gonna be popcorn out of my house. Anyone on it takes them cookies. Is we have a party. I want to see it too. Yeah on getting excited thinking about take. I n t down there with a hard drive. Getting exact the military hard drive a couple of those babylonia supporters of the trump. Yeah bless well the fbi. I'm sorry the secret service isn't george and chart of biden's security but at and they have the fear that this is going to be insider attack the defense officials in washington. Dc are concerned about insider attack from service members deployed to washington dc for the president. Elect joe biden's inauguration a prompt the fbi to vet all twenty five thousand national guard troops and the fox in the city according to fox news and shocked because fox news is the one who was who is for trump. Hold time right whether they seem like they're tone is changes slightly fox news reports from real news not make news lately but the us army had to work with the secret service an fbi to that all of their members because some of them are undercover agents for the trump for the revolution. Yes so if s gig after be playing in america. Dawn of the dead right shoot is like in insurgents of trump's in the national guard service. Yes they could turn around and start a war. Let everybody in again fight is. This is some good news real. This is good so the associated press reported extraordinary. Security measures are being taken over and beyond pas- of presidencies inauguration because they fear they feared that. We're going to have an insurgent attack a month. I'll people so so government so all. The national guard servicemen and women Go call your mother's in your husbands and your lies in your girlfriend's now tell them to burn them trump flags in that back from they come into your house and soon as they see that that make america great again. You're getting fired fat. Or they're going to deploy somewhere in the middle of alaska seattle west on those trump's socks that you wearing a stupid posters of donald trump. You better get rid of those things. 'cause they're gonna come for you. Come draw now protecting the nation's capital if you love trump right right exactly. You're not doing a job you or they gonna take your gun away because part of that that swearing in is no political affiliation at all you serve the army at his pleasure without no of political bias. United supposed to be involved in under that so servicemen. Just the take. Them trump shirt spent two hundred dollars on crap. And that stupid flag barbie along. God bless these babylonians. I haven't seen too many trump flags out here since november the second third whatever says but they big shot out to the military for vetting twenty thousand people twenty five twenty five thousand people. This wreck re reject them make sure that wasn't undercover trump supporters. All you know ready to go up to capitol hill and get all crazy in these histories. They these fools is ridiculous become when you had a good re- bed or would you prefer hard drive revette. Was anybody right now. Could your engaging. I wish i had i n key. I need me aren't key. You got one of those plastic drive. I got one of them. Choke proof plastic baby keys. Stop laughing at me. That much is true plato. My key company yellow page make a bone by. He used to be still black mixed those then chrome. Oh my gosh plastic kiewit. God bless you how my show you right. Assisted neither good every now and go. We budo hardware nice harder. So would you prefer a reboot or hard drive for hard-drive cocoa hard-rightist fine. And it's there's only. There's only a selective few that can have authorization to the key. Everybody had a password right to the right. We you a hard drive exactly see house angeles about would be safe to say that. You have your password to your own. I i do have a password. Okay cool opened up at the password. That i could have my heart just choosing to be selective but this is a password that you would never lose is one. You remember forever. I lost my password years ago. Plastic i'll even have a cake ring tomorrow. I don't even have my. My key is an manso on fire. Blake next to next one next to one at jackson's bible verses it away got i keep lab so we get it get worse. They listening to win. Had a good heart arrival. No siniya the had hard drive or nine. She has recently now. I i've i've had. She gave her she gave her. She gave her key password to someone resume with a hard job. Yeah look magic exactly diane. I'm very selective. Because i don't want to catch the corona virus on the you know what i'm saying. I don't mind viruses if you get my drift. Come on very selective password works of course but you do need a hard drive even do hard drive but Gotta be selective. You gotta you gotta keep you safe. You know locking keys so everybody can get a password i can. I can never my just say you can give them a revenge. You could teach them with a revenge attack. I would have to vet them to see where they've been to revisit our drive right. But you could give them a reboot that for you. Give them a hard drive. Where we can't reboot you know everything could get rebooted. you know. we'll we'll barbecue. How's your game. Every game is superb. You don't choose for you know but there you the hard drive right now guys. I'm talking computer. We talked about about their wealth tower. Brady guys has laboratory. Camp obey to the nfc championship after the game and beat drew. Brees in the new orleans. Saints in a One points i'm losing. My voice won't by ten point and served to laugh at. Let me say whole the world what i got to get. The water does so by showing you come on push through push through in the last. I had to push through. This is why. I look at my boys but which hard drive a push through is hard. Do i used to. I used to be a massive push through a loan. Let's clap put all mighty tom brady. Right what more can you say about this man. Three thousand years. He goes out the as and he plays against drew. Brees who i think. This is his last game. this is his last year. he's retired. Guess no no go ahead go ahead so so withdrew creek game last night because i washed it Obviously myself today. Have a hard drives us rebooting as long as you for the dick's hydra but you can always be boot. I haven't rebooted myself in a while because stop watching porn class couple years i'll watch point sober now. Watch paul think is wrong with me apartment. We seeing two of the a league football players and our generation play last night. That's honor and a privilege. Now the history with this is the new orleans saints. Bit the crap out of tom brady this year twice in regular season. I can see what what does that. Who is that cyanide. We polices put him funny. And do you think that the almighty tom brady will let allow a team to beat him three times in a row in the same season he was like listen. Y'all a and that defense of the tampa. Bay buccaneers put these players on nate asses One of the guy number forty five. I can't remember his