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"Oh Look at Boston and look at this stuff that they posted. Some of. It's like amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get. People to the game of gold your boys congratulations on your doing is mediocre as it is at the LACI issue very much thinking about getting so. I don't fusion surgery that people together thank you tell us reshape brag dump butter knife my wed like the newer younger hip or Barstool Sports Tigers head the three factor. He's had one fusion we welcome in from barstools sport rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show stool sports. We are back. Oh W- it's been a long long couple days five or six days barstool classic today Brooks Kepco Right Frankie's face real out to talk about Britain. Frank is a fucking rockstar again. We'll talk about that. There's a lot to get to welcome back to the show. Everybody have had a lovely weekend <hes>. I don't even really know where to start because like I said there's so much to fucking get too but again welcome back. I'M GONNA start with Spring Golf. They're the best there are sponsor their title sponsor for the entire year a season commercials for other teatime APPs than I laugh because they don't have the pitch of Oh yeah all these other teatime APPS are under the spring Gulf umbrella which is what the pit should be because spring off is the best also giving away the alternate pinehurst experience you bring golf dot com slash Barstool I will you can go to Pinehurst. Stay the Carolina Hotel play bunch around a golf. He had to play Pines number two which is a U._S.. Open track which is just spectacular. It's really high my bucket list. Actually I want to get there. I might need to enter this. Try to win this fucking thing so we can go down on there and go to pinehurst spring dot com slash bar stool all right. We're back. I WANNA start with Frankie Frankie. Hello man you pop punk thing. That was something Oh yeah I mean it's the best night of the year every single time we do it the S. nine year multiple times a year so much fun. It's a morale booster for the company <hes> any friends and family that come. It's the best night of their year. I mean I'm not saying that like my family and friends steps on. I mean I've just never seen everyone so happy together. In in my life like die. It's very hard to get like for me. I had thirty five ahead like forty people that all came for that show and everyone was just hugging taking pictures like I can't think of one other event that I mean a wedding are literally a Rockstar are returning home in playing in your so much. It's that is when we got there early handed loading in setting up the drums drums and stuff. I was talking to the guy who runs milquet. He's and he's like man like he's probably becoming forever. It's like I I have never been up on the state. It was like no I've been up there. I've been there like twenty times like to go see other like other bands and just go in there like my twenty first birthday. It's just a place to bees. Though I mean we rock the house like not. The pump are on tires but we we had a really good show. No I was in attendance and I I agree I agree with it's sort sorta like coming together. Everybody having a good time because every a lot of people from the company were there. You guys specifically do songs that people can sing along to and everybody knows the words to them. You're just all kind of in this. Mosh pit of the crowd is a great turnout for for the guys and yeah you sing any songs at the top of your lungs and then you look up there and you're like that's Frankie Borelli. That's Bob Fox that's P._F.. Tea and that's Rhone. I work with these guys and now they're rockstars. It's very cool like you guys. This all started out as a joke because murky over there unhappy start off as a job and it kinda still is like you guys are like a satirical pop punk bands yeah but you guys are also really good. Musicians and it's fun to go. Listen you guys and it's an actually a good concert. It's I hope you never got guys never stopped doing the best out of your yeah was wow dude. It's fun. Do they have been there fun. Drink Shit Ton Akao drunk and you sing nineties rock in early two dozen rock with all your friends and Co workers and everyone's having a good time Casey said like an always years of playing <hes> working bars. This is like the only event that gets him to like walk up to people in big PAPI Fox. I'm so proud of you embed and like Bob Boxes. He's like I love your blogs and everyone's like laughing and like Oh. Your podcast last week was so funny. Look like everyone's. Everyone's just happy that doesn't happen all because you guys are playing old music. Everybody loves our STUMPS. Nineties cover is awesome. There's at what's that <hes> nineties cover bar L. P._R.. Is If you're ever in the city you're looking for one of the best night's you go. Everybody just kind of forgets who they are. Just starts jamming out belt. Tara failed Log van that plays. They're on the nineties nights. There's a fantastic professional ban. They have fifteen people in their band there. That's like well you guys. Do you have a couple originals and it's just as when you do it you doing that drums so I think that was it had to be out about. Were you there. They put my fucking drums at thirty five feet in the air. I'm on this huge pedestal and then I azam doing the drum solo. They started flash light. That doesn't have a Guy D._M._c. was gonNA fucking with me. Just not even the vertigo just like the when people flashlights in your face. It's hard to see your hands just to put a little bow on this. You know and we can move on but ah I was saying this on the rundown like the more and more stuff that I do on the Internet the more people and like and groups of people in the world I I start to see like working at rallies in like Italian restaurant even know these like like these movement of people existed but the Gulf `Harto's Ardoz like we're we're. We're my I like you know like the people have really will come after you for any take you have or anything that was like my I like realization and then now drumming `Harto's I mean guys you don't want to mess with these guys that have been playing the drums uh-huh their whole life they they play drums and they're in bands for thirty years and my tempos off like they'll tell you that you're tempos off like a big hit like they always are off. Swings rigs the tempo so like I mean there's a drum solo and that's just a solo like it's not that good. It's I could do that. One Guy said sent me a message very hateful message saying that I don't deserve to be on the state because he taught his four year old who has <hes> disorder how to hit drums maniac as well as this guy wrote when when you call your maniac and then I just like blocked on like you sound they seem to think that you align in some way shouldn't be up there but it's like eh entertain all the golf aiders think they have the best golf swing but for some reason with bands they all like a failing band thinks that they missed like like they didn't get their chance right like they're in their basement there in the garage there rocking out they think that they're fucking top top of the rock world and they don't get like signed by label or something like that just because like like listen man. We're fucking punk rock bands what we do at bar so we have regular people go up and do crazy fucking shit and this is GonNa make them feel worse but you guys up there. That's like you guys fourth and fifth jobs like you guys all do podcasts pizza reviews a blog. You guys do all these things and then on the weekends you get to be rockstars. It's it's amazing lurch. You gotta come to an excellent well. I've been to two and then they are two of them more fun nights. I've ever been Philly so that wrong can get a homecoming because he's on his. He is unbelievable on the stage. Joe Cockatiel him in Philly would be a scene. It's a joke good affront Manu's. He's like a legitimate front man. That's incredible. It's just insane that this is a real thing good for you guys a little housekeeping keeping in touch on some housekeeping vote for his kids <hes> lucky and for me that he's he's got some sources and he was leading <hes> when we were pushing and now we're not so confident so that the kind of emo from Kit's is do whatever we were doing the first couple of days yet vote twenty times for kids in this metlife matchup fucking thing will tweet out the link will instagram the link. Go vote for kids. You could vote twenty times a day. City your desk. I know you idiots aren't doing anything else. You're doing nothing else. You look for time crime to kill. That's why you're listening to this podcast right. Now you're going to be scrawl over golf dot com later and all these different websites trying to kill time. What can I do go vote for Kids Twenty Times? We got approved kids. We showcase his <hes> that we got all this love that we got all this power from for our listeners I from patrons from the story so go for kids the link but we all over the place <hes> guest covenant Wednesday so Thursday show should be <hes> delicious activity said big. We have a big guests you nervous well. There's a little play on <hes>. No I'm not a little play on words a big guess quote Unquote <hes> he's. He signed her actions. I just wonder if you're not I'm not nervous. No no I just WanNa know I'm very excited. I don't typically we don't typically tease guests until we have them. That's a show visiting because things just happened things fall through they cancel they miss flights so we're not gonNA go into more detail in that but we do have someone coming in Wednesday who <hes> we've interacted with here and there and we've had some funny moments and <hes> you know he's not we're talking about when I talked about that. I'm not books kept. We are going to talk about that. Brooks Captain Wins <hes> The W._D._C. Memphis. He has only while it's he's now one seven P._G._A.. P._G._A.. Tour events he's got four majors and then three <hes> regular B._J.. Tour Events I'm calling him an air quotes because this is W._G._C.. Yup <hes> where there's only whatever sixty some odd people when you yet be you know top in the world to get in and there's no caught and all that stuff so it's definitely a little bit <hes> different W._d._c. but it's kind of bigger. You know it's definitely bigger than a lot of your average like John Deere classic all right cool. I mean you pick in the W._D._c. in the John Deere New free like John Why it's not. It's not the purpose all three A._M.. The John Deere John Deere's is good but today C.. T. Dear on C._d.