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212: Soul Neutral (2020 GOLY Awards)

Bit Storm

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212: Soul Neutral (2020 GOLY Awards)

"Welcome to bid storm comedy game design podcast by two guys who knew nothing about comedy game design. I'm pencilling with me as always is travis scott. Hello we're doing something a little bit different full the first episode of the year. Two thousand twenty one. That's right. we did not do out game of the year episode this year. So this is al game of last year the episode. Oh golly yes it's the gully. It is hopefully an annual tradition of the first episode of of h year will be the game of loss jia awards. That's right so the way this is gonna work is We have the game award nominees in front of us and we're going to select the nominees from across the categories and essentially reimagined those games based on their titles as brand new games. Yes they're going to pick them as a completely different game with the same title as the game. You probably know and love what we've done in the past. We've we've usually taken out usual format and said that this is a game of the year or or we've taken audience suggestions this year. We listed something a little bit differently and grab it from the game of the year. So this is the game of last year. Awards the gully awards and you choose that It's the game of last year. So yeah my first election is tell me why. This was a game by nod. Who did the life is strange series and a few others and look i played. I played all the way through it. But i played a bunch of this game. I've applied cool and stop me. If if i started getting on xbox game pass no excuses. I don't think. I don't think you will accidentally come up with the plot of this game so this is a narrative thing shaw where the only input that you have to the game is you can ask the character that you talking to tell me why. So you're saying he play five year old. Why why why. Why know you're an investigator and your your. Your greatest weapon is getting people to tell you why i think we know that we need to limit it all the way into like. That's literally the only thing you can say like from a gameplay perspective but i do like the idea of someone who like their investigative technique is not necessarily find evidence and like making the connections. It's getting people to open up and say here's why did something. Yeah okay. So maybe you know his introduction to to the investigation side of things is he'll listen to a story and then that's when you get to press a button whenever whenever you want to you know you can. You can ask more into into something and he goes. Tell me why you thought this or tell me why you thought that you can sort pick at certain things within the within the narrative structure so this investigated obviously comes from psychology. Bekker's feel like it's very much along the lines of so. Has that make you feel. I would love to say like a psychologist come. It like investigating crimes and investigating more things from you. Know your private investigator. But he's coming at it from more of a insightful. Incisive will yes so he can sort of he can say when. Someone's don't try to hide hide truths and off all or when someone's a little bit confused in his his sing something the wrong way. So you can sort of you know delve deeper into the psychological sort of things within these people so okay. I'm trying to think of these from a mechanical point of view. Because i like the general idea but obviously having infinitely branding conversation because you can interrupt at any time is technologically difficult. So i wonder if this is more along the lines of kind of how the walking dead gains i think one of the earlier ones were just saying nothing was an option in your dial trees did. This is an even more. Boil dan version of that. Where is there are certain moments in compensation where you can either. Let them continue. Speak or you can interrupt yup to like ask questions and so in some cases you very much won't let them speak because you sort of like this is gonna you know they. They're going to continue down this path and they're going to tell me more about this but if they stuck in a direction you don't want them to go in or they start hesitating or they suck tinged tangent on injury emotion different exchange. so essentially. we'd have these these monologues almost that based on the points way you are able to interrupt and and and like say okay you tell me. Tell me why like tony. What's going on there could be. It could be a fairly simple sort of sort of narrative thing. Yeah i kind of like the idea of being the psychologist who who is going through like some pretty horrible stuff. In the reason why they they. Now now i pay. I rather than the psychologist may because of like a patient that sort of they got a little bit too involved in sort of messed them up a little bit in in the fact that this was a horrible person who told the move old things that they had managed to battle this little stuff. Yeah and so. Some of this stuff can of bring back that that almost that psychological horror. If you know what. I mean like it's it's you know delving into stuff that he may be doesn't wanna talk about. I wonder if this is an interesting kind of rape. Pliable story where you can play a completely like standoffish. Just listen to this story. And let them talk investigator because you're too scared to like haven't And stuff and bring up your own trauma delve into that yourself. And that's a perfectly valid way to play the game. And i'm kind of picturing. This is just a bunch of cases almost that you may or may not solve. That doesn't necessarily like game. Oh guards just like oh well you did on that case. You've got three to five of them but they could play out very differently and then potentially affect the other ones down the line based on essentially how involved you get with that person but yes we could try to still keep it to this sort of one button first of all. Well he's somewhere. I want to interrupted dunked. Yeah and it's not always the tell me why. Sometimes it might be like. I make you feel just like i relate to that like you kind of