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The Teddy Bear!

The Past and the Curious

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The Teddy Bear!

"Early in the year of Nineteen O one. The manager of the Bronx Zoo in New York got a very unusual letter. The typewritten note was dated January. Second Gentleman I have a small named Jonathan Edwards and we find we do not have the accommodations to keep him so I should like to present him to the Bronx Zoological Gardens. Can you send someone out here to tend to his shipment then written by hand next to this is a further question? I think it says or shall I ship him myself but it's hard to read the messy scribbled handwriting in any case the letter is signed yours. Truly t roosevelt. Now as you might have guessed that T- Roosevelt is Theodore Roosevelt. A man who would soon unexpectedly find himself as the president of the United States. But that probably wasn't the first thing that jumped out to William Hornets manager of the Bronx Zoo. His thoughts were probably something like bear a bear a pet bear in New York. Of course you don't have any accommodations to keep them. Who Does he's a bear and wait. Did you say his name is Jonathan Edwards? Were kind of name. Is that for a bear name. A bear poo or growly or berry made even snuggles. If he's got the right personality but Jonathan Edwards Kinda Weirdo. Oh right teddy. Roosevelt Theodore you see Theodore. Roosevelt had just finished his duty. As governor of New York State that term ended on December thirty first and on that upcoming March fourth he would be sworn in as vice president of the United States in the time between governing and vice president and it seems teddy him. The idol was trying to take care of some personal matters which included but were not limited to a live bear rather than ask the million questions that were surely. On the zookeepers. Mind William Hornets. Just said yes. It was Teddy Roosevelt after all right right but Hornets did ask where on earth the bear came from soon to be vice president. Roosevelt had already moved on to other matters because his reply was short. And Sweet. My dear Mr Hornets. The back came from West Virginia. Very Truly Theodore Roosevelt's. Let's not a lot of information from a man who could be pretty verbose that means he talked a lot and he also wrote a lot dude wrote thirty five books in his lifetime over one hundred and fifty thousand letters to people so you'd think he could have offered a bit more explanation as to what he was doing with a bear at his house a few months prior he did elaborate a bit more in one of those one hundred and fifty thousand letters that he wrote to a friend. He told his pal that some supporters in West Virginia had presented the bear to him as a gift. And well. You can't say no to a gift especially a Harry. One was sharp teeth honestly. A pet bear wasn't entirely off the Charts the Roosevelt while Jonathan Edwards. The bear would eventually go to live in the Bronx Zoo. It might not have felt that much different. From the Roosevelt home to the creature he would have been more than us to being surrounded by a mess of animals. And I'm not talking about the six Roosevelt kids running around the home. I'm talking about all of their pets. The list of Roosevelt family pets goes on and on there was a lizard named bill and a pig named MoD a badger named Josefa and a blue macaw named Eli Gail Barron. Sprinkle was a hen and Peter was of course a rabbit. There are also a whole bunch of Guinea pigs with names. That don't disappoint. They were called Admiral. Dewey Dr Johnson Bishop Tone Fighting Bob Evans and Father O'Grady. As if that weren't enough there was also a one. Legged Rooster Hyena a pony and my favorite a Green Garter. Snake named Emily Spinach. As you can see the Roosevelt's took their pets and their pet names quite seriously. Animal hijinks and Shenanigans were very common among the six Roosevelt kids once when brother. Archie was sick in bed. His siblings hatched a scheme to cheer him up. They lead their pony up the stairs to his room to surprise him which it certainly did but the pony was more excited to see his reflection in a bedroom mirror so much so that he would not leave and then there was the time that Quinton burst into his father's office at the time. Teddy Theodore Right. Sorry Theodore was in the middle of an important closed-door meeting with senators and other politicians closed doors. Don't always mean much to a kid with animals in his pockets and Quinton didn't think twice about interrupting the meeting. The men kindly obliged pause the meeting while the boy threw his arms around his beloved father who Shirley laughed proudly and started to shoot the boy away but Quinton had a surprise. The boy pulled four snakes out of his pocket and place them on the table in the middle of the room. Apparently these men did not have a similar menagerie of animals in their own households because these powerful yet easily frightened men jumped up like popcorn scrambled to the edge of the room. Faster than Greece geese it was surely a funny moment for the Roosevelt's so as we've said Jonathan Edwards would live his days in the Bronx Zoo but he wasn't the only fateful bear in Teddy's life. Okay he wasn't the only fateful bear in Theodore's life no there was another. Roosevelt was sworn in as vice president and March of nineteen o one and six months later in September. He was president of the United States. It wasn't supposed to happen that way. But President William McKinley was assassinated while attending the world's bear in Buffalo New York. Theodore Roosevelt took his place and made history in many ways. Theatre was an extremely energetic. Man Some say he had a photographic memory because he could do things like perfectly recite poems that he had read and not seen again for decades. He read books nearly every day. Some people saw him read two or three pages a minute. He was very proud of his speed reading skills but it wasn't just learning that he engaged in Roosevelt loved the outdoors. In fact as a president he set aside two hundred thirty million acres of land to protect and save so that Americans for many generations could enjoy these forests parks and Animal Sanctuaries Theodore love to spend time in nature himself. He loved to horseback ride and he was also an avid hunter in November of Nineteen. O Two just after his first full year as president. He made a hunting trip to Mississippi on invitation. From the governor of the state there were several other people in the party and before long the president was the only one who had not shot a bear. This was embarrassing for the governor. How could they leave? Teddy out right right right with the feodor so anyway. In an effort to guarantee success for the president's bear hunting trip the guides devised an unfortunate and unkind plan that involved tying a bear to a tree for Roosevelt to shoot when he discovered the creature in such a state. Roosevelt was disgusted and refuse to shoot. What could have been forgotten moment soon? Captured the American imagination and then gave birth to one of the most common items found in kids rooms. All around the world still today. A cartoonist was inspired by the story and sketched an image of Roosevelt refusing to shoot the bear the cartoon ran in the Washington Post which was a major newspaper in it immediately connected Roosevelt to bears in the minds of Americans probably most of whom never even realized that he had a pet bear in New York for a while. One American who saw this was a candy shop owner from Brooklyn New York named Morris Victim. It began with two soft cuddly stuffed toy bears that he and his wife Rose had made. He stuck those bears in the window of his candy shop and called them Teddy bears before long he spent all of his time making those and even started a toy company that would live on for decades. So whether you knew it or not. That teddy bear in your bedroom is named after a president who didn't even like being called Teddy.

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