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Ep 119: A Likely Friendship

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Ep 119: A Likely Friendship

"Kimberly Boone and Anita Smith. He had become fast friends. They had plenty in common. They both lived in affluent seminole county. About forty minutes from Walt Disneyworld they were about the same age in their forties. They were both working moms and were married to men who shared the same name Robert. and. They were both inmates facing punishments for similar crimes. In seminole county jail where the two women were each held in custody at one point Anita and Kimberly got to know each other. Anita was out on bail before her trial, but the two women still stayed in touch and regularly spoke on the phone over several months in two thousand twelve. Hello, you have a prepaid call from amber. Dave vintage about attorneys in what they felt were disappointing legal developments they gossiped about the prosecutors and other inmates, and mused about their family members, seeing their mugshots on mugshots dot com. That's not my second one. We'd be better, you know, but. I. Don't know I was just getting ready to look up when they call picture this time like I was like well I. Think Mine is my second. One looks better, but I don't know which ones on there I was just kinda like yeah I. Really Neighbors Yeah, either one of mine don't need to be. Seen by any other SHEMA. Is Terrible. It's like actually he should doesn't look too bad like she knows a see I, what I think is bad. Is the camera like they don't tell you that? The camera is like six feet above you exactly, so of course you look evil, because you're looking straightforward, yeah! Exactly I'm like that's not fair, might not. Encouraged each other to keep going as they both felt alone with their pending criminal cases. The two women's conversations were recorded and monitored by prosecutors who listened in to see if Anita or kimberly divulged more. Times. The phone calls. You'll hear throughout. 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Right at your fingertips, and you can even play off line with over one hundred million downloads and tons of five star reviews. Best fiends is a must play. Download best fiends free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the art best themes. The state's case against Anita sniffy begins with an early morning at nine one one call in May two thousand, ten, a nine, one one operator tried to understand what had happened as a hysterical Anita sobbed on the line. Somebody. Exactly To learn. You're. Just, trying to charter. Let's. You. And Right, did you? Did He hurt you? Heart. Is. Pretty badly. I'm writing where? Okay. One of the first to arrive at the scene was a veto police Corporal Kelly Heathen who saw forty-one-year-old Anita Smith. He running out the front door of the House I've been stabbed Anita. Kept repeating. He shouldn't have been here. She held a bloody towel to her side. Firefighters comforted her and held her while she wailed hysterically. A man inside the House Robert Klein the third. Anita's estranged husband was dead. Lieutenant Dennis. Bell a veteran of the veto police department saw Roberts naked body face down in the budget. Roberts left hand was by a knife, but the murder weapon. A gun was covered up by bed sheets on the bed. It was a chaotic scene. The families skittish pets ran around the house. The couple's children were at the home to as please began to investigate what happened. Lieutenant Bell Noticed Roberts close in the living room, he observed a wine glass in the bedroom and a Tequila bottle on the kitchen counter. Things just weren't adding up. There wasn't any sign of forced entry to the House Lieutenant Bell said in his deposition taken in April of two thousand eleven. He asked the fire battalion chiefs opinion could need his injuries. Be Self inflicted. Lieutenant Ballast signed a police officer to ride in the ambulance with Anita and accompany her. He rarely sent a police escort to the hospital, but is department appeared to be investigating a homicide now. Bag Anita's hands. Lieutenant Bell instructed the officer and don't let her out of your sight. Anita might be the primary witness to a homicide lieutenant. Bell thought so. He wanted to get her statement. He also wanted to save any trace evidence whether she had been assaulted in had evidence under her fingernails, or if Anita had fired the gun. Anita complained about being under the polices, watchful eye and one of her conversations with Kimberly. So sneaky. God lease officers. Back in the annual behind me. Behind me, Nazia a word. Mental notes on what I said. That against it is sneaky but is. Not ask the paramedics. Because that's huge thing. Here because you want talking to him and they're like. What did you take notes and you know? What I mean like I can't believe that that's like they've you know. In the emergency room. Anita's diagnosis wasn't life threatening. She had scratches swollen, left eye, a chipped tooth, and the most