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"bruce gradkowski" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Collide. The European frowns on the line is Manchester City takes on Chelsea's The Champions League final. Get set for the showdown. 1 30 Eastern 10 30 Pacific with the UEFA Champions League today, the U. UEFA Champions League final Saturday coming up CBS. All right, let's talk quarterbacks with the gentleman who knows all about the position played. It bounced around in the NFL, but certainly Played a good 78 years played in a few different cities or some good teams, and he is now an analyst. It has been for a while pro football focus. He's great with his with this quarter really all the analysis. We referenced the site all the time. It's great that Bruce Gradkowski Back on the show. Bruce, what's happening, buddy? How are you? As I'm doing great. Thanks for having me back on. Yeah, it's our pleasure s. Oh, there's a great time to do it. There's so many storylines in the air the anticipation of the kids who were drafted, Um you know, quarterbacks who are getting a little bit older, You know, where are they? Quarterbacks who were drafted a couple of years ago. Who need to prove a little something. Somebody like Daniel Jones. Let me start. So you comprised the list of your top quarterbacks baked based on the film. So give give us a guy that you thought Was better or or played better last year, but then is you're really reviewed the film You said. Oh, I don't think whatever is in my mind correlates to how he actually played. The tape is not lying. He took a step back or he's not as good as I thought. Anybody jump out? Yeah, You know, that's that's a tough one, You know, especially putting these rankings together for Pff. I look, I hate rankings because you've got to put him in order. So people assume you hate the guy you put last and You're mad at the guy you put in the middle and all these things, but, you know, it's kind of a prediction of the upcoming season and I look at this thing is it's in Pierre's right here. One is elite guy guys that have been playing elite. Consistently over the last few years that Holmes Brady Rodgers Wilson, those guys have shown elite caliber play for a long time. And then you've got, you know, Uh, Watson. And Josh Alan. That played phenomena, though this past season and they're teetering there on that elite cab caliber consistency, But we have to see more from them on then, like you said, I mean, On the list. It being kept calm cubes from 17 18. It's kind of like, look. We have we see ascending. There's quarterbacks we see descending guys as that have been in league for a long time that it displayed elite caliber play, but kind of might on beyond the descending side of things. Um And then, guys like Baker may show you know, Mayfield's one that sticks out to me that you know, he played phenomenal through the second half of the season from week seven on through the playoffs. Who's our second highest grade at quarterback in the league? Hey, also ranked in the top five from a Queen Pocket standard drop back in early downs for the entire season, so Be to me. Baker Mayfield is kind of little under the radar in a sense of really felt. Well, he played that second half of the season. Yeah, and you know you go look at the guys that are farther down than that. And I hear what you're saying about guys that are sending like Burr and Kyla Murder Burrow and Kyla Murray, but they're right. Just there, just below Big Ben, who's probably decent things at the intersection is odd. And so you see the rank together, and it's like, wait. That doesn't make any sense. But it depends on what's gonna happen. If you think that happened this year, a name a 23 that jumps out is Carson Wentz, and we all know the narrative about him, Bruce that he's broken. Whatever that means in that Philly offense and Whole situation in jail. It hurts and how it all went down. And now he's an indie and coach right? Thinks that he can fix him to it, too. You know, T o contrast being broken. He thinks he can fix him. What did the numbers say about Carson Wentz last year because it was odd seeing him feel like he fell off a cliff. Uh, I know, I know. I think you hated man. Because I want all of these as succeed. Yeah, of this with your brother in Tampa when he was praying, looking at me sideways halfway through my rookie year like, Come on, man. You gotta pick the Flacco. You're holding us back. So, so I know how hard it can be a time. To play consistently over a long period of time, even during the stretch of the season, and Carson went to the guy. Look at that. This is a breath of fresh air, right? This is a rejuvenation of his career. You get team back up with a coach that believed in you. That, you know, build your confidence but also schemes and not a fence around your strength. And I think that's why I went to me is going to play better this year. Now the colt have a tough schedule. They have three straight road games. Bye is in week 14. So it's gonna be a big test for the Colts especially look and Winston and play well last year and from our numbers of Pff, he had the most turnover with the place. 24. He didn't even play after week 14 So on and then I look back. You know, people want to say can went play it. Whoa! He's as he did in 2017 when he was kind of playing at that. M V P Type caliber play. And the thing I look about that year, right? He was just behind Drew Brees and grading into that 17. 20 grating points higher than this past season for went but he was playing unbelievable in key situations, 3rd and 4th down that's hard to repeat. But I also look at that. Vicky that it you know, it's coaching, right? You know how important situational football? No. Is red Zone? Uh, short yards. Goal line, 3rd 4th down, So I think front right doesn't really good job of that, and I think that's where he's gonna play better. But like I said, the schedule and some things that playing the factor could be tough to make went have such a smooth transition, but I think the most important thing is that confidence level. Frank Wright played the position. He knows how to get the best idea. And I think dramatically love with the cold doing their screen get and out to the white receivers. I think those kind of things will help once out, so it sort of Bruce Spread. Kowski Pff analyst, of course, does the radio show to former quarterback One that jumps out there. It's pretty interesting is number 17 collar Murray who before he got hurt, and then it was very reluctant to run last year, and the numbers obviously proved that out. He was on the you know, outside looking into the VP race was never gonna win it. But he was, at least in the conversation that I think there were six into whatever they were to start. They were rolling. He was obviously role in making plays with his arm in his feet. And then he got hurt. As I said, I would. I would think I don't study every snap like you do, I would think he should be a little higher. Eyes. Is this a make or break year fur collar. Murray, who would various points has been anointed by many, including us of a future superstar..

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