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21 - Serial Killer Trivia and Beer Tasting

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21 - Serial Killer Trivia and Beer Tasting

"Welcome fours talk or we're not really horse. We just like word word play. Hello and welcome to Horace Talk Whore. I'm Sharon I'm Melinda and since We had so much fun recording our last Trivia episode About were Spencer basically. He quizzed us on Horror Movie Trivia. We decided to do it again. But this time we were GONNA get quizzed on serial killer and True Crime Trivia all. Yeah and we're going to have another beer tasting Because I was also a lot of fun and we like beer so why we do like bear and this time we decided not to just do pumpkin beer in fact. I don't think we have any PUMPKIN beers we're We each picked a couple beers and then spencer picked a beer. And we're just GONNA surprise each other and taste what we all brought so mindy let's Tell everyone what our first bureaus okay so our first beer. I'm going to be honest. I picked this strictly based on the can design. We're going to start cast. Many was the can look like well. I'll get to that. Ah Beers called Wayne bows and that's a rainbows with a w instead of an R and it has a little beer glass with me most coming out of it and it says hazy. Pale Ale brewed with CITRA CASCADE AND MOSAIC hops. and Best of all. It's made by a little beaver brewery out of Bloomington Illinois. So it's sort of low all little beaver dry and it has been raising a beer less on the back of it. It's Super Uber. Cute but it is a hoppy beer which I am Kinda more into like stoute's now than hoppy is but we're going to try it so here we go and again how many people use is mindy. Shut up and I actually can't find that. I don't remember where we founded Spencer. I think that was a different. Can I think whatever it doesn't matter is is beer so and it's pretty so let's just stick with that doesn't matter it's beer all right. So it's like five and a half Wayne Bo's baby wayne bows cheers all right. That's actually not as hobbies. I was expecting. It smells very hobby and I'm not a huge fan of happy. Beers is various citrusy it it is a citrus kind of cuts down on the bitterness of the hops drinkable but also it has a pretty can so I just WanNa keep mentioning that. Yeah it's a good blend of citrus and hoppy. It's not too happy 'cause I don't like hoppy either but it's not overly happy for those of you who don't like hops. It's it's fine fun. I would give this one a beavers. Would you give this. Yes since since we're done with Pumpkin Beers we cannot read this on a scale of one to five pumpkin heads anymore. We're GonNa rain this beaver heads. This gets three point. Seven five era heads. Wow that's very good little beaver brewery. Good job see look. He's holding up a little beer. Can we even both the picture. I think we took a picture already. We'll push instagram's y'all can see. Yeah and how many beaver leads you give this one. I would actually probably go for three point. Seven beaver heads point seven. Because I think it's very drinkable but I a new still prefer stoute's these days. I think I like it Spencer. I would probably do three beavers heads through your ads. Just take that for what you will. Yeah because hops are not my favorite thing but the citrus adds a little sweetness. It's fine and we do have some popcorn so we can cleanse our palate. Yeah we apologize if you hear a crunch and we're GONNA try to do that though because that's so annoying especially ear. Buds in ultra in as much. I Bet I was possible. All right so I'm just going to say it like last time. You know not experts on serial killers not experts on horror movies. We'd US enjoy these things. Don't judge us is what she's saying he's gone you of our favor. Things you know more more about serial killers than the average person like me but you also are not experts. There are a lot of people possibly some of you listeners. Who Know a lot about serial killers so wrong right? Yeah and sorry for those of you screaming at your ipod or phone or whatever. Whatever you're listening to this on saying you idiot you're walk manser old your Walkman all you tape it and you? You made a mix of our podcast. I think I heard the walkmans coming back. Actually I have three are at. Are you ready for some serial killer Trivia. Rupe oop all right. The first ones I think are more general serial killers things and You should you should get a bunch of these. Don't preempt it just come out is break. During what decade was the term serial killer coined. Jaren you can't see my screen can you. I cannot see your screen. Ah going to cheat I what decade. It was Mine Hon. Like not actually I can give you multiple choice for these. Oh okay that'll make it a little bit easier. I WANNA genesis one thousand nine hundred ninety but yes bring the multiple choice questions on mindy do have guessed before I give you the choices now. Just nineteen fifties nineteen sixty or nineteen seventies. Oh Yeah I'M GONNA go nine hundred seventy S. I was right that is correct. ooh Mind Hunter yet. Flex Robert Ressler former director of the FBI violent criminal apprehension program coined the term in the mid Seventies. All right next and the yes. These are multiple choice. How how are serial killers different from mass murderers choice? A serial killers are more skilled choice. B serial killers let time impasse between murders and see serial killers murder all their victims in a short amount of time. Now definitely be your correct as as opposed to mass murderers who kill four or more people in a short period of time in the same place serial killers murder three or more victims with cooling off periods in in between everyone knows that next question about how many serial killers have there been in the United States. In the past century. Choices are three hundred four hundred or five hundred that we know of true yeah Momentum is investment. It's an yeah I'm GonNa say I would go. Maybe be four hundred. What was the be was four hundred? Yeah that's that's what I was thinking I'm going to go with four hundred You both are correct. What up we're actually doing a