prominent injury, a knife wound on her lower abdomen. It was a shallow wound, not deep more like a slash or a slice, instead of his stab wound described Dr Predrag Bullock, the chief medical examiner in Saint John's Coney, who later reviewed Anita's medical records? Every time as a forensic pathologist I see a lot of injuries, but there inflicted by other people to other people, and there's always a severe depth to it and severe loss of blood, and so there's always determination behind that Dr. Bullock said during his December two thousand eleven deposition. But in Anita's case, the doctor confirmed lieutenant bells suspicions Anita's wounds were self inflicted. If it's committed by the same person then there's always a hesitation because of the pain. The person who holds the knife is afraid of the pain, and it does only shallow injuries. The doctor said. He observed evidence of rough sex, but Dr Bullock said it was quote absolutely not possible to tell whether it was consensual or nonconsensual. What he did, no was. It would be painful. Robert Stuff marked the violent end of a troubled relationship. Leeann set a tall, a neighbor who had built a rapport with both Robert and Anita, and who regularly watched their children was privy to many of the couples secrets. She witnessed some of the troubling signs herself. At first, the couple's life together seemed promising, Robert and Anita who had both been married before. We're starting a new life together and raising their blended family of four children. They both had two children from prior relationships. They appear to be inseparable. Leeann said in her January, two thousand twelve deposition Robert was always. They're always at her side. They seemed to be happily wedded newlyweds. But there was stress building in the marriage. Robert whose background was in the military, was a no nonsense father. He was the strict rule enforcer of the households while Anita and the other hand was more fun loving and relaxed. Her Co worker described her as sunny and upbeat. Anita Lake to throw parties. Sometimes they're different. Personalities clashed. They began to fight about money about Robert's sister Belinda, who seemed to favour Roberts children over Anita's at least in Anita's is. And they thought about the everyday problems of parenting like one of the kids using too much hot water in the shower, or about how much supervision the younger children needed. Anita complained about her husband's troubling behavior, and what had become a disharmonious households Leeann testified. You could tell it vibe through the whole. House Leeann said I could feel it. It was tense. Anita told me a lot about his controlling behavior. They were always fighting if they weren't fighting. Even when she went to work, they were fighting over the telephone or they would textile day. Friends described Robert as domineering and controlling. Anita's co-worker said Robert gave her the creeps. She remembered an awkward encounter when she visited Anita to help get ready for her daughter's birthday party. He did not want me in the house. Instead of giving his girl time every time I was in a room with Anita he would be in the background. Just watching, he wasn't very warmer. Welcome ING Milagros. Alicia testified in her deposition. The fights in Anita's Roberts relationship were escalating. Robert pushed her put holes in the walls and accused her of cheating Anita. Told Leeann according to court records. Leeann witnessed the aftermath of fight herself when she went to the home and saw Robert Angry and the children crying hysterically, the police were later called intervene. took a physical toll on Anita. All these signs of complete stress migraine headaches losing weight, not being able to sleep, you could see that she was down and out Leeann said. The best part of their relationship was their sex life Anita confided to Leon, but that wasn't enough to keep the couple living together. Anita wanted to separate which devastated Robert. He said he wasn't ever going to let her go. This is a temporary thing I. wished him luck. Leeann testified actually I was quite encouraging with him that I really hope it works out. The marriage was in jeopardy. But Robert and Anita continued to have an intimate relationship despite living in separate homes. Once again Anita continued to confide in her close friend neighbor Leeann. Leeann testified in her deposition quote. She told me she was trying to wean away. From Robert, that was the only way he wouldn't let her breathe. He kept on coming over and kept on trying to get her back. Every which way it was constant, she was afraid she made it sound like she had no option but to have sex with him. She was trying to dribble away from him rather than just cutting clean and the reason why she did that. She told me was for the kids. She loved all the children. Anita confided to other friends that the sex became rougher. Not Everybody believed Anita's version of the events however. One of Robert's staunchest supporters was his sister Belinda Klein that