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"brucie anderson" Discussed on Arrowhead Pride

"There's Pollard and go with west hills at a slippery rock the thing I like about he's a late day three guy for sure, but he showed some promises pass catcher and then pass protection. And in case, you guys haven't really paid attention to my running back takes us off season. I don't think that she's need another runner as a running back for drafting somebody. It's going to be a little bit more dynamic guy. Why in the pass catching department and not that Damien Williams hasn't been that? Just that's what I'm looking for that she's going to use a draft pick on running back right now. So I think west hills need to watch a little bit more Tate coming from a small school. He's very high cut. But he looks pretty natural catching the ball. Like, I said I liked his past action probably better than any other running back that we saw down here in mobile. I'm gonna go with the guy that's struggling pass protection. The Senior. senior bowl. He's another day. Three prospect Brucie Anderson from North Dakota state. I thought he he Tony Parker. The mess. Proud runners here at the senior bowl. I think the Anderson has really good hands soft Daschle hands had a chance to talk to him this week at the really liked talking to him. He's going to having better pass. I'll have to go back and watch some more of his tape at North Dakota state because I didn't see it as a big glaring weaknesses game. But we keep really struggled impasse, bro. But as pass catcher has around running. I do agree. I think that's the kind of guy that need to be trying to identify someone with a little bit more dynamic ability in Sanderson definitely fits that. Mold at Casey, Dave eighty-five asks any defensive players that should be available to Kansas City in the first round stick out too. Craig anybody that really stuck out to you here here in mobile, it's if Montas went falls, which I think he he ended up climbing this week based on his way, but not necessarily based on what we saw on the field long guy. He's got some ability to rush the passer. He just not very flexible. He kind of wins more power. I think he's a guy that might fall if he doesn't test, particularly well, but he definitely looks apart. He's got some good tape there. Mississippi state. So I I think that if he fell that would be a fine guy for the chiefs take it edge than we saw this week senior. I'm gonna give you one more running back because no one else took him, but miles Gaskin Washington would be another solid running back pick up for them. But the the the defensive player that I thought really stood out this week on that. I think would be fun for the cheese is still a knack. The the detangle outta Texas. Ain't he was. Former number one coming out of high school by star recruit. He's a squad your guy, but he would be interesting for me just because we've kind of seen that the way that she is by running the ball on them and controlling the clock. So get taking a guy like that that really has the potential to be kind of a shutdown guy in the middle of the field south in the run put him next to Nadi with really interesting for me. I think he actually has a little bit more ability than not he is far as being a pass rusher as well. But you just was at times just in movable this week in mobile, so he'd be an interesting one for me, and that's more of a day to for you. Right. So even some guy for the chiefs that might fall little bit at this point in time is this year early. He just didn't have a bad senior bowl by any stretch of the imagination. But being the safety down here in mobile for these practices. You're not getting tested a lot as safety. He spent a lot of time kind of in may and covered showcase. His ability to cover slot receivers and tight ends. And he just didn't look the most comfortable in Banda man coverage, which is fine. I don't think you're drafting him to play there. I know that wasn't an option according to Jim Nike and just talking about leading up to it. But he's more hopeful safety. He looks like it..

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