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"brian tombs" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Glory glory days grill great food good sports the day I will fall on take a little while I had a little including in the great American we'll be here from world player at the numbers in politics dot com to talk about the impact on the country's economy of the Democrats go for with the impeachment starting on Wednesday but until then we have more important matters do a concern ourselves with the the characters of large and small walk across the stage of life some go more quickly than others but at the end of the day we got to stand before god almighty and account for the good things are the other things we've done on on earth and I think give you listen to Brian term across roads are generally come in pretty good shape Brian term across roads welcome again to the bill Cunningham show and Brian how are you William I'm great and I'm always did a nice fine upstanding Catholic men like yourself would have nice things to say about what what used to be told that we can't even associate can't go to church now it's all okay we can go in I've been to the crossroads once when my wife and it was wonderful and I considered branches of the same tree but none the less none of us have the answers necessarily what we do is seek to find what they are and you've done so much good so much thousands hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved an improved because of your message and that is nothing but a good thing well we're trying to give the message of Jesus so many is what they call the good news the bring the good news okay what though we've got so much bad news in our culture amended everywhere you look people are hurting people are lonely men especially have been following up with you is that men have suicide rate times higher than women yes I did know that especially younger Americans are dying at record rates opioid heroin generally tends to be a situation where so called white man or the ones doing it because of despair and it's it's extremely sad I I had a guest on Friday the talked about this is the greatest time in human history ever to live and we think about the the economy in the availability of information the safety factor in whether whether you're a minority or whatever you are there this is the greatest time in human history to have ever lived however some consider it the worst one well I I think for men it actually may be the worst and I think that that will before I go on my little diatribe here which is why I always have me on going diatribes I I'm not saying that men have it easier then women I think if you I think if you're a woman in America it would be harder still than being a man there's just some built in things that are that are easier classes but play what if you think about active shooters just they were active shooter what picture pops into your mind white male yeah yeah well either there's there's been some males that are not white but I tell you they're they're on the right there on the left they're older young one thing that they have in common is they are male and our culture is putting unique pressures on men this unique in all of anthropological history there the average man today are doing with things that their dad and the grandfather never had to deal with a lot of times were told in a sense not to be men the men and women are equal of course but we're different as a man I naturally want to protect my wife I want to protect my family I want to feel like I'm the I'm the gatherer is kind of hate to see use this term kind of in charge of what's going on because I'm kinda condition to do so but now I'm told by society that I can't do those things anymore because as sexist as homophobic and no one can be judgmental about someone's behavior which you have to do is accept everything and so was a man I want to protect my wife I'm gonna protect my family I want to have my I want to have a weapon I want to draw boundaries and society tells you and I we can't do that well being of weapons just this very morning I took the morning off and I took my cross will open the word tonight I shot a box and I just got done cleaning them and get ready for the meat nothing is as I was those butcher them up and put in the freezer I thought you know there's there's something about this so primal that you're literally going out and bringing food back to your family and fortunately we live in a culture where we don't have to do that all the time but what is unique about us as men in today's culture is women are beginning and all are out earning the band women are more highly educated today there's a lot of the why that is but I think the next decade the sixty percent female in in college versus forty for for men and you know whoever has the education generally has the most money and I have two daughters so I'm all for my my daughters are in their husbands I wish yes motorcycles I would have but the thing I'm trying to help people understand is this is unique and anthropological history men have never in any corner of the globe in any kind of history under earned women and I again I think it's great that women are earning great money but this is putting unique emotional and psychological pressures on us that we don't know how to look toward dad or grandpa like how they deal with this because they never dealt with this stuff one of the unique things it's causing meant to totally free at the at the corners and unfortunately our cultures not the better for you is that good or bad well the winner elearning band yeah it is it a good values is a good or bad long term for the first time in half a million years that women I've always considered the best people I've ever met in my life have been women like my mother my wife my sister my hands my granddaughter the best people in the world are women they're not men but manner met men are indispensable juices women are indispensable to the formation and so it is it is it a good thing when my one penny went to law school you see it was the first class in which there were more women in law school than men and now with female judges dominate all over the place and met and they should assuming they earn it I have no problem with that but is it a good thing for man in a sense to be taken down a notch if that's the correct correct term and women to finally live out their own manifest destiny well I think it's a great thing for women to be elevated and going up a notch I think that's fantastic but it's not a zero sum game what's