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"bruce greg recipes" Discussed on Mark Bell's Power Project

"Because he would get himself Waigel, Dan and get himself so tight with of you guys may not be seeing like some people are actually listening on I tunes as well. His Scott pulled his rear doubts back, and he was trying to get them as close together as possible pulling him towards my hand, my hand was on his back flautam using the scapula. Imagine the shoulder. Blades themselves, and you're pinching them together. Forget about anything muscular to begin with. It's all skeletal. So when I bench, I don't push the weight away from me, I push myself into the back of the bench away from the weight, which is important because a lot of people over press when they bench press. Then when he do that older that yes shoulder will come forward and an elbow or shoulder. Something weird. I don't use my shoulders when bench you also used your traps a lot, which that's that's a different part. So he pulled his shoulder blades. Together, try to get him as closely could and then he kind of shrugged not really up but more like back row with the traps, though, I want I set up on the bench. I'm not on my back among my Trump's. Yeah. That's that's a big difference. Compared to what a lot of other people are doing they're trying to kind of wiggle in. What are some other things like, you know, with your technique? What are some other things that you did like some people have trouble with the lockouts and people have trouble off their chest. I use boards. I don't believe in chains for bench breath. I think the joints are too small band. Same thing bans. I will do a little bit of Ben work, but not on the bench. You know? Like if I have a bamboo bar something like that. I'll put some bands on it or something like that only because a stabilization but with lightweight. Okay. I go boards boards boards boards, the hallway? And then when you press off the boards. Are you staying like super tight like you mentioned, and there's like hardly any weight resting on the boards, or you just first of all drama, and we never got to this part? But I don't bench from here. I bench from my hips. I don't know if you guys the I've. I blown my quads twice benching. Wow. Literally where my whole leg went plaque. There's a magazine cover where Gordon santee I had to get okay? To wrap my leg up I toward to Arnold and three weeks later. I was in Canada with Bruce Greg recipes, and I had to wrap my leg, and I had a shoot light it came into my leg because it was just so much pain. I could I didn't even feel the leg when I was benching. I mean, it was like not even there. But I when I bench I bring my my heels among the balls of my feet, and I'm on my traps my butts touching the bench. And when I get ready to bench. I take my ankles, and I push them down. Okay. When that happens that engages the whole lower body, the hamstrings the hips everything except the gluts just to reiterate end to make. So people told understand he pushes heels towards. Around. But his heels don't go flat his toes on the balls of my feet now. Engage your, but which will drive your needle. Engage your hip yet. There you go not your gluts you have to tighten gluts up separately ocal gauge, the hips and keep the leg keep the leg. Dr super tight. Correct. And then the other thing that does is helps to kinda stabilize stabilize your body on the bench. And in addition to that it helps to kinda short up and stabilize the stroke of the bench press. Because now your knee will come down your stomach and your chest will come up a little bit corrupt. If the if the heels touch, do you lose a lot of that? Or is it never my heels could not touch. Okay. It's not going to happen. It's for him, though, you teach people the same people the bench the same way that you bent..

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