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"brian willem lee" Discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

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"brian willem lee" Discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

"I believe you said you have them as like number one on gold derby to win the Oscar right now, I got a number three. I got Bradley Cooper at one. I've got mommy. Mom, getting a nomination. He'll get a nomination for. Sure. But there are times in the film when I'm thinking now, that's ready. Mercury. That's not an actor. That's tremendous the accurate plays. Brian May Gwilym Lee looks exactly like Brian May the actor that plays Roger Taylor. Ben hardy looks exactly like Roger Taylor circa the seventies and early eighties the soundtrack, obviously, it's Queen. It's fantastic. It's well used the sound design is amazing the Live Aid performance at the end of the film, though, surprised what it is. I can't really spoil it. It's thirty or forty years old almost. The they built the entire set. From scratch at Wembley. The stage is the actual stage. The crowd is CG in that's pretty blatant. Once you see the overhead shot, but the stage itself is the exact stage replica from Wembley Live Aid back in there in the eighties. That whole sequence is tremendous. I'm sitting in the theater about wanting to sing out loud. Like, I'm actually in the concert. It's such a good sound design and such a good sound mix. And it's almost replicated exactly from that Live Aid source, but I believe it's re recorded, and it's just it's a fun movie to watch. I'll give it that. It's it's a little long at almost two and a half hours. I want to say it's like to fifteen but that's about where the good ends. And it kind of plays a little bit with history. Create some revisionist history in the script, and you can see why Sasha baron. Cohen was not, Freddie. Mercury and Rami Malik was picked up to play the role. Because Brian May and Roger Taylor also executive producers on the film and definitely did not want to tell the true story because maybe to them the true story wasn't as fantastic and wasn't as dramatic as someone make it seem. But at the same time, there were a lot of just blatant inaccuracies within the film such as how Queen met and how Freddie Mercury got his start with the band. His aides reveal definitely didn't play out in real life. The way it played on the movie, in fact, it's actually chronologically inaccurate. It didn't happen when it happened and a lot of the drama. They built up was just false and made for drama. So when it comes to just making making something up just to have the storyline. I think it falters there. I but at the same time, I still think it's a fun movie to watch. I think Romney Malik performance is worthy of a star boost on its own. I give it to and a half at the end of the day. I think if you if you don't have as charismatic a lead as you do in Rami Malik, and even in even the other Queen performers, and Brian Willem Lee and Ben hardy, they're fun portrayals of those characters those people, I think it really falters. Even though you have such a fantastical band to begin with was such a storied history as Queen who created these great hits and one of the best parts in the movie as well. And we've seen it in the trailers, and it's not a spoiler because it's it's one of the big poster poster moments of the film is Mike Myers cameo as the fictional EMI. Record executive Alec Baldwin is this show the oddball then show now, which is great in the interview, Mike Marsh talk. But that he said they had to get him. Because of course, well, he me wraps. You is so critical in Wayne's world. And that's a song that Mike can play in Scarborough Ontario as going to believe games. So they said it was very tongue in cheek. They put him in there. But I was the the way a played out was fantastic. Because even the friends I was with I recognize you're right away..

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