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"brody jeter" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Little lies is catherine. This is so boring. This is like news for for like truly four people. I just love us. Lead is this could these to be the hills as next it couple and it's like first of all no one's watching the hills so so they're not going to happen a couple. I really hope not because this girl has actually trying to make it in hollywood is like a real actress not as a reality person on the hills eating yup spencer heidi. You're always the couple in the hills. There's no one else there's there's not another couple. This was just the reason why i put this here because it was happening happening at the same time as this which is brody jenner might beating twenty two year old nepotism model that is a quote from owner. They didn't who has the best headlines might be dating twenty-two-year-old nepotism. Model is my fate. That's the best way to describe. Joseph and seiko also really is a nepotism so josie can say go. We dated we. We're old pros on josie can take oh because because of a recurring segment we would do in our live. Show is lindsay would do incredibly long like twenty minute long deep dive into joseph and seiko and i i feel like i know her better than with josie. He dated woohoo she she dated. Mike stud mike side. A wrapper on solid dropped out. I love college and never wanna leave. This place that guy back up josie can saco jose canseco's daughter with jessica and seiko. Jose can say go being the the baseball a player who wrote juiced about how he did all those drugs. His wife wrote a novel. A memoir called juic- which is ironic name. Josie announce became a victoria's a secret model. Yeah she's an angel and she dated this rapper than they broke up and now she's probably dating brody. Jenner insane. Jose canseco is now a conspiracy theorist. I very prolific conspiracy theorists and twitter aliens. He loves stuck. We'll take you to see bigfoot. If you call number one time finger fell off because he got shot off. That's a great that's a great part of our show all about just because she was on the show <hes> the mother daughter experiment on lifetime along with courtney and her mother oxygen by the way but it's fine oxygen oxygen. Maybe it was lifetime. No you're right was lifetime sorry lifetime but she's she's actually not that fascinating but everything around her is which is why that deep deep dive was so much fun because she's kind of boring boring person why she's like the perfect brody jeter rebound from his life because she basically is like a blonde stand in model for like caitlin carter and by the way he is you know i wrote this in the newsletter which patriot and you can get if you but it's like you know like the lady doth protest too much methinks he's. He's like that all over town. He's like he's all over town being like i don't care i'm good. I don't care. I don't even give a shit. I'm good. It's like relaxed like the more you say. You're good the more like he's not good. I know it's good talk- christie's doing the same thing. Yes me the lady dov protest so much methinks. Thanks fix i i mean i know it's from hamlet and we've had this conversation me thinks his lap fucked up the quote and i was like where does me thinks go that. We've had this conversation so many times really. We love saying lady protest too much me. Thanks because we love literature. It's one one of the most iconic lines always leads an everybody's dauth protesting too much. It's so wise. It's always appropriate to quote that. I know it's true. Though so brody jeter he doth protest too much. Let's move on on another big release ratchet but truly at big relationship news 'cause we basdeo..

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