give them something back. And that's a that's an investigative and psychological technique but also is bringing things up in yourself and that kind of laid to you know how much if you're aren backstory in your control you explore throughout the game so that was somewhat mild. Did you have an idea for nine. No no no. I didn't i didn't have anything coming in so that's fine. No i like that. Yeah i i would just like to see a different person coming into a into a you. Know a private investigator sort of role. That isn't from the detective solid side of things. You know The filed detective all the all the damage detective. Who goes you know goes solo someone coming from from a from a personal point of view that they I stayed very much as a bit of an introspective game. A bit of it's almost just a just a story that you're being told in the sort of choose your own adventure sort of way. Where you've you've just essentially get the choice of how much to get involved or not. Yes and how much you get involved determines on how much of the personal story that you actually saw the use of and look. I think i think if you just don't do anything the whole time you don't necessarily solve any or all of these cases you might solve some of them some of them actually depending on the type of person you're talking to. They might they might respond well to the silent judging look of a psychologist and they just spilled the spill the beans that doing i saw in my head that that the the quick from from rick and whereas like okay. I did in his ahead. Exactly wanna one show literally just do nothing. They confessed to the whole thing within two and a half minutes. And you get a like you get the props for it. Yeah that's that's go. Okay so this is my yeah. Tell me so. Even though it didn't come at this year i'm gonna say among us. yeah well it was a nominee. It wasn't nominated for for like impactful. Best multiplayer multiplayer. Want so even though it didn't come out last year it actually came out i think. Be before two thousand eighteen or something but yeah so it really it really came to the forefront of everyone last year so i i think it's a it's a great gain to to get into but let's change the idea. Of course we're already gone by the title so among us which is going to be tricky. Because it's a great titles. What the game is with the whole impulsive stuff so yeah. Let's try to shift it a little different okay. So it's a single player game where you play. Basically an imposter of i of i you know sort of like a thing like entity and your whole thing is to try and like make it through this narrative game while people are getting a little bit freaked out that you know some people going missing in that sort of stuff effectively your your trying to get off the planet. Okay and hide yourself among among these These people without being detected. And when you get to take you know it sort of sets off some of the narrative things well yeah. I wonder if to to move away from the tropes. And and the the inspiration directly something like the thing or among itself if you are a benevolent or friendly entity that is hiding amongst humans. Yup but because they've all watched the thing recently because humans are inherently xenophobe. And if they see your true self then they're immediately going to try to kill it with fire but so it's a bit more. It's almost a stealth game so you still need to eight. You still need to eight and so your options are under. This is i. Think one of those moralities other things that you know in a short shorts of narrative game where you can either choose to to go for the animals in the pens thing or you go for other crewmembers like you just have like hamburger but refresh made isn't going to hell isn't going to help because as missing those nutrients that you need from fresh blood i know i of like this mall of you know because i mean that's very much the vampire narratives that we've done before and i know i'm like blocking you here in a few different ways. I kinda liked this as stealth game where you have abilities by those abilities involve you at least partially taking troop and so as you sort of trying to whatever your goal is. Maybe it's like get onto the ship. I maybe you have found yourself in like a space station. Where i don't know the rest of your family start away but you'll the only one who survived the harsh blackness of space after trying to find your way somewhere on a cargo ship or something and you've taken the form of a human and i need to get somewhere safe. So is it sorta like the thing where you were frozen that first and then they unfold you an accident happening you lash out and you accidentally kill human. And that's the human that you end up taking the form of about from you. Basically you'll having to do the job and and try to like stay within the confines of of this without your otherwise it's like oh you know. This new doctor is a little sudden turned often. Well populated these places right like i. I can't like a kind of one of move away from the idea of of the violence having occurred at all. And it's more just a story about this person. This thing who is completely alone at the moment to start off with they trying to get to safety they may be. I mean at some point. They may need to like reveal themselves to someone but like. How do you do that. In such a way that it's going to be saiful that they can understand and so it's more of a kind of a most picturing a hitman esque situation where you like walking through the space station like get any to get to the communications by station since spice is like i think patient start. I think like in the future wary like a space station is kind of like a bustling. You know like deep space nine kind of deal right like there's commerce deck and this spacey's coming going all the time and there's you know the section for the kerr and was seeing it on the planet but but a wife from like antarctica or something like that. I was seeing it more in in like a small town in in like new mexico. Wool or something a little bit dusty and remote but then it can branch out to like area in the latest shots. So i it depends on an hanging on the story to go and how and how they got there. I mean