same sibling who had been a source of conflict during their marriage. Belinda, steak, robbery, the younger brother whom she called, bubba had never been verbally aggressive or physically violent towards anita or anyone quote. My brother was very laid back and easy going he'd give you the shirt off his back, and then he let you take every last item from him in order, said Belinda, who worked as a field training officer for the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Anita always seemed to find something wrong. Nothing was good enough. She also excelled at playing the victim, which gave her the upper hand in the relationship Belinda said. My brother worked desperately at trying to make her happy in trying to do the right thing, and trying to appease her Belinda said in her April, two thousand eleven deposition. Linda's advice to Robert early on. Find somebody else to Dede's. Robert didn't listen to his big sister. He was in love with Anita. Did Anita Love Robert in the beginning I don't know. Belinda retorted in her deposition still up in the air without one. Linda and her sister-in-law's relationship was clearly icy. Anita gave a president of the children's photographs to Belinda. Then promptly asked for the gifts back. She's into terse message to Belinda. To give identical Christmas presents to all the children, not just. Roberts biological ones. Now that Robert and Anita were splitting up Robert seemed to be handling it well, according to his sister. 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Anita sat in the interview room of the Police Department and began to tell authorities what happened in her house that night that led to her estranged husband staff. Robert who had moved out three months ago, walked her front door with a key that he had gotten from his son and a bottle of Tequila. It wasn't unusual on Mondays. He regularly visited her for a rendezvous, and then he would always return back home, according to Anita's arrest affidavit. The tragic evening started out amicably. Took shots of Tequila together and watched an hour of television. They went upstairs to her bedroom and had consensual sex. Anita went to take a shower when she got out of the bathroom Robert was still lying naked on the bed, and that's when Anita told him to leave. Anita told authorities. He wouldn't leave. Instead he grabbed her arm and climbed on top of her. His tone turned angry Robert accused her of cheating on him. Anita told police that Robert grabbed a knife and held it against her throat. When. He went to get coconut oil for lubricant. Anita took her chance in grabbed her thirty eight revolver that she kept in her end table. She said she hid it under her pillow. Robert returned to bed, and they continue to have rough sex. Her defense team said she was raped violently. Anita reached for her gun under her pillow and pointed it at his chest. She ordered him off of her. Robert just laughed. The gun accidentally went off a misfire that hit Robert in the chest. Anita told authorities according to her arrest affidavit. It wasn't a lethal shot. Then Anita intentionally shot him again right in the chest which killed him. He rolled off the bed onto the floor and laid still face down. It was a very traumatic situation for me and I. Don't know maybe I'm filling in the holes because I don't remember what happened I. Don't know, and maybe that's wrong for me to do that. Anita said during her taped interview with police. She tried to recreate that night. In the interview police pressed her to explain her knife wound. She said both she and Robert had grabbed for the knife. Rustling each other for the weapon. One detective asked her straight up if Anita had stabbed herself. I I was holding the knife when it hit, but it was inflicted into me. Yes, needed answered, but his hand was on it to. Later Anita's defense team complained that she was bullied during her police interview and was exhausted without sleep and food. And I never saw any picks in hospital ahead of security in a hospital in today's papers. Oh really I didn't see it. They had a picture of me in the hospital today's paper. Yeah. Maybe well. That's probably a good picture. They've. Strangle marks on your neck, so you know. But the only bad thing you're saying about you if That you admitted that you yourself, but then it also said today that you know just, doesn't we? You didn't know how it happened in. Your lawyer, says you know they were questioned you dribble. They said they kind of put that my they. They said this is what happened. Exactly, and then they. Couldn't get me to say where I did it or how I did it because I was just agreeing with. You know what I I've been thinking about. I have mice theory on how happened? Yeah I. think that he had it. You've got us because you said you managed to get it away from him. And then I think you grab your fan like. kind of pushed toward, but I think. What I what what happened is is. Sort of You know when. He was there. I just remember bringing coconut oil. They're saying actually the