-rom Classic Classic Course The T._V. C._d.-rom at the boundary classic yeah. It's now it's not that W._c.. Event <hes> Brooks Capco looked frankie hit was really died on the hill all week last week about you know how he's upset with the Brooks kept could narrative and the media and and a lot of the fans saying basically that he doesn't you know he's he's not try normal events therefore doesn't win and how does he get this free pass point does not just get them free batteries not trying but that he just can't do it and then he goes out and wins W._d._c. and plays in the final group with Roy mcelroy. Who's probably the best you know maybe the he's up there with like with D._J.? And and <hes> with Brooks Kepco in this conversation of like the best players of this generation and he just kind of trounced made Roy look like a scared little bitch out there for four hours straight actually three hundred fifty minutes they play there which was a credible lightning. It was really hard to watch Roy Plan. We're going to get the Brooks Eh but which is watching him pot. I got anxiety and he was just blow it passed. It is like watching Lurch Putt. It's just you just know man but this past week. That's not a shot putter. It's the same type of feeling you're just over it. It's like Roy's over. It and you're like you just know there's no chances goes but he and he knows too because after he blows it by like he has the look where he's like. I just knew I was GonNa say if I could just bury a few putz I would win this this going home. It's one of my great lurks quotes of all time when he hit a horrible pot one time from like ten feet and he goes. I just had no plan there sometimes over the ball Mike I just I'll just give it a shop Bertel. Yeah miracle is thing when they kept flashing up that graph and being like there's only two people in the field who are over part today and I forget who the first one was and the other one was worry mcelroy and it's like if you would just play okay. If you just played okay on Sunday. He would two one but he just he could not again no rigsby stats. I looked at this. Only three people in the top twenty seven shot over par Sunday that finishing the top twenty seven Roy was one of them in the final group of Books Kapka so it is it is a classic it looks like after he hits a Putt it just gives the body language of Man I had no plan. They're like on the third whole like like four feet Roberta after convey one and he just like duck hooked the putt below the whole that I just wouldn't never even close to touching. I really think that's that's when it was over the whole when he missed almost shot point too it's like he's starting to fade already this faster leaner around and then Lo and behold yeah he's out of it. He broke my six on Sunday yeah. He just had no chance out there. You got <hes> he got the mileage by Brooks Kempter <hes> also I mean that's just Kinda. Sums the whole thing up roy showed up about two hours before teatime <hes> and got demolished and brooks captors showed up forty five minutes before st time and just went out there like it was a walk of the park in stomped on macro so that's that's through it. That is what proves my point. I've never once you can go back and you can quote me. You can listen. I've never once rooted against the player Brooks kept. I like him as a person. I think he's a great golfer. I'm rooting for him to be a good Golfer. I want to witness a guy who's GonNa go on an amazing major run streak during the primetime of my sports watching career I missed it with tiger. I would love to watch Brooks Capco like fuck if he's at like dirty majors at one point like that'd be awesome to say we were there at the P._G._A.. Championship given him fist-bump walking up eighteen on Saturday and she like that'd be awesome but the thing that I hate is the narrative around and I couldn't watch the fucking tournament without hearing about when he's going to show up to the fucking Golf Course Oh my God Brooks Kepco. This is what he does. He's not even in here. They're showing his fucking parking. He's thirty five minutes. He's not here. Why does he get show up and he left himself? A chance. I know he ended up saying that he was sick but prior to that he left himself the chance where if he shows up forty five minutes to force teatime and he he doesn't do well well. That's just brooks not giving a fuck. He showed up forty five minutes. See That is hating on the Brooks Guy. You're heading on the narrative that you're saying. He left himself a chance but I'm saying saying he did it deliberately to like have a bailout but this is what they were saying on the this is what they're saying on the broadcast. Yes like like he does what you're saying about Bruce you're saying he left himself out versus like that's just as routine said all time it goes yeah Sundays I usually I always get their forty five minutes before like I've been playing golf all week. I want you to get their log as so then like that thing that he does sets himself for either he did he showed up and he didn't care and he lost and he was the one that went over par with war because he just didn't show up and that's just as routine during non majors because he just doesn't show up early. That's just as routine and then if he wins. He's the fucking hero that showed up forty five minutes early because that's just his is routine and everyone fucking goes nuts because because he doesn't need to practice but rory does it's just it's a whole entire talk about how much he cares how much she doesn't why can't he just be regular. Like why can't he just be the person that just does what he does and he gets a result. Why do we have to talk about? We'll talk about anyone else's preparation yet but it's a golf course you are right in that the Gulf world just running with the storyline of his parking space and all of that I put it in my title. My blog was the tribes clicks I put it arrives it drives and we know guys that have been to golf term. It's like once the play actually starts the term extra starts like you're Kinda scraping for content Oh yeah and you're at the W._G._C.. FUCKING FEDEX IN MEMPHIS like they're scraping and they credit to whoever ever went on like I'm going to do the parking space thing because it works. I mean everybody off. Twitter was all over it but you are right that it's stupid at the fact that dominated the coverage the fact that he gets asked in every single press conference about okay how come like what is what is with this whole storyline of how you can dominate the major championships but you don't show up at regulatory events that is all way way way overblown but at the end of the day I mean the guy I i. I don't know what you can really say like He. Does this actually now. This is what I said when he when we were talking about it last time I wanna see him when he wins a torch. <hes> I said I want I wanna see what happens to the world when he wins tour event and now the next time of Major. What are we going to be done talking about how much he cares and how much he doesn't now is that over because he just one the W._d._c. so like he just show that no matter what he cares about a when he gets to the golf course no matter what effort he puts in he can win fucking big golf tournament? At what point do we stop talking about when he cares when he doesn't can we just talk about Brooks winning. I don't think it's going anywhere you don't think so he just showed up forty five minutes or four daytime and go somewhere. You know they GONNA ask too. I think it's I think it's out like that was cool funding to talk about and I honestly outlets like officer whatever the fuck called like we blew it up big time because it was a very funny narrative of it was not similar but it was like with kids t twenty something like that like that was cool totally random and not intentional storyline that we ran a and we thought it was really funny interesting the same thing about Brooke Chef. I think it was really it's not intentional. I don't think that he like it would seem crazy to me that he would actually fly to go through all the renting a house and going through everything in a tournament in just not Karen any way about it but also for me nuts there had to be right like when you look at this anomaly which is who the fuck wins four majors to p._G._A.. Tour events over the last three years like there's gotta be something that you could attribute that to or try to talk talk about and that was kind of the theory was that he didn't care and whether again I kinda got into deeper care means which is like does he need to practice at home for a week before to be good at a tournament. Did he do that for this one and he doesn't do it for regular stops and he does it for majors like who the fuck really knows but it was just a really interesting anomaly that was happening. He started to like eat. He started to eat it up to men like he like his comments. Were like I play when you see me on. He didn't need to sail that but I think that Brooks is trying to like he didn't talk for the first