it could be quite cool that you start in like what feels like a western sort of thing. You know the saloon dole's and the list of stuff Only two when you get out of the saloon. You see a spaceship. Just fly off in very five. Could because yeah yeah look. That's kind of neat. But again i think you kinda just because then you get that whole thing of getting off the planet i and then getting out of the solar system and then you turn find like the rest of the people from your race or whatever family or something so i like that. I think you find yourself. Maybe maybe hey go they are. Maybe you doing. Hey got there. You find yourself in this western town i think. Initially you aunt inhuman foam and so there are there are all these aspects of looking around until you can find the right situation where you can like essentially touch someone or get a. Get a sample of the denial. Something i mean it depends on how you exactly how your powers working that way but it could just be old technological in the fact that you know the batteries run out on your on your holographic projector. You gotta try and sneak back to. Maybe he's off after like a a a one night. Stand sort of thing that us having sneak out like actually we could bring it up. Be comedic actually instead of guy real serious with it you know. He's he's covering up you know. He's eileen the face that's in his stomach with with dustpan lid and running through this town well so i had an idea then of like as a character creation. Sort of idea that you can take as long as you need to kind of go around this town and like people and that adds like this features potential features to your character creation. And then once you sort of get enough charge to actually reboot and recharge your holographic thing like those of us elections. You've got basically two then. Mix and match between. Yep because yeah like i think this is the first time he found himself amongst humans. Okay so this a dude. Where's you where's my car. I saw in your wake up on earth and you like what the play but what. What is this species. Why my like all my old. Plus they made a carbon compete. My communicate is totally drained like holographic projector. What the fuck am i gonna day. And it's now all about fr- from from from an asshole i to the point of view. This alien is among us. But you know it as far as far as it's concerned it's just trying to get the fuck outta here like it realism to be able to trace how we got here and and what's actually happening so yeah. I really liked the way that we've we've taken this in the fact that it could be a real fun like dude. Where's my car. So the situation when you finally get off the planet and you get up to the space station. Then you go some more bread crumbs that you following on the space you gotta get to like the the logs the long range sensor logs or something and like track down the specific signature of your you know on voice sheep but whatever. Yeah yeah i think. When you're on earth to find some way to charge up my communicator and by holographic thing and then once you're able to charge communicator. It's like your like your shit in the off here all right. I'm gonna. I'm actually going to have to be a human to get onto like a tour de public transit ship essentially and so it's like finding enough to know about how the ticketing system works on these things and you have to earn some money to get a ticket like it's step by step to get to the next stage are really love really cool so different from what among his release. It's not about the killing that it's it's literally about. let's see how can i lean you know. Get get off this planet and the sort of the bender that you had and you know it could be that typical hangover solar situation that yeah you know you're you're on your buxton and you gotta get back in time. You got a time limit. They like of. You need to get back whether it's whether is it mechanically. Oh narrative but yeah. I think you. Yeah you've got this this time prussia. Yeah go i really. You know what. I would love as as like the final. So the when you get back you character who's been sort of bumbling along the way and his like oh so you back and the coronation you get crowned king of the universe years king the galaxy like you're just gonna species those like king the i decree destroy. Let's bring into into the galactic universal federation federation of galaxy so at a federal universal coal election of something starting with a k. So what. I think it actually comes out of is the fact that you was celebrating your your win. You know the you've been elected. Yeah it's like you've been elected like it's it's your coronation. Yes yeah inaugur inauguration. Because you've you've been voted by all the different planets. They they sit there and you know. Yeah the electoral college did the thing. And even the and it turns out. Actually you like a horrible dictate dictatorial person and all the different areas gerrymandered till you. Now we've just we've just spend all this time it turns out that on because you're you wanted to bring them into into the federation because you know that they vote republican all right three to one next thing all right so my next one is a game that i've caught enjoyed a lot of people have quite enjoyed and i think a lot of people were upset. These sherwin game the game is hey dis nuts. Haiti's a yeah now. Obviously that lends itself towards greek mythology from the beginning. But maybe let's not okay. So unloaded the greek mythology and that sort of stuff. A lot of these sort of things like jupiter and that sorta stuff became celestial bodies. I like the idea that basically haiti's is the name of planet okay. Jupiter was the roman vision. Yes yes yes basically. It's from another galaxy sort of thing and they were running out of roman gods so they started going into the into the gods or or it's just a world where the romans didn't have that influence until two like cohen. Greek the greek gods and so. Yeah they used the instead. So i kind of like the idea that this this planet cold heidi's and it's it's basically about the goings-on on this on this planet and whether you can bring in some more under he's stuff sorry. I just looked it up. Because