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"brooklyn mindy" Discussed on Whores Talk Horror

"Yeah drink what are you talking. I'm just going to go have nylons. Because that's a pretty yeah common. You know what let's on I'm GONNA go with. Yeah girl girl get it out all the wild. You know if you're GONNA go stockings. Yeah I'M GONNA go with a belt. Okay the answer is a tie from a bit but what about. I think it was close. But you still points no. It's not close okay. You don't wear a belt around. Is Your neck tie unless you're like fashion ISA that's a new trend for going to start now all right. Well well we convinced we. I'm not GonNa about that new trend and you know we have to get some wrong eventually. Sure and I honestly though these questions have been pretty fucking easy so br bring us some hard questions but make sure the hardwoods are multiple the problem. The hard ones are on the page. It doesn't have multiple choice. All right whatever all right. How many people was Constanzo? SP- suspected of killing August George Costanza. How many people just George Costanza kill? This is not multiple choice. Sound Donovan Okay. I don't know here's either so I'm just GonNa say eleven all right I'll say fifteen. The answer is thirty nine. I don't know this is but they killed a lot of people kill people. Edmund was a giant end of a man and towered over friends and victims alike. How tall was he? Are we talking about. I'd Kimber. Yeah I think he was six foot four four. Yeah sounds about right. I mean huge was going to be my answer but six four probably would fit the bill ready for the six nine shit seriously fuck. He was really big dude. He was a giant of a man. Wow but yet so gentle so while Sharon shoes popcorn I'm going to read the next question. All right just leftovers do stuffing with Buckler and get popcorn. Everybody Gosh like the bare. We typically hear about American serial killers but they exist elsewhere in the world to what was Andrei Chick Colty low famous Andrei Chikatilo. Can you know this one. Of course the options are a dissolving bodies in self uric acid be. I didn't hear the question question. What was he what was famous for Okay do need a again. Yeah dissolving bodies in sulfuric acid be be murdering elderly patients with non prescribed. Medications see murdering more than fifty women and children sometimes sometimes butchering them while they were still alive or D.. Smashing in the heads of over forty men and then inserting a vodka bottle into into the wound. Yeah answer say you say see. You are correct at that. Last one was a roth option. That would been horrible. Where did David Berkowitz grow up? Is there options. Okay Brooklyn Mindy say something different. Sorry I had to Burp off. Mike Minnie's burbs are like cute. Little Malice burps like it's so unsatisfying. I think I don't know much about his his his backstory. So I'll say what did you say. Brooklyn Churn is a Brooklyn. I'll say Staten Island. The answer's the Bronx Bronx. I was actually going to be like say the Bronx the Bronx shift mentally. I'm Pat Toomey telepathic. Fuck next time and Spencer. What what beer did you bring us? My choice is from second shift brewing in somewhere Saint Louis. It is called liquid liquid spiritual delight. This is an imperial stout with Where did it go eleven and a half? ABC News The it says liquid spiritual delight is a stout that is a chewy chocolate and a joy to behold. Just frigging drink. It I would. I agree with that. Yeah this is a you haven't even tasted really taste the ABC or people stop. No we will never stop making honey. I know it's a delicious stout. I love stout personally. I Love Imperial Stout in. This is strong it is wrong. It's good it's sweet. It's good I could probably only drink like one cannabis because it's very kind of the meal like you said Chewy. Yes yeah for sure not Chunky EH. But Oh no I actually have chunks in mind what you don't have chunks mindy and it doesn't say it on the can but I was looking it up and The the abbreviation for this beer is LSD because liquid spiritual delight is delicious. It is very good. It's very chocolate. It's delicious so how many beavers do you give it. Many I'd say for Kirby Verse Four Point Five Errors. Do I think I would go for versus. What all right all right? We are getting near the end. People homestretch maters whistle. Have One more beer. Though right we do have one more mayor all right like I said homestretch. Mother give us give us some harder. Oh yeah most of these are going to be harder. I think at the end here. Where did Bella Kiss live before committing his first crime? I don't know who that is. Ballot Kiss I know the name but I don't know who that that is. Where did Bella Kiss live before committing his first crime? I'M GONNA say this is not in the. US correct. I'M GONNA say. Are we looking for a city or a country country Germany Mindy England. The answer is hungry. So we're well. Yeah but Germany's closer to hungry than so Sharon wins. That's all important. Sharon's like I'm GonNa show you walk territory. Okay I have no idea if you have any concept of this so I'm just GonNa read it on June twenty eighth nineteen eighty-four so you remember this probably. Yeah very clearly. Hey let's not talk about that but Yeah all right on June