year year and a half when he was winning the majors more like why the fuck is Brooks Capco so boring and he he's like found his lane like this is his lane. He's the common man he's the guy that calls big cat and big at becomes a fake fan and thinks he knows everything about Golf Because Brooks Kepco PCA texts him sometimes from here to there and then like that's like this is brooks kept goes like whole store. He's a blake now and he's awesome but like yet but brooks kept going has probably been doing this whole entire fucking careers just now. He's Kinda like eating it up talking. He said that to us like I didn't think I think that I could start talking until like I had some wins under my belt and stuff so this is just who Brooks Cup is. I don't think that he tries one way tries the other. I think he saw storyline like we did. Everyone blows it up. He kind of he kind of eight at it. He's getting the questions yes answer them. The only questions he's getting same thing he used to complain <hes> the only question you would get is do you eat horsemeat and he's like yeah like I'm just going to say yes every single time because that's what I do I wake up and I like what else what else who wants to say so if they keep saying do you care and he's just going to be like a and <hes> you know. I like the majors but like I don't know when the T._v.. Zombie then I'll care like little stuff like that. Just fucking drove me nuts but now that he win what you like the cockiness it's great. It's crazy cockiness but it's I just didn't think it was genuine because I was just waiting for a moment like this at the W._c.. You see where he does the same thing and just wins like he did the thing that everyone's saying oh he loses because he shows a forty five minutes. You said that at the travelers you're like. Didn't you say that he wouldn't they said he showed up like fifteen or ten minutes. I felt like like who knows that he could have fucking one that we can't. He just is played better like he did the same thing here. Essentially he just played fucking lights out. I didn't like the excuse like that. Excuse the travelers is like Brooks didn't show up until fifteen minutes but was using that excuse no no. It's just like surround but there's nothing does money buys into doing to stop it definitely yeah he never once that guys I fucking WanNa win this week every once yeah he did. He kinda made little he's always made the little side comments and this and that and kind of plays into it feeds it because I think he doesn't else enjoy it. I think you've you've found the way that he kind of even I was always amazed even when he when he won the U._S.. Open for the second time and they were you know they interview about a motivation and this and that and he had a lot of examples of people that like wouldn't talk about him or wouldn't give pick him or wouldn't you know he wouldn't get the media love after that he thought he deserves so he is clearly more plugged in than he likes to lead on which means all this narrative stuff all this brooks only tries and majors and like what's the deal with him outside of majors he was obviously aware of those things and he's a sharp enough guy I think that we found out with an and and how much he's learned to kind of express his voice in his opinion and jump into the conversation when he wants to that he knows how to do that and be effective at it and he's done that he definitely he could have easily extinguished that whole thing easily been like I want to win every turn my show. That's what tiger always says tigers always said I would never I won't show up play an event if I don't think I could win it and that's the cockiness I like. That is the cockiness I I liked that Brooke Brooks Calculus cocky but he doesn't quite have it like he doesn't have that like ominous. Show up and dominate you. The cockiness that people love right now about brooks is like <hes> once every couple of weeks thing I can turn on when I wanted a couple of weeks. You Better Watch out because I'M GONNA fucking dusty guys like dude like I don't know like you're losing like like three out of the four weeks then like I mean whatever why are you being so cocky about it but it is because it's major so the anomaly breaks my brain because I don't know how fucking one four out of four pages already but I duNno. It's just rubbed me the wrong way. I'm glad to see him win W._B._Z.. And maybe put an end to all this like Brooks kept caring meter and everyone's GonNa fuck in you know breakdown how much he cares when he up on the T.. I think he just wants to win. Let's just talk like you just wants to win. It was interesting how he did it on Sunday to because he was at the open you know he was horrible with his potter could make anything especially the last couple days it felt like and then this last round I mean he really. It wasn't like he played lights out. He just made everything you gotta but now from a ton of spots his putting during the opening said he's like nobody's hitting the ball better than me this week I just can't pop campout yeah and he said nobody's putting worse than <hes> right and then he putted lights out <hes> so you know it's not it's he is a threat when he's as strong as he has hit the ball as far as he does his ball striking can be in his frequently as good as it is and then he proved that he can really get hot with the putter and in that situation he's going to beat everybody and he did range finer. That's question a lot of people wondering what Kinda range-bound you guys use pinned k <hes> that's the name of pinned golf very cool story of the main. Just it's quite simple. Range finders shouldn't cost you four hundred plus dollars because they're all using the same technology the Pearl from pinned about half the cost one hundred seventy five bucks. It's lightweight. It's water resistant pin vibration locked locked range finder vibrates when you locked in on the flag. That's what that means. You're fastest reading on the market measure down to the decimal six times magnification get right in their readings in yards or meter so to all of our level you know European international fans we we got <hes> Australians Ozzy's they love shown Canadians finally number for you. Maters you WANNA use maters fine yards or maters <hes> one year warranty adjustable scope battery saving auto shut off. Here's what you use code four play. You'RE GONNA get free reshipping and get a free hardcover case and a free pinball mark four play free shipping free hardcover case free pinball marker is things only a hundred seventy five fantastic product is really no. I actually met like Mr Pin like the guy who who's I don't know if he's the founder I mean he's one of the guys who who came up with the idea and I was like this is an unbelievable idea. Why do these things have to be so bulky and six hundred dollars like just to get a yardage? I mean half the arches are on the frigging sprinkler heads like a wise. I have to spend that much money. He's like dude. We sat around and we're like why don't you just make one. That's affordable for the Everyday Golfer and they're just like blowing up like I think it's like the best product that we like push on this thing. I cannot agree more folks go to pin golf. K. Coach pinned golf. You Get the Pearl they they came up with the Pearl. They did all kinds of the dozens of prototypes years attesting came up with the Pearl hundred seventy five bucks. You get yourself a great range finder use code four play. We'll even get your free shipping which a free hardcover case free pinned ball marker. That's pinned golf. That's kind of the Brooks Cap. Coup situation said he was really sick to like <hes> people go to work sick all the time. That's a very brooks kept. Go Line to say so people go all the time. That's a camp cap collide that is on the line. It's like Kinda funny yeah. He didn't bring it up at all until after his presser somebody asked him about it like Brooks kind of rumors you feel the weather and he's like Oh yeah. I've been sick all week like why didn't you. You didn't talk about that at all these. I don't need to talk about people go to work sick all time which is great eight mile although I don't. I don't think that's I don't want people go into work. I thought that to know you. Don't you know I don't WanNa be hard on the altar cool. It's too but it's like if you've got a runny nose then you're all over the place. Stay I trust you so what's the catch twenty two right because you you know you don't want to skip out because then your boss like fuck you Kinda work then you're like well. If you show up sick here Dave like once a fire home yeah so the which as being around sick people you know what the move is. You show up appear really really sick for five minutes and then you get people do that. I mean I've done it once where like I really was. I think I had the fucking like the flu like majorly. I show them like a hi Dave. I just couldn't even what's wrong with you on like I don't know man I gotta go to Dr Make The track here and approved approved in front of him that you are actually say elevator opens you start crawling day. Let me get a thermometer senator your at his office. You're not as running onto the floor and he's like all right. Get outta here all right now then he gets me he's like why did you even show up for. This moment came in here this moment right here. The show is look inside my bloodshot eyes even when he says why even show up he's probably like all right. He's actually sick. That's worth it enough and then you go home I agree with that but Kepco a warrior out there Sergio Garcia Uh slamming his club into the ground into teebox heating kind of snap book or something in the water over there in Spain because we got a couple I mean these guys are just crazy. They're just pure saint there. Is They have a deal you know Sergio. Garcia