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"brown spence bridge" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Anything and no I don't see in the the the position of a player to signees I'm sorry to running back there right exactly what is that mean that kind or may I don't know about kinder picked up an offer from Ellis you yesterday everybody that right he's got an offer from a daughter named Michigan LSU you see your day but but yeah in in yesterday what we will do much to this which had rental later in the show Evan praetors you know one yeah two very nice so how many yeah hi how bout how bout you seize quarterback situation next year does Ritter Ben Bryant and Evan Prater being added to the mix wow that is a lot of if we can't have too many watercourses Max absolutely all right let's let's get to this record for ten weeks we sat here a multiple weeks and we said here we dissected a loss and we we projected we wondered if they'd ever win a game they have in fact done that it the cool thing to me and I said this Monday on bagels line up we can get a and I I love numbers we get wrapped up in the numbers it's stats and everything to me I thought that the coolest thing about Sunday was the genuine emotion showed in the locker room after the game with Zach Taylor speech to the team he got choked up players one by one were hugging a ND walking up to eighty giving a hog Porter junior had video in the hallway of Zach Taylor embracing went with his family his wife his kids yeah and I think we lose sight of it I I know the fans are all bent out of shape losing a what the number one pick I just thought for a moment it was neat to see the snapshot of what most certainly what that wind met on Sunday could agree with you more and again we there's always so you the the draft picks situation fusion but for that moment time yes had we you know the fans are all water dumping the water cooler on it come on man that was awesome I think I got a win the playoffs are side I I too was very very happy for me as I've told you is we have discussed was on a team that you went to a fourteen and that were in one of those wins we got the Oakland get that one was like the best winning feeling of any internal game I've ever been a part of playoff games you name it in it was good to see those guys finally get to have a good feeling after game and take that into the following week and I talked with the Brian Callahan the offense of coordinator on Monday and we were we were referencing I so what's it like when you put in whatever it is eighteen hours a day twenty hours a day coaches are are nuts they they go in and they never leave it seems but to imagine putting in eighteen to twenty hours a day every day for an end in failing your test for ten consecutive weeks or eleven consecutive weeks before you finally get a passing grade what a football game I think I think fans lose sight of I I know it's easy to say Joe burrow should be the main objective but for the players the coaches their main objective week to week is putting all the work you know to winning a football it is in there is you know but it's the owners job the yes to worry about the yourself what is a player's job to put the best product on the field plays a team into your correct things that need to be corrected the coach's job the correct things that need to be corrected and so yeah I I thought it was a good move I'll tell you what else jumped out to me and this is it it's praise abandon it's a criticism Ryan but was there just to my eyes and I'm not saying any don't has opposed to cover a howitzer for an arm but watching the ball come out of his hand compared to Ryan Finley I would say yes he has a ticket but I mean it's it's a little bit above I would guess league average arm straight he's not Horry's alike say a little bit above average but compared Ryanair Italy right Finley is below I might write Philly bye bye the I. bolt as might have the week is throwing arm of the NFL yeah search a little as it looked really good two one my favorite moments was after game when I I yeah I guess it was lab was interview interview and Joe Manchin in news talk about any don't was basic pests yes like all week it is like the first time I've seen this guy in in three years us like every fan was like yeah this'll who are more of that kind of guy that kind of player but yeah he took his frustrations out on channel them in a positive way on and had a good victory and I I think it shows a lot about the the respect he holds in the in the locker room for the way they reacted after the game and I I don't see video footage from from all the teams immediately after the game but rocket there there was many a flute with the Bengals dot com of one after another players coming up specifically seeking out Indy embracing him in it and say you know what we are happy for a week we got your back in we heard that throughout the week what we've got his back he we know what he he gives us each week they're I think they're so that there's something there in and how much respect he commands a look at that that we live in a world where everyone you know makes a big deal out of everything and make some about themselves me handle that situation like a total pro and get no points for it will certainly get no social media points but like if you're like a bad out there you say look that's kind of how you handle adversity you don't go and make a big deal I mean I I got benched that was a reality number don't show what I got I I thought he did a good job of that we will sort through that we we have the the domino effect of all that and it does impact to a certain extent the the the draft standing and that's certainly in play twenty what we spent what are the first eleven weeks wondering if they win a game now I think we're going to spend the final four weeks wondering if it's good that they keep winning what they want your own where my eyes quickly you like one just as interesting would it what the giants what it all was doing it or is it really really good they wanted yes so that'll be a story line over the the final four weeks of the season will do that and more up when we come back I also want to spend a little bit of time because we got to pick and choose our spots tonight I would hear your tales from Indianapolis eight a did the treatment by the colts and also the with the the eating contest I'm I'm struggling to say that you were involved it yet doesn't took on the number one got well I mean it was really challenging my participation because it wasn't really a challenge but yeah this is cool details to follow he is rocky on lance furniture fair round table show live from the state in sports bar grill about tear apart so presented by the greater Cincinnati for dealers out seven hundred WLW the UCL traffic center you see health our hospitals are nationally ranked by U. S. news and World Report problems on both sides of I. seventy one north and you have an accident north the two seventy five but before of fields Ertl traffic slowing down through there southbound you have one between a Reagan and Montgomery road and Ken was of both directions bit of a slow go still seventy five north Penn improving but still a bit crowded Mitchell paddock you have delays in northern Kentucky on or seventy five at the brown Spence bridge for.

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