bathroom so? That's when I grabbed. Came back, and we fought over, but I kept saying his hand over mind. I couldn't remember that. Authorities didn't believe Anita Story. She was charged with second degree murder. Anita complained it felt like the system was rigged against women like them because you're your upper middle class. And you're you know what I mean like out to get. You and I feel like that's the same thing with me making me a plea deal of thirty years. I'm like really. Gave Erica eight years or whatever and all these other people. Went welling murder that you were eight years and. Cleaning up the crime scene and know what about the crime? They give her three years really. I'm like I just feel like. We have targets on our backs because we were standing. If I if we didn't have any team and we didn't you know Yeah I. Didn't have a job or anything the next excuse us because you know we'll decent looking. You know we right. The Fire Or something. Anita's defense team wanted to make the case that she was immune from prosecution protected because of Florida's stand your ground law because she had acted in Self-defense. Her defence claimed Robert came over to Anita's house, unwelcomed and entered with a key. He had stolen from his son. He then raped her, and cut her with the knife, scratching her cheek and neck, and threatening to kill her. Her defense team said in an August two thousand twelve court motion. What happened to Miss Smithian? Her home is precisely why the legislature passed the stand your ground laws. If a woman is not safe in her home. Then where is she save the motion read? A judge however saw differently seminole county circuit judge Kenneth Lester Junior who had been overseeing another high profile case that George Zimmerman the man accused of murdering Trayvon. Martin denied Anita's motion. The judge ruled Anita hadn't acted in self defense. Anita and Robert were quote very friendly going so far as to have consensual sex, the judge wrote. It appears that the defendant shot Mister Klein out of anger and then staged. The scene presented her testimony to make it seem as if she had been raped. During the critical part of the alleged incident, the defendant appears to have acted in a cool and calculated manner, not in a manner indicating fear of Mr, Klein, the judge went on to say. The. The decision was a blow to the defense I was so disappointed. I just knew for sure that they were gonNA. Start their tape I. Just knew it in my art. I do and I don't know what happened like it like it's just it's so bizarre. I don't even know what happened and I. For talked to the media. What everybody here is like. and this was. This was in her own house, so they should just do away with this ball. Nobody nobody ever gets approved on this. Nobody ever gets off on staying there. They. were. They had a whole article on at one a few weeks ago month to about. The number of people to file for standard and the small percentage better approved for it, and it's just the the dicky. Listen now. You know. And I think them. I heard you always. Know. That hurry yeah. He's not going to get off of around for sure because you didn't. He's not even going for siege around here now. For Interest to me. What's the difference? What is it this thing and It's. All this time Anita had been free on a one hundred thousand dollars bail while she awaited trial. Few people in the world's could understand what she had been through being arrested the police interrogation, the shame, and how her criminal proceedings affected her children. Except for Kimberly Boone. They talked about how their pieces took a toll on their families. Today's my grandma's hundred second birthday. After on the phone. And talked on phone, and I compose myself going to discern college. My grandma doesn't know anything about me. For two and a half years I haven't come, I have bothered. Come visit her. Oh my gosh I know and I'm like what you. Somebody's color the truth. Instead of trying to shelter her investment. And she's a hundred two years old. Like, she could barely big. I love you. And you know she. Got Now. Sorry. sorry that. You didn't even get to finish. With anything. I talked to you and I feel better. At this point, the two women acted more like family than friends. Anita regularly gave money to Kimberly to put in her commissary account and remembered to send a birthday card. She helped Kimberly still in confinement in the county jail. Renew her driver's license and became her power of attorney. And I told her mom, I said once my cases over, and if I get my insurance. I'm. GonNa go hair. Attorney took. Care of her. Get my crap out of the waivers I. He. Trust me. There's nothing I wanNA. Do More than to help you know. I said I just can't do it right now. Yeah, I was like I. can't because they are looking for anything. And Nail my back in jail. Sometimes, their conversations were more lighthearted. They joked about the jailhouse toilets or complained about men and. Aren't they? Were just going to be like hot single. Women over the