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"brien administration" Discussed on History That Doesn't Suck

"Former governor then descends from cotton shake hands with the mining. So goes a typical day in william mckinley front porch campaign rather than storm across the country to rally up the voters. The republican candidate is leading voters. Come to him and they definitely come over the course of the campaign. Roughly seven hundred fifty thousand americans from across the nation. Make the track to the mckinley. Halmi canton ohio to hear him. Speak against his free silver democratic opponent william jennings bryan. The republican will continue to assail. The democratic will over the free silver issue. Will mckinley loads what he sees. As will brian stirring up divisions and making class warfare to quote the ohio republican on another front porch occasion my countrymen the most un-american of all appeals observable in this campaign is the one which seeks to array labor against capital employer against employee. Basically william m doesn't want this to turn into a campaign of main street verse wall street but that dynamic is definitely taking shape with particular thanks to his own campaign manager and republican national committee. President mark hanna. Working out of new york mark leans into the class division rhetoric as he courts donations from industrial titans. This produces serious results the tycoons or robber barons whom we've come to know quite well pony up john rockefeller's standard oil donates. Two hundred fifty thousand dollars. John himself throws in another two thousand five hundred. The barren of banking j pierpont morgan donates. Another two hundred fifty thousand dollars to the republican cause and those still reeling from the panic of eighteen ninety three and the pullman strike various railroads managed to muster another one hundred seventy four thousand all in all with donations from business tycoons pouring in daily the republican campaign spins about three point five million dollars by comparison. The democrats raise a measly three hundred thousand dollars to put that another way. John rockefeller and his company alone gave will mckinley. The rough equivalent of eighty percent of will brian total campaign budget. And that will go a long way toward shoring up. The republican candidate not leaving his front porch. Look we'll mckinley isn't stupid will. Brian is a brilliant speaker. I mean striking crucifix. Pose while making a tasteful jesus reference that skill and that's why along with considerations for his wife. Ida's health will. Mckinley isn't about to go toe to toe. Travelling the country he bluntly tells his campaign manager. Mark hanna. I cannot take the stump against that man. It's a smart play but also one that will mckinley can make in part with massive war chest with that capital. The republican hires one thousand four hundred speakers to go across the country stoking. Fear that o'brien administration will mean the destruction of american business. Industrial leaders threatened close down if the great commoner as will brian has called gets elected which scare some workers into thinking twice about voting for the democrat. The republicans also published one hundred twenty million pieces of campaign literature as well as newspaper articles attacking brian. The mckinley campaign even suggests that the young nebraskan isn't just for free silver but a true radical an anarchist. Just like the protesters at the hey marketed decade. Back sound stacked. But it's not like william jennings bryan doesn't have his supporters grover cleveland style bourbon. Democrats now called gold democrats peeling off but will. Brian is seen real success. Rallying democrats all over the south and west while some industrial workers fear. Brian's policies will lead to their place of employment getting shut down. The unions counted out with support in fact october meeting with workers. In new york's union square. Some even call him quote the new messiah. The light of the world the fearless tribune. Of the people william jennings bryan close quote moreover. The populist party joined the democrats in nominating will brian. He gets support from the significantly. More radical eugene debs to eugene rights to the democratic candidate quote. You are at this hour. The hope of the republic close quote and so the very different candidates campaign and they're very different ways. we'll. Mckinley gives front porch speeches and relies on mailers and hired speakers. Will the free silver messiah. Brian leans on his rhetorical skills. The young nebraskan travels over eighteen thousand miles on four nonstop railroad trips. Giving five hundred seventy speeches between august and november. He averages eighty thousand words a day drawing thousands of listeners in up to twenty three speeches a day which is more effective. We'll find out shortly but one thing is certain regardless of who wins between big business financing and across country speaking tour a new era has begun an american presidential elections..

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