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"brian sandberg" Discussed on Baseball Together Podcast

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"brian sandberg" Discussed on Baseball Together Podcast

"Twenty two at least. Yeah so i like cap pants and this is. He's an excellent excellent piece to our mount rushmore agree. He's my statistical anomaly. Pick he's my stat leader. Pick so For those of you. That don't know. I have a little bit of a system that i use to put together my mount rushmore brad. That does not know. there's no system order. Yeah but cap. Anson's my statistical leader in. I'm telling you that. Over twenty two years with just the cubs franchise. It gets better more. Statistics he considering runs scored. He has one thousand nine hundred ninety nine runs scored ida played one more day. I know right save. I get that one more seriously. That puts him at ninth all time in major league baseball ninth. Then we're talking. Hits three thousand four hundred thirty five hits number seven all time now. This dude hasn't played in over one hundred years and he's still a number seven slot Now this is the best one. He's the first basement. He played a couple of positions but as a first baseman only if you only look at his first base numbers he is responsible for twenty one thousand six hundred ninety nine putouts that means that he recorded the out in the in the play that puts him at number two all time. And you know you're you're telling me these numbers before in trying to figure who was like my gosh. That's a that's an outstanding. That's huge number. Damn crazy be second but you know it makes perfect sense being in the dead ball era the bosnian field. Lots a lot of ground. And even i'm sure at that point they were bosnia. Feel the oppo playing very shallow. Where does that ball yeah. It wasn't uncommon. I'm sure for bald. A ground ball to go to right field. The guy to get out totally hard. Hit all the right filler. He's he's out so it makes perfect sense of so there's a of nine three whole lot of four three nine three. The would be pretty cool though happen very often especially not anymore. Yeah as a faster. Balls or ted lots. Lots of details didn't even have a mound back then. It was just a circle for most of the time. It's completely different game. well no. it's not completely different but there are some nuances. That make that change slow. Okay all right. That's we agree on number one. Brad won't go ahead with your next. Okay i have. This is a player. Who is first introduced to as a. I was four when i got my first glove mile. Who gave me my first glove and it was. You know when you're literally had like the signature in the palm glove of course so this player signature is in the palm of my glove. That actually had for a very long time used way longer than i probably should have because the glove that i used primarily as i got a little bit older a catcher's glove so i've said this in my bag just because i had it. I think i was thirteen. When i replaced it. Okay so he's not a catcher a catcher keno. This is brian sandberg sandberg. Yeah oh boy so he is hall of famer and he wanted to be p award ten time all star nine time gold glove winners seven times over silver slugger and major league player of the year. So he he got his first all star. He was bowed to his first..

three thousand Brad thirteen ninth first glove seven times one thousand nine hundred nine Anson first basement second Twenty two first twenty one thousand six hundre one more day first baseman Over twenty two years first base numbers nine three one over one hundred years