i was like what is the roman vision of hades. It's apparently pluto sort of like they got downgraded from being a plant still again. We can go with that. That is kind of cool. Okay so is this alternate universe where haiti's was pluto. Yeah being turned into dwarf planet like and so the actual god hades the god hades is like us so now all these kids aren't going to know about me so he goes on on like on a quest to to sort of change changes in teaching to nasa's mind to whatever nassar kaleida vests or he goes on a quest to increase the mass of pluto in to the point that it reaches threshold of being a planet. That's that's also kinda cool like he. He actually that goes there. Oh well satisfactory saw guy. And he's and he's trying to bulk up the yes but with human souls like he's like well fuck this instead of storing them all down here in the underworld. we'll we're going to go up to haiti's the planet and that's where the my my ninth. That's where the underworld is gonna be. And but once we get enough souls up there. The planet will increase in mass enough. The dow you'll have to be a planet a game. And then i like the idea of it being a satisfactory still but dealing with saul's like that can co basically you've got you've got that that sort of thing on the on the planet that maybe you're working on pluto is world to sort of convert souls into energy and that can help like increase the mass of mass at the planet and and effectively you try to build up the planet because soul-searching to expand the size of the song it's mean you've got trillions of them right because of all the people who have died over the centuries and millennia. Sorry you all right. So how does this work. So i feel like there's some central source at least initially a of souls that are coming from the underworld on okay. First of all. How fast does sunlight take to get from the sun to pluto Distance distance from son in law is not son with an s. o. n. a. It's about four to six hours away depending on where it is. It's highly elliptical orbit. Yeah so i love the sort of like after someone dies. You got four to six hours to sort of in game. Time to to sort of set up the The actual contraption to take in the next the next level so it's like a continuous thing of i do of like the idea of coming in as a batch. So maybe it's it is to do with the distance but it's also to do is like it's highly elliptical over only one point where it's like at the right point in its orbit compared to us for something that you can bost bunch of souls to it and yet they said you've got like a collective their employees on heidi's which which you then you have to distribute then some way and use utilize them in different ways and so you've got a soul to hate convert or something and you've got ways to household trance transported initially pipes of some sort like they're almost liquid or gas. Yeah definitely guess but of coals. It's so cold on heidi's that they turned back into back into that liquid bhavan light so when they when they come down to to haiti's they turn back into like liquid state. So yes you haven't apart than places until you get to the point where you actually able to increase the mass and therefore increase like you've essentially reformed the planet your faculty on the planet the area that you're around like the starts to melt and you to say that there's actually rory's lot on off and you can effectively stopped the whole thing in and building off into into this new paradise but the whole thing is powered off of saul's sol's yeah totally. I yeah. I really liked that. And as you build your essentially having to. I think you get to the point where it's like. Oh we can upgrade soul transmission. So the you get big up packets of salts coming through and and then having to upgrade capacity of your outgoing pops from that so that they can handle it. because i think he'd get you'd get a pressure level on the pox of something and they can explode and cause problems if you haven't seen them upright so is is there a point where you find out that like souls and not supposed to be used as why they originally that was supposed to just dissipate and the souls are actually feeling everything doing to them. So it's sort of like one of these with you know the satisfactory people have actually been sort of the amount of crap that that's actually going on this planet like this. The exit company are actually pretty able when they definitely. I think he's intentional. To a certain degree in satisfactory all of you adjust strip mining this place whereas resources and in the end that's just coveting concrete. The this sort of this. You know tropical paradise essentially. I love the idea that you know you. You sort of you spend all this time building it up and you build up to a certain to a certain point that it's all self sufficient that now try to tear it down becomes very. Oh yeah knowing way to strike first and and do you get the old like demi-god showing up to like bring the system back from the what would have been the underworld but nat traveled to atomised planet of the solar system. It's like god. Why did he do this. Like it was so easy to get to get demi-gods back like went into the subway and went down the special hall. And now we got to become an astronaut. I know there's just something there's something about that that satisfactory styled i love it game with terra forming and actually bringing this place to life so you almost doing the opposite of what you're doing is factory where you trying to promote lie on this on this thing comes from the racist you're using do it not like click on a pipe and you get names flying. I wonder though if we can make it. Maybe they get consumed. Maybe this is a situation. Where it's like the roy more to do it because they sultana pal more and more and more like they and they go. I mean maybe they dissipate and in fact. Maybe that's part of why what's being careful. These essentially your. You're you're using them to your staff and to change things but then sort of win. They win the don. They just like disappear into the atmosphere. That's what's actually in the atmosphere in that way but you know they're able to under the right circumstances like reform