has a temper problem. He's now proven it with his out. I mean I saw him when I put it in the blog yeah the Saudi Arabia was the bunker and then at the open. He threw his driver at his caddy. Then this latest one in Memphis he takes a huge chunk out of the box was a Saudi Arabia when he was dragging his feet around the Greens ruin that green damage seven green yeah yeah go you show out of the tournament you sir gotta go behavior of a drunk person. Ruining seven green worst the slamming onto the tee box. If I was filmed with like a Iraq what kind of Cam saying the clip I mean it was the first camera ever invented they put on the back of this T- <hes> but man was that a clean chunk hit the ground. He's done that before that was it was a perfectly slammed club. Hilson swung at like six times yeah yeah and then there was the from Saudi Arabia the only clip that we had was him in the bunker like five back and forth like Hughes Fog Snow Angel. Basically I think the format they say is like a really good form of <hes> <hes> brooming like like a sweeping sweeping he was doing a sweeping effect but this year too yeah in Sweden and send I and a little bit crazy. He's like you one. Your major dude like out on the last year has been as like worst year of acting now yeah he got. He won the masters and then he got married. It's like things are great but who should be good on paper. They're good yeah does too in his interviews and all that he seems like back off course through some horrible stuff where jacket to Wimbledon member that guys like like he's made a ton of money he finally want his major and that major was a the masters what's wrong dude. It's pretty crazy man fine something's wrong. I don't know what is wrong. Something in there is wrong man Sergio Garcia. I <hes> he's got an interesting thing going onto onto. He I noticed this right away that I'm GonNa read this quote but he <hes> after the whole of Saudi Arabia incident. I thought it was really interesting that he didn't do very many like media and then he just started ramping up his social media he presents and it was like is instagram's. Stories are always him shaking hands with like the military votes tournaments and then the next one would be like a professional photographer picture of him like holding a sick kid and then the next it'd be given an autograph Graf to like a young girl and that was like the only pictures in in social media stuff he ever put up so so bad uncreative P._r.. Agency got a hold of him inside the big well so Alan ship now who's a golf dot com rider who was on my band the trip this past week in great dude <hes> Golf magazine. He's he's a very very accomplished writer and he does a lot of these profiles and you know he's he's golf. Journalist is it gets and he said he tweeted out yesterday about somebody. Responding kind of talking about we're talking about <hes> <hes> Alan showed I said I spent much of this spring pitching Sergio his wife and his handlers on I big golf MAG feature but they decline they prefer to tell their story through social media posts but I think fans are clever enough to see through that artifice so he essentially is exactly what we're saying which is like he went in with this whole choice of like. I'm going to do this cool P._r.. Campaign and everybody's GonNa buy it. It's not all of us. Keep putting out a video. Once a month of you being a fucking lunatic on the golf course no no one's buying your no. You're still photos. You're kissing babies still think if you green screen behind legitimately you only people works for and there's zero these people out there who only follow Sergio and that's the only social media they follow if they follow one person Sergio. They're like this is the greatest guy this guy although so rare person that's following him on instagram and not actually paying attention to golf executives not many of those out. There's can't miss the actual stuff that's happening with him. There's gotta be there are just I'm sure they're just huge Sergio fans like if you went and looked on his instagram comments. I bet they're all Babo's we love you. I guarantee you just love that. <hes> so that Sergio he's kind of crazy column more cowo- one that <hes> <hes> six career start for the youngster graduated two months ago from college is couple months ago a lot of people talking about he and Matthew Wolf now in the last month getting wins break in through the young guys you kinda throw them into the mix with what what is somehow. I'm not like the true anymore which is like speed J._t.. And those guys <hes> towards men who are young shit but more callup led lights out e- <hes> could've won a couple of weeks ago when <hes> when Matthew Wolf did win he was right there. <hes> <hes> Wolf made that Putnam Pike so he was he was right in the mix <hes> and has been up there a couple times only sixth to rear start breaks through and gets the W <hes> was in kind of the <hes> the non W._G._c. type of tournament where you had to really kinda grind to find out what was happening but there's a lot of drama down the stretch and <hes> and he came through so he clearly is proven that he's clutch good for him congratulations. I won't talk about the Barstool classic today. Nice <hes> not go. I thought you were GonNa Start Clapping with you. Had put your hands up without where you're just GONNA. I wasn't going to like all right. No I wasn't okay class is just GonNa talk about all right. Let's do that talk so first of all Zaba was out there and he was electric for anyone. Who is our Zimbabwean midget Yep with a good voice yep? He's got pipes. He's going to have to little body on them he does he. I yeah we're GONNA hear about him at the classic in a second but he was also a pop puck years the hype man for Popeye Mom's seventy a picture of her dancing with Zaa and it was a blurry picture and they must have been moving their hips pretty quick because he was one of those pictures. It looked like they were one hundred miles. An hour and I just didn't even asking the questions. The bottom line is abso- brings. It sounds like you brought it today. Manziel brings exit. He just got a passion he gets really excited about stuff and so we you know we always at the at the bar so classic golf events we try to make each one of them unique and different and fun and so we try to get national anthem singers singers and at the first one <hes> we had totta Angela. Who was the Boston Bruins guy who is also a bartender at the garden <hes> yeah? He's a bartender at the garden really yeah and he the way he got his GIG was <hes> <hes> they win rene rank or who did it and the Boston Garden forever when he retired last year they had a couple of new different people come in this year. Whatever and I guess at one point they had some emergency where whoever ever was supposed to be in there couldn't do it so they they knew that they had this guy todd who had done a couple of things here and there whatever and they went up and grabbed him and we're like hey we need you sing music? Okay win. They're like like fucking right now and he went down hang dominated it and then <hes> continued to sing the national anthem here and there throughout the year and then somebody told me that when they played the <hes> the leafs in the first round that he is like there <hes> Canadian national anthem guy like he can just he's the guy that I do both and so they're like oh we gotta go with. We're GONNA lead with todd off the year to kick off the postseason yeah and then they want they like what are we going to not go without so then they stuck with them for the whole postseason so he was there guy nicest fucking guy the planet that lives in Rhode Island drives up so we reach out to him got him to come seeing the national anthem at the first barstool classic <hes> up at Walston up in the Boston area that was during the Stanley Cup final which Saint Louis Blues one but <hes> congratulations. We're not talking about how we were doing. Pop punk and you know at one point. I think they were like tune in the instruments in between songs so there was a little lull from maybe like five seconds huge crowd erupted to the right polluted Gloria Gloria Gloria Gloria laureate ahead kept happening to happen happened like three or four times. I think why he was behind. I haven't talked he was sort in that area. I I just screamed no and then ruins your said Yeah you can get the fuck Outta here. Wow there's like twenty guys screaming Gloria. They had to be like we were supposed supposed to break out in glory like how he's played Gloria. She play the song with the insurance play. Damn Song Frank Jesus play any other saw yeah by Gloria has like <hes> doesn't have like tech like <hes> like since Simpson since in the bag. That's a keyboard yeah. It's a keyboards that you guys got fired. Oh Dude fucking. That's true fact you just listed a fact C._B._D.. Top mistreats right now for a lotteries. You can do a bunch of things with it. <hes> Med Tara C._B._D.. They've got innovative products that are just perfect for golfers good morning for mental clarity cooing cream for muscle soreness and aches our whole crew out abandoned which we're GONNA talk about. <hes> was rocking this mid Tara C._B._D.. Rocketed left and right putting it on their body taken. It just gets it done. It's endorsed by P._G._A.. 