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"brown carter coughlin" Discussed on Big Blue View

"Better to have a guy who's really block better at one thing and a lot weaker than another. I think that maybe for graham. It makes a lot more sense to go with the dental. Because like you guys said. He's the more well rounded player. And i would say also. A lot of the giants moves have seen geared toward helping their pass wash which is another storyline. I'm kind of interested in watching over the course of canton. Preseason last year they really needed their coverage to generate their pass rush but this year they go out they draft. -ocial are draft ellison smith they get these two free agents they are hopefully getting lorenzo carter and oceans inez back. You know. we'll see what happens with both of those guys you know. They've also got cam. Brown carter coughlin. They've got a whole bunch of bodies which we went over it a lot. More depth than our edge preview yet they. They can't want to really have to rely on their coverage to generate their pass rush. Get they want to be in the position of sending waves of pass rushers after quarterbacks. I mean that that's what pretty much every defense wants to be in the position of being able to do well folks. I think that is going to be a great notes. Wrap up today's show as you can see a lot to consider when talking about this year's training camp for the new york giants we will continue to provide coverage as well as finishing up our positional previews throughout training camp. And the preseason brochure. Be sure to hit that. Subscribe button if you wanna stay up to date and then if you like listening to our show. Please let us know. But some positive feedback. Five stars would be much. Appreciated also had biglou dot com and follow us.

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