age, of forty. I JUST WANNA. Love her. Yeah, really. We're going to be tubers. Four years after Robert Stuff Anita's trial began in late, two, thousand, fourteen, in the Sanford Florida courthouse north of Orlando. Anita talked about having the right demeanor as she went up against assistant state attorney Stacey Salman's. I have this stacey. She's mean. percent of my name's mentioned. Here at least it's a woman. It would be hard for me to End Up to a man saying unless you. You know what I mean I still think I. Still I can. I'll be okay. Like I. Think I'll get I'll be you know. And I think more cool and collected. I am six months. You know. Much around the. I'M GONNA cry. Like. Lawrence. Emotional. so you know if you'RE GONNA make? Yeah exactly. Yeah? Never. Know what to do your cry. They're like oh she's been trying to get symphonies. You don't like Oh, she doesn't care. If you cry. They're saying that you're trying to be over emotional. And then if you don't. I didn't think you're coldhearted. That's. Win I. Just gave up I'm just GonNa do what I'm GonNa do. I just gave up I'm. Rob Letter when the sentencing. That I had shown no remorse whatsoever. And what they're trying to save me, but every time they interview anyone. About the remorse thinking like Oh, absolutely, so they can try to say that, but she and Kimberly wants discussed what prison would be like? Hey. What's he doing out a thing what you're doing? I was talking to my My neighbors stairs. Twenty five. Prison for I. Don't know three years for some time drug company. So I. Like really boring. Planning on making a trip there like I don't know. asking. Our stories list. It's not what you see. But both women sounded hopeful that Anita would win. Her child and Kimberly would win an appeal for her past conviction. They talked about going on a vacation together or attending church, where the two women charged with violent crimes against their husbands would surely turn heads in the pews. During her trial Anita did not testify. But the jury heard her frantic nine, one one call and the statements she made to authorities were her story kept changing sometimes, Robert Stabbed, her in the side, or she stabbed herself, or she didn't know how she was hurt. Shirley Rice. A registered nurse testified that during Anita's rape exam, she observed vaginal and anal tears that were evidence of a sexual assaults. Anita watched in the courtroom as St Salman said in the closing arguments that Anita was guilty of second degree murder. The prosecutor argued that any normal person who hit a thirty eight caliber handgun, and hid it under a pillow, and then cockpit, and pressed it against somebody's chest before pulling the trigger would know that it would seriously injure or kill the other person. Was that act done by a way of ill will hatred, spite or evil intent, the defendants own words provide this. She described herself as being angry. The prosecutor said. She portrayed Anita annoyed. That Robert wanted a second sexual encounter that night. Annoyed need to shower a second time annoyed. He was slow in leaving. Her home annoyed that she had to wake up early for work the next morning and would inevitably be tired. Did Robert Rape Anita that night. Absolutely, not the prosecutor insisted. The couple have history of rough but consensual sex. The prosecutor said. They played date rape role playing, but it was clear on this night. Robert had no intention of hurting the woman. He was still legally married to because he went to get lubricant, she said. Anita's defense also got its turn to sway the jury. As I was sitting here, listening to the state's argument, I realized that this case is a lot more than just about what happened. Defense Attorney Rick Jansher began. The defense attorney asked the jury to think of the bigger picture. How does law enforcement in society treat a woman who has been the victim of sexual abuse? Do, we come to a decision in our own minds without any evidence that just because she stated that she had consensual sex with her husband, and that it turned violent that she withdrew consent. Do We then assume that's not true? Do we assume that a woman cannot be raped by her husband, he asked. The defense attorney attacked Talon forcement treated Anita from the very beginning. Ms Smith E had just been brutally assaulted. Brutally raped, she said a knife held to her neck, threatened to be killed and the first thing that happens to you when you go to the hospital for treatment. Is they put bags on your hands bags on your hands? I mean think about that. The defense attorney went on. This is a woman who is in a situation where the person that she had one time loved who she shared children with for three years now all of a sudden violent goes over the top violent and says I could kill you if I wanted to know. Other man is going to. Have you think what was going through her mind at that time and how she reacted. I submit to you, Ladies and gentlemen that the only one who knows what happened that day is Anita. Smith He. The jury deliberated