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It'll help you out anyways second largest classic event we did <hes> we just play recording of big cat and it stopped in the middle of it and so we had to have <hes> Kate and she just she just you know right on the spot just finished it finish that plant them national anthem. We had a bunch of people singing it a little trouble there with that word yeah. It's been a long Nanthana anthem. It's called KRISTALINA. You know the the comedian you'll see his <hes> eminem impression Oh yeah he's like he's his impression. They put them in the music video national anthem coming naturally. That's actually exactly what it what do you think about Eminem. I Love I love he's unbelievable. High School gains will also them through and through. I will say girls around the later music isn't and his early music is aging a little creative. I Lost Shady shop liver if you want she now you're listening to music whiter than I'm whiter than Eminem thus when I do it it's like real bad no like look at this guy trying to be m. I mean you're wider than every whiter than everyone man. Dan I went to a fucking barbecue yesterday and it was embarrassing man. I had to put on shorts like around the pool. We're playing some fucking cornhole and I was like I am glowing glowing family and friends make comments like Oh my God. Your legs are out there like your fucking. You're so white man you are so white. uh-huh your mom really white because you're now she's they're both Tan Tan bolt both my sister's Tan Tan like five your ten ten hammer for you know who's fucking ten and we'll go on from this Dave Portnoy's ten man. I'm Eddie Pizza. Give us a month at the beach dude. He looks like he was in the movie castaway like like crazy. It's crazy I tand he gets man. We Watch cast where the other day what's sad any of that movie you ever watch how they made it. Watch youtube you to video on how they made. It's crazy we me how they may just like. He was literally like like like in the water like Tom Hanks like really went into that role. Who's really stranded well? No there's partly fucking lie so they just put him on this makeshift policemen a little castaway little truman show they kind of just throw them out there and they actually made him doing talk just told his shot up really you're stranded out there. You see some of these unbelievably moving scenes where he's like losing his mind and it's all like shot in one shot like he's genuinely like he's really I mean he's the best. What a chance that you could survive a castaway situation me personally zero? They put that raft raft together where you know to like to get over the fucking when he did that real done. I was like what's he doing that seems unnecessary at least over it and is that true like you gotta over that one wave and then it's just like it's just still water for from the movie okay but I'm asking you a question Lurch while I'm sure if the waves are going that way you probably go in the back side of the island or probably be a little quieter going out but you know the way. It's no no that's wrong. It's the waves. Obviously there's a nice cope. They get they get way worse closer because because of all the the surf and the core on all that say if you get beyond that which you had to do the pretty much in the clear that's exactly Eric's. Tom Nailed it. Did it sounded dude sat ending just because I when the when she gets caught him between between worlds we only caught the last thirty or forty five minutes and it's really sad which is really the shittiest. We now have made fun. Yes and he gets so excited. He's got some self confidence and he gets home. Wise married like his is best friend. Say we put you in the ground brute over yeah yeah. The Guy Goes. There's a there's a casket and everything like walking around now. He goes. I'll room. There's like crab claws around. He's just got nobody drop the land me goes what was in it yeah. That was I remember when they were marketing the movie that was a big part of the trailer when they were like we buried a casket you in the cassie and they'd cut him moving out two thousand one but I don't know now I forget what what is the true ending was. He delivers a pack that last lady Yeah So. There's some hope there that maybe came out into the new Gal can there's an executive Berkeley extended alternate version where he opens it up. I think you've done some castaway homework. I'm working and I was like this. I was I I've been following this instagram account where it's like movie F._X.. Or something like that all just like movies no it's all like behind the scenes <hes> like graphics and like deliver show your favorite movie like they've all vendors stuff and like it'll be a scene then you swiped right and it's the green screen version of how they actually filmed it and stuff so I saw one of castaway and then I watched castaway lots and it was pretty cool. Let me I says why is he say. The never should have got on that plane 'cause. I don't like that wouldn't be a realistic decision right. was there like an Wizar- like a reason that he almost wasn't GonNa get on the plane because otherwise you can't. You can't just look back at me. I go. I would've never got on that plane. Cows from will will mike for that swing that thing around for you WanNa leave Christmas at the bar so classic so the parcel classic they're talking about the second one have no idea third one which which was today at Forest Hill Field Club out a New Jersey we had up because we had the barstool breakfast crew will Cologne Willett Cologne. Foundation was the charity that this one <hes> that you know we're raising money for with this barstool class. If you do a big skins thing we do a silent auction. Do all kinds of good stuff raise money for <hes> eight different charities wanted each disposable Cologne Foundation. We decided to have him and large and saw <hes> it was a great crew out there but we we're trying to figure out what can we do for national eight. So so we yeah we reach out to different arenas and be coups. WHO's this team's guy and that we couldn't find anything in the New York area that was or the New Jersey area that was kind of like sticking out so we talked to da and I was like could you sing the national head? He's like Hell Yeah I can see and then we can you sing Zimbabwe nationally at the beginning. He's absolutely because we have the net reedit Zimbabwe flag out there which spider withholding upside down for the first half of the Song Yup which I didn't. I didn't notice in real time the people I will say a lot of observant folks are screaming. It's upside down and then spider flipping around you have known that it was upset. Oh you didn't know what knows I had no idea and then <hes> yeah she's colors shapes I don't know and then <hes> and then he did the Star spangled banner and I was dying because he had his a little notebook out and he was just like reading it like he'd say. What do you mean little notebook? Was it a I would've said that about any was is it a regular Hashtag caught. You know I don't know was a normal notebook. Well not thinking normal not huge say you're right like a regular college ruled college regular college ruled marble notebook would look massive. You've that's what I think so now. I think maybe it was little. Do we have a video. I took a video of it but I don't fuck. I can't recall <HES> may hold on. I Riggs scrolling through his phone. It looks like you'll narration play by play play here. He's holding. That's that's small nope. That's a mini no all right yeah. That's a small. You're right this small. You're right. That's a good question. It was a small nope head to clear it out so he was he was and he was just he was piping it out but I was dying at him. Legit just be like have lyrics in front of me and it it was something when big at does it for rough around. He sometimes has the lyrics today. It's not something you want to screw up. No I think everyone knows it but like you don't WanNa know where we do. You don't WanNa fuck the national anthem in the point in Asheville North Carolina or in <hes>. Where do you guys go in West Virginia Welsh West realms West Virginia? You'll just die if you say the place where we when we driving to the venue. There's a huge sign that says days since last Colin Coal Mining accident three is a huge sign the says keep keep track of the high points. This is like ninety days now. I think they're usually three's about the number Jesus marijuana use up from member. We used to do days since the last C and D Oh yeah barstool always said zero yeah yeah so anyway. We're energy company so edgy razor blade so I mean over frank as you said. Sharp is a razor blade. He's like Kinda like foggy. I look it up into the distance. Something Kelly according to studies just over ten percent of break ins are planned end beforehand. 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We had like I said large in <hes> in William the crew <hes> they all rolled up to the sixteenth tea and they did their gentlemen's Friday thing so he might he doesn't know they do our morning show here barstools sports on Sirius X._M.. Channel five from seven to nine A._M.. <hes> every Monday through Friday and on Fridays Day just go crazy. They get nice fine. Cheese meets wine cocktails all at seven A._M.. Right all the way through nine and call gentleman's Friday and it's a real it's a it's a whole thing then afterwards they come they mingled with the rest of the office and they're obviously a little banged up because they've been drinking and they're kind of that's just what they do every Friday and so I was like can you guys come out of the bars to a classic absolutely so they had this great tee box on sixteen where they were just hanging large got up there and hit a couple of shots he said <hes> I was like a par three and it was a ton of fund so big. Thanks those guys coming out then at the end. We had a five team playoff five team playoff for the last spot massive go into liberty. National is the reward. If you win this thing or if you finish the top sixty get to go play national October fifteenth you get to continue to play for ten thousand dollars cash <hes> you'd put continue to play for like six thousand our trophy that we bought which is really heavy everything you think it is now. I gotTa say you know we went through a bunch of different stuff. <hes> it was actually top six