back into the soul. You know the spirit that they would they just sort of scattered amongst the you know. The atmosphere leeann yup. So that you sort of you're creating this situation where you're not. You're not like literally destroying souls. But you like manipulating them to your needs. I think when you finally get to the get to that point in the story where everything is sort of you know the planet haiti's now seen as you know planet again that's actually grown heavy enough and all this other stuff but then you realize that either. The souls themselves are actually their in pain of ethics. Were they feeling everything that you're doing to them so you'll now trying to bring it down and you know the security. You're pushing things that you've got to try and reverse things but you know that's the next phase is that now you start having to replace all of your soul powered stuff with like a more like green in like an ultimate energy source and then you build and then you building things to the ultimate. The ultimate energy source is actually. Heidi's himself. well. I'm just thinking because then you then you've got a whole tier of production than all will. Now we've got things that like the souls out of the atmosphere condense them back into their previous full and spit them out and and send them on their way or whatever or put them into packaging systems that gets shipped back to earth. Or whatever you doing with these souls and and the goal is to eventually get sold neutral. I guess that's your love. It sold neutral. Gimme your next one. Fatima phobia. ooh. I didn't even see this one on the list but best debut game. The best debuts gain created by new independent studio so federal phobia actually is a great name for a game but they could mean a lot of weight. I think the game itself is very similar to some of the stuff. We were talking that in pot inspired by that game over the past like recent episodes where we've done quite a few on interactions with ghosts and that sort of thing so i think this is the opportunity to figure out completely different direction. Now but fatima phobia pheasant at self means an extra extraordinary appearance or an apparition or a vision. Or a phantom so to be phobic Is this instead of specifically. Ghosts is like a phobia of some sort of hallucination. or some sort of. Yeah i think that this is sort of a like the idea. Sitting in the sci fi setting that maybe five future lone light the international space station. And you stop by dooley's aiding do you play a stormtrooper who's really afraid of asthma. Of captain basma. Yeah that is kind of cool to. It's actually a star wars game cool about captain asthma. The other day did you her mama okay. He's actually made from in episode episode. One and two had that like mira ship same stuff. It's that same stuff but it was a ship owned by impropriety that it was made from off from like stop. Who can't have any little detail that's not connected to one other major point. Oh pills not. That's actually kind of cool but that stuff. Is you know the reason why so shining is because from that new show. Thanks ed but maybe let's not go with. The style was thing let's go. Let's go with the with the future but you can. You can change it up a little bit. No i liked evan hallucinations and okay. So maybe this is a situation of like space sickness or something like being alone. Oh like yeah like yes of of things on this space station that you aren't shaw hallucinations. Yet i think what's actually happened is you were in contact with But then there was a media storm and for the loss twenty days you have had no contact with anyone else because they by still sending help hop and you got to this point where you don't know is this like space sickness slash space madness. You'll you'll sign to here. Yeah okay. I like that. You're questioning where like so. You've you've finally start getting signal again from someone you can be but but you know if it's real or not so it's this real paranoia sitting in of you get sort of you see symptoms of of you know the possible i policy or whatever it was that that would is coming to my brain seem to pokes. I like the idea and live with a buddy or region is deprived of adequate oxygen supply. So i love the idea of hypotheses so coming into it but you know you actually going through some sort of segments of the. Brian sorta dying. Yeah that's the stuff. He's the set of that i that i'm thinking and this isn't particularly innovative. There are a number of get caught like this. But it's a good setup euro. It's it's day twenty after with no communication you've got all you've got is like your little kind of droid issue. Sort of thing is on the ship. That's what you mean talking to this whole home arm. They're not actually very intelligent. You've in a very wilson like way given them a lot of depths yourself but something happens and the like the loc support goes off and you are without oxygen for whatever the maximum amount of time. He's that is complete brain. Damage your little wilson guys fixes it and like revived you. Because that's part of their programming. They're essentially these emergency bought and you you're like an tells you like without oxygen for seven minutes. You know you make sure to check for. You may experience lack of whatever. But then then on you're experiencing shielded yet but i think you don't make it obvious right. It's like you immediately regain contact with like that that out that evening like like very soon after your revive. And then you start getting compensation day telling you how to fix things like telling you how to get this backup running or whatever but it starts start giving you like we'd instructions and basically creating paranoia in the player of weight. I imagine this whole thing like is this all in my head. Yup maybe they go out. You can't contact you question. Something that has i. Don't worry about that just to and and sort of like they they push back on any anytime that you question something. And it's like you sarah or an officer of of nasa you must not question authorities other than putting it back. You must follow orders blindly in the and some of these orders saying but what. I think what it turns out