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"bucks tampa bucks" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"bucks tampa bucks" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"How this guy had a m m forty eighty putting his hand as blew up three of his fingers all. Oh he's in a contract. Year guy has helped me out with this big burglar. Things got even blows his fingers off in a contract year. Princess double check that from. I think it was in. I think it was a free agent. He didn't sign yet so i don't know what they did. They did some to his finger. Gog run around with stop. But he's a defensive back. He got tackled people. He has to use his hands in his fingers to grab people. Everybody told his career was over. He played one year with the giants him. Out of there And this resurgence of his career in tampa bay is a force and he had this guy. Drew brees run and drew. Brees is not a big guy. He's like five nine five ten for of quarterback. That's that's really small but he plays you know. He's a great player. So shout out to him for over on a motivation. Monday barbie cologne. The god blew up. Somebody put the story in a group bunk loan. The god boos blount blows of his fingers scary and now. He's an elite player on the tampa. Bay buccaneers resilient macarena. And mahorn bro. I don't know if people play next week. Grow and the other guy. Caught cussin' to the god jackson. The guy from what's the guy's name the mvp from the baltimore ravens. The quarterback keeps running autumn. Jackson they take to his ass on the ground to barbican when he when he got his ass. Because all that running around exciting being quarterback one of them running quarterbacks liability is when you get dr on your ass. You're done so they threw him down on the ground in the end zone where we got to see this. He hits his head and his head slams on our lamar. Lamar lamar jackson. Probably got this guy. He's trying to throw the ball. The these big linebackers just jumped on his chest and show them right to the ground so when he hit the his back at the ground his head ricocheted on the ground with the helmet on got up and star seeing stars gone. He participated in the state. And you don't even know what day it is. He probably had so now. Mahorn is done the jackson and they lost the game so football is really good now. So we have the buffalo bills and the kansas city chiefs going for the afc championship and the bucks tampa bucks and green bay so we have tom brady going against a. What's the guy's name on the green bay. Jesus was with me. we cannot. What's the name of the quarterback other the brick and green bay packers but is wrong with me. Number twelve barked. we cannot. what's this guy's they on a green bay packers. Number twelve is still aaron. Aaron aaron rodgers with the because we'll let me puck arrows going against tom brady and green bay. That's going to be cold outside. That's football right there but brady is well. Brady is used to plan that kind of weather but some of his players. That might be true. Because he's the new england area so they get that kind of crazy right so We're excited about that for next week. I'm going for tom. I'm sorry i'm with tom. Tom who leads the patriots. I think there was a super bowl last year right the patriots no those city. Okay so imagine you leave the patriots and you've been only super bowl. You go another team. Barbie doll you back to the super bowl when another team. A how. The the new england patriots fans filled. I hope they rooting and supporting tom. Brady and this but it would be awesome. I follow tom brady on so she made it only about tom brady. He was a trump supporter. And that kinda. I hope he down hold their food. We're couldn't it. everybody comes done it. I don't know it just watch started leafy now happens because you know why that happens because the woman barbara. I'm going to applaud you. Call and bobby please rest up because we need you back here tomorrow. Now the thing is when you in this room we a lot of energy in heerden and sometimes you lose your voice because you are ticketing so much energy to do the job bobby. Cologne is bus her ass here doing the job and i applaud. You know you're doing the right. 'cause i'm qualified to say this. I been on radio for years i know. Fm ray. i've been. I know frequent doing. Why are we. Cologne is doing a great job but she uses so much energy that sometimes you lose your voice. So she's losing her voice for you guys for you. Yeah why we can. Can you even say that we can catch me to go out. No i don't know it. Can they find you. Br bride recall or facebook by become designs. Wherever style is oh. It's graham designed to bay for snapchat before sending city jay hilarious. Facebook's j. is three or the graham steady j. off sydney j snapchat snapchat snapchat so harvey facebook barbie cologne of home wrestling i. Let's barbie say no more. I listen. I hope you enjoyed the show today. thank you so much for tuning especially south serano for putting that martin luther king. Mlk and shut up to mike grassy field you know lingerie and shut up in net for calling in that was great today in the shallows. We love you guys so much. Thank you bobby. Please take care of yourself and we see you got small..

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