not good is that we as a culture have lost the ability to build and deploy understand boys understand men and this is part of why the income disparity is going to increase it because little boys like you and I when we were in elementary school education understood us education understood that Hey these little guys they need to know they need to reset this is like a going out and playing murder ball work dodgeball kickball manner we have researched today anymore it's only she wanted to do a reset Bilal since your grade school we played the some sort of gain a Dodge ball we played tag I do remember Saint saviours we used to get on the back of donkeys and prisoners would bad on which donkey would when the race so me and my buddies literally live donkeys ran around this track insane said and and the and the nuns would trying to fill in inside straight and everyone is drinking beer and the parents are betting on a donkey number seven literally twelve thirteen year old boys are on the back of donkeys and high speed going around in circles that that was that was the culture that I grew up in which is go out and make your own why hitchhike to come a Country Club walk back what when I accepted a scholarship a Muskingum college my aunt drove me there drop me off in new Concord Ohio by myself in the first of September and said okay I'll see at Christmas time and so I said okay what do I do hi fi you find your way that's not the way helicopter parents and grandparents it doesn't work that way now the manager today he would never allow that ever will call now one of the boys falls off the don yes what are the documents please her hair all we can avoid touching don't that we're we're we're eliminating waste for young males to exert themselves tire themselves and then actually be able to learn we're doing that our schools should remember I was in in middle school rather in elementary school we all of us to come in with mud take all the wear shoes playing in the mud the T. psych okay that that that's just the way it is today is the case I don't know either we need completely sterile environment we don't have any way to accommodate some of the energy of boys and so what happens with young boys if they get frustrated with education and they give up in neurologically young boys are behind young females will catch up until doesn't think it's like a soft core high school was one brain catch up forty five years old I mean you're thirty or thirty I don't think men ever catch up the women I I think that's truly from the situation for my wife but but we get frustrated a young male get frustrated they get they throw in the towel medication and then what they do where they go this is not factory jobs no right now for for people to go inside so it's just really really awkward to be a male and a figure life out today it's it's having awful remove cut piece of our culture I kind of want to jump to a completely new category which is homelessness we have stories constantly when it's when it's cold and etcetera and everybody wants to help individuals that are homeless everyone does it's the right thing to do homelessness is not the problem it is mental illness it is drug addiction and alcoholism and so when you define a problem differently than what it truly is it's unlikely to be resolved and so when you have a few hundred individuals in greater Cincinnati that have mental health problems or alcohol or drug difficulties and they're outside and then it's homelessness we can build a house or have a homeless shelter but when I talk to those involved they don't want to go in because they can't drink they can't smoke they can't use drugs there is a curfew got a beer this time you leave at that time so many said to heck with it I'm not going to go there and then outside and they have other difficulties we want to help if I put Brian tomb across her was in charge of homelessness in greater Cincinnati what would you do gosh I I don't know but only if you a question first why do you think it is that we have so many more more homeless people right now than we did in the seventies and eighties well I was partially involved in the attorney general's office in putting those with mental difficulties of long view and in those unenlightened days in the fifties sixties seventies and eighties there were large facilities prison like facilities but you couldn't come and go in which individuals with mental or other drug difficulties replaced and they invited voluntarily were kept there and after a few Hollywood lefties with one flew over the cuckoo's nest etcetera got involved that is unfair to warehouse people because of the horrors of what happened in mental hospitals and by the way I spent maybe a day a week in a mental hospital doing hearings and those people need a profound help in the idea that those individuals will be walking around the streets would be would be a terrible failure of compassion and so if we had a facility like we had for decades and improve the facility called long viewer Dayton forensic or whatever Roman psychiatric that would have sufficient monies to in order to provide care and clothing and housing and fences up and you can't leave that's what's required it is not necessarily a lack of a house it's certain mental difficulties than individuals have been drug addiction until we address those problems homelessness we can build more homeless shelters many do not want to go there the typical homeless person that I've met in over the Rhine on a warmer or spring fall day they want to panhandle get some money go get drugs or get alcohol and then walked down use the facilities in and around found square then go to the S. male park and lay down there on a blanket and watch the traffic go by watch the boats go by then they go back up panhandle some more and they get money for drugs and alcohol there's plenty of food to eat at the homeless shelter and then they go in the shelter of the find somewhere to get a tent they go to sleep and they want to they want that life and so I don't know how we change behavior well we can have a place to put a growing up people who are in jails right now who would have been in those but also is important we are in their jail they get the the state gives them the meds that they need and they start feeling okay and they come out they don't have access to it I think we're gonna have to deal with this is a country and say are we really willing to be taxed to the extent that we can get people the right medications and be right facilities or.

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