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"bryant hatcher" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"He's a guy. That's proven. He can go up and get the deep ball in contested situations. They can run away from he can make you miss. He can make big plays downfield. That's an obvious. Damn sounds like a great acquisition sounds exciting to get a talent. Like that. After the regular season is already begun. Why is it guy like that available? What's the backstory where did they find him? Well, he was on their roster in camp, and they cut him in. Why did they cut him because he underperformed? This is the same Chuck Gruden on Brian or we can half ago. Quote, we expected more from him. He did not make the team because kion Hatcher came on some other players outperformed him end quote. Yeah. Whatever you probably misspoke about Bryant that happens. Let's check this quote out from before the start of the year. Quote, we try to keep the five or six best receivers. And that's what we did end quote. And then there was the time where Gruden said he was tired of Bryant absences and referred to him as quote a white tiger. Because you do not see him very often. Oh, and one more thing, quote kion outperformed hand. And for that reason, we're keeping kion Hatcher and quote so Gruden cuts Bryant and kion Hatcher was capped after a big performance in the final preseason game Gruden declared, quote, I probably would have been thrown out of the airplane. If we did not keep kion after that game. In quote, I read you all of those quotes so fast forward a week and a half and guess who's back, Brian and guess who was cut to make room for Bryant Hatcher, and guess who's fired up about Bryant and his ability the same guy who said he was disappointing rarely seen and totally outplayed by Hatcher. So unless there to Martavis Bryant and to kion hatches things shirt change. Fast in Oakland. Trading. Your hall of fame defense of stud losing by twenty in the opener taking a run at your quarterback trading. Bryant cutting Bryant keeping Hatcher cutting Hatcher signing, Brian. I mean things are not exactly going according to plan. In fact, I'm not even sure there is.

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