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"brookhouse dengir" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"brookhouse dengir" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"And it's 6 30 a.m. and they were in London to make good morning on Caroline hepar So we're keeping an eye on Macron the news does seem to be darkening about just how serious it is how much it could cost in terms of the economic recovery and also on China and the evergreen that shares fell this morning significantly kaisers shares trade in Hong Kong have been suspended after both officially defaulted on dollar debt So let's look at the markets there before we get into some of the issues facing the UK especially Boris Johnson the all country world index is now down a tenth of 1% The topics dropping 8 tenths of 1% This morning nikkei two to 5 also down by 1% And European futures are significantly softer even though yesterday was quite flat Day U.S. stocks 50 futures down half of 1% S&P 500 even features manage a very small gain but the S&P 500 fell 7 tenths of 1% yesterday so that three day rebound in U.S. stocks did end on Thursday And I wonder whether this is going to be another very volatile Fridays We've seen in the last couple of weeks CBOE vol has jumped back towards 22 We do get the CPI number out at one 30 p.m. London time that will be crucial for markets ahead of the fed next week The yuan fixings also have been rather interesting The PBOC setting the week is reference rate But since 2018 according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg the offshore actually trading at 6 36 now is stronger two tenths of 1% but this of course is after the yuan hit the strongest level against the U.S. dollar since May 2018 So interesting another PBOC intervention Bitcoin a bit steadier this morning after it dropped a 6% overnight And we are $70 64 for WTI crude futures Okay those are the markets Let's go to a few of our top stories now And we start with the latest pressure facing Boris Johnson with MPs due to vote on the new coronavirus restrictions next Tuesday the FT says that at least 30 conservative MPs the time says 50 are threatening to reject the measures The package includes work from home guidance and mandatory vaccine passports for entry to crowded events Labor will support the new restrictions but the rebellion by back bench Tories is becoming corrosive for the government the latest YouGov poll for the times gives the party the worst poll rating in 11 months with two thirds of voters now questioning Johnson's integrity Meanwhile the City of London could become a ghost town again after firms started telling thousands of staff to work from home in response to the latest government guidance sources say that Deutsche Bank and Nat west group are significantly reducing the number of employees working in the office for Monday And one of the largest law firms here freshfield's brookhouse dengir is telling lawyers and staff to stay at home as well And I mentioned what's happening in the U.S. today The government will issue the consumer price index and there's a very good chance that it could rattle financial markets wary of inflation His Bloomberg's Vinny del giudice Bloomberg economic says November state are set to show the fastest pace of U.S. consumer price growth since 1982 When Paul Volcker was fighting the inflation dragon at the Federal Reserve almost 7% year over year from another angle the October to November hop food and energy could account for half the month over month gain but rising cost elsewhere will put more pressure on the fed to act The needle should ice Bloomberg daybreak Europe Okay a few of our top stories then and what we're expecting today But the heat is not dying down on Boris Johnson as anger swirls around government Christmas parties new COVID restrictions and now a fine over how building works on his home were funded The paymaster general is investigating now three events that took place last year during the pandemic restrictions and not even the birth of the Johnson's second baby yesterday could act as a distraction Well one of the people calling for Boris Johnson's resignation is anti MacDonald who is the labor MP for Middlesbrough You and pots and I spoke to him on Bloomberg Westminster yesterday We asked him whether he was happy that the Metropolitan Police decided not to investigate these allegations of parties No not at all I mean Allegra Stratton was asked a question about a party that we've told didn't exist It didn't happen but if spending did go ahead it was in accordance with the rules It can't be both And it's not just one party We're now discovering that there were a number of what the paymaster general of the dispatch box is just euphemistically caused gatherings So when we go to a party to a christening or a birthday party in Christmas party it isn't a party It's a gathering I mean this is just vaccination If people just turn to Dodge the column and Dodge the issue The back and forth was rough yesterday Didn't do enough Keir Starmer when it came to if that is your view to actually holding the prime minister account Well I think you did I think exposed him for the dishonest individual that he is And people will say well should have gone further last year's resignation Well I've just done that in the last hour I've asked the promises to do the right thing and resign Because as more information emerges and it's emerged since yesterday because of the number of parties that have taken place at number 10 Downing Street We know it's a place of business but really it's in these knowledge And for people to come to the House of Commons there I was told that it was okay It was investigation to view carried out And the pair must have generally done the self same thing issues hanging behind an inquiry going to be had by the head of the civil service We need to know which civil servants were attending these events or these gatherings because there shouldn't be anywhere near this And that's where the map If the police forces of our country are going to go around a resting people and our constituencies for breaking the rules they can done well investigate these issues too Everybody is equal under book And that applies even to the privileged bullingdon boys and the rest of the people inside the Westminster They have got to be subject to the same laws of our land And it can not be that the police is simply saying we're not in interest To complain and hurt to investigate because they simply can't sidestep this one if we're going to have faith in our institutions They've got to get on with that as look at our fear or favor And this is one of those such occasions Do you think it's realistic to call for the prime minister's resignation though He says he doesn't know about these parties I mean presumably gatherings happen in a large organization without the guy at the top being informed of it It was a number 10 Downing Street Many events not just the one And for him to satisfy himself I was informed that everything was okay I'm afraid simply won't wash He should be carrying out his own investigation Coming fully armed with the information rather than hiding behind some minion who tells him everything was all I permanent So don't you worry Everything's okay You've just got to be until that's what you've been told Not good enough So that was Andy McDonald's labor MP for middles were pretty strong on the government We'll have much more British politics on bib Westminster today So it was supposedly crime week according to the government this week Hardening rhetoric a new Law & Order bill that we have in the UK we're going to bring you a special program on prisons and sentencing with the Howard leagues Andrew Nielsen cape Fraser from women in prison and Peter Clarke senior fellow at the policy exchange catch it live 12 noon today Right let's get over Bloomberg's.

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