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"bruce pearl mick cronin" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

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"bruce pearl mick cronin" Discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

"And I put Anthony grant and Mark Schmidt on my list on the back end there. What Mark Schmidt has been able to do. Mark Schmidt said, good one. That marks his foot good ones. I basically pick Mark Schmidt over Brad Underwood. And again, you know, we're splitting hairs. Mark Schmidt's level of difficulty is so insane at saint bonaventure is particularly when you see when he took that job. And I didn't want to make this only a power conference kind of thing here that I wanted to lob him lop him a vote. I knew he probably wouldn't crack through because I didn't know if anyone else would have voted for him. Anthony grant, he did not thrive at Alabama, but when you look at his career in totality and I did make it a little bit, I did bacon just a little bit of predictiveness here. I think, you know, if Dayton can do what we're thinking it should do and by that, I mean, sit somewhere between a three seat and a 6 seat or 7 seat this season when we get to the tournament. Like, I think he will have a valid, you know, could have had a one C two three years ago, we didn't have a damn tournament. That's probably working against him a little bit there. I did not vote for the, okay, obviously, shyer, not on the list. He hasn't coached a game. We can't put him on. And that was my thing. Shire was initially on my group of people to consider and I was like, I think he'll be on this list next year, I believe. But he has not at the time we submitted our ballots. He had not coached a game, and I was like, maybe that should be where I set the bar. You have to at least have coached one game before you could make this list. I didn't put the likes of Tommy Lloyd Hubert Davis on the list. They were really good in year one. I just needed it personally. I just needed a little more on the resume. I need a little more on the pile. They were certainly under consideration, but frankly, I traded off between like, right now, if you gave me Tommy Lloyd to run my program or Jim beham made my list, I would take Tommy Lloyd quite clearly, but I wanted to at least have a nod to beheim who was one of the best coaches of all time before, you know, for publishing lists, it says the top 25 and one coaches in college basketball. To me, Jim baham needs to be on that list for all that he's done there. But it wasn't easy. And again, the criteria was not strict to all of us. We were able to interpret it the way they were. We haven't done this before. And it is pretty fascinating. I also am looking at this a couple other thoughts. One, you know, we did this was made a bit easier by the fact that we have had a lot of really good Hall of Fame level coaches leave the sport in the past year or two. So when enabled other coaches to be under consideration and ultimately make the list there, I didn't include juwan Howard, that's also a pretty good one. That was the one when he made it onto our final list. I was like, yeah, you know, like, there's something to be said for that juwan Howard versus my friend. I think Juan belongs on the list. I think that's probably got to be on there. I think he's, again, he's probably got to be on there. But overall, I just read off the back end. You heard Paris read the top ten if you need to rewind, go back and listen again. I don't really have a ton of issues. I only think that Sean Miller has got, you know, you can shrug him off at the same way that you might want to with Bill self at one and I get all that. And I think he will eventually be face suspension whenever the IAR, P case comes down, but I just think he is a quite clearly a top 25 coach in the game. That's the only one who didn't make the list that I think probably has a right to it, but there you have it. The truth is, and I think this is the way, by the time you get to January, the top 25 and one that I do every morning also looks. Like when you get outside of the top 15, the next 25 to 30 are all reasonable candidates. And so there's some guys that undeniably have to be on this list like Bill Mark fu Scott drew John calipari Kelvin Sam and Tony Bennett Tom is over Bruce pearl Mick cronin. I think Eric musselman at this point, Rick Pitino Matt painter, Chris beard, Rick Barnes. Like I think that group that group has to be on everybody's list. And then you get into, you know, do you want buzz Williams or Dana Altman? Do you want Andy infielder Greg McDermott? Do you want Jamie Dickson or juwan Howard? And I think after about the top 15 to 20, you could do another 20 to 25. And it's all reasonable. Agreed. I like seeing that Randy Bennett made the list. You and I might have, I don't know if Boone or Cobb put him on, but so you and I might have a single handedly made sure that's the case. Similar situation to Mark Schmidt obviously, I mean, saint Mary's is a tiny, tiny school in the middle of Morocco, California that he's been able to at least keep with an arms length of a Gonzaga program that's become a behemoth. I think he objectively has to be right there. And yeah, McDermott, McDermott made top 25. That's valid and it might be more validated by what creighton could be this season, similar to what I was doing with some projection with Dayton there. We'll link this in the podcast description if you want to give it a read. David Cobb did the capsules for all these guys. It was certainly pretty intriguing. And I've heard a little bit of feedback there from the list. As is to be expected there. But I'm with you when I look at this because I'm kind of scrolling back right through here. Top 15 overall, pretty good case for guys that just need to be in that mix there. And again, we go self one, few two. Now, if you doesn't have a national title, drew has a national light. Yeah. So I've never heard that before. Okay. But let's just focus on the top just to begin. I struggled with this because I did rank few ahead of drew by one spot. Few was just done it longer, I don't know. It's just one spot to whatever. But I was like, who deserves to go in the spot more? You know, and to me, it was a, it was a big time toss up, but lo and behold, that's how it shakes out few too. Drew has a national title. He's three. Cal is a national title. He's four. Samson doesn't. Maybe you'll have one in 5 months, but when you look at what he's done at Houston, has been big. Bennett has a national title. He's 6 is so obviously. He's at 7 pearl does not cronin does not muscleman does not patino does. He's the lowest rank one on the list with the national title. There are others obviously that have made a final four. As you continue to move on down the list there, very fun exercise. And yeah, just a correction. Jim baham would be the lowest guy. With a national championship, but still, you get the point. So that's the list. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out at CBS sports dot com. Or if Twitter is still around, you can find it on Twitter. You ready to do the first final four in one of the season? Well, hold on. Hold on, hold on. All right.

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