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"britain fulmer" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing

Monocle 24: The Briefing

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"britain fulmer" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing

"Time now to review some of the day's newspapers and to do so I'm joined by Monaco's Augusta match. Larry OG, good afternoon. We're gonna dig into the papers today. This is a bit of a isn't that a page one review? This is a page four review. Yeah. I I'd pay back the cover and plums myself into the telegraph when the few remaining giant. Yeah. Exactly. It's unwieldly. It's undergrowth. Of course, have been consistent conservative publication on the side of Brexit. Brexit means Brexit, will it has another useful. Explain it today. However on the amendments. So members of parliament will be going to the house of Commons vote on a selection of amendments to two resumes. Brexit to have been tabled by various different MP's on these selections will be chosen by John buck, how who has attractive note of sort of celebrity on the continent. He's the speaker nominally kind of impart is on referee type figure, but has been some say pushing a remain agenda. So the tentacle off today is cooling on him. Why should be hearing more about the Midori house six PM if listeners we're interested? He gets to actually choose. What is debated? Right. Correct. Yeah. Yeah. So the amendments have been tabled he will he will. Select from and those will be the ones that get debated. Can. I just say I I really like him because we have various similar system of parliament in Canada. But our speaker and the whole process is quite boring compared to Britain, I tune in just to see this guy. It's great theater. Yeah. He's supercars Matzek. That's his sort of touch phrase, isn't it? He is being wound history will judge you says the telegraph on what amendments tables, this is demanding that he titles won by sub Graham Brady whose quite an important backbench. He is of this nineteen twenty two committee of Tory pinch and pays. And it basic requires at this Northern Irish backstop issue is replaced with alternative arrangements. The reason the telegraph likes this, and the reason that it's popular is because it's thought that if Theresa May can go back to the EU with this amendment of pasta by the Commons. She will have a demonstrable proof that how withdraw agreement cooed Pau such a on. So it might boast as some kind of flexibility in the other people keen for other amendments we have hit number ten so so he just odds loved infra graphic red blue and yellow wanted full five to eleven with the different amendments. Dominic grieve in at number ten his is one of the more controversial ones in that. It's sexist sets aside six days in the week leading up to the twenty ninth which is the departure date of Asli in which the government will have no. Control over what happens it'll be old down to the combs. So obviously the government is really into this. If it's to be passed it will rely on some Tory, traitors if you like who a retouched to remain, but the idea would base it. I mean, the the Komen's would be able to debate various different options to forestall the possibility of a no Brexit. No, dill Brexit, including a second referendum. So it may be that. It's best hope for that on. We'll be interesting. You know, just as an a look machinery of British politics. If couches to table that number ten in the telegraph rather than sa- Graham Brady's at number three. Well that should go over. Well, let's just do it all condense it and do it in six days. And then it all make sense. Well, right. Let's very quickly go to page four of the F T. Yeah. This cool. My I just because Nick Clegg who was the as Britain's Fulmer the case full deputy, prime minister. Nisa obviously had a coalition with David Cameron who got us into this mess. Nick Clegg has taken on a job, essentially as Facebook's chief Moebius, which says look to me about the power of the company that I just let out right? We're going to recruit a lot guy used to be the deputy, prime minister of the UK. Now, he's chief lobbyist. Anyway, you can imagine that he's pretty well. Connected. Used to be an EMMY pe- as well..

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