qualify but this was actually the these teams were all tied for seventh because it turns out the team that finishing first place was a sponsored team a truly team right so truly with coming onto the title sponsor they get a couple pairings in each thing yeah and so they're already gonna go to liberty national so we had obviously send like six more teams so we had five teams tie and it seemed like an awesome idea of time. We're going to do this five whole five puck and teams for one thing the eighteenth holes perfect. It's a par three and it's like one fifty one sixty and there's an amphitheater and the clubhouse all behind so we were just cycle perfect. Let's go do it mandatory forever. It was like an hour and a half or saul yeah but they just kept tying man. We started with five teams. We were down to four teams than we are down. We're still down three teams and then that three for a couple of holes then down to two we change a format. We did alternate shot at one point. We did aggregate now. We didn't do alternate-shot we did aggregate aggregate score so then both you and your partner still in it. It was a war man I mean the one at Fox was lasted eleven minutes. It was awesome. It was so perfect we got we. We create all this cool content. It took fuck and fifteen minutes. One guy goes out makes a bomb done over Yup. We man with felt like everyone's out baking in the sun. It was nine thousand degrees outside. We were just baking out there. Sweating people started yell- towards you intimate Richie in this thing. I don't know how man I don't know how to end. What do I do happy with your decision? We'll come back. Absolutely I mean people had to play the planet. What else can you do? I guess you're right playoff but the only thing that we would have done differently was with five teams I would have done like an aggregate score or an alternate shot format right out of the gate tyler so next one. That's just what we'll do because you had ten you had legit no yeah you at ten people hitting on the T. and then ten people going shots or Solta then ten people lining up there pots and a couple of people hitting multiple chips right and it was for the first five people that teed off the crowd was all going crazy and then even the last five people that they hit good shots a crowd which is dead silent and we did that for another hour. It was great man the bottom of God's about we got our winters <hes> so we've got the you know. The field is sat. Were next up. We got a lot of these fucking things coming. We are next up at <hes> Whiskey Creek outside of D._C.. On Friday this Friday then we're at Philmont in Philly Philly area on Tuesday August sixth then we got like ten days then we've got on August sixteenth what I'm calling what is going to be a biblical event. We've got the Chicago Barstool classic at Harbourside side and at this thing so the foreplay crew were all going the entire barstools Chicago crew is going. Those guys are animals absolute animals big cat will be there will be singing the national anthem that is currently the plan. He's obviously incredibly busy guy so things could change with big cats planning on being there. Just one brooks coca found the planet Chicago Guy Defray you taking a lot of shots CATA show but lose use common ever from Framework Chirping. I talked to dog as recount doing some Chirp and he's getting into it about tweet tweet from this Guy Scott because he respond to my tweet like Oh did Brooks try. This week is fucking big cat tic TAC <hes> tweet at me. Hey Frankie you okay with brooks winning this torn. It makes no sense he has no idea is talking about. Scott Smith goes he tries and majors and tries for major money. This isn't hard math. That's what these are. The people I hate that is the Brooks kept defend him that I had this is what your whole twitter world looks like that Smith right now he tries and majors and tries for major money. This isn't hard men he tries all the time. Guys tries to win turns trying to get the best item so he tries to win. It's getting the best because he practices much yeah but he's still tries to win because he did he won't he won guys. We've also got the pairing of page sporadic and Taylor cusack are going to be there. They auction that up <hes> a lot of money that they were able to raise for cyber smiler's charity that we're doing for <hes> the Chicago event so it's going to be something it's a summer Friday writes. All these other ones have been like Mondays Tuesdays. This is on a summer Friday and Chicago. It's it's gotta be something <hes> and then we start to wrap it up. We've got grant links on August nineteenth. which is my old my former home-course up in the Boston area and then we've got pound Ridge on August twenty sixth and that'll wrap out the tour <hes> except four of course the finale which will be on October Fifteenth <hes> parcel classic stuff you know pay attention? Watch that stuff very exciting very cool <hes> and then the last thing is I just I was just at band dunes for the last five days <hes> so I just like to say reiterate that that is the single oh greatest golf destination on planet earth and it's not even really close which is golf heaven so what about cabinet because he came back saying so cabinet I think is my favorite golf. Course I've ever played golf course I've ever played. It's hard to keep up with getting point cabot cliffs Kavak cliffs is the Best Golf Course yes. Shannon Dunes is the Best Golf Experience Experience Appearance Destination. There's theft five golf course right. You know win the golf course mean that's the best golf course to know or no like best golf experience. I mean they're the best golf course there too. We'll know 'cause like I wouldn't just the I. I think there's a lot more reasons to go to bandit because play five different golf courses and all of them are ranked. You know four four golf courses ranked inside the top one hundred in denied states of America Gotcha and the fifth one is the preserve which is their thirteen whole par-three course that is right on the water and it's kind of every looks unbelievable so it's it's different cabinet. I think you know the hospitality and all that and the experience that we had was definitely up there and the core crenshaw course cabot cliffs on just obsessed with I do think it's my favorite like single course I've ever played but abandoned man you have got four courses like you said in the top one hundred that are three of them are on the water. The other one band in trails you know goes back in through the trees and his core crenshaw course so you get a lot of different variety and they're all literally a like one minute shuttle ride from each other and they're building a fifth eighteen golf course now court crenshaw are called the sheep rich which we got a tour of well and it's nine Greens are on the water Jesus. How far along are they like like was a cool seeing like a golf course being built like so as long as a good question I I I've ever seen that? I don't know how but that's the first time I've ever seen that and it was wild met like they were saying you know. In in this fall is the timeframe they're giving. They're going to open it up for preview play and we are walking around being like how are they gonna be able to golf off on this. It was just dirt in Saint and like some of the Greens that we were just walking across the Greens and I was like wait a second making footprints here in the sand that like how is going to be a perfect great I don't. I'm changing like the break. What are we doing here yeah and and some of them like half of them had already been seated in stuff and they were you know it was it was something it the property there is it is so exposed and on top of these cliffs that there will be days where they can't can't play because it's so it'll be windy day literally? They won't be allowed to open it up for play it's going to be I don't know. I don't know if it's like the only course whatever the first course in a long time built. It's not GonNa have a single bunker on it because the wind is going to be so bad eh the sand would blow out of the bunkers from on. She's isn't that outrageous. That's insane yeah man. It's going to be nine degrees on the water. It's going to I believe double the number of Greens that are on the water on the property and they already have like five golf courses so it's just the sheep branch the fact that you can play before open. That's crazy well. Some people can right. Yes Oh preview play which don't even know exactly what that means <hes> Lindsay from Chambers Bay remember mom that was like all their home course Oh yes how could I forget or goal mountain. She was like rant and rave in that night that she that that she was doing that that whole thing that she played chambers bay when it was just dirt and like before they even had like pins in for the had holes in the ground was I have a mean but I guess what you're explaining is like is what happens. I guess there's just lay out yeah. It's a layout you know they start to move a lot of dirt in in and and all that and then they you know eventually they dig out the bunkers and then they they'll they'll seed so they were they were seating being all of you know there are kind of going through the process of seeding the different Greens and fairways and all that which was clearly not even close to done but I think the main kind of grunt work of all of it is moving all the land and I believe that they've essentially moved off lance like we. Could you know we could walk up pretty much every teebox and evergreen and you could see it. You could visually like see that the terrain had been put in place it just didn't have the grass or the fescue or the gorse bushes are whenever around it to kind of like give it the definition definition and the different color and all that and the actual turf but it was