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"bruce takis" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"bruce takis" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Got the predicted next. Wouldn't agree with that statement. But I bet you won't find any arguments from the pitching staff of either team. His micro stock is weaker, still down at second base with two went out. Right hander Brubaker ready at the belt. He deals and the pitch to Moose Takis grounded foul down the first base line its own one. You know, it's interesting in that that particular category you can hear broadcasters where they're on TV or radio if their hitters both of those pitches. They're very unhappy about And if you're a pitcher, the first thing out of your mouth is that's an awfully good. Yeah, it's just the way that you see it. And borderline for a hitter goes his way. Borderline for a picture. You're thinking it should go your way. Here's the right hander zone one and loose. Takis takes high pretty good pitch there from Brubaker, and it really looked like that's right where Jacob Stallings, one of that pitch when the stock is just an offer at it accounts, even one on one. I think what we're seeing with Brubaker is very similar to what we saw in Cincinnati. He'll throw that four seamer at the very top of the zone when he has to have A pitch on the edge of the plate. It's that two seamer the sinker. He's showing it late. He starts it off the plane and brings it right back to the edge. And he's done that now twice for a couple of strikeouts, looking to these right handed batters. Brubaker has the sign the right hander from the belt. Brings home the 11 pitch and a swing and a miss by Blue stock is he's down to the county ball and two strikes. Red's trying to cash in on Wickers hustled double. He guided The third base line trickled into left. That's a big shift on here against Moose, Takis. 12 pitch, and it's down and in went to the slider that time and Brubaker has evened up. The count on move stock is it's too into the second basement. Fraser is way out shallow right, but he's pulled over a little more toward the line that sometimes what we'll see. Especially the fact that the shortstop Kevin Newman is still on the left side of second base. Bruce Takis hits a routine grounder to the normal second base position. That ball is going into right center field, and it could hop 40 times.

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