little bit better at this than we did at Halloween? Horror Movie Trivia. Speak for yourself while I could go to the other link that has much harder you can go back and forth that is true I could the FBI estimates that's there had estimates there have been approximately four hundred serial killers responsible for anywhere from two thousand five hundred twenty six to three thousand six hundred eighty victims victims during the last century. And that's that we know of because how many crimes happen every day that we have no idea all right. I'm GonNa give you a harder one and from this other site. One Corona was born in Mexico in nineteen thirty four he migrated to Yuba City California years later leader for farmwork corona eventually rose to the position of labor contractor making him responsible for hiring interest to pick fruit for local growers hours despite being diagnosed with what in his younger days liver cancer because he made Corona Beer Sharon okay. I'M GONNA say on Schizophrenia. Goose sarunas correct number. Everyone number one. WHO's so do we know who that was? I don't know who that was. His name is one corona. And that's why this was a hard question because is I don't think either one of you ever heard of this is probably not responsible for making current affairs. That is a shot in the dark. All right do you want an easy questioner questioner hard question prizes. Don't ask us out. Just give us a fucking question. David Berkowitz was a serial killer who earned the nickname son. I Know Sam Oh no I shall read that again. I like I like your enthusiasm Sharon. Yeah Yeah maybe I'll just let you finish the questions from Alan David. Berkowitz was a serial killer who earned the nickname son of SAM. Thanks to a letter he wrote to a newspaper. Or what was he called before that and your choices. Are The dragon boy. This snowman killer forty four caliber caliber killer or the bloodstain killer the forty four caliber killer. Yeah I would agree. You are correct Sharon. Are you sure you can't see my screen and I'm just do all this shit and that's yeah what girl doesn't know her. Serial killer shut true next. The Zodiac killer is one of the most famous serial killers throughout his era of activity. He sent letters to newspapers with clues but but they stopped suddenly on July eighth. Nineteen Seventy Four Y. A he retired be he was killed. See he was caught or d. The answer is still a mystery D. D. but I think it's because Robert Donna Juniors character character like left the newspaper so he had no. There's no point in writing anymore. I'm referring to the movies odiaun which is really really good but I would still go with our answer. According to this it does say the answer is still Misra but it also I think possibly is he retired he may have just retired so but in general. It's a mystery. I wonder what his pension plan was like next question Ian Brady was the male partner of a pair of serial killers who terrorized the the Lancaster Lancashire area of England. I think that right. What is the name of Brady's female accomplice? This is not multiple choice choice. I'm sorry all through. The House has a waiting for that. I don't know is definitely easier with multiple choice. Yeah Mindy I assume you don't have an answer This is Myra Hindley obviously obviously player. Should we do another beer. All right so I worked up a bit of a thirst killing it at fucking trivia whatever so This next fear is a sour El. It's the maceration. A fruit is our with blackberry plumbing. Raspberry from new image brewing in our Colorado seven point five percent alcohol by volume or as many calls. Ab Us. I'll stop it and it's got a really cool can says an explosive work of art on it so yeah let's try this one. It's purple the hands purple. which is the color of the ails? Well it's not really a purple. It's more of a reddish pinkish. Look already yeah. Though that is heart that is really hard. I actually Kinda like it is. I love Sour. Els In this is pretty really fucking sour. I like it and I like how sour this is. It's con- delicious. A kind of tastes like rhubarb. It's almost like a new. Oh I know it contains blackberry and raspberry but it almost tastes like a really sour strawberry. Rhubarb Pie is tart baby with alcohol. Help with that will get you drunk with seven point five use alcohol. I'm going to say that in front of somebody who doesn't listen. Listen it got blah blah abuse like. What are you talking about so I would give this before Bieber? We stick stick with beavers. We've started with beavers. We're GONNA finish the beers little beaver brewery. Thank you for contributing to our show today. If you want to send us any free beaver beer or sponsor doors open we will not say no course court gmail.com if you want to send us some free beaver. The that I'd say I'd give this like three to three point five beavers Spencer yet. I'd probably do it three three and a half or so just because it's a little bit. I like Oh yeah three. And a half beavers. Yeah it's it's a bit sweeter you're than the last one Yeah Yeah it's good though. I think I'm ready for some more. Zero Killer Trivia. Let's do it ever go. Which of the following serial killers was born in Hoover Vermont John Wayne Gracie? Eileen wore notes. Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy. We bundy no. He was born in Washington. Knowing wasn't doesn't he was born in a halfway house because his mom was gave birth. Tim Illegitimately Yep. He was writing later moved to Washington. And when his Mahmoud. Oh Okay married I all. I know it's not the other no is Eileen from Michigan Dahmer. I think was actually born in Illinois before before he moved to Milwaukee and who is the other gase he was also from Illinois Go Illinois is just GonNa say Illinois rules. I know Bundy. Sure bundy correct. Correct Woohoo what good Jimmy at. Yeah I only know him from Washington. I didn't realize born Vermont the I I read the stranger beside me and then just recently like sauce. Some weird special that was on one of the random channels for Halloween. And like so. That's fresh in my mind but yeah I I just bought that book and I can't wait to start reading so good you won't be able to