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"brunson josh richardson" Discussed on Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

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"brunson josh richardson" Discussed on Dallas Hoops Fancast - A Podcast for Dallas Mavericks Fans

"We don't i don't think as recording this. We don't know who it is. We know that three players are out during jalen. Brunson josh richardson. One of them is positive. And then today we just found out that maxie is positive so there's maxi plus one other player. Those two players will have to be out to fourteen days which is five to eight games and then the other two that are just quarantining for seven days. that's oh. I thought it was four days. I think it's seven. Yeah so that's two games. They'll miss two more to your games. Yeah that they'll miss. And then yeah maxine and the other one will be out for another four five six to eight gay. So you're looking at a starting lineup. Next game of luca hardaway. I think a one takes over. Josh green. Because i can imagine was surprisingly good. Yeah and then James johnson probably starting at the four for for maxine. And then cauley stein at the five with your bench. Trey burke in powell and josh green and hopefully nobody else has to play. Yeah so i mean it's a. It's going to be tough. It's gonna be rough. Yeah i wonder look. There's some and i don't know if anybody has any inside. Knowledge of porzingis is coming back. I have well. I like how you just brushed that off. Like i'm trying to make a point. It's not about you. I think it's skin way that mentioned that. He thinks they might bring him back in the hornets game because they didn't want to bring them back in the pelicans and have to with stephen adams elbowing him across. Even adams is out. Oh he is okay migraine. I was like just good. So i can be serious. I'm thinking if i'm the mavericks if your intention is to bring about against the hornets considering the situation can you bring them back. One game early. Yeah just out of necessity. I'm not asking you to play him. Forty minutes ten to fifteen minutes just to help offset the lack of players that have and it's just one game. Is it really going to hurt. Clearly he's healthy targeted the hornets. And yeah maybe. If stephen adams is out and he's healthy ready to go why not. Yeah i mean if if that is it if it's just a one. His name was the white powell he would have been the order. Well last game. Yeah i mean if it was that just one game difference thin. Yeah just bring him back to prison back. They're going to be social and look. I'm not saying. I want to risk injury. You're putting his career in jeopardy but if it's a one game difference now quitting any raise. Yeah yeah it can't make that much of a difference if it's longer i get it But yeah it's a it's gonna be rough for the mavericks. I mean but a lot of teams are dealing with this. They actually just announced that they're postpone the game between the celtics and heat. I think the heat and somebody so that's going on anyways so hopefully they can still get some wins. Duri time per. Yeah so we'll see but that that's that's the ugly coming up for the mavericks because it is i mean. Thankfully they want against the magic they had players out to in its magic and their next two games. Aren't against the lakers and the clippers. It's the pelicans and the hornets. Yeah so of course. I already loss against the hornets. Good then chances are will be at true Will get to our game predictions at the end of the episode..

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