for two and a half hours before reaching a verdict in November two thousand fourteen. Anita Smith. He was guilty. Anita collapsed crying in the courtroom. In February two thousand fifteen, she was sentenced to Foodie years in prison. By the time Kimberly Boone was chatting on the phone with Anita she had been in custody for three and a half years. She was accused of trying to kill her husband. Robert Boone twice in three months. Her first trial stemmed from an incident in March of two thousand nine prosecutors say Kimberly lured her husband outside claiming to hear an intruder. He stood in the driveway to the garage before dawn when she shot him mistaking him for the burglar, she said. Her husband said. It was dark outside. She couldn't be sure who it was. Her defense argued. The jury believed Kimberley's account and ruled. She was not guilty in July two thousand ten. But. She had not won her independence yet. By then the prosecutors were bringing another case against her. This one connected to a suspicious fire that destroyed part of her home three months before she shot her husband. While authorities investigated the shooting. They stumbled upon more evidence that made them reopen the house fire case which the fire marshal had initially ruled as accidental. Just before Christmas, in two thousand eight, Robert took a nap in the couple's bedroom. He remembered before he fell asleep that kimberly had brought him a glass of water and told him that she was going to run errands. He woke up to the sound of the smoke detector, alarm, ringing and fire, blazing from the back wall of the master bedroom. He was groggy and disoriented. He tried to find the children, but they weren't in the house. This smoke surrounded him. He saw the daylight through a window and banged on the pain. Then everything went black. He woke up in the hospital and couldn't remember the neighbor who broke the glass and pulled him out of the Burning House. Kimberly had acted strangely that day. Her family members said. Robert said she took the family's bulldog with her to run errands something she rarely did. And while she was out, Kimberly called Robert's mother, and told her that he was relaxing at home and had lit some candles. An inclusion. Kimberley's mother-in-law told police. The Robert a former firefighter wasn't the kind of Man to light candles and be careless. His children also had asthma. He denied what his wife said. The investigation couldn't determine the origin of the fire. Report showed Robert had xanax in his body a drug. He did not have a prescription for, but that Kimberly did. Authorize probed deeper detectives were aware that the couple's relationship had been rocky for years Robert said Kimberly had been cheating on him. The police confiscated Kimberley's computer for forensic investigation, which showed somebody had searched online for several dozen troubling terms including how to poison. Someone naturally can too much San axe. Stop your heart how to cause a house explosion, and how do fire Marshal's determine the cause of a fire? Police confronted Kimberly with what they had found. Kimberley's is opened very wide seminole county sheriff's detective Jennifer Spears wrote in the investigative report. I observed the color drained from Kimberley's phase and she dropped her head looking down. Kimberley's started fidgeting with her and I thought she was going to be ill. The detective knew this wasn't the first time Kimberly had been involved with a suspicious fire. Her previous husband Denis Richards would later tell authorities that in nineteen ninety-three. Kimberly tried to burn down their house with him inside. His story shared similarities with Robert Boone's. Dennis had fallen asleep and woke up smelling smoke. According to court documents, he found Kimberley's sitting on the living room couch. He hurried to the basement and saw kerosene soaked rag bringing in a Molotov cocktail. He quickly stamped out the fire, so he didn't call nine one one. When he confronted Kimberly, she blamed the fire on an intruder. Now with the second fire and another husband Kimberley's motive for trying to kill Robert Boone was money authorities side. Kimberly was poised to collect two hundred thousand dollars life insurance as the beneficiary if her husband had died in the fire. And meanwhile kimberly was in financial trouble she used a home equity loan and other lines of credit to spend about eighty thousand dollars vehicles. She had a long list of major purchases like buying a swimming pool. New Computers upgraded furniture and house renovations at the family home. She took the kids to Disney and NASCAR and was generous family family members, buying her mom, a trailer and helping others with their bills. Robert testified at trial that she largely kept him in the dark on their finances. He wasn't aware of the growing whole. Kimberly wanted his focus to be watching their children. Although Kimberly, the family breadwinner had recently lost her job at I hire a hiring website similar to monster dot, com. Kimberly