stop. I have to finish. I'll be no. I refinish albion dark when my rating now chased darkness with me and you had dark in the title but that is such. That's next a good book. It's it's actually a very quick read. I basically read it on my lunch breaks at at work and hit been like zipping threat so I'm excited to finish and start stranger up. Sign me quick plug right there for an rule and they give anyway precedes. bouncers thank you. How many consecutive life sentences did John Wayne? JC receive for his killing son of a bitch. I don't even know. The options are twenty five twenty one eighteen or thirteen. I think it's eighteen. I honestly don't know he killed a lot. I know yes I'm GONNA say Eighteen Mindy with that. The answer is twenty one ooh close. That's close for bonus points. Do you know when he was executed. Know that much about him like a lot of the details. If you even give me a year I'll give you points okay. So when he was executed. Ed I'm going to say nine. Eighteen ninety mindy thoughts. No because all all that's in my head or other questions which probably are cheating. So I'll I'll stick with Sharon's answer. He was executed on May tenth. Nineteen Ninety Four. I Shall Sean. I do know that where his house was is approximately twenty five thirty minutes from where we are now but they like bulldozed it down. It's not there anymore. Are you ready for more right from our. You're where was serial killer Jeffrey. Dahmer born go for it Milwaukee. Wisconsin Gary Indiana Hannah Cleveland Ohio or Boston Massachusetts. Oh It's actually you know what I misspoke earlier. It was Cleveland Ohio and then but I swear he also lived in Illinois for some part of his life. Maybe you can look that up while we're finishing our beer but I'M GONNA go Cleveland Ohio for this. I'M GONNA go with your mom's house because I don't know well assuming the people who wrote this question are correct. The answer Sir is Milwaukee Wisconsin. Wait what I thought he was. I don't know we might have to look that up and confirmed. I think you need to look that up now while we finish our beer's aright so I totally thought that Dahmer was from Illinois originally and and then moved to Milwaukee but Spencer. You've done a little research. And what's what's the story. Yeah he was born in Milwaukee then when he was about six years his old his family moved to Ohio where he spent a lot of time. Actually I think he even went to college in Ohio and then later he went back to Wisconsin. Which is I? I think. His killings were in both Ohio and Wisconsin what is his connection Illinois No. He traveled to Chicago to pick up some of his victims. I think and some of the gay bars in Chicago. I do remember hearing there was some Illinois connection. I'm pretty sure although to be fair Wisconsin. That's not far. Yeah oh no Milwaukee is about an hour and a half away from here so yeah but I do believe he was like I need fresh meat. He could come to Chicago. Okay Yeah I believe he. He did pick up some of his victims from Chicago and also I want to say as far he was in the military for a while two and then he actually lived in Germany for a while. Yeah this is on June thirtieth. I'm not sure what you're dahmer traveled to Chicago where he encountered a twenty twenty year old named Matt Turner at a bus station does talk about Chicago bars and stuff like that so he did definitely did. Yeah and I know. He was in the military in was in Germany for a while. They're thinking that he might have been murdered. Some people in Germany unsolved case our enemies episode about Jeffrey Dahmer. All serial killer. I loved him. Your serial killer crush me fantasizes. Shit just got weird. A girl can dream right back to Ted Ted Bundy. Oh Hey he pitches for the wrong team anyways. He's so Alan he's dead so point number of things a lot of issues as US anyway. Ted Bundy what were Ted Bundy's final words. This is multiple choice piece out bitches. You got it right I think I know this. Go ahead if you think you know it what what is now. I WanNa hear what you have volunteered. This she says something to the effect of leg. I I'm not guilty here. I didn't do it or something like that. All right now. What are what are the options? The options are a finally finally be. I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends although he probably didn't say it like that if that's what it was beeped it. It feels a little cold in here. Sorry and de well. That's odd. Wait a minute mini. I don't think any of those kind of now I I swear to God i read that. He protested his innocence. I know he I think he. He made the confession tapes apes then outwardly then he was like redacted all that did you notice in the compassion tips. When he talks about the woman he killed he whispers? And it's like did you get that. Did you get that. I think it was giving my loved. My family yeah I would go. I guess and you would be correct. Do although fuck y'all motherfucker is would be a good way to go out to that. That would be my closing line. And then as I'm fading away I go. MD and suck my Dick Shoutout to Fear of a black cat next question which of the following is not one of the ways. Experts classify serial killers. ooh A motive be social patterns or see method. I'm going to say be social patterns pattern. Yeah I'M GONNA go with that. You are both wrong. It is method. What so like? How literally how they would kill them like knife life? Oh Yeah I guess. They don't classify CL- because serial killers can kill a lot of different ways. They don't classify them as as serial killers on their message but they classify serial killers based on motive and social patterns. Yes that is true. We're learning a lot today. Ladies and gentleman you don't forget the Marino which serial killer is also known as the Green River. Hiller I know this one I wanna just blurt it out. I just read this Gary Ridgway when I lived on Ridge wakes you named after the Green River killer. Hey Hey I grew up on that street but can you please just for you know. Just do it. The people out there who are not as smart as me the listeners who are playing at home the options are a Gary Ridgway be Eileen were house see Charles Manson