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"48 in college park and 45 in all the at 1141 Maryland lawmakers have voted to override governor Larry Hogan's veto of a measure to expand access to abortion in the state It means Maryland will now end a restriction that only physicians can provide abortions The law will enable nurse practitioners nurse wives and physician assistants to provide them now as well It also creates an abortion care training program and requires $3.5 million in state funding annually under the new law most insurance plans to cover abortion care without cost There's a new effort to keep the anacostia river clean It's called a litter trap It's a fairly low tech way to fight pollution Montgomery county is placing one in the lockridge drive tributary It'll catch trash floating downstream before he gets into the anacostia or the Chesapeake Bay The band alogue litter trap which is widely used in Australia is a floating device meant to be installed at strategic locations along waterways It uses the water's natural current to capture and remove floating trash without any mechanical assistance making it cost effective and requiring little maintenance D.C. already has several of the trash traps in the anacostia river watershed Chain of steel WTO P news Good Samaritan helped out in this case a car crashed through barricades near the U.S. Supreme Court early yesterday morning other drivers stopped and one helped a Supreme Court police officer pull two people out of the car which had caught fire that driver a 22 year old woman from Maryland It's now facing DUI charges It turns out that many libraries around the country have had to deal with the same book debate that led to anger and controversy within the fairfax county public school system The American library association says last year it recorded more complaints than ever before from people trying to get books removed from libraries The top two books that received the most complaints genderqueer and lawn boy the books that were temporarily removed from high school library shelves in fairfax county after critics said they contained sexually explicit content Deborah Caldwell stone with the American library association We're also seeing the impact of social media videos on Facebook complaints on Twitter those things go viral And she says that has helped fuel organized campaigns to remove certain categories of books Some of this week's new entertainment releases as compiled by The Associated Press include joules first new studio album in 7 years and former president Barack Obama narrating a 5 part Netflix series about U.S. public lands and the return of the brothers Garcia Which exports next 1143.

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