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"browns creek" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"It's appropriate to have Scott on right now, right after New Year's. Now that About 99% of the people on the planet Iran Diet. So let's see what he has in store for us. Good morning. Good morning. You know, I usually start out with a new year's something with black eyed peas or diet or whatever, but this time I went. I went duck hunting with Jake. We want with our friend Brett Butler of the district. 10 did really Well, Jake heads back up PICO and says, Dad, What am I gonna do with all these ducks and geese? So in spite of the fact that my son Jake, who's 23 now, and we announced his birth on the show 20 years ago. Accused your name naming him after a young turkey. Remember after a young turkey, right? So I sent him up Chico and talking through how to make a giant batch of Duck and goose stew. So I've got a spicy goose stew recipe that's on the sporting Chef website. But thing is here's There is one of the problems that he ran into. He brined it. And you and I have talked about Brian's forever. Never never You know the basic Brian a gallon of water cup each of kosher salt or any kind, of course salt and brown sugar. And so even though I told him make sure it's coarse salt, not table grind, Fine. Grind salt. What did he do? He used the fine grained salt. And so he said, Dad. My stew was really spice or was really salty, which help venture there's some people that have listened to the show that have had the same results because when you when you use a coarse salt right there bigger grain, so there's more air space in between the salt, so you're not getting as much salt in a cup. As opposed to the concentrated fine grind table salt, right, huh? I got you. So So when you do, bro, and you want to make sure that you cut back on the salt that you season it with, if you do happen to use Table salt by mistake. You've been still soak it in cold water and get some enough salt out. But anyway One of the great ways to use up a whole bunch of ducks and geese. If you're lucky enough to shoot him is to make a big pot of stew and you can freeze it and patches on what I do is I put it into a Ziploc bag. Freeze it and then vacuum seal it after it's been frozen. In that way, you don't worry about the juice coming out anyway. Back to this crew. So brown, Absolutely Brandon Upson, Dice bacon. You said bacon grease sooner have done the same thing with twinkly star. You want to get the grease in there? Takes and chunks of ducks, geese. Mixed bag doesn't matter Brown it really good throw in some chopped onion, celery, carrots. If you want it spicy. Put it a little jalapeno and some garlic and just get it until those onions are translucent. There was some beef broth or better yet, if you made some broth out of some duck and goose bodies a little worse, just served rosemary and a can of diced tomatoes or if you want it more tomato, two cans of right of diced tomatoes. Bring it to a boil. Put a lid on it and then lower the heat and just let it simmer because you got to go low and slow because we don't want medium rare in these things. We want him to be more tender follow for a lot of people like so it's gonna take a couple of hours and once it starts to get tender, I throw in some diced potatoes. Check for seasoning with salt and pepper. If you wanted, Ted, you want to pick it up. You could put a little tomato paste in there, but It's that simple. And for those people like I said they were fortunate enough to shoot a lot of Ducks and geese this year. It's a great way to use it up. Yeah, that's great. I love stew. And you know, just like chili, you know, you make venison RL chili, Uh and you freeze it and in the winner, that's the time. It's an easy meal anytime. You can take it up to your duck club. You can do whatever you want with it, but That's a great winner Recipe. I love it. It's good. I mean, this is this is too season. I don't usually have a big pot of stew in the middle of the summer. But right now good and by the way, sporting Chef is back on Sportsman Channel for a new season and dead meat is now on outdoor channel five times a week. So for people that haven't got that didn't get sportsman Channel that have outdoor They've got several seasons of dead meat up ahead for the high death. Sports Most general Oh, yeah, that's very all right. Does sports the gentle Thanks for reminding me what you watched on Comcast? It should automatically switch switch you over, so I don't look nearly as bad as I already am. Yeah. Thank you, Scott. Dr. Next week, Bye Bye. Scott Left of the website sporting chef dot com. Okay. Switching gears. Steelhead, The Trinity River Low Clear bunch of fish. Come in, You can pound on him. Then they get tough. We need rain. Guide to spend waiting for it is Matt Mitchell and I talked to Matt last night. Matt, you're kind of in Between times. It's the kind time a year where you need whether to get the fish moving, and especially to get new fish coming in. Tell me what's going on in Trinity right now. Well, there's a pretty decent little slug of Fish and hit the Junction City area. Really last week, um, did pretty well for a few days there. We need some more water. Torto bring some or in and the clam it and they'll shoot up and come into the Trinity. This Willow Creek last week and we hooked a couple adults and had a ton of half pounders. But we definitely need some rain to bring some fresh fish. So what happens to the slug of fish that moved into the Junction City? Do they just get beat on and kind of hunkered down or do they move up? Do you think I think some of them hunker down because they're waiting for Canyon Creek to get enough water to go up and the North Fork to get enough water to go up and Browns Creek and all these different feeder streams. But ah lot of them shoot up towards the hatchery because they're you know, just depends on what What creek they're going up to spawn this time, years, Mostly wild fish coming in sure. That's good news. That's good news. So the not know when you were catching him at Junction City. What technique where you're using. Limps under an indicator actually, eight patterns mostly Okay, so the egg patterns were still working out fishing the rubber legs. Well, we got a few on rubber legs but down there they especially the South Forks, bringing in some color right now, so They speak color the et eggs when there's color in the water, and then those fresher fish. They slash out of the those eggs, too. They they're programmed to eat a steelhead are until they get beat up on by him for a little while. They still eat him. Well, you you covered because you were done by Willow Creek, which is course below the south right below the Southwark. Then you were a dull oma and then a junction City. Did you catch fish? All three places. Did? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. At some pretty decent days. I mean, we had to really work for those those adults, but They were there, and we did get a few every day. So OK s O. So what we're reading. You're supposed to be a real good storm move in Monday. I know it's supposed to blow out the smith the eel on the coast and that should be just what the doctor ordered in land, Haman. Yeah, I was over on the Smith River. Ah, for 45. Days ago, I took my wife and kids for a float over there just to go Show it to my wife. She never been on it and it was low and clear. It could definitely Blowout. Bring some fishing and I think this is gonna be the real start of steelhead season on the coast. For sure this storm is gonna bring them all in That's that's mad Mitchell, Matt Mitchell's guys..

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