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"brooks koepka tiger woods" Discussed on WGN Radio

"To have the shooting of the seventeen year old macdonald by Jason vandyke teen justified vandyke was convicted of murder and sentenced to more than six years in prison one is been hurt that when a small roller coaster malfunctioned at Plainfield fest last night it happened during a private event for people with special needs the iron dragon carnival ride had a broken track causing the rear of the car to come off the track the woman fell from the right she suffered minor injuries right has been removed from operation Iran says none of its drones were down over the strait of poor moves as reported by the U. S. president trump said yesterday that the a running a drone had threatened the USS boxer an assault ship into the assault ship that was on patrol there president said the drone was destroyed after ignoring orders to stand down pending also identified the drone as Iranian and said it was brought down with electronic jamming run is suggesting this morning that the U. S. navy may have mistakenly taken down one of its own drones and those are the headlines Luigi and sports sponsored by northwestern football Chicago's big ten team JB Holmes is back alone in front of the British open the seven under one shot ahead it Tommy Fleetwood and Cameron Smith Jordan speak just bogeyed to drop back to five under tied with Brooks Koepka Tiger Woods just fell back to six over and Rory McElroy will begin the day at eight over par after a first round seventy nine the drought continues for the white Sox so in seven since the break after six five loss to Kansas city where they got swept four straight tonight there at Tampa Bay five forty here on seven twenty WGM cubs are hot the if they weren't they would be today cubs at Wrigley against the Padres this afternoon they leave the brewers by two games this morning big ten football media days continue in Chicago today more on that coming up don't miss out on college football and Ryan feel this fall the big ten.

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