twenty eighth nineteen eighty-four at the Glatzel Park apartment house in Los Angeles. A seventy nine year old woman was murdered. What was the the name of the woman who was murdered all shit? ooh phone a friend. I can tell you the killer was the night stalker. Does that help okay. Well so is Richard marriages. He killed a bunch of people. I do not know the names of any of his victims. Don't do not either. I feel bad about that but no I don't I'm guessing Was this kind of a famous victim. have no idea yeah. I don't know what's let's let's answer. The answer is Jenny Vinko. I N C O W recipes any yes. Albert fish was is finally arrested for the murder of a young girl. You turn to look at my screen. Now she goes away from the MIC. Okay through their beer up garth. Yes my chewy beer at a look of recognition of it yes Ansett Albert Fish yes. Albert fish was finally arrested for the murder of a young girl roll. What was her name? I think it was Schutte. Something You d like to impeach. Well jody now like twin peaks but I mean I will. Yep saying going to talk about Judy. Let's back. We're not gonNA talk about Judy. Judy Terry I love Albert. But I don't know the answer. I even fish. I really want to say her name is Judy. I could be totally on stick with it just as a classic name. Her name was grace Budd. Oh fuck yeah sound familiar. Not at out. Sharon probably not me Charles. Manson and the family were famous for murdering Sharon Tate. That's who you are named after right yes I was. Yeah I honestly I have no idea. All I know is is open on. All I know is My Dad picked my name after he shot down all my mom's choices of per silla after Priscilla Presley sleep because he was a big Alvis Fan and still is she still has a big Elvis Presley fan and I think my mom's other choices were one of the a little women so amy Jo Mag or you could have been any one of them and my dad's like nope Sharon who knows maybe did name after Sharon Tate. Maybe we'll go with that All right so they were famous for murdering Sharon Tate. What was the address of the home where we're the family murdered tate and wrote on the walls in blood? Some off-hand it's multiple choice. I forgot to Purpose choice. A one zero zero five zero ceelo drive. Be One five zero Cielo drive. See One zero zero five Cielo drive or D one. Five Zero Five C.. Yellow drive Dr Realized. They said those numbers very weirdly but it was the easiest way up the address that takes place on Cielo drive. I was GONNA say the same. The with ones and zeroes and five shit. I don't know the I don't remember and you saw once only way too. I know it was on. Yeah I'M GONNA go with the one on Cielo drive I'm GonNa go at C.. Mini pick a different letter. You're both wrong. It was a ever bobby all be wrong. One zero zero five zero. That seemed oddly. Not Real sound into me but okay yeah yeah. There are places that have five digit digit addresses. The I know what was Eddie gains. Mother's name I don't know why they didn't say Ed Geene Eddie gains she he call them. Maybe you're probably right. Addy come massage my any creepy. Give Mamiya Path paty. You know that having. I'm sure it did. What's her name is not multiple-choice Shit? I don't know I I got I. Just dead is learning kidding. I jazz listening to something about again. I want to sue from Illinois talk you. He's not from from plainfield. Wisconsin bad joke. Might I add. I'm GONNA say Bernice Nin her name is Augusta. Oh Yes yes yes yes well you said Bernice which B. B. is right after a so. You're close I mean it's like you almost got it and I mean really I I mean just give it to me. You know. That's a win in my book. Who are the hillside stranglers? ooh search in two guys. They have Italian sounding names. Fuck is something Di Angelo. Is that one of them. Shit Shit okay. It's two guys. Yes and they do have a talion sounding names way at least at least one of them. Fuck I remember watching amid for TV movie on them. When I was little man those the best and I know that Dennis Farina played one of the actor Dennis Farina so does Farina obviously is one of the killers? How is it that I know the actor who played one of the hillsides sized stranglers? But I don't know the actual hillside strangler is. The human brain is an odd thing all through the house. Yeah there enough. So one of them is named named Kenneth Bianchi or Bianchi and the other one is ams low when you said Deanza Lower Angelo Bono. Oh Yeah Yeah yeah now that I hear it. I'm like Oh sure I've seen about that but yeah I guess it next question. This British Dr became known as Britain's most prolific serial killer. What is his name not multiple choice? Would it help you if I gave gave you one year. Ish a British doctor doctor who know fuck you. I personally take offense to that. Doctor would ward off I stick by my answer. What up Dr Ten? He's my man. Do you have a guest down to put as not doctor who his name is. Harold Shipman wait I bet name why do I know that name. Yeah why do I know that name. Britain's most prolific serial killer. But like what does it say anything about what he did. I can read you this Herald. Frederick Fred Shipman. Born on January fourteenth nineteen forty. Six was an English doctor who became the most prolific serial.

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