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"brittany van vander" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"I cannot wait for real hot size family hills. Okay. Jackson's leg, James. He's a lot of help not me and leases. I never need your advice on what I should focus on and britney's. Like, I always thought I could make him look better and other people. I now that we're engaged. It makes me look worse. You are. So. Lost and gone on this situation. You look just as bad as he did before. Don't worry I think's chains. And if you feel like you, look bad, I know what you can do to help it. Get a gigantic Perm. Okay. I'm talking about others from family ties Perm and put it on top of your head. That's gonna help everything bring me just. Just a big old Perm. She's like, well I wanted to make one hundred show Jackson in it for the long haul. I thought I'd do fan of permanence by getting the Perm so Jackson. Trying to the polls and Lisa's like I missed the apology haven't sat and he's like, yes, I I'm sorry for my body language. She's like Andro words, and my words and having share ten button to your food or for having my belly button to my and for stealing bull. From the story list. Everything he's ever done wrong. Please. Yeah. And Jackson's like, I feel like I'm always treated like old Jack's where but like James can dislike do anything and get away with it. I'm like well. But you artery like old because everyone can see that you're still all jacks. That's why. And you're literally old. Yeah. Okay. Jacks. You are act your old man tax. And also like you're also older than James. So you should know better. And also, your your issues are that you're like a sociopath, whereas James is truly like a broken person who is the product of like a lot of damage, and so people just still see hope in him. That's why people like feel for him not me. But I hear it's out there. Yeah. So Brittany van Vander pump dismisses him, and she's like why she doesn't fire him. I don't know. I guess she's not allowed to. Yeah. Because he's on the show. Yeah. But she still just get rid of him who needs him. I don't know one. No one needs Jaksic as not even cheating on anybody. What's the point? Yeah. I agree. So britney's, I it's crazy. You go at each other. Why should we go at each other? That's ridiculous. He seeks employment from me, he needs to show some fucking respect. True. You're not you're not supposed to be like going at each other with your boss to prove my point. I shall be coming out with pump a cheese. Who? I feel like Lisa van Trump's version of like beer cheese is gonna is probably gonna be like Chevra with Roseanne annals like, you know, beer in it at all just like, very, foodie and like. Yeah. That's going to be. That actually kind of sounds good. So case there is it like red lunches. So here we go back to katie's normal sitting on the couch. Terrible Bubba sign bit of art. Arianna comes over wearing the inside out Jack sweatshirt, which I think is a bad omen. Yes. Oh, yeah. Gross and katie's God. Everyone is everyone's an hour late Marianne areas like thought it was going to be the first one here. How many times has areana just gotten stuck talking to Katie? It's like how late do I have to be to not get stuck? You're talking to fucking Katie. Well, what do you think they're all late because no one wants to be the first one they are stuck stuck talking to Katie. I'm like, I don't I just wanna like wait for one other person to be there first, they all they all played chicken, basically in Arizona's the one who's like, I think an hour. That's enough time that people have shown up. And so, of course, waste no time. She doesn't care if the whole cast is there. She'll just start shit while no one's there. She's like well miss Jackson because he came over here. Freaking out that like Britney was freaking out. Yeah. Apparently jacks was yelling about Lisa and how like everyone's doubting that he's really changed. And that he's been saying things like we're getting married everyone deal with it. And so Katie goes, bro. You have eleven monthly your wedding like.

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