shaped and all that you could just stand the first hole as par-five man that goes out straight towards the water the whole way you tee off right by the clubhouse you go out. The second shot is like downhill will straight towards the ocean in the cliffs way higher than they are at other places and you get out and you just kind of you can visualize it right away from the tea in the you get closer enclosures like this is Dave already got the courses that I've told you guys about that. We've talked about in the people tweet about allow and they're adding this amazing. What so it's it's going to be special <HES> I was there? Imagine Ella who we had on the go on this show about a year ago I want to say I think we have magical and he is it does all the golf travel stuff for <hes> Golf Channel News on T._v.. A Lot when Trent daddy myself I was GONNA say he was our guy. When we were on morning drive last year <hes> match and Ellos the guy that interviewed us for like five minutes and kind of teat us up? I mean man that he t us the fuck. He was a great great. Team couldn't have been better he is. I wish I hadn't looked at the floor so much or tongue. I people were bugs on the floor. I kept looking for the camera was down there. They told you look at the screen. Don't get the camera I looked at the camera didn't look at the screen. I know you looked at the screen at the camera. I looked at the wrong thing. You look at yourself on the screen couldn't look in the mirror there. There was a red dot. They're like this is the camera. Look at the camera. Don't look at the screen which is showing yourself down to the right and daddy just the whole entire segment stared right at himself from this grazing. I'm not a T._v.. Proud hands fun. I don't know what to do up. They're fine. People make mistakes I would've been you would have been crazy if I was perfect at it but match analysis I I'm going to have him back on the show and wolf kind of go through the whole trip because he's you know maybe the best in the planning about he's golf trip and we've learned very quickly. <hes> with the different shows that we've done whether it was are you know Frankie and myself and we did our Seattle trip whether it was lurch in our by Pete when we did the <hes> Wisconsin trip breakdown people love golf travel stuff they just limit the kick enough of it and it makes sense because if you know if your golf fan you play a lot of golf and you naturally want to have these kind of unforgettable moments and trips with your buddies <hes> so I'm going to go through that in detail with Madij on the show because he's the man it's two thousand nineteen. 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They're already obsessed. recons e fifty miles ear buds totally changed the game for me there so comfortable and easy you can take them anywhere unlike some of your otherwise option recon ear buds bowl stylish and discreet with no dangling wires or stems stems. It's true you don't like stems stems. This look stupid. No I agree with that actually in dumb. It's just looks like it's missing something stomas. Yeah I like that <hes> RECON offers their wireless hereabouts for everyone in a range of fun colors. Eh An unbeatable price go to buy RAYCATENA DOT COM slash four to get fifteen percent off your order. That's by RECON DOT com slash four. You're going to fifteen percent off ray con wireless head ear buds. If you've been buying a pair now's the time to get an amazing deal. One more time by RECON DOT COM slash four that guy's got more passion and more energy for Golf <hes> than I've ever seen in my entire life all preparation that he did into this trip. He's giving speeches each night. He's telling history he had made like like a ten minute video tribute video at the beginning of the trip so this is like you know I'm not gonNA I don't WanNa mess up all the details and Al kind of the the nuts and bolts other was I was twenty nine guys. I was invited to be guys partners teams. A two one team has three because you guys are older can't do the whole thirty six day so they have a team of three multi in which is awesome but but the crux of it is it's it's teams a too. I got divided to be my boy partner and he was like Hey. This is like my number. One major of the year imagine l. runs the whole thing and <hes> it is matching. It's called the Uncle Tony Invitational. You'll see a tweet and about it and instagram about all time but his uncle Tony who got him into golf total legend <hes> was part of this trip. It's like the six or seven annual now exactly sure he passed away a couple years ago so they named it like it is honor and so the first ten minutes was kind of all this footage from there like six or seven years of doing this trip including a bunch of footage Ivanka Tony <hes> and so they do this whole thing the first night he does a liar's dice tournament <hes>. It's all kinds of crazy stuff. He does a whole putting competition. <hes> call the uncle bill on the punch bowl. Which is there eighteen hole putting course that has all elaborately bananas? I watch Youtube racy crazy. It's of course it's a mini golf. Course it is it is a mini golf course at band but it's an all on one huge green one gigantic green. They've got eighteen tease each one of the T. V. Nowhere to go. Each one of the teas has <hes> you know it's got a t that has a tray for four drinks so you're supposed to set your drink right in there and then you can see out there where the where the pin number is because it has a number and so everybody there is like an actual course that you play and <hes> stream song does the same thing. It's an amazing. It's so cool so far difficult or so yes so we did our format was <hes> for the whole trip you obviously have your partner for the for the whole trip but these other little <hes> kind how to competitions they do random draws and stuff to kinda mix it up and y'all get to meet different guys and me and my boy spoon you know we get paired up and we're like one of the last groups and he won the thing last year and I was like hey man. I don't hit the ball very well but I can. I can usually putz like I think we got pretty fucking good chance and where we're coming down the stretch in and were it was best ball so it's putting basketball apart too and we were on Sixteen T.. We were only like one over and which is amazing on those green on those green screens are crazy FRAC- and we find out where like I think like to over is GonNa win so we end up bogey and seventeen then we get to eighteen eighteen was a whole the people literally couldn't keep within twenty feet. That's hard it was so I blow at twenty feet by he hits a bad one and everybody everybody ready standing around the last hole. We've been drinking all day long. It's like sunset. We've been going crazy in the winter. You know you get some hardware and you get like four or five hundred bucks because we all throw money into the kitty and it's a whole deal and I just made like twenty five hundred Videos Hill and superstar over there to man was I drunk I and then we went in we had dinner and then I apparently pulled the move rousing. I'M GONNA go piss real quick boys. I went out to punch when they didn't see me for three hours and then they were all back at the fucking Condo <hes> drinking having a good time and somebody was Kinda like rigs found my boy spoon and Vanilla and be are in the boys got in a car while we're going to do search and rescue in a final voice spoon was like I have a sense I think he went slept on the punch bowl and sure enough lurch will know Oh. This is kind of my move yeah. This is your move become really. I was passed out full starfish with a drinks till my hand on the Punch Bowl. How does it become your move I doing that? I don't know man. Did that a cabinet for I don't remember it obviously down just lay down the fairway. We had this big party back in our place and where the hell is this kid and say it's now people are starting to leave. It's probably closer to two thirty nine really no time it is and <hes> I'm like closing up and but I hear this like faint like music plane and then I like walked out when he just starfish probably fifty feet from our little Condo Lane in the first fairway listened to Tunes Dead Asleep so I did little sternum rigs. You probably want to wake up. I had put spotify my phone. It was just like this is my spot. I guess I mean two hours later. People are going replaying through that same six and she's dead on the fairway. What is up there? I think myself my subconscious drunk brain got it like you know what this is. Our spot tonight like this is where the magic all have hell you. We're not leaving here. My back was it's tough shape. The rest of the trip is a firm out there. I teed off. I had my bag got completely soaked because it was the sprinklers run outside. I left my bag out there because I had brought it over for the putting contest you must have been Sunday never bought the Cat Yeah my boy cure in my cat. He was like what's happened to the back here. It's a long story. I didn't have a potter or my fifty four degree wedge when I'd have played the first four holes they just weren't there. I mean we got the I T. He's like. Where's your stuff was like I don't know man? I don't know her marry. The after my thirty foot pot that I made when the whole thing I got nothing Matt <hes> so as it was a scene but it was one of those where I knew three people going in June of finding the putter and the wedge they delivered the Putter to me on the fourth hole and then I never found the wedge just became a <hes> a donation. She sat on with Bandon. It's a sacrifice it has become it's my opinions just melted into like the say yeah and then is become part of Bandon which is great the only three people I knew as my boy who he's my partner going in match Allen Allen ship knock where the only three people I knew