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"bryant basketball mantle" Discussed on The Lead

"So beat the. We're here to talk about the tragic. Death breath of former Lakers star. Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash yesterday along with we believe eight other people. So let's start with what what we know happened on Sunday morning people living in Calabasas a town west of La heard a loud noise one person. Jason said they heard the sound of helicopter blades and then allowed impact and then people saw a fire erupt and the L. A. County Fire Department received nine one one call at nine forty seven. AM local time about brushfire and a potential helicopter down and CALABASAS. Is this town that sort of spills. Dell's up on the side of the Santa Monica Mountains. Like you said about thirty miles northwest of downtown. La and the crash happened in a pretty hard to reach mountainous area near. You're there. Yeah it's it's the sort of woodsy terrain it's it's prone to brushfires and they've had problems with fires there for some time including a really big fire. There air in two thousand eighteen at a news conference Sunday afternoon. Daryl odds be a spokesperson for the La County Fire Department said that they dispatched a really really large crew of people in response to the crash and the fire. The loss of this county fire department initial response was fifteen pieces of apparatus. Fifty six personnel that consisted of paramedics catching company. Heavy rescue truck company hand crews the aircraft in a chief officer to oversee the incident but he said that the emergency responders did not find anyone alive at the scene of the crash Russian. They did a search of the area for survivors. Unfortunately all the survivors bore were determined to have the parish. And we also don't want to read into this too much because the cause of the crash is still being investigated but there was some really dense fog in los dangerous on Sunday. I actually was talking about it with someone on Sunday morning before we even heard about the crash. Yeah it's it's definitely something that is being talked about As a potential contributing factor in the crash and flights were delayed due to dense fog at LAX. On Saturday. But again we'll have to wait and see what the the investigation finds and so at the time that we're now speaking late Sunday night Los Angeles time. We believe that there were nine people on board the helicopter. Yeah at that Sunday Sunday afternoon. News Conference. Sheriff Alex Villanova made reference to a flight manifest basically a list of passengers on board an aircraft as achieve indicated. There were no survivors. We haven't manifests indicates that there was nine people on board the aircraft. The pilot plus eight individuals There arose the white speculation who had entities are however it is entirely inappropriate right now to identify anyone by name until the corner has made identification advocation through their very delivered profits. And they've made made enough -cation six again and there was this pretty remarkable moment where the sheriff called out out. TMZ apparently reporting that. Kobe Bryant had died and hinting that they broke that story before the Bryant family had been notified ride and it'd be extremely disrespectful to understand that your low one of these terrorists and learn about it from TMZ that is just wholly all the inappropriate. So we're not going to be going there. We're going to wait to the quarter desert job and we're assisting the families of those who believe there had been impacted and it's a IT'S A. It's a tough process but at this point multiple sources have confirmed a number of deaths two different media outlets so let's talk about Who We know was on that helicopter so Kobe Bryant who is forty one years old and his thirteen year old daughter? Jonah also known as G G. Jj was a young basketball player. Who is very much her father's daughter? She had his drive and his determination and she was very much the heir to the Bryant Basketball Mantle. You know Kobe had four daughters and G G would very famously say that. He didn't need a son to carry on his legacy that she would do that. And he talked talked about that on. The Jimmy. Kimmel show one time. Do you think your daughter Might WanNa play WNBA. She does for sure she this kid man happy we great man. The best thing the best thing that happened to go out and fans come up to me and she'll be standing next to me. It'd be like you gotTa have a boy you gotTa have a boy somebody carry on a tradition the legacy. She's like oh I got this. Aw got this. And he'd often be seen sitting with G. G. courtside analyzing the game with her in his daughter in the building breaking down the game. I Love I love this For multiple reasons great to have of course. Kobe Bryant his daughter here. But you could tell. Now he's sitting right near us but he's been breaking down. The chilton time to his daughter was a basketball player herself in that the beautiful awful thing. He was her coach you know. He coached her on her travel team and they were on their way to a game at Kobe's Mamba Sports Academy when when their helicopter crashed. And it's been reported that three of the other people on board were a baseball coach named John Kelly. His wife Kerry and their daughter Eliza Who was on the same basketball team as Kobe? Daughter Jonah. John is the one we know the most about so far. Yeah John Altobelli. Was College Baseball Baseball coach. He coached at Orange Coast College. For Twenty seven years he won four state titles and more than seven hundred games and from all accounts. He was the kind of coach who who truly put his players. I who who treated them like family. ESPN's Jeff Passan chalked. Jeff McNeil plays for the New York mets and had played for Altobelli Valley in the Cape Cod League and McNeill said quote. He's one of the main reasons I'm still playing professional baseball. And John Kerry altobelli reportedly have two surviving surviving children. Yes a teenage daughter Alexis and an adult son. Jj who is now a scout with the Boston Red Sox and Sunday night a local local news affiliate reported that another passenger on this helicopter was Christina. Moser would we know about her at this early point in time. She was an assistant basketball coach at harbor day school and Orange County. Her husband Matt posted on his facebook. Page saying that their family is devastated. Asking for privacy for himself in his children and we should note that Dr Jonathan Lucas. The chief medical examiner for the county of Los Angeles spoke Sunday night and said that they're in the process of recovering and identifying the bodies. But that that could take multiple days potentially given how difficult that is to access the crash site and the NTSB the National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the cause of this crash and so it could be that as of now there has not been unofficial statement from the Bryant family or from the Lakers. So there's still a lot we don't know oh but the reactions from the basketball world and really the entire world have really been pretty incredible and very emotional yeah they have NBA. Commissioner Adam. Silver called Kobe quote one of the most extraordinary players in the history of our game and cited his five. NBA Championships. Two Thousand Nine League. MVP Eighteen all star selections and two Olympic gold medals. Magic Johnson called Kobe the greatest Laker of all time and shack who won three championships with Kobe and his forever entwined with him tweeted about his heartbreak. His teammates they won three championships together. She kilo. Neil there's no words to express the pain I'm going through with this tragedy of losing my niece gee-gee and my brother Koby Bryan. I love you and you'll be missed my condolences Sousse go out to the Bryant. Family and Doc rivers the clippers. Coach got very choked up in front of reporters when he was asked about Kobe shortly after he got the news. I don't have a lot to say. The news is just devastating to everybody. Who Noah you know? And you know he just he meant it means a a lot to me. Obviously you know we also saw NBA teams throughout the League. Honor Koby during games and this has been happening all all around the League every team I possession taking a twenty four second shot clock violations as an Omagh the Kobe Bryant number twenty four..

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