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"bryan newton" Discussed on Rick and Morty Podcast

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"bryan newton" Discussed on Rick and Morty Podcast

"Bad, ass. I I didn't I appreciate it the I watched it. The second and third time. Just all all all the better. All better. Some of those cut aways some of. The the inventive ways that they. Created weapons out of Phoenix persons, you know bio mechanical suit and the we've gotten used to the ways that rick has modified himself to to get out of a jam but the fact that he's got like an iron cage around his heart. That that will deploy the fact that He. Has All these mechanics like in his in his entrails so that when they co spilling out, he's still able to function and even in even sip from the flask and it just runs out on the floor. Yeah but some of the visual style in that the way that they would you know one would take a hit and kind of cut and all the colors would be really exaggerated and you'd see almost like like an x ray type type thing yet just really cool stuff L. I wanted I wanted to mention that meant that whilst girl in the in the in the Stream, she just mentioned that too I love the mortal combat references during the fight You may not have played a moral comeback in the last twenty years. I think I. Play It. Injustice rate isn't that like the DC version? Yeah. It's it's similar but. Yeah. I mean. It's Not a huge fighting game this game by the same people I'm a button Masher at heart but I think even I think even a injustice they had those they had those scenes like the special moves where if you hit people a certain way than it would go into like the X. Ray to see what is happening to their bones either thrones crack and stuff. Yeah and you know I just I just had a conversation because. They are coming out. They came out with DLC for mortal Kombat Eleven for to bring robocop and Terminator. into the mix and I had actually talked to Bryan Newton. About that, that's that stuff on the side just. Like it's bad ass have robocop it but they have those scenes where it's the x Ray and then. The terminator like breaking the robocops facing. Just it it's great. It's great. It's good stop. It coming up in the chat sire dark mentions it I was I wanted to ask you this as well. Did you think during that fight even for a moment?.

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