being is that actually. You'll fine but what's happened. Is this being like a coup. Or something on earth and i you know. Rogue faction has taken ova nasa. And they're trying to get you to sit. Stop will three so that the end like to so like set up something in a way. That's going to let them take control of like the lasers that are in all but that will allow them to just have complete control of the planet. But yeah it's it's this thing of it. It's not obvious. And your you have this thing in the back of your mind. The whole time like is what is real yup and and i think with with the idea that because you've had gone through twenty days of not being able to speak to anyone and and sold obtaining that oscillation in that tiny little little space craft. Yeah i mean you could. You could imagine a minute of sitting there with nothing to do. Imagine twenty days of that let alone let alone a minute like that would start driving anyone insane yet. Them a die maybe give them a data stott and like obviously you. Don't do it a day in real time or even in in realistic sort of scale time but you let them see that. It's it's literally like a like you get a dispensed food ration and ate that and then it's like time lapses fullwood like seven hours and you just got literally nothing to do completely insane like maybe shows you these. I'm mark medina. Might try to have a conversation with wilson but a light doesn't respond it doesn't it doesn't actually have i in it to that point where it can talk to you if it's a it's if the tool but just to sort of demonstrate like he's where this character is at this point and then something happens to the then true your life support saying and lead to the next pot. Yeah that's cool. And then you know. Had you wilson character gains at least a little bit of sentence turns at the it. Hasn't it's actually follow along with his programming. And then it's like being hijacked to actually respond. They've sent up virus. Essentially to take control of of wilson. And gaslight eubank lead. You may think you're doing the right thing. That staff could be really quite interesting. I think he would have to put a trigger warning on it. People who've been manipulated nationally because yeah that tosh but but from a narrative point of view. That's could be really interesting. Okay i reckon this time for one more h. Yeah my next one. I'm choosing between two here. I've got a coin flip. The coin that has happened to be playing one heads is all right so this is another one. That's on xbox game pass if you haven't played at checkout play a little spirit faira no onto even know that this from what it win was nominated for best india. Something i think a gangster impact. It was nominated him and for best indie. So i don't know inkling travel the actual game and not too good to date and again. I haven't played that much. But you essentially play someone who is sort of in the afterlife world kind of thing a building up your ship that goes from place to place a boat frigging on different spirits. Who i think often people you knew in your previous life sort of it. Sort of gives you some back story about who you were before this And it's a bit of a sort of a bit of metro vanish slash study valley ish. Because you can build like you can build all these different things on your gardens and houses so the different people kinda similar to raft. Then if you've seen not quite raft is much more of survival survivor. More of a traditional survival thing. This is more closer to study valley where it's but but you building all the stuff on your boat. It's got a nice little build system where he can just like continue just build upwards and it's it's a platform but but obviously we're not going to use the actual game itself sometimes. It's good to know where we're coming from and then you go spirit farah so this is all about shower. Ferrying people that we did that. And i realized i do like the idea of. It's it is like fair like spirit. Faira differently made me think of the public transit system for ghosts now. Is that how they get around just tool the haunting or is it how they Okay what what kind of like is earth as we know it is is like you know one plane of existence and when you die maybe you go into this all the plane of existence so you know be hell on earth sort of scenario is more the fact that you know in this in this dimensional plane. Yeah hell is other people basically when you when you crossover like effectively. Yona living in the same built world. But you have. No control of the house built effectively. You'll just have to react but all the other spirits are there. Yeah yeah there's no interaction between between the wells is just. Yeah you know effectively. The public transit system and all that sort of stuff that you go around and effectively god is in this huge talla. So the thing that is has been built in In new york city or whatever it is and it's basically at the top of the empire state building or whatever. The building is there. Okay okay. i'm getting some interesting from this. I you can take it in like you can tell you. No no no no. I liked that. I liked that. I liked the idea of just from a visual standpoint in a game having being up to see the entire physical plant of existence with all the people and stuff but using shades and colors and stuff that it's very dull added in the background and you always completely ignore it so you'll just constantly like walking straight through people and you get to the point in the game where it's like you barely even notice. You're doing it because you're you're sort of the way the game has has Done a shading and colors is mostly. See your plane and obviously the buildings in the physical stuff is generally in the same easel. Genuine spot except for anything that's been created in the spirit world. Ooh because there's nowhere for spirits to go. Basically there is no afterlife. There's no nothing this is. This is old of got. There are so many people here that anytime that someone dies in in a house and that sort of stuff they basically. They can't have to end up moving into that house and you know finding spaces to actually sleep and all that sort of stuff and if his property is being around a