name. Prince with his name he intercepts the ball. Barbie hsu breezes driving downcourt sections. He's driving down court. He does interception to god number. Forty five from the green bay. He grabs the he catches the ball. He was the opposite direction. One of the defenders try to tackle them. He took his arm mischief dominant. Right sit around and just ran right open. And it got the ashes. Congratulations to tom brady. Who now they go to green bay this weekend. Play packers snowstorm. What was the other game. Barbie call yeah. We had the ray bills they and the browns and the chiefs game last night chiefs one twenty two seventeen i guess browse and before because you lose your you go into a mahorn patrick right. He got he landed on his ass. He got a concussion. Partly with on the. Don't don't those james white. He's player you've talked about l. game. Don't this guy. White james right young like a brick house. I don't know if he plays linebacker. Or he's in the secondary kind. Remind me a ronnie lott like a big body guidon. that's not tall but put bassett. Probably this guy was number forty five. That's all you saw throughout the game. Defensively this guy had drew brees running snuck and everybody smacking guys catching penalties. Like he was he took over defensively and know. Wells had a good game. Pierre paul jean pierre paul it from saying that right please correct me princess bob. He's the guy. Remember back in the day had the fire crackers and blow off all his fingers from the giants. Oh okay so this guy. Jean pierre paul. If i'm saying that he he he refused the contract with the giants he wanted to be a free agent in for upcoming season and that fourth of july had a big party at his. How this guy had a m m forty eighty putting his hand as blew up three of his fingers all. Oh he's in a contract. Year guy has helped me out with this big burglar. Things got even blows his fingers off in a contract year. Princess double check that from. I think it was in. I think it was a free agent. He didn't sign yet so i don't know what they did. They did some to his finger. Gog run around with stop. But he's a defensive back. He got tackled people. He has to use his hands in his fingers to grab people. Everybody told his career was over. He played one year with the giants him. Out of there And this resurgence of his career in tampa bay is a force and he had this guy. Drew brees run and drew. Brees is not a big guy. He's like five nine five ten for of quarterback. That's that's really small but he plays you know. He's a great player. So shout out to him for over on a motivation. Monday barbie cologne. The god blew up. Somebody put the story in a group bunk loan. The god boos blount blows of his fingers scary and now. He's an elite player on the tampa. Bay buccaneers resilient macarena. And mahorn bro. I don't know if people play next week. Grow and the other guy. Caught cussin' to the god jackson. The guy from what's the guy's name the mvp from the baltimore ravens. The quarterback keeps running autumn. Jackson they take to his ass on the ground to barbican when he when he got his ass. Because all that running around exciting being quarterback one of them running quarterbacks liability is when you get dr on your ass. You're done so they threw him down on the ground in the end zone where we got to see this. He hits his head and his head slams on our lamar. Lamar lamar jackson. Probably got this guy. He's trying to throw the ball. The these big linebackers just jumped on his chest and show them right to the ground so when he hit the his back at the ground his head ricocheted on the ground with the helmet on got up and star seeing stars gone. He participated in the state. And you don't even know what day it is. He probably had so now. Mahorn is done the jackson and they lost the game so football is really good now. So we have the buffalo bills and the kansas city chiefs going for the afc championship and the bucks tampa bucks and green bay so we have tom brady going against a. What's the guy's name on the green bay. Jesus was with me. we cannot. What's the name of the quarterback other the brick and green bay packers but is wrong with me. Number twelve barked. we cannot. what's this guy's they on a green bay packers. Number twelve is still aaron. Aaron aaron rodgers with the because we'll let me puck arrows going against tom brady and green bay. That's going to be cold outside. That's football right there but brady is well. Brady is used to plan that kind of weather but some of his players. That might be true. Because he's the new england area so they get that kind of crazy right so We're excited about that for next week. I'm going for tom. I'm sorry i'm with tom. Tom who leads the patriots. I think there was a super bowl last year right the patriots no those city. Okay so imagine you leave the patriots and you've been only super bowl. You go another team. Barbie doll you back to the super bowl when another team. A how. The the new england patriots fans filled. I hope they rooting and supporting tom. Brady and this but it would be awesome. I follow tom brady on so she made it only about tom brady. He was a trump supporter. And that kinda. I hope he down hold their food. We're couldn't it. everybody comes done it. I don't know it just watch started leafy now happens because you know why that happens because the woman barbara. I'm going to applaud you. Call and bobby please rest up because we need you back here tomorrow. Now the thing is when you in this room we a lot of energy in heerden and sometimes you lose your voice because you are ticketing so much energy to do the job bobby. Cologne is bus her ass here doing the job and i applaud. You know you're doing the right. 'cause i'm qualified to say this. I been on radio for years i know. Fm ray. i've been. I know frequent doing. Why are we. Cologne is doing a great job but she uses so much energy that sometimes you lose your voice. So she's losing her voice for you guys for you. Yeah why we can. Can you even say that we can catch me to go out. No i don't know it. Can they find you. Br bride recall or facebook by become designs. Wherever style is oh. It's graham designed to bay for snapchat before sending city jay hilarious. Facebook's j. is three or the graham steady j. off sydney j snapchat snapchat snapchat so harvey facebook barbie cologne of home wrestling i. Let's barbie say no more. I listen. I hope you enjoyed the show today. thank you so much for tuning especially south serano for putting that martin luther king. Mlk and shut up to mike grassy field you know lingerie and shut up in net for calling in that was great today in the shallows. We love you guys so much. Thank you bobby. Please take care of yourself and we see you got small. We are out of here. Oh we play music by a young enough. Dj data your check on throughout the day. Please please please check on barbies throughout the day. Police report to me from instead mm-hmm.

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