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"brooks kafka brooks" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"Brooks Kepco. Okay we now. Welcome on good friend of ours. Recurring guests a nominee for Blake of the year. Twenty twenty which. We don't even know when that's going to happen now. Actually it's the only sport that is corona virus proof. I was GONNA say we should make an announcement right now. We're going to continue the Blake of the year tournament. We're not gonNA let the virus stop it. It will happen sometime. What mid June is generally. When you take these orange alive June. The Blake of the year competition is on schedule. Yes so we have Blake number two last. Year is Brooks Kafka Brooks. What's up man? What's up guys all good? He I mean pretty good for. I guess is soccer. All Things considered not bad. What what have you been doing? I'm always like I. I would assume that you have to train or you playing. Are you still playing golf no? I'm not playing golf. Got Some time off so um couple golf courses closed down so I figured might as well take the break while you can and Just chill and workout and try to get Coaching bows and I don't know. Try to get that six pack back. Are you going to get to jacked up? Oh No no no I. You still got to have a little bit of Dad bought that I need. Bryce Flynn Distributors Chamblee. You have something to complain about with your body so don't get back into like full on piano mover shutout. Rick Reilly shape. I need like I need something for him to come at you for because you play a little bit better when you get that far. I think. That's that's what we're going for a little bit of Dad Bob but not to data smart. I did see that you were practising left-handed though. What do you think you could shoot left handed I don't know if I broke one hundred. That'd be pretty good. I'd be every pretty satisfied. You're such a different bar barstool. How'd you think the US Open? I can go play. Portnoy luck handed. You're such a Dick to be like One hundred left handed. I guess that'd be cool. How could you hit it left handed? I can hit it hit pretty far. I think I hit it like the driver. I mean obviously I only post the good ones. Because they're not gonNA show the bad ones but I don't know somewhere I mean. I hit like three hundred yards. God Dana's Christ's not fair bike before that or opted. That wasn't really shown didn't go very far. What about when when they do that thing where you take your sandwich and then you just hit it left handed on the course? If you've ever done that yeah I have actually because I've been playing so bad recently. I've had to that a couple more times than I would've liked. What do you mean even playing that? Well I mean it's not search not major season yet. So we're we're just prepping. Are you worrying practicing? Yeah are you worried? Though with the Lay off and the season county like getting compacted here that you're going to have to. You're going to have to win back to back tournaments at some point because there's going to be majors that are like a week or two away from each other. Are you worried at all that? There's it's going to be a little bit more difficult to dominate. Everyone in the big ones. Now I mean it's made as you maybe you'll be up for it. You gotTA figure out a way to get off for it but the practice make sure you're you're getting tuned up for him. That's all you gotta do. So I I've been paying attention to a couple of rounds recently and when you're not shooting well. I'm just like that. Good that's awesome. This is like perfect blake. He's getting to the zone he doesn't need to show up until it's you know into the lights are the brightest. Do you ever actually get pissed off at yourself for putting up a bad score during and non major tournament. Yeah Yeah I do. I actually get really annoyed but I mean it's it's become very frequent lately that it's just You just gotTa let it slide now and you're like all right gotta find something get back into it and I mean I was just finding my rhythm two when they cancelled because the corona finding the rhythm. You're about to go off. I could feel it You know were telling you man. What do you think your g cues shoot? We never even talked to you about that. Do you think he may be a little too pretty boy. I kind of look like mark. Anthony Okay. Yeah the the see onto the see through shirt on the boat. I don't know what that look is. Yeah I mean I gotta be honest. It's not like I'm sitting here. Picking out of my wardrobe. I mean it was definitely like nineties. Miami Mark Anthony. I I feel like they were going for the one of the vote though with like the robe Like the Jack Nicholson was cool. But the other ones A bit questionable. Yeah say the least. Yeah I liked the robe on the golf course look. Have you ever actually played around the golfing rope? at that. Espn body achieve. That was it I mean and then you had to take the robe off but yeah that was about the only time I've been in a row. What was that like? Did you always have to make sure that there wasn't anybody standing in front of that could take a look at you? Know You you bits and pieces or was that privacy situation all about the accurate phony story behind this. We were So we're doing this. Shoot whatever it is is on the golf course. And they didn't close the golf course down in my coaches giving lessons people were playing. I mean you could see and Well they don't tell you. Is that like the makeup artists fans literally like right in front of you like frontal like ten feet away the entire time the entire shoots going on so it's like I don't know it's getting late in the day. We're getting kind of tired. But it's like it's cool down a little bit. It's like sixty degrees and it started to sprinkle getting cold to snack negative recipe all. Yeah I wouldn't complain all day and like I kinda muttered under my breath. I'm like damn cold and The lady hasn't said anything all day. She just blurts out. I can tell that's fucked up. Are you serious issues like no goosebumps?.

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