long time like you could actually see hundreds of people in this one building old trying to find like spot for them to to sort of sleep. That isn't yeah. If god was up in these like high talla. I definitely started thinking like oh okay. So most of the world is essentially ghost slums. Yes they have. No it'd go. They'd just forced into these houses and stuff. But i think there is this like upper class of spirit whether it's god or whoever running the spirit way. Yeah they all leaving in like the top of all the towers and they've got this huge apartment that they're not sharing with anyone there essentially the one percent and you've got a whole thing that has ever died is basically like he's dan on the ground crawling over each other essentially trying to fight for the scraps and they can't die again side. They just miserable undescribed. Spain like a basically the only thing that happens. If you don't get like the ghosts sustenance as it were like you know is used become sort of a macy added and you get that thing daunte sort of thing almost that classic ghost look all that kind of creepy bony looking guys but yeah. It's like those ghost because the fucking god's not giving enough sustenance to the people. I liked that a lot. So i think the story then is of someone who they die and obviously find out about this situation and then the story is them essentially trying to like rally the populace to of revolution basically to take down the one percent who is getting really still oppressing after all the all the time they basically still oppressing everyone else. Yeah but interestingly. It's not necessarily the same people like if you're if you're one of the percent when you're alive that doesn't you know you've could your that. Influence doesn't come different currency in the in the afterlife. Whatever that is this is basically you know. The god is such. You know the the self-proclaimed god and he's andy's denizens of angels and that sort of stuff that have taken taken the you find out that they're just they're just people who have like seized the source of ectoplasms or whatever. Whatever it is that the ghosts need to survive. And and holding it. In the same way that capitalism hoods main what you could actually what you could actually find out is. They closed the gates to the actual afterlife. Oh so they're actually use somewhere to go. There is somewhere to go. It's just that they were. They were closed off because they they wanted to capitalize on like they like they like what they were saying and they've sort of the courts it's like hof build those like a previous administration essentially those previous people to To have this many people yeah and sort of but they have. They took all the funds. All the funds required the original sin into infrastructure and too many people making use of this planet essentially. And then when you when you do finally mazdas built for when you do finally opened it a lot to cross then it just becomes good place effectively that you can choose to leave and choose and choose to end. Yeah that's lets you like control your environment. And that's coming to an idea that we did actually have in the past with ghosts of being held on the planet involuntarily and then finally they sell to get released when when they stopped. This technology fill like the event is all about mobile phones in the end. All the technology interfering with the whole thing and that's goes that one but it's a different enough okay so it looks like i've got to choose my last one. Yeah i think. And i wasn't sure i did have an idea. Okay i'm gonna. i'm gonna go for grounded. Oh okay yep this is a this could just be a joke. Wanted could be over in like two seconds and it's all about a young like slightly preteen grand by parents and it's just sitting newsroom. No told us that that could be an interesting little single room narrative adventure. Yeah actually you're a teenager who has been granted and you'll having to like find ways to communicate with your friends or skype or whatever. Yeah you've like they let you have your fine. But they've turned the wifi off and they know that you're out of credit so something. Oh you're out of like data and ways of like finding old simcox car. But you know what i'm gonna call that one and the real one that we're gonna go go with is ghost of tsushima go st episode. They're like yes. But that's all right in this case because we don't know what suchet murray's i'm thinking that ghost of tsushima is is basically. It's a sushi cooking game. It's very it is kind of hard to say so. Yeah we can rename it. Ghost of sashimi. Yup and it's what happens to the fisher after the like. I think you are being taught allah. I think this is the a thing where you've you've just opened up a sushi restaurant that you'll you'll granddad started yet and as you you go to stop making it. You'll granddad actually turns up beside you and he becomes your you'll like mentor and a half ago chelsea played it all. He's the god of the ghost of sashimi. The god of bore goes to sesame. Ashini all right so i don. I had make sushila sashimi. Say we'll have rice and seaweed involved in the philippines is lots of. Let's pretty cool things that you can do. Okay so is this. Is this become essentially like a vr cooking game via cooking mama but with sushi is the main okay. Do bring a narrative elements with your grandfather. Then who yes when you find out. He's back story. He is when. I came up with the recipe for the teriyaki chicken sushi roll. I don't even eat sushi's. I couldn't even pull the name of one at. It's like we find that the that the west is loveless sort of stuff. That don't really love. The japanese guy coming to america and like appealing to tastes yes. He's dilemma of selling out. The culture making money in america struggling with his legacy. But i think they could. They could be a bit of stuff in here in in the fact that you trying to find out what actually happened to your grandfather like he. He's kind of hazy about his past. Y'all he knows that you know. He woke up one day and he was he was a ghost. And you'll you'll the first person in the family that he's actually been apple two In in you know the years since he since he passed