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"A car land in jail How does that work I'm Brendan Hazleton Two 18 And here's rob in the traffic center It's Saturday here in the area and spring break Yeah it's the worst traffic ever especially on the beltway in Maryland on the inner loop as you head past route one college park down toward Ritchie Marlboro road That's within the delay on the envelope after Bruce Marlborough road We had the report of a crash route 50 eastbound going toward the bay bridge You are extremely slow approaching and passing sandy point state park across the eastbound span We do have two way traffic preps in place on the westbound side blocking the left lane but they're not running two way traffic as of yet Traveling the beltway on the Arab through Montgomery county delay solid passing old Georgetown road coming off the southbound two 70 spur toward the American legion bridge with traveling to open north down to 70 You're on the brakes heavy approaching and passing one O 9 toward 80 in urbana the crash that was beyond 80 involved one overturn has been cleared to the right shoulder all your travel lanes are open there samp down to 70 delays leaving 85 headed toward the lucky lose toward 80 with travel lanes available to you no problems on the BW Parkway being reported to us right now You guys are pretty cool Again if you traveling in Virginia looking pretty decent right now between the American legion bridge and the Woodrow Wilson bridge on the inner loop and outer loop eastbound 66 on the brakes approaching and passing one 23 at least one lane blocked along the right side for the work zone south by 9 95 slows leaving lord and headed toward one 23 then again as you approach Quantico all the way down toward Fredericksburg sat down route three south I 95 near route three that's where we had the right lane block for the work zone on the set and if that is clear or not north and I 95 after triangle exit one 50 crash cleared to the right shoulder and travel lanes are open but delays remain continuously as you continue toward the fairfax county Parkway north down I three 95 jam past The Pentagon up to and across the 14th street bridge If you're in the district the freeway eastbound headed toward the 12th street tunnel at 12 street tunnels still blocked off as a result of course westbound freeway the main avenue exit is blocked off as well and if you're headed downtown toward the title basin keep in mind you enjoy a decent ride on independent avenue not really If you're traveling between title basin and the national mall you are stuck there also keep in mind constitution avenue was closed partially as a result of the cherry blossom parade taking place between 19th and Pennsylvania avenue southbound I two 95 you're on the brakes as you head towards south capital street with a single lane getting by the work zone there Patio season has arrived at silver diner silver diners outdoor tents are open and all dining rooms have air purification systems learn more at silver diner dot com slash safety Silver diner eat well be well Rob stallworth WTO traffic Thank you rob Let's take a look at our forecast with storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller This afternoon 40% chance of seeing some rain showers between the clouds and a little bit of sunshine We're going.

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