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"brown pacific" Discussed on What Up Patna

"Way to see to see childhood friends. Still the la supple squad all right so we got adam and adam yes talk about the elliott shukla squad that helps quite exactly we. We talked you guys wrote d. Because when does it turn into a squad. You gotta couple to three. That got you archie. We all right squad as a mixture between non-related related family. We're all family you partner love is back at least ten at least ten thousand. That's what that's what i want to know. What part of that squad. We're follow us. Guys are tiny energy and those videos and videos show. I wanna see you guys chef on the moon. Only you know how right now. There's are you fucking kidding me space. What else is there. He's thinking list. Savior penny squad. You guys need a fall them. Like i'm gonna. I'm telling you this artist you those watching videos and at one point lake and this is two percent real. I thought the energy and the love because the passion on that craft and how you guys the bigger groups and then like you guys put together these sets like a gummy feeling really good and it just. It made me think took the box again. They can really took me out of the box. Where i felt like gave me a different appreciations arte gates like legit reborn reborn that that made me a little bit more of a challenge like you know you mentioned for yourself but for me to go through and being here now and the whole process of us coming to the show like dude this is. I feel great about i like. That's why it's starting. It's always been like. I think in my opinion player like the whole. Edm kids learn a lot of people. Don't know please love unity. Respect was right. I asked yes. You motherfucker to this point. I studied because i know other people in that environment primo viva ike lure follower followers. She's trying to have some Kofi is but she was able to you know she has some orders back to stop the next time. We see you guys. She's an a half something. I think i just her on instagram. Like after we posted shuffle video. I think it was a week ago. I posted mine and she commented. She's such a sweetheart. Just small world doing your. What is it like doing your first shuffle video. was that a milestone. exactly i mean. How many hours did you put in a shuffling before you able to. What are your friends video. Every what shuffle i. Have you guys ever shuffled. In the rain. We give them a thriller and the rain. Next time i want to see a ring like in the new book misery coming in his heavy rain waterfall underwater. Shut the light. We have a buddy of ours next week. A new media studio where do rain rain. Oh do can they connect Hey yeah this is what you heard it right here. I would've put podcast. Yes and adam. They have not yet collapsed in terms of a shuffled video. What is build appears. It's like a whole you know x. Games this is like a. Wwe setup off and he's gotta be you'll be the at is like it's something. I'm one hundred percent down like james brown pacific part of the rain. Let's talk a picture night showing Into video called areolas you know my nipples in verse that's He doesn't like talking about nipples baroni. You don't wanna talk about the beginning bank bank classes. Dj your episodes big has has set it all back to back to the elliott. We're going to set that up in the rain and how squad. That would be the rain rain. So we're going to do is we're gonna go to universal studios and you just get off when we start streaming jaws comes actually have a thing In death penalties call fd studios have arena effect to start a fire at the mall. And this you can. You guys know anybody with a stormtrooper outfits. Storm claiming random shit.

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