because like you essentially. You're the first one who's taken up the mantle of sushi chef. So is this thing where you know. It's like the will had been had been lost and then finally read and then turns out that this this sushi knife that he actually had has been given low. Like go to you and and it's all about the fact that the ghost is actually somewhat entangled with this with this with his not The fact that he was killed with the knife is just this station. And i don't think he needs to vile or anything like that again. I feel like this is somewhat introspective game and just more telling his story and and learning about urine character in different ways and connecting with someone sushi adventure along the way that is through through fun mechanics of of learnings rolling seaweed and fish and yes and cooking rice and try to try to appeal to the western powers. Well maybe that's a decision that you make. Do you want to traditional. Do you want to go west. sell out. Yeah that's cool. that's cool. Enlisted all you do. It won't be it won't be too long but we did talk about this sort choice. Started it so. I like the idea of obi animal crossing new horizons. Now it did mention this is essentially frog pitching. I'm pitching that. Like spherical like world like galaxy x thing. We can see the horizon. And so you can't see what's coming necessarily Okay so the original game of fraga like basically. If i remember rightly the story was more around while the frog was in some sort of hibernation or something like that and k came to be and they built a massive six lane highway in between where he was in the swamp. I didn't even know there was a backstory. Believe they getting across the road and a remote. Yeah the idea that that basically this is a new superhighway or something like that and effectively. Maybe maybe on a new planet And that's why spherical you know the the sort of imagining now all these different animals crossing like because it says animals crossing is not just from. So it's kind of like crossing road galaxy if you not so. Are we adding anything to the gameplay or is it straight yeah. There's a narrative mode for direction. You can talk to this conversation. Trees thomas real quick. Otherwise you'll get hit by a spice. Yeah exactly. I think all these different animals trying trying to live live they life but because the entire planet has been turned into like this massive It connected to highway so the thing you're dealing with With planes going through at light speed and that sort of stuff so by the time you see them coming. You've already much. I just had an idea because we animal crossing you. You started the frog frog. Like creature bottle. Something whatever you crossing the right and then you get to the the median one of many medians and you find the penguin yup. Now you've got to animals that you have to stop from getting squished and essentially. This has now become frog across with snake. Every time he got more animals. You getting higher school as but it's hot. It's a dodge all the stuff because not. It's not just a move up one to get out of the way of an oncoming car. It's like oh shit move up wanna move five to the right to get them all of line while still avoiding the other vehicles because you've got five animals behind you could actually. What kind of will yeah. And i think you got some narrative stuff happening in between the you know the the idea being that you know you just gotta get you'll one animal across and it's not quite the difficult the difficulty of of like you cross the road or anything like that. It's more around once you start getting more and more and more like trying to keep them alive and move old enough and keep moving. Maybe i and you can get into the destination and then you lose one off the so. It's not snake whereas like you're literally endless endless endless every time you pick something up but you do. Get school multiplies for the more. You have sorry. I'm sort of pitching almost levels. And they are the spiritual levels. Where you've got this level has four animals on it and you can take them one at a time and help them one at a time if you like but you want get at the high school because the high school is basically in a spend as much time getting around with five different animals as you can which is way more difficult and then drop them off at their homes one by one and then it's like okay like teleport to the next planet. So it'd be more of an arcade sort of thing. You could have narrative stuff in there as well explaining things along the way where it's like. Oh you make this particular animal and they tell you what's happening on the planet so how bagel lost. Yeah he's pretty cool idea. I think yeah and that'd be a fun one to prototype fro frog across the snake. I feel like that's one that hasn't been a combination of classic gameplay that hasn't been explored all right. Well i think. I think on that note. We'll we'll end. Arab sewed goalie. We got through a bunch of games for game last year. L. on new annual woods show so yes. Thanks for joining us this week on. Its if you wanna find us online you can go to purchase a dot com slash. Bit storm find olivet previous episodes including out previous game of the year where we as civilian took suggestions from listeners. For for made up game of these other shows. And we're also part of the epic collective and this is a group of podcasters who doing podcasts around gaming and pop culture and a lot of other things that go and check them at dot net. We'd also like it. If you could check out the australasian gaming podcast network take group of olsen australian gaming podcasts. You'll find news reviews some weeden wonderful podcast like platforms and pitfalls that. Have been on our podcast. Awful say good. Check him out. Look for the giving post constant wick on facebook or at agp network on twitter and finally. We'd like to think curtis for the use of the song metaphors of the containment. That's right so thank you again for joining us this week on bit storm. I'm ben slingo. I'm skilled. And i think disney movies would be different if the doug was named haiti's opinions to the under worm.

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