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"brooke boston" Discussed on The Cedric Maxwell Podcast

"Authority. He's not gonna send the authority. That's not yeah. He's not gonna succumb to authorities. No, Gary, I think this is it. People like Kyrie, don't see all these problems that created until they're out of the game. When they're out of the door, now it's like, oh, damn, I did that. And I pissed this person off and I didn't do this. You don't miss your water. You don't miss your water till you will run dry. What happened to our half of the ally? When the game got you out? Over Kyrie's lifetime. People have lined up the kisses ass. And even with the Celtics, when he was here, there are a lot of things they want him to do from a public relationship standpoint. Kyrie said no. I don't want to do it. And the Celtics did, okay. All right, 'cause we want to sign you as a free agent again. We only keep you happy. Until somebody steps into his ass, like, and I think the person has to step in his ass has to be somebody like the ring. Somebody who is better than him. But Kevin Durant says something to him. That might resonate. Because we know when LeBron says something to him, that just pissed in the hell off. Yeah, I think no, I think that Kyrie Irving at the end of the day looked at LeBron like, I'm just as good as you, if not now. Yes he did. Stand about the rent, he said, that dude can make every shot I can make and more. So he respects him a little bit more on the offensive end. I think with, I think if you look at Kyrie, okay, he's always like, I think the level of life he was the number one overall pick in 2011. So he's ten years in the league now. He's 29. Okay, there is no guarantee everybody is going to be LeBron or Kobe, God bless his soul, playing to the 36 37, okay? He's a Kyrie now as an off injured player, okay, and becoming more of a headache to organizations. Now, Cleveland looked at Boston and said, see, y'all thought, you know, you said we were talking about, and now Brooke Boston, you're saying the Brooklyn. See? Now we're talking about. So now using this third organization, you know, this is what remember, this is supposed to be his happy place. I'm coming home. That's fan. I'm near my family. All these, hey, it all came together. I'm playing with my friend, Kevin Durant. And my other buddy, Deandre Jordan, this is I finally found peace. How long did peace last? He missed most of his first season with his shoulder injury..

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