had worked as the Maryland business companies bookkeeper, and was in total control of the company's finances even when she relocated to Florida and worked remotely. She wouldn't tell her husband why she had been fired. I hire President Don McFadden said Kimberly embezzled more than seven hundred thousand dollars between June, two, thousand, four and November, two thousand eight. The company CEO accused her of using the company funds to wire money to herself and pay her credit cards or her home, equity lines of credit and mortgages. Her deception was deep as she created faked bender accounts to hide the embezzlement and didn't pay the company's federal withholding taxes for three years. In April, two, thousand, nine Kimberly was arrested on a charge of attempted murder and arson. If convicted, she could face a sentence to life in prison. She declined a thirty year plea deal. She told Nita in one of the calls. Then when I went in front of the judge you can. Take place is off the table, and if you go to trial and lose your, that's the thirty year. She wasn't I might not be able to do anybody ten years anyway and I was like I. Understand that. Then after that she asked him about my four she she goes. You gotta realize before she tried to kill her husband instead of fire. And I'm like you make me some really bad. The financial motive was front and center during Kimberley's second trial that began in October two thousand eleven. This case boils down to money. Greed and self preservation, said assistant state attorney Kelly Joe Hines. Kimberly had to pay her old boss back, which was the motivation to kill Robert Boone, and to collect the two hundred thousand dollars insurance money prosecutors said. The three men Kimberly had angered her ex boss her prior husband deal. Richards and Richard Boone spoke against her during the trial. Her former boss testified kimberly admitted to stealing the money and promised to repay him back. The day after she was fired, she left a voicemail, promising to pay back twenty five thousand dollars immediately and begging for him, not to report her to the authorities. If she went to jail. She would lose her family. She pleaded. Kimberly knew she had a problem and had been seeing a psychologist for two and a half years. The jury could hear her words as the voice mail was played during the trial. But Kimberly never took the stand. Kimberly eventually paid back seventy five thousand dollars, claiming to have a rich benefactor. Her Ex boss said. Dennis Richards described nineteen ninety-three fire, saying he never called the Fire Department or the Police Department at the time his relationship with Kimberley was falling apart, he said. Kimberley's defense argued that there was no evidence. She had smelled the smoke all those years ago. She was lost in her thoughts. It was also strange that Dennis. Never reported the fire to authorities for team said. In, closing arguments, prosecutor Tom Hastings again emphasized the financial gain that would push kimberly to try and kill her husband by giving him a glass of water with San axe to disarm him, and then trying to burn the place down. Quote she started hatching a plan as she was going to raise this money? How was she going to save her own hide? How is she going to cash in? She had I hire breathing down her neck. Robert Boone had told her look. If you've stolen any money, I'm leaving and taking the kids. That's when Kimberly began googling on her password protected work laptop. Would insurance pay for her belongings if a second house burned down? How do you 'cause a House Explosion? How does a fake Christmas tree catch on fire? Kimberly was plotting to drug her husband, and then set fire to the house. Prosecutors, said quote. Robert Boone was going to have to be sacrificed so that this defendant could maintain her liberty. But Kimberley's defense attorney buckner tried to cast out describing Dennis Richards as a disgruntled ex husband and Robert Boone as a liar who may have helped himself to his wife Xanax. Authorities had never determined the cause of the fire, a key argument for the defense. That's your problem in the case. Could the fire have been an accidental fire? Yes, do we know the cause of it? No, no one has been able to come in here and give you a cause. Kimberley's defense attorney said. When it came to stealing money from I hire without a doubt Kimberly was guilty, but the question is. was she going to kill her husband over it? Her defense attorney oust I suggest to you. She loved her husband. The jury deliberated for four hours before returning with their verdict guilty. Just, before her sentencing Robert Boone brought a victim impact statement. He said Kimberly has no remorse for what she's done to him, and he still suffers from tst. Kimberly scoffed about what Robert said later on with Anita. And he wrote about how he wakes up every nurse, still relating of waking up in a burning house. and. He said he had post. Traumatic stress disorder. He has a hard time. Trusting people and I'm thinking you. You