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"briscoe funk" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

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"briscoe funk" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"So we get the big back and forth here ultimately McMahon is going to pull out the lead pipe and clock flare with it. Flare is going to wind up all bloody. This continues. Get out of here, Rick up blood. Can you imagine? Shit, are you talking about? So it's going to become a hardcore match. A false count anywhere match. There's going to be some steaks. You can tell, hey, we're headed somewhere. This isn't just going to be a regular one, two, three. Right. So I guess that provides a little bit of garnish a little bit of Gaga for whatever sort of insecurities that Vince or Rick had, as far as doing a traditional match, but speaking of smart looking Conrad, they don't need to go in there and have a chance to catch camp Briscoe funk classic because they can't. Correct. But what they can do and they did was to execute a storage count anywhere, there's no rules. You can hit them with balls, all these wonderful things that you would get in a match like that. So yeah, that was the only way to go with that thing. On SmackDown, we would see Austin and Booker T face off in the main event. It's a first blood match. Austin is going to lose because big boss and comes in makes his return, nails Austin with a chair shot, and now bossman's back. Someone who's not going to be back for a bit. The hardy boys. Meltzer would write this. There have been problems with Jeff of late, which came to a head when he messed a show in San Jose on December 8th. He's also been late for a few shows. His performance hasn't been nearly at the level it used to be, and then the match at the pay per view with Matt versus Jeff was a flop in the eyes of most, and after that raw handicap match where the hardees were squashed by the undertaker, Vince decided to kill the feud and Vince sat down all three to explain the situation, and he explained that taking them off TV was to give them a chance to breathe. So this is something that Bruce and I have had fun with for a long time that Vince used to say brothers don't fight. And of course, we know that's not true, at least in wrestling. Certainly in real life as well. But here, this is the first time we saw as far as I can recall, Vince thinking, maybe we should take the Harding off TV for a bit. And we know they're gonna have a big part of the Royal Rumble, but what can you tell us as the guy who was sort of calling the shots for talent relations? What was the situation or circumstance what the hardy's here? Well, Jeff was the issue. What in that? Matt was picture perfect. He tried to protect his brother, which one would assume is the only right thing to do for an older brother to protect your little brother. I had hours of talks with Jeff Hardy. And it came down to you have to get some help. And, you know, both you and I are country boys, so to speak, it's not manly to admit you have an issue how much I respect John Moxley. He had issues of drinking. He went to rehab, he successfully completed all of his treatments. He's feeling great. And he'll be back with us soon on assembly. But I talked to Jeff about that. I said, you know, we've run out of options. We just really have run out of options yet. Every second chance you get, you screw it up. And so I'm in a position that I don't want to be in. Are you that to solve your problem or eliminate it? And we eliminated it because that was his choice. He did not want to go to ria. Well, we know that ultimately and later are going to get caught in the crossfire. But there is another tag team that's going to pop up. This is the first time we see Billy Gunn and chuck palumbo. In a pairing, there's no way we would have known how this would turn out, but at least in your mind at this point, had you identified Billy Gunn as a tag team specialist and maybe he can give that veteran rub to the young chuck palombo is that more of the thinking? I think so. Billy was a good teacher, a good coach. He does that now for AEW as a producer agent, whatever you want to call, it does a great job teaching and tutoring and coaching our talents there at AEW. But we knew Billy had skills in that regard, and we thought that chuck the lombo, who was a very much respectful professional would benefit from the teachings. And I went crazy about their gimmick, but I was glad that chuck was getting an opportunity to work with somebody that was better than him, that could teach chuck and rock and roll from there because I don't think either guy was overwhelmed with the gay thing. And that was, today, it would mean nothing. Which is good. But it meant it was a little edgy, and I think that's kind of what business is looking for. Some edginess and some level of discomfort to watch it to big strong, powerful guys.

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