and and the identity of the Green River killer is unknown. Mindy do you have a guest. Oh it's Charles Manson. I'm kidding Anne Rule wrote a great book about this case. Why those of you WanNa read it? Look it up put list Putin is actually I think on Amazon unlimited waited for kindle. I think Amazon prime for kindle for free which serial killer was put to death via lethal injection on on October ninth. Two Thousand Two eleonore knows Holy Shit but I'll let you read the answer. I didn't even know that God. I hope she's wrong. Hey Hannibal Lecter non-real say if any hopkins is still alive and well be. Eileen were knows. See Jeffrey Dahmer and D. I forgot my letters for a second. D Ted Bundy now. I ah Ted. Bundy was way before that. So is dumber. Dahmer was beaten to death in prison. Yeah ever got lethal injection. So he was dead before that. But it doesn't Matt question is who got lethal injection good point and a was is not a real person so it's Eleonore Nas your correct. I know my shit. You're very good at kicking my hand. I did good at the horror movie trivia. I have to say but you're doing real good in this one. I maybe this is our. This is our niche. This is why we come together. You're right if we combine our superpowers we could be bad ass superpowers of true crime lab slash podcast as sh- sure horror movies all right. Let's go to a hard one all right. Let's that's what she said A response broke Spencer. He actually cracked up awesome. Where was Zodiac's first confirmed crime? This is not multiple choice choice. Sanford California somewhere. Are they looking for a specific location. Somewhere like a lover's lane something like that and and Callahan remember like Oakland. Yeah I'M GONNA say Oakland more specific than that but you're not going to know the answer. No I don't know many. Do you have a California terrible terrible gap all through the house. The answer is lake sermon road. And you're right you did. That's in Oakland. I've been there kidding. I don't know what you're going to San Fran next week. AAC maybe should go there. Yeah you can find lake. Herman road takes us there. Post the Monitor instagram's. Hey look where I am. I can lay down pretend to be dead. Have my coworkers take my picture. Do you want to know what happened there. Yeah it is Zodiac Killed Killed Teenagers Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on December twentieth. Nineteen sixty eight Faraday was shot once in the head and presumably died ride while trying to exit the car. While Betty Lou managed to run a few yards and was hit in the back by five bullets. I have to take a good ass movie. This man has been confused with Edmund Kemper because they both share another nickname. Okay all right all right hold on. Read that question one more time. I haven't finished it. But Oh this man has been confused with Edmund Kemper because they both share another nickname dot dot dot. I haven't finished. What are you gonNa say as you finish the class I say would have to say the nickname is the Co ed killer in Michigan? He's better known as the Epsilon Anti ripper who is this man at gained from Illinois Illinois. No was not fucking joking. Remember but but call back. I think we might have to insert a little outtake outtake at this point. I think you might be right. where a million? I actually got into a little bit of a heated discussion between again and add camber. That's why I said that that'll be funny. Yeah we're GONNA throw the outtake. We can play the whole outtake because it was a pretty long discussion Russian. Yeah maybe we can find a snippet to put in. Yeah well here we go take a listen. There's a serial killer named Ad Cover from Illinois women. No Oh he's not familiar he was in Plainfield Illinois. Just watch especially last week at Kemper is from. He's from plainfield. Look it up on Ed. Kemper was born in callaway live with his mother and investigation. Discovery says differently. He wasn't tamper that you ask someone Indians I'm looking. I'm sorry again I apology anyway. All right so what's the answer back. I gave me publicly. Let's do it well. Actually I think there was a book written about this killer in Michigan I do not know his actual name so I'm just going to say all through the house. Good answer good answer. At least you know that there is a book written about mm-hmm. I didn't know anything. Yeah I think it's called the Michigan murderers or something like that. I'll look it up. Mindy thought his name is John. Norman Collins Hey can you look up the Michigan murders yet and see. If that's a book are it's just did a little research and yes Sharon was correct. There is a book called the Michigan. Murders I by Edward Keys and it is about that guy who killed people in Michigan. And what's his name again. Oh God damn it. His name is John John. Norman Collins thank you so we are switching to a a well. This is actually a slider not a beer. Many this is your pick. What would you bring us? This is from North Shore CIDER company and Annoy as a gen botanical infused CIDER. And I mentioned that the name of it is hey jealousy just like the GIN blossoms awesome. Hey Jealousy shout out till you gin blossoms vans. I argue that. That was a very good album ahead on cassette tape when I was like fourteen eighteen but anyway maybe older younger. I'm not disclosing manage anyway as cute little can and it's a CIDER. I literally again picked it because of the Kellyanne Dan. 