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"buckled. park" Discussed on Mosaic of China

"Part two all right ten questions question one. What is your favorite china-related fact. The sport of football soccer was actually invented in china. England takes credit for it but it actually predates england and football is sport. That's a good one. I think the english we are the ones who invented the rules. So we like to invent rules and plant flags and stuff like that. Yeah number two. Do you have a favorite word or phrase in chinese in chinese. there's a word In mandarin it'd be like matiur and that means like it's nothing like don't worry about it and shanghainese dialect. It would be like mesa like they don't really do the s h you just like if you throw a little shanghainese dialect in their men. It just really opens people up. What is your favorite destination within china. i like hong kong because they have a horse track there. I love to go to the happy valley and gamble on horse races. If you left. China what would you miss the most. And what would you miss. The least what. Would i miss Men have you ever tried to take a taxi in new york city. It's like thirty dollars to put your hand on the handle. This is such a well. planned out. city It seems so big. But i i find that getting around it from one. Side of the other is is amazing Like i said i you can take the bus. You take the metro and you can call a cab for like two bucks to go anywhere The thing i will miss the least would be mad like the construction that hammer drill tech data data data like Everyone knows that. And i think everyone's had an apartment where somebody's been renovating next door. So that's a trade off for the amount of change and development that we enjoy and we love sometimes that that comes back in is a huge negative. Is there anything. That's still surprises. You about life in china. I was walking on my office the other day and there was a guy and he had a turtle on a stick. Like i think some of us like maybe not. I'm talking about. But i think it's just pet titles so he's got a stripped run. Its shell and then a stick and he just like carries it around with him and hangs out. You just never know what you're gonna see every day. Something new surprises me. And i feel like that's a huge value. It's one of the things that i really love. The most here is that it's a very unpredictable place. Nice where's your favorite place to go to eat or drink or just hang out. I play on a billiards team. Once a week A buckle park ninety one on gulu near people's square. It's pretty cool. Chill place kind of place. I can walk behind the counter employment. Beer feel very at home. They're shanghai can be a bit of a materialistic vibe to it. A bit of status seeking showoff luxury prone kind of way An i'm just a simple die from the mid west. I have no interest in things that are pretentious. What is the best allworth purchase. You made in china. Maybe a gym membership is like a great one. I got a four year gym membership and exercises something that i started doing regularly that kind of grounds my life works at a balancing factor with it. What is your favorite reach sticker. There's two types of which sticks right. There's one that are pulled from like famous pop culture shows cartoons and things but you can actually make your own stickers so my girlfriend sends me ones of her that she's made herself so then i find it really useful to send herself back to her. A little bit like sarcastically. Okay like the second one you know. Stickers are great conversation you know sometimes people say something outlandish or communications tough. And i liked the this one of this whoever. This actor is just Aghast for words. And as i. I don't know what to say back to that you know. Sometimes you just get flustered and just let's end it there. Are you this one favorite to to sing at k tv. Who sorry. i'm such a big hater of k tv. I know but for me. Like i haven't got nick memorized down but there's a chinese song called waesche amani beja. Will i be read and that translates to. Why did you betray me. Why did you love someone else but for me like that's that song. That represents my first year in china and it was always on the radio and has this very super nice like melody. Dutta donavan turned. And whenever try to sing this ktv it depresses all of the chinese people. It's a very sad and emotional song and it's like you know. Why did you betray me. Why did you cheat on me. You stab me in the back. You know you went off someone else but man the melody so nice. I guess that's my kt. Revenge as i told you. I didn't want to go a nominated. Press all v with this beautiful sad song the perfect weapon very good and finally what other china related sources of information to us. I of course you smart shanghai. That's my number one. Go to thing. I read everything. I read every article looking. What events are going on like I even have a pastime hobby of i love going through all the apartment listings. I'm basically an uncertified apartment. Aj i could tell you what the market value things are. And how the market's doing i even love going through the classifieds and secondly i use we chat quite a lot. I am the biggest lurker of group. Jets i lurk in so many group chats. I get all this information in some people. Like how do you know that yeah everything from foodi and restaurant groups to exercise a cooking social events. I'm even a dads group. So there was a group for expat father's a big one and they talk about all kinds of stuff And i have no kids. And i don't really remember how i someone put me this group but i never left and i just lurking. I get so much great information. Well thank you and before you leave. The only question remaining is who would you recommend for the next season of mosaic of china. Right so i have a friend named anton He's an israeli guy. That's been in china for a number of years. What's really interesting about him is he. Speaks like perfect mattress well. He's a very disciplined guy. He works in online gaming like the gaming industry here And he works in a chinese company and he will be able to provide some insights to a totally different industry. That none of your other guests have talked about but also have a very different experience as a foreigner living in china who is totally plugged in and adapted in communicating with locals. Thank you so much and thank you in january. It was really great to have you here. And i look forward to the next time. We can meet my pleasure. Thanks if today's has sparked your interest. The best accompaniment is my conversation with john john from episode three of this season. Do you in in a very similar position to because he is working with the product of an education system that measures everyone quantitively and as a humanities professor at shanghai jiao tong city he needs to evaluate them qualitatively and speaking of quality. There's an extra ten to fifteen minutes of quality compensation for every episode of the season in the premium version of the show on.

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