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369: Will Romeo Langford Crack the Celtics Playoff Rotation w/ Brian Robb

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369: Will Romeo Langford Crack the Celtics Playoff Rotation w/ Brian Robb

"Today is Thursday August sixth and this is Celtic speed on the s media network. The leading online provider of audio video coverage of the Boston Celtics I'm Adam Kaufman episode three sixty nine would celtics beat reporter Brian Rob from Boston Sports. Journal is brought to you by Bet online dot ag go to bed online dot ag today for your exclusive sign up. Bonus. Alright Celtics beat fans we are back the NBA's back the Celtics are back. It's good news right? It's nice to have sports back but actually games that matter and first and foremost here's something that matters more than anything else especially in Orlando in Orlando bubble with these games being played all those teams down there not a single positive tests with the coronavirus. Everything is negative. Everybody is testing negative nothing doing despite even the snitch line, there are no problems inside that bubble since everyone got in there, which is great news but focusing in on the court, that is what we're here to do Brian Rob Boston Sports, Journal and Valenti producer, as well as sometimes host of this program. Welcome in boys how are you? To be a few guys excited everybody got a week of hoops under the books and I expect that this land will get busy. What's the Playoffs Round Adam? That's you waste that on Stacey two games. I saw I saw Janas Colli Paul George the Bron- AD. They're all hanging out together. They were all out magic city gangs Lou Williams. I am petrified petrified Vera of the what recruiting stories five years from now go back to the time in the bubble. You know we always I think we've talked about this impasse shows too but you always hear about it. Now you think back to like Lebron and Wade Bosh those guys teaming up in Miami and it went back to the Olympics and Carmelo is in the mix what recruitment stories down the line going to revert back to well when we were in the bubble, all stay in the you know whatever hotel these three teams were together going out to eat with Blah Blah Blah it's it's a mess it's going to be, but there's ten riders pours there right now those that's ten bucks right there everything out of book. With their stories from behind the scenes and you've had to write from afar here's the question. Though, would you rather be in the bubble or do you like it this way? I mean you'd always rather be in the arena to interact you're going GONNA get different reactions from the players when you're Asan question right next to them as opposed to on zoom press conference With that said being bubble three months without seeing family and stuff dad is not Aguirre. Leader is what ambien reporters are having their Kudos to them that they would to make that sacrifice but. Yet surly pluses and minuses with the the virtual nature but all things being equal I. I'd want to be in there and you know just to get you know not only interested players but even being there Rena to to hear the trash talking to that, close the court with no crowd there I think that would give you just some ad perspectives everything. Well. Jokes on all those reporters anyway, just waiting for the inevitable. The Celtics just put one hundred and forty nine points against the Brooklyn Nets I. Know they're undermanned but clearly, this were just biding our time now for the next championship parade in Boston. Yeah I mean A. G. League prayed baby. After Kospi Much Long Island whatever the G. League team is damaged but no one hundred, forty, point nine and forty, nine points I think most snakes ninety, two any. So And it wasn't. In the fact, it was seven guys don't figures those vows probably when the best bench games of the year period for that team and that's A very encouraging the of your Brad Stevens heading into the postseason starting at a couple of weeks. What's the most encouraging thing though through four games because we're halfway through this regular season reset, of course, eight Games than the sixteen game tournament you know Jason Tatum could not have possibly been worse in game one, but he's been very good since jalen Brown consistent throughout we've seen some of these bench guys Romeo Langford Rob Williams. Most recently you guys both know how I feel about Rob Williams lutely adore the man these guys have been. You know solid off the. Bench of late of course, getting more run the game like the one against the nets because you're not gonNA play your stars all that long when you're blow another team, you know off the face of the Earth Kemba Walker the minutes are Bradley going up. He didn't play in the latest one because of the trying to make sure that the ramp up has him as healthy as he can be when the playoffs do roll around through four games. What's the big takeaway? I think you have to serve Kemba. Because that is kind of how this season goes the Celtics right now with you're talking about a deep run in the Eastern Conference and he the teams play has been up and down and the defense has been question mark in. Klay big questions about the team but you're talking urging Cambe is not only playing up to his minutes limits but physically, he looks good and he's actually the answer. It could be one thing if he's already moved around but the shot is rusty or he's not consistent there but I think he's shooting I close to like fifty five percent from three far over these first three games, and if you go back to when the season ended Adam, went before the is I think he hadn't shot over fifty percent in a game twice in a row since mid-january in that kind of tells you just how. Much that knee was bothering him and just impacting play even when he was trying to play through a banal. They're clearly him the plants used to working long way to go there but the results through their early for him in. That's huge for this team in terms of what their ceiling could be. The one thing with Campbell though the one that I'm waiting for and I agree with the fact that he Can go like one, a one B cameras health and how he's looked one a like jalen being credible. It hasn't missed a beat actually looks even better than it was when we before we started the shut down here. The I know it is, and I can't guy I don't know what he did during the break, but he looks horrendous the one thing with Cambodia I'm I'm a little concerned about and I and my concerns sorta getting alleviated the more the celtics black. Is, Kemba, picking his spots to really take over the game because you can see spots throughout the Portland game obviously Milwaukee obviously, and of course, the nets gave me didn't play unfortunately but I didn't really need him in that one anyway but the game against Miami where you could see the Celtics Kinda struggle a little bit supposed to Miami game they were having some tough times getting their half court stuff and. Campbell at one point would take the reins little bit. But in in my opinion because the developing Jason Tatum and and how he's been past days are past couple of months. He's been you know the celtics best player inaugural on the best players in the league. He's kind of day I'm taking the reins has been kind of the thing well now Cambodia got relearn to pick his spots a little bit better and in there are there were moments both the Milwaukee game and the game against Miami where I wanted him to take more assertion earlier instead of waiting because you know going into the playoffs the the. Value of waiting anymore like these games you know that's playoffs like you know every games would be a game seven, but every game really really matters. All right. So the only thing left for me with Kemba Walker he looks great looks explosive that I is still there that speed is still there he gets north and south like he used to, which is the big part of Campbell's game is handles always really crisp, but it's taking its feeling out the flow of the game and figuring out when he needs to settle the troops calm everybody down and take control. That's the last step of News Kemba Walker Bureau. Enliven. Yeah it's a great point and that's where again four months off this kind of gain back together and like you said, cam by Dafteng to the new version of tatum and still you know realizing what is his name but I think the the encouraging thing is you know Brad Stevens is I think mixing matching of his top four, top five guys and so. They're going to be time to the game where cameras the future dolphin option teams featured option. But like you said, Kemba getting more aggressive, there essentially versus certain opponents like Nobuaki which really give