'cause I thought it was funny that it was a gin blossoms song as the title of the beer. So we're GONNA taste it and see if it holds up to the Song God. I hope it's way better than the saw. And do you know where the gin blossoms got their band name from Jen Jen. It's the gin blossoms are the things when you when when you see somebody who's alchoholic and their nose is all red and puffy. That's the capillaries have broken in their nose and they're called GIN blossoms or they used to be called GIN blossoms awesome. Are you serious from pop up video back in the day I loved pop up my load pop video to wow oh non self off conscious about my nose. Because we're drinking beer half our listeners are probably like what the fuck is pop up video right anyway. Hey jealousy the it's good. I'm not a big fan but I'm enjoying this kind of a drier cider. I feel like so. It's not like yeah I get it's drinkable. And it's got a cute cute little can and it is like actually infused with Jin or just Jin Botanical Ze L.. Oh here we got was at the bottom. Yeah this is our Funky cider date. Jin insider is a fantastic combination. Trust us we made. Hey Jealousy in the style of Gin we started with the the dry CIDER fermented from fresh press juice than we infuse it. juniper berries dried orange peel and herbs to provence. This bright herbal herbal CIDER has that botanical. Jen Flavor. You crave so there's not actually Jin in here. It's just the stuff that makes gin taste like they did. Grind a few members of the gym blossom. Awesome bad for the case. No I actually really like it. Yeah I do too. How many beavers do give for beavers? I'M GONNA go with four members of the gym blossoms. I don't know how many are in the Spencer the equivalent careers to gin blossoms. I don't know I think it's a four point. Two Gin blossoms members to everyone knows in the US we rate things by beavers everywhere else in the world. Use the GIN blossoms Gal Shit so I say this like three to four beavers. Let's try all right. We'll say three and a half I give it. I give it three beavers because I do like cider. But I don't I don't like dry things. And this is definitely on the drier side and I'm not a huge fan of gin so it's drinkable. But not not my favorite. It's very Jin hastings botanical flavors. I like it because it's Qassam. Insiders are too sweet for me. Like how sweet but dry a right serial killers who believe they will profit in some way from the murders orders are called a gain killers be robe ward murderers or see profiteers. Now there's a number of ways this answer could go. I'm going to say it was option again gain killers. I'm going to say gain killers Manila on what was it. What was option B. reward murderers? That sounds made up and see as clearly like our elected officials. So I'm going to go with a shared. She say to your correct Woo Woo. We're smart as Marty. We we are another simpsons reference. What was Theo? Durant's full name. Theo Oh huxtable durant. The hawks older at well played. My mind is blown. That was amazing are are there option. No I'm GonNa go with just the Adora just like in the original haunting in the house sticking with my answer. 'cause she says Theodora just chest Theodore both really good answers both wrong William Henry Theodore durant son of a bent. Can't that's like more than just one. Real name is a number of names how did Albert Desalvo also known as the Boston Strangler die died a stabbed to death in prison. Be Old age see strangulation or d suicide aside. I was going to go with strangulation. I actually don't know I'm I honestly don't know either. I'm just GONNA say strangulation because that would be very ironically would be an mindy. I'm Sharon on this one. I'm GonNa ride her tales. The answering did you see my goats tales your coat although you you have a goat I would love to play with it. We can go go cuddling up at farm sanctuary herd. Yes anyway. What's the answer? The answer is a stabbed to death in prison That makes sense because it's easy to stop someone and also people don't take kindly to like in prison. I guess they don't take kindly to people that other people. What what maybe? That's his children murdered. That child murderers in prison. They don't take kindly to people who are more like anybody. A lot of prison is just people who murder other people there's angry they'll take kindly period good point. Thank you Spencer. Whereas before sharing jokes on her popcorn now I know Minnie's Kryptonite is his actually true crime? Yeah but bring on the horror movie trivia. I didn't okay. We we did our. We'd need it all right okay. It was passable. Shut up sponsor. I love you bring on question. Was Dennis rader known As the BTK case Wrangler now he was known as btk killer. Wow I love how quick on dry admirable the emirate spencer well we're distressed to the overall bt K. Strangler. I've only been calling a B that you can't cahill area but read the rest last event Options the option the absence of just. Yes or no out then. I think I'M GONNA stop asking questions from this page because this one says the answer's Yes. He was known as the btk Strangler. Even though I think you're correct he was only known as the btk killer. Only heard that I'm not really trusting this page anymore But for bonus points what does bt case Dan for bind torture kill correct. Thank you discover. At least that's what the Tattoo on my assez. Hey well played the Black Dahlia laughing. He's still having it was. I'm trying to think of some clever comment but you can't wanted to let that lie something go right. The Black Dahlia is famous for being the first female serial serial killer true or false. She was killed big time. Yeah yeah false. I do have one thing to say eh if you are interested in the Black Dahlia case please please please even honestly even if you're not interested even if you know nothing thing about the Black Dahlia listen to the root of evil podcast is one of the is interesting bast most fascinating podcast asked. I've ever heard if you like true crime you will love it. H H Holmes. Was the name he went by. But what was his real name share and this is all you girl other options Spencer. nope I know this. I think you know in your brain somewhere but I don't know if you'll be able to access. Is it Henry Harrison. Honestly I don't even think it's a Age eight something isn't it. John know his first name does start with an h okay is it is not Henry though. Okay hairy here no Harrison No. What does Herman her our Herman we it's Herman something mudge it? Yeah Holy Shit. It's Herman Fuck. What is I only have a middle initial? I don't have the actual Eknath. She's right if it's is it. Herman J nope mudge it. It is but it's not Herman Fuck budget talk modular. What's fact magic? You said fun. I don't know I so I thought that was his name. Herman Faulk Majett. We're just going to say. Yeah that's right. Doc what is it w Herman W mudge okay. Oh that was impressive. No