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"brooklyn township" Discussed on The RV Podcast

"But that's coming as well but some progress on that border being opened. We got a really nice note from our friends. Deb and jeff spencer about campground being closed because of the mess that people make the dispersed camping areas. And this is a good news story out of that because a group of concerned people who love to disperse capping our ears. They have banded together. They started kind of a funding movement to save a disperse campground. In the bridger teton national forest. It was a very popular cap gown and it had been used a whole lot last year. A whole lot this year Human waste was really starting to accumulate and as the forest service has been doing around the country. It looked like they were going to shut that down. Because they don't have the manpower to go in and clean up all that human waste in that junk so this group got together and they started a fundraising a lot of individual donations and they raised a lot of money as sixty thousand dollars from private donations as well as as well as to corporations shoutout to domestic and a shoutout also to compendium companions. Kind of like up campground review citing information on camping and dometic of course makes all the rv accessories and it was so much fun. Because they're opening ceremonies they had ribbon-cutting toilet paper. What they did. We didn't tell them what they did with this. They they built a to vault toilets in this area where all the human waste was. So now there's there are toilets there and that's pretty good and then tell about the opening ceremony opening ceremony they use toilet paper for the ribbons for the cutting ribbons of cutting toilet paper. So that's fun. You know what. I found really interesting out of that story is i didn't realize it costs that much but in none under they build that but they also had to pledge enough maintenance money to make maintain these toilets and it's expensive thousand a toilet a year so ten thousand dollars every year for these two toilets to clean them to maintain them. But congratulations solve. So that's the kind of story we love to report. A group of concerned are veres a couple of great corporate. Rv industry citizens helping out with that sixty grand abilities vault toilets. And then pledging ten grand a year to clean the two of them thank you guys. Thanks to our friends. dab and hand Jeff spencer for sending that story so nice to get a good news story. There was a very sad story that we want to report happened. This past weekend in michigan in leno way county michigan actually brooklyn township was a music festival. There and three young guys in their twenties in their twenties were in a travel trailer and they were a campground about four or five miles from where this big festival was held. And they went to bed late friday They were found unresponsive and pronounced dead in their travel trailer on saturday and the cause of death was a common one that we hear several times a year and generator a generator. That was right next to their to their camper. And the fumes from that generator built up carbon monoxide inside. The trailer and these three young men lost their lives. It's uninvestigated police. Haven't done a final release of what the cause was. But that's certainly what they were exp- they were suspecting and for all of us it's a reminder of how deadly carbon monoxide is. So you wanna make sure. You're the main sources generator The and also propane propane. Fires and pain stoves. You wanna make sure all of your equipment works properly and the best way to do this. Have it inspected at least once every season. And for all of you who love amusement parks you are going to be so excited about. What has opened up in the cincinnati area at kings island kings great amusement park one of the best in the country and they just opened a twenty seven million dollar campground. It's huge. it's fifty three acres in size costs about one hundred bucks a night to stay there and a little bit more with all the fees. It's just outside the amusement park. They got shuttles going back and forth but this is a luxury park pools for just adults and then pulls for for kids with kids. And i'm sure all kinds of fitness centers. They've got a great restaurant there They have walking trails and dining options.

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