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"brian wanamaker" Discussed on Premium Hoops

"And kinda got the whole picture on him watching games and he i i. I've kind of been saying this for the last twenty four hours now like in theory. I get what their plan was. It was get shooting in get bench scorn And i'm okay with that. But i i. I agree i think the guys available who either Us as good at movement shooting or close offered a shit ton in other areas as either playmakers defenders. I think naismith has defensive. Potentially six six ten wingspan strong And if you plug them in in boston you know you got the right. Coaching around him. There could be some central. They could become a versatile defender. So i jet this pick. It might have been reached But i don't hate it as much as the prichard pick but then again over the last twenty four hours. I'm kinda like richard. Like i really wanted someone else there. But they clearly already knew they were not They're letting. Brian wanamaker walk. So they're like okay. We need a backup guy and pritchard if anything he gives you reliable a reliable offensive option not reliable but a carson words pick round two for me like a worst version laying. There were so many better guards on the board caches. Winston was on the board grant roller so on the board. She's like even is joe. If you want. Joe is moving. Cheer desmond. Bane is a movement shooter like they could a gun in so many different directions or like. I don't know you obviously need to teams to make trade. Maybe traded down or trade. It out of the. I i know they use that other i on the other i on a stash or traded down. I don't know they didn't make all three pigs. But i thought they could have done a lot better than pritchard at twenty six. Yeah it was kind of weird because The the affect that of the big rising the guards falling right I mean i expected. I'll just i have a list of the guys who didn't go. First round right in front of me. tyrel terry tailed on trade jones nico Cash winston grant miller also eck around picks and then you had a datsun ashton. Hagan's as undrafted free agent too. I thought they both had a good chance of being drafted. But then you look you know the Malachi flynn obviously goes first round but before that it emmanuel quickly in peyton pritchard. That is not who people expected with lead. This crop of you know maybe late. I probably second round guards so that was.

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