I knew you is not that impressive considering I've considering he's my favorite fucking serial killer and also considering. I've read devil in the White City and I know my listeners. It should three-part last. Pass on the left podcasts. The episodes about him yeah. I'm kind of feeling I should have known that. Well you came up with budget so yeah that was more than I knew. I you know more on that subject that I do so well done. Thanks accept your Kudos. Yes which of the following is not one of the reasons thought to contribute to why a person might become Tom a serial killer. Wait wait and you read that again yes I can. Which of the following is not one of the reasons thought to contribute to why a person some might become a serial killer so we're looking for the negative all right the wrong answer right which is the right way? Yes does that confusing. Yes my mind exploited. I just confused myself but go ahead Rene answers a brain injury be childhood abuse abuse or see peer pressure. Peer Pressure. Yeah I think I'd go that to correct. That was don's kind of really as various. Well let's go to a hard quest. Oh God damages closed the page. Oh that means popcorn break. Yep they are questions. What common clothing accessory did Dennis Nilsen used to dispose of many of his victims What clothing that he used to disposal them common clothing accessory? Oh you mean when you say expose. I didn't just dispose. Seal used to kill stock many of his victims nylons. We're on our third year here. Got US cousin break. Yeah drink what are you talking. I'm just going to go have nylons. Because that's a pretty yeah common. You know what let's on I'm GONNA go with. Yeah girl girl get it out all the wild. You know if you're GONNA go stockings. Yeah I'M GONNA go with a belt. Okay the answer is a tie from a bit but what about. I think it was close. But you still points no. It's not close okay. You don't wear a belt around. Is Your neck tie unless you're like fashion ISA that's a new trend for going to start now all right. Well well we convinced we. I'm not GonNa about that new trend and you know we have to get some wrong eventually. Sure and I honestly though these questions have been pretty fucking easy so br bring us some hard questions but make sure the hardwoods are multiple the problem. The hard ones are on the page. It doesn't have multiple choice. All right whatever all right. How many people was Constanzo? SP- suspected of killing August George Costanza. How many people just George Costanza kill? This is not multiple choice. Sound Donovan Okay. I don't know here's either so I'm just GonNa say eleven all right I'll say fifteen. The answer is thirty nine. I don't know this is but they killed a lot of people kill people. Edmund was a giant end of a man and towered over friends and victims alike. How tall was he? Are we talking about. I'd Kimber. Yeah I think he was six foot four four. Yeah sounds about right. I mean huge was going to be my answer but six four probably would fit the bill ready for the six nine shit seriously fuck. He was really big dude. He was a giant of a man. Wow but yet so gentle so while Sharon shoes popcorn I'm going to read the next question. All right just leftovers do stuffing with Buckler and get popcorn. Everybody Gosh like the bare. We typically hear about American serial killers but they exist elsewhere in the world to what was Andrei Chick Colty low famous Andrei Chikatilo. Can you know this one. Of course the options are a dissolving bodies in self uric acid be. I didn't hear the question question. What was he what was famous for Okay do need a again. Yeah dissolving bodies in sulfuric acid be be murdering elderly patients with non prescribed. Medications see murdering more than fifty women and children sometimes sometimes butchering them while they were still alive or D.. Smashing in the heads of over forty men and then inserting a vodka bottle into into the wound. Yeah answer say you say see. You are correct at that. Last one was a roth option. That would been horrible. Where did David Berkowitz grow up? Is there options. Okay Brooklyn Mindy say something different. Sorry I had to Burp off. Mike Minnie's burbs are like cute. Little Malice burps like it's so unsatisfying. I think I don't know much about his his his backstory. So I'll say what did you say. Brooklyn Churn is a Brooklyn. I'll say Staten Island. The answer's the Bronx Bronx. I was actually going to be like say the Bronx the Bronx shift mentally. I'm Pat Toomey telepathic. Fuck next time and Spencer. What what beer did you bring us? My choice is from second shift brewing in somewhere Saint Louis. It is called liquid liquid spiritual delight. This is an imperial stout with Where did it go eleven and a half? ABC News The it says liquid spiritual delight is a stout that is a chewy chocolate and a joy to behold. Just frigging drink. It I would. I agree with that. Yeah this is a you haven't even tasted really taste the ABC or people stop. No we will never stop making honey. I know it's a delicious stout. I love stout personally. I Love Imperial Stout in. This is strong it is wrong. It's good it's sweet. It's good I could probably only drink like one cannabis because it's very kind of the meal like you said Chewy. Yes yeah for sure not Chunky EH. But Oh no I actually have chunks in mind what you don't have chunks mindy and it doesn't say it on the can but I was looking it up and The the abbreviation for this beer is LSD because liquid spiritual delight is delicious. It is very good. It's very chocolate. It's delicious so how many beavers do you give it. Many I'd say for Kirby Verse Four Point Five Errors. Do I think I would go for versus. What all right all right? We are getting near the end. People homestretch maters whistle. Have One more beer. Though right we do have one more mayor all right like I said homestretch. Mother give us give us some harder. Oh yeah most of these are going to be harder. I think at the end here. Where did Bella Kiss live before committing his first crime? I don't know who that is. Ballot Kiss I know the name but I don't know who that that is. Where did Bella Kiss live before committing his first