going into the whole trip and it's one of those where like now all twenty nine guys. I liked best friend so it was a scene we had <hes> Joe Horowitz who plays who's a musician. He's New York guy but he his <hes> he was doing these guys. He's he plays a song and he's unbelievably talented. He's done like the national anthem it <hes> couple games or whatnot. He's incredibly talented and he was doing at the at the end of the trip last night dinner. He was playing song where where he had just built in roasts of like everyone on the trip and so he's got out playing the smog and then like the first verse he would just it'd be really slow and you can tell that living and he would just roast different people everybody just in tears all time so it was a scene and then I got <hes> traveled all day yesterday got in at two A._M.. And we were at the box classic at Seven A._M.. This morning so it was a grind pretty excited. quit doing the fucked show so I go home grossly yeah. It's kind of the point but I will have a lot of people are asking. I will have chiwetel on. We're GONNA talk about the trip. You know. Break it down. Do a little bit more golf travel stuff because people like that stuff <hes>. I think that's all I got. We know what's coming out soon. is their videos probably from not soon but I know the guys are working on it. <hes> from the Washington trip now you mentioned it <hes> <music>. I wanted to just plug something real quick so devante as my friend my close personal friend islander not a big deal Dave Dave own as rejected calm his buddy Mattie who played with us <hes> he's running this <hes> Spike Ball Autism charity tournament his brother's a seventeen year world. Apparently he's like the the biggest beauty kate of all time seventeen years old has autism. They're running this amazing spike ball charity tournament so I would assume that we have some Canadian listeners that are like from Abbotsford. Oh I know what you see. I know we do if you're from Abbotsford B._C.. Or anywhere somewhere around there I I'm not gonNA act like I know what the fuck that is or where that is nor should you but Berry Park August seventeenth while we're we're going to be out in Chicago at that time out in Canada at that time. Co Placements Vipul Spike Ball Game Yeah Smash the Stigma Dot C._A.. T._A.. Is that a Canadian thing. They don't have come. They don't know everything you know that I didn't know that I didn't know that really everything. There is so barstool does he ascend Barsha Sports Dot C._O.. You can still go onto like the U._S.. Domain but you notice U._S._A.. Dot C._O.. Smash the Stigma Dot C._A.. Sounds awesome. I didn't know that either no dude spike ball. No job is perhaps the most fun game yard game ever came. I think Cornell's Arnold's better though which they'll have it depends what you're going to have this as well <hes> 'cause pipe while you're almost you're you're going to work out yeah yeah yeah. You have to be like intense. Actually I work in break a sweat correct. That's only reason why and also you need like a very good athletic partner. You can't just like when you say yard game like that's why I don't put it as the best yard game 'cause I'm not going out there with my uncle and playing fucking legitimate spike ball I can go toss bags with like a cousin and uncle. I need like my buddy. WHO's on the football team to play spike ball who someone who has endurance and it's GonNa dive in like actually play the game like if you go to charity tournament this where people trying to win and stuff like like I'm sure there's going to be an actual competitive thing so that's when spike spike while becomes amazing like Mike ahead of next to it? It's not a vacation. It's a golf trip. That's fall. You're like I'M GONNA destroy. I am right. It's a show of it takes place ten in your tenure like <hes> high school like trying to get some haven union everyone everyone how fucking like how great you're doing yep like. Let's have our tenure union on the beach. Why it's completely you see like you're like fluffy friends bunch of lurches churches around the dominant dominant I had I had argument with someone over the weekend that they said they can't believe you that good at paddle sports? I said you have no fucking have no idea how good this guy I've seen it once <hes> I would say I'm decent those games pretty good at those games. Yeah I can have better tennis or Ping. Ping Pong is without crush but he plays in tennis. He'll play against like D.. One guys in lose like six four DEF yeah. I got killed this. I mean I it should get the fact you can lose six three to a division one tennis player it should be everyone's going to watch lurch play one Game Ping Pong appreciate that for his amazing. I've seen it so many times man we go to these bars and people just can't believe that's always leads to like so maybe yeah I'm pretty good. Cut them off because I'll tell you five hundred bucks right now right now five hundred bucks and actually I something I played this weekend back at <hes> Moore's country club the place that you said it was like unbelievable. He yeah that I he experience yeah some so like I had no idea this was gonna come full circle but I scheduled this thing with a couple of guys that are used to coach the cross and they're like you got to play so I go out there. I can't can't wait because I'm all excited about what Frankie said <hes> but it was the day after the member guests. I was like pretty like doll. You know everybody was one of the kids that I used to coach was out to like five A._M.. So there must be unbelievable it must have been incredible playing dice till like three or four in the morning. Sunday afternoon has geysers roasting people in the imagine when it's it's a spectacular track. We had a great also short but unbelievable yeah. It's it's a sweet little track but anyways I putted like when you WanNa talk about like showing up again from a ten year reunion hit the ball pretty well I some of the worst part of all time because the Greens are pretty like undulated pretty hilly tough so there was like four times my backswing that I saw a hill in front of the housing I got a pound this and I literally just ripped at thirty or forty yeah. There's one time I was twenty five feet by pretty good another Michael Breed session do well then I was going between you know what breed told me I have a lot of angles in how I pot so it was like you just gotTa straighten out your arms and I was really just trying to find anything in confidence because I was trying to like. Hey you know I'm not a bad golfer <hes> but man I'd atop putting how about I had around my first round my career this past week with no bogeys. Oh Damn what I had three doubles a Birdie and the rest parse Holy Shit Holy Shit Zen saying but is it says I was thinking about two days after it was like wait a second only made a whole fucking bogey the whole round. Oh Shit I had like five fever bogey on this on the eighteenth hole missed. Wow <hes> my best out the plug another huge not the plug another mother from Brock Nelson and he says he said <hes> on the Front Ranger shot a front nine thirty. He shot a front nine thirty nine ers. What yeah thirty nine with no parse? What do you have four birdies Yep? <hes> was it yes. It was four birdies yeah. Do we play if we played a nine hole. Stretch at mammoth were lurch had five birdies the front nine thirty three when birdie-birdie bogey-bogey Birdie Birdie Birdie par par finish it was so great what a down seven a bunch of cocktails and just poran imports actually didn't even I didn't make anything I made a fifteen twelve twelve to fifteen foot around the first hall and I should get onto but then after that I just made like a bunch or six rock Nelson Front nine thirty nine no pars he goes riddle me that six bogies three birdies six bogies three birdies. Wow that's a that's a hell of around down rollercoaster. How are you like hitting it that well? Two of his birds were stuffed wedges from eighty yards sees like he was on insert shots and then other ashes like all over. That's just not even close close. That's just the most roller coaster day ever bogey-birdie-bogey birdie-bogey-birdie kidding on today fucking lurch when he had five birdies on the front and I we were playing vegas he has ever played that game from. I've never played Vegas this fucking game so you you know it's it's the score of your team like right so if I make a four my partner makes a five our scores forty five okay okay now or I'll give you better example. If I make a former Oh my partner makes a seven or scores forty-seven now the team the other team makes a Birdie your scores flip so your teams in for seventy four and you pay the difference on each hole so if lurch makes a Birdie and his partner makes a five there in for thirty five we're in for seventy four. He made his five of them on the front so you down. We were down one hundred fifty fucking played. Every point is a bucks about time we made the turn up like honor and fifty totally if you play. Hey a guy who's on five thousand dollars killing absolutely lavenham another cocktail meanwhile my partners like anything you need. I'll get it wasn't playing that well my partner partner the dugout. You know we'd have like a little powwow on the T. Right Lurch and make a big berry on six or something. We'd have a little Powell on the T._v.. Hey he can't do this forever and five heated at the four inches on the next hall or EAT RIPA driver down the middle of the hit a three. Would you have like twenty feet for Eagle. It wasn't Saturday. It's fun round. I'll be happy to keep talking about that. Never happens ever again. <hes> all right folks we will be back on Thursday <hes> we should have very cool gas coming into the office or should be a phenomenal show. We're very excited for that.

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