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"britney heseltine" Discussed on 60 Minutes

"Subdivisions, just wide open range. Now, ranchers drive their cattle to U.S. forest service land. The largest grazing allotment in the country, 127,000 acres of the bridger teton national forest. Last summer, they paid the federal government $1 35 cents a month for every cow and her calf. Summers. Price. How much each rancher will owe is tallied at a place called the counting gate. It's Jamie Burgess job to read brands or ear tags and call out which cows belong to which ranch. While his wife Rita adds up the totals. When the cows finally reach mountain pastures, they're handed off to range riders. Bring them. Like Britney heseltine, whose job is to watch over them all summer. And you're up here by yourself? Yes. Just be my horses, but three dogs and a cat. How long altogether? It'll be about 5 months. Every day for those 5 months, Brittany is out at dawn to check on the 600 or so cattle in her care. First thing in the morning, you come out on a rise and especially in the fall, the Elk are bugling and just talking to each other. Brittany earned her degree in veterinary science in 2019. This was her third summer as a range rider. It's really hard work. What's the attraction? What's the draw? Something about it speaks to my soul. I really can't describe what, but all winter long. I'm like, oh, a couple months more. A couple months more. And then I'll be up at home. Her home for the summer was a small trailer in an isolated camp, off the grid, no running water, no cell service. At the start of last summer, four of the 5 drift range riders were women. You told us that you thought women made the best range riders. Why would that be? Their hard workers. And I can't say that they're, you know, the men aren't good, but the women don't go to town. And as much as some of the men kind of have a tendency to visit the tavern. Yeah, they'll go. On the other side of the mountain. So what happened to the cowboys? I don't know. Maybe they're just not cut out for it. There's beauty up here. And danger too. Since listed as endangered species, wolf and grizzly bear populations have exploded in these mountains. Britney keeps track of the calves they kill. If it was actually killed by a predator, then there will be bruising on the hide on the inside. And it's very obvious. You know, like last year we lost 24 calves. They didn't come home. Now we lose between ten and 15% of our calves. It sounds like a lot. It's a lot. It would break us if it weren't for compensation program by the Wyoming game and fish department. So you get paid for every animal you lose. We do. Predators aren't the only threat to these ranchers, a growing chorus of critics argue cattle shouldn't graze on public lands at all. Consumption of beef is declining, and so is the number of ranches on the drift. There were more than 20 in the early 1990s, today just 11. The green river drift is so iconic that the cattle drive has earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. These remaining ranchers are determined to see that it's not just relegated to history books. So what does it mean to you to be doing what your father and your grandfather did? On the same list. That's my duck. Means a lot. It means a lot. Albert summers has no children, so to preserve this land and its tradition, he set up what's called a conservation easement. Preservationists have paid him to agree that his ranch will never be developed or subdivided, and to allow the public to use the land for recreation. That agreement will also apply to his partner ty swain as he takes over. And to his son's shed when and if he picks up the rings. So with the conservation easement, this land will not change. It will stay the same. It will stay the same. Well, no land stays the same. But this land will not be developed. And I will go to my grave peacefully with that knowledge. But just not tomorrow. Many traditions have left their mark on this land, Native Americans were forced to give way to fur traders, pioneers, and homesteaders. Today, it's the cowboy way of life that is fighting to hold on. Oh yeah. It's tied every year. I mean, we're down to the last dime at the end of the year. It sounds like you're not in it for the money. No, sir. No, we're not. You know, and if somebody says, you know, you're a rich rancher. Only rich in the fact that we're get to do what we do and we live where we live. And we get to see the sun come up over those mountains. That's the rich part of this job. It's not the money. Jeannie lockwood and her family are driving their cattle on the drift again this summer. So is Albert summers, though after 31 years in charge of the drive, he's handed that responsibility off to someone else, and Brittany hazel time, the young woman we met up in the high country, she's also back in the saddle this summer, and this year she was put in charge of hiring all the other range riders. When workers broke ground on an underground parking lot in the heart of Rome 15 years ago, they had no idea what their backhoes were about to unearth. The site turned out to be what Italian archeologists believe was once the pleasure gardens of the Roman Emperor Caligula, where some 2000 years ago all sorts of lavish parties, royal intrigue, and debauched behavior likely took place. Caligula became the third emperor of Rome in 37 AD, and he reigned for barely four years. He's been portrayed in history as one of the most deranged and despicable Roman emperors ever to rule, but as we first reported, last fall, scholars have been reexamining Caligula's story for years to see if history has it right. Could we discover some new fragments of truth and Caligula's gardens? We were more than happy to go to Rome to find out. The temples and palaces of Ancient Rome may have crumbled long ago, but the legend of one of its oddest emperors lives on. I saw sever each one at the neck. What most people know about Caligula comes from this iconic BBC series I Claudius, which was based on two historical novels by Robert graves. In the show, Caligula turns his palace into a brothel. Makes his horse a high ranking senator and declares himself a living God. It's a torrid tale of incest. Infanticide..

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