crime? I'M GONNA say this is not in the. US correct. I'M GONNA say. Are we looking for a city or a country country Germany Mindy England. The answer is hungry. So we're well. Yeah but Germany's closer to hungry than so Sharon wins. That's all important. Sharon's like I'm GonNa show you walk territory. Okay I have no idea if you have any concept of this so I'm just GonNa read it on June twenty eighth nineteen eighty-four so you remember this probably. Yeah very clearly. Hey let's not talk about that but Yeah all right on June twenty eighth nineteen eighty-four at the Glatzel Park apartment house in Los Angeles. A seventy nine year old woman was murdered. What was the the name of the woman who was murdered all shit? ooh phone a friend. I can tell you the killer was the night stalker. Does that help okay. Well so is Richard marriages. He killed a bunch of people. I do not know the names of any of his victims. Don't do not either. I feel bad about that but no I don't I'm guessing Was this kind of a famous victim. have no idea yeah. I don't know what's let's let's answer. The answer is Jenny Vinko. I N C O W recipes any yes. Albert fish was is finally arrested for the murder of a young girl. You turn to look at my screen. Now she goes away from the MIC. Okay through their beer up garth. Yes my chewy beer at a look of recognition of it yes Ansett Albert Fish yes. Albert fish was finally arrested for the murder of a young girl roll. What was her name? I think it was Schutte. Something You d like to impeach. Well jody now like twin peaks but I mean I will. Yep saying going to talk about Judy. Let's back. We're not gonNA talk about Judy. Judy Terry I love Albert. But I don't know the answer. I even fish. I really want to say her name is Judy. I could be totally on stick with it just as a classic name. Her name was grace Budd. Oh fuck yeah sound familiar. Not at out. Sharon probably not me Charles. Manson and the family were famous for murdering Sharon Tate. That's who you are named after right yes I was. Yeah I honestly I have no idea. All I know is is open on. All I know is My Dad picked my name after he shot down all my mom's choices of per silla after Priscilla Presley sleep because he was a big Alvis Fan and still is she still has a big Elvis Presley fan and I think my mom's other choices were one of the a little women so amy Jo Mag or you could have been any one of them and my dad's like nope Sharon who knows maybe did name after Sharon Tate. Maybe we'll go with that All right so they were famous for murdering Sharon Tate. What was the address of the home where we're the family murdered tate and wrote on the walls in blood? Some off-hand it's multiple choice. I forgot to Purpose choice. A one zero zero five zero ceelo drive. Be One five zero Cielo drive. See One zero zero five Cielo drive or D one. Five Zero Five C.. Yellow drive Dr Realized. They said those numbers very weirdly but it was the easiest way up the address that takes place on Cielo drive. I was GONNA say the same. The with ones and zeroes and five shit. I don't know the I don't remember and you saw once only way too. I know it was on. Yeah I'M GONNA go with the one on Cielo drive I'm GonNa go at C.. Mini pick a different letter. You're both wrong. It was a ever bobby all be wrong. One zero zero five zero. That seemed oddly. Not Real sound into me but okay yeah yeah. There are places that have five digit digit addresses. The I know what was Eddie gains. Mother's name I don't know why they didn't say Ed Geene Eddie gains she he call them. Maybe you're probably right. Addy come massage my any creepy. Give Mamiya Path paty. You know that having. I'm sure it did. What's her name is not multiple-choice Shit? I don't know I I got I. Just dead is learning kidding. I jazz listening to something about again. I want to sue from Illinois talk you. He's not from from plainfield. Wisconsin bad joke. Might I add. I'm GONNA say Bernice Nin her name is Augusta. Oh Yes yes yes yes well you said Bernice which B. B. is right after a so. You're close I mean it's like you almost got it and I mean really I I mean just give it to me. You know. That's a win in my book. Who are the hillside stranglers? ooh search in two guys. They have Italian sounding names. Fuck is something Di Angelo. Is that one of them. Shit Shit okay. It's two guys. Yes and they do have a talion sounding names way at least at least one of them. Fuck I remember watching amid for TV movie on them. When I was little man those the best and I know that Dennis Farina played one of the actor Dennis Farina so does Farina obviously is one of the killers? How is it that I know the actor who played one of the hillsides sized stranglers? But I don't know the actual hillside strangler is. The human brain is an odd thing all through the house. Yeah there enough. So one of them is named named Kenneth Bianchi or Bianchi and the other one is ams low when you said Deanza Lower Angelo Bono. Oh Yeah Yeah yeah now that I hear it. I'm like Oh sure I've seen about that but yeah I guess it next question. This British Dr became known as Britain's most prolific serial killer. What is his name not multiple choice? Would it help you if I gave gave you one year. Ish a British doctor doctor who know fuck you. I personally take offense to that. Doctor would ward off I stick by my answer. What up Dr Ten? He's my man. Do you have a guest down to put as not doctor who his name is. Harold Shipman wait I bet name why do I know that name. Yeah why do I know that name. Britain's most prolific serial killer. But like what does it say anything about what he did. I can read you this Herald. Frederick Fred Shipman. Born on January fourteenth nineteen forty. Six was an English doctor who became the most prolific serial killer in British history. Shipman committed two hundred and thirty. We six known murders but many feel that. The dastardly doctor killed many more on January. Thirty first. Two thousand. A jury of shipments pierce found the doctor guilty of fifteen murders. