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NYPD Chief Monahan among injured in New York City protests; dozens arrested

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01:15 min | 2 months ago

NYPD Chief Monahan among injured in New York City protests; dozens arrested

"Will stop the violence. But at the end of the thing, it was, well, everything but a big scuffle in Lower Manhattan, which left several police officers, including a police chief with minor injuries. Mars included community leaders and clergy on their way to a prayer rally. But the march took a detour if you will, 10 10 wins reporter Carol D'Auria Tonight Prayer rally was was organized organized by by clergy clergy members members from from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, some some elected elected officials officials and and the the Police Police Sergeants Sergeants Benevolent Benevolent Association. Association. It It started started out out peacefully peacefully as as they they walked walked across across the the Brooklyn Brooklyn Bridge Bridge with with a a police police escort. escort. But But as as they they got got closer closer to to City City Hall Hall Park, Park, they they were were met met by by counterculture counterculture protesters. protesters. People People who who want want to to defund defund the the police. police. They They fought fought with with police police officers officers hitting numbers. Dicks and throwing nuts and bolts of three police officers suffered head injuries. Chief of the department Terrence Monahan had one of his fingers broken. 38 Protestors were arrested in all clergy, then continue to walk around City Hall Park, where they finally prayed on Broadway. They prayed prayed to to stop stop the the shootings shootings and and with with that, that, god god For For those those of of us us who who are are here here today today that that is is pray pray for for those those who who have have departed departed those those who who have have become become victims victims to to assess assess his his body's one creature said radical prayers will bring about radical results. Harold, You're 10 10 wins at City Hall Park. Meantime,

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