weren't waking up in a burning house four months. After the fire before you. Really Yeah. That's what I was thinking with you and you weren't. Right. Exactly went to the NASCAR racing. We bought new furniture. He bought another gun. You know we went every place togethers. So, yeah, you really have post traumatic. Has it now? Because of what happened I, can see that, but why my and fan wake up every night with reliving the horror waking up in a burning building because you're trying to get this is. Kimberly was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. In Two thousand twelve, she was charged with grand theft of one hundred thousand dollars, or more from what she had stolen from her former company. She had been serving in state prison and was ordered back to jail to face the new charge, which is when the regular phone calls with Anita began. Public defender came to see me today. Good. What are you saying? just that they have about he literally five six thousand pieces of paper in my discovery, this little case here. What I. I don't even think I know what what are they charging of over one hundred thousand dollars? Grand Theft. And this is what they use the whole this. To get other takeout. This is the reason. That I wanted to kill rob because I just money. Neither Kimberly Not Anita ever confessed to their crimes against their husbands in their calls, although Kimberly discussed grand theft charge in greater detail in one taped call and admitted to overstepping her bounds. I had. Control over the finances I used to say about one hundred brand out and I took it out and opened up another. The banks for failing, and you have a protected and stuff and I had I was the only with the company that was approved. The US Treasury to go in and do like Money transfers from bank to bank between that account other. And I'm used to bottle. They only had one company credit card, and they were like eight or nine guys on the only fifty thousand limit well, I. Company that pays ninety thousand a month just in marketing Internet marketing you know. They have big expensive. So. I put a lot of stuff on my own credit. Oh. I bought computers. Company, but yeah, and then like the bills would be do and to send a check I just give them my credit card number over the phone. If. They didn't take a lot of my pay by check over the funds but do that. But you know the cash flow things. I had to wait for certain certain. Ways different things and in those times, but anyway such you. Kinda got like in over your head with your own personal credit cards, trying to cover them well, but basically what? I didn't sit down expensive for since I, did so Austin pretty much daily and. You know it was just a matter of. them because they wrote I think the check, but I printed about the Maryland was fun and send them. Down but Anyway, I paid my personal. Credit, Card bills, with the company account. But. Exactly. Eventually Kimberly took a plea deal. In two thousand thirteen added an additional five years to her sentence. In one call the two friends at each other. As it was already clear, they would be spending years in prison. I mean we're looking at thirty. I think. For same time. Young, people in thirty. Years, no one minute remaining. Twenty two. Twenty three. Twenty three. And then. And then you get off like stealing. percent. Eighty five percent. That's what the eighty percent that's for. At least another had to be twenty three years. You'RE GONNA. Get an appeal your. I mean that was the worst case scenario you get worse case scenario. And, then you just think every day you're in there is. They can add is client service. I don't blame you for fighting this thing here. I know. The okay. I got your birthday card, but I don't really get. A few days ago, but The. Thing. I forgive me by Jakarta School. About you. and. Your birthday is on during trials. Thank you for using I see solution. And that's all for today's episode. As always I'd love to know what you think about these cases. Do you think both women were treated? Fairly by or do you agree with their defenses? I'd also love to know what you thought about. The format of this episode was obviously a little different than normal covering two cases side-by-side. Let me know by turning the conversation on Instagram at court junkie by tweeting me at court Chunky Pod, or by emailing me at podcast at court junkie. Dot Com. Today's episode was researched and written by Gabrielle Roussin. If, you'd like to hear these episodes. Ad Free and get access to additional core. CHUNKY EPISODES GO TO COURT JUNKIE DOT COM slash support which will redirect you to my petri on page. Thanks again for listening until next time. It seems like companies are putting cbd in everything nowadays, and if you don't know where to start, I have a recommendation for you. There's a company in Vermont. Bets down to Earth in doing things differently. Son Soil my favorite thing about them. IS THAT SON soil? MAKE CBD oil. That is USDA certified organic. 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