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"brooklyn bridge queens plaza" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Unemployment benefits and he cut payroll taxes. But Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are upset presidents neither weak and unconstitutional. Actions further demand that we have an agreement and she's not the only critic, Democrats and some Republicans are questioning or rejected the legality of Trump's use of executive authority Senator Ben Sasse called the orders Constitutional slop, Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted. I appreciate the president taking this decisive action but would much prefer a congressional agreement. Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, said Trump's orders are Siri's of half baked measures. Mike Bauer for seven tend of Ur Number of shooting victims has surpassed 1000 in the city this weekend, more than all of last year. Among those on the list, 36 year old bronc band who was shot and killed after inadvertently flicked a cigarette in the direction of the guy who shot him, Police say. Curtis Holloway took a bullet to the stomach as his wife looked on. You're East, 165th Street and Prospect Avenue and Joe Biden expected to announce his choice for a vice presidential running mate later this week. His choices narrow down to just a few three minutes after eight time out, check ready. Good morning. Better news for folks who normally take New Jersey transit past Jack Valley Line service has been restored. But you will have a 90 minute delay. Unfortunately, they have removed that down tree that was across the tracks near Mont Veil. Now, if you're heading for the inbound side iguana second to news to crawl from the belt, merge up Tio, the Brooklyn Bridge Queens Plaza. We've got a vehicle fire that's going to be on the outbound side over by Queens Boulevard that areas normally very heavy. Now we've got it extra slow as you approach at Jackson Avenue. Eating for the Hudson River crossings. They're all about 10 to 15 minutes. This report sponsored by five below while shopping, buy below, Please consider adding $5 to your total to purchase and donate a new backpack to support a child through the kids in need. Foundation head to your local five below, Like right now, our next traffic updates and 15 minutes on 7 10 W o R I'm Dr Janet Woodcock, director for the Center for Drugs and FDA. Ifyou've recovered from Covad, 19 confirmed by a positive test, you're in a special position to help us..

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