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommendation that he not be released. Two years later the home secretary confirmed that the the life tariff Shipman committed suicide in prison in two thousand four. I say wow that's interesting. All right I stand corrected acted wasn't doctor who you happy Mindy. Yes thank God. He's doctor WHO's alien first of all second of all healers full. So it's not a spoiler. Well I've never seen it fifty fucking watch. No because you'll never guess all of the intricacies sees and it's been on for fifty years so calm down calm down. The candyman began his reign of terror in an area of Houston called the heights. What in what Houston suburb did his rain? Finally come to an end. Wait a minute I thought that was legit a Chicago roll out the Candy Man. The movie mine was a movie but I thought it was a legit Chicago urban legend. No there is clearly. I've I have not done a lot of research into this clearly. You have no idea you need to research this guy. The they want the name of the actual suburb. They want the name of the Houston suburb. where his reign came to an end? Fuck I don't know I don't know Texas suburbs. I don't either. I do know about the story though. And it's fucking disgusting saying I don't know Texas suburbs so I really. We're not qualified to answer this question. It's also the name of a town in California called Pasadena. Wait you tell us the answer. Yeah I did because you don't know the answer okay. So for our final. Oh Beer we have Sharon. We have convenient distraction by Oso brewing company. which is from plover lower Wisconsin and it is an imperial porter with Vanilla and coffee? Beans added nine point eight percent alcohol by volume. It says porter brewed with Madagascar Bourbon. Vanilla beans and Ruby roasters coffee. Whoa all right? Let's good trigger with like a meal. I don't think this is heavy. Is the last one we had the coffee taste is definitely there. Is it true we not mine. Not As to ease last the last one. I'm it's really good. Yeah it's got a nice coffee flavor and sweetness with vanilla it's in Caboche. Smooth is not as heavy as the last one I have to say. It's a little bit later. Even though this is also well actually no. This is an imperial porter. The other was one too much. The other one was an imperial stout right so this is delicious though I think it is really ill like it but I feel like I couldn't really like drink this with dinner. You know. This is a meal unto itself or a dessert or something. This is as a breakfast border. Yeah that too. I give this one. Four point five beavers. I would agree with the beavers you gave. I gotTA give it three point two five beavers. Because I don't care for coffee so much as I do like a good coffee stout and this is a good good coffee stout I think accepted supporter. Shit you know what I mean. I'm glad that the one that I picked rated the highest Miami's good for you know that was the sweetest so it was. This is delicious though good picture and all right let's do a few more trivia questions Russians. Bring it home and then bring it home by fight to the death. No okay no fighting to the death I said. Let's bring home like three times. I think. Fight to the death is just implied. I sorry couldn't tell by the look in your eyes that you wanted to fight to the data you mean the angry look of of challenge in my eyes shadow. Mindy said enough beer. I'm just anyway edible end very competitive all had enough beer at this point anyway. Let's turn the sponsor for more questions turned to me. Focus on me all right. Charles Charles. Manson is one of the most infamous inmates of what prison a Corcoran state prison in Corcoran. California cornea be Morgan. County Correctional Complex in Warburg Tennessee. C Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson Louisiana Or D. Eastern Correction Institute in Westover Maryland. I would agree Carin. You are correct okay. This is about the acid. VAT murders in Nineteen ninety-seven. A man disappeared the man. Dan was a transvestite. Who went by the name of Vanessa? What was the name of this man? Oh my God I have no idea. The actual man's his name. Yes John Smith of ood. I'm going to go with art. Van Delay Very nine. The my mother will appreciate that she listens by the way you are correct. His name was Berry Lane Gene Mattie to respect to bury lane. What was the name of Dennis Nilsson's dog? Oh it was Bah fido spider fido spider. We ever get a dog. We have to spider smile after Dennis. Nelson's obviously sleep actually. This dog name bleep bleep hurry L.. Despite his lack of emotional attachment to human beings nilsson the loved animals following his arrest. He showed much concern for the welfare of his mixed breed. Dog bleep off. Kind of a cute name bleep bleep. I think that's a good one to end on. I would agree okay a now that we're good and drunk. Thank you for listening to talk castle. It's not feel free to make one of us for all the Shit. We missed the we should've known. But Sharon's way better at serial killers we've determined than were movies. I'm I think I'm still the reigning Champs for her horror movie trivia. Yeah you did. You did kick my ass at horror movie. You did really good on Syria coach Korea and we only had our next pet would be named bleep. So that's cool. Oh I thought we were going to name him spider spider. I'm going for bleep. That can be. It's Middle Name Spider bleep. Spite overly commuter spider bleep right Silliness aside pop. Were just came out of your hair. It's been that kind of day a piece of paper and just fell out out of my hair. Well so hope you guys are having a good because clearly we are sharing. We've anything else. Dad really hole right is when you combine Lots of alcohol. I'm just is going to jump in and say check the episode description for contact Info if you want to send a story scary stories and escape story any information on serial killers any fun scary creepy stories. Please do that. We would love to hear from you give Spencer just hijacked our podcast which is totally fine because I think he thinks we drink too much which I would agree with everything everybody just sad right now. Thank you for listening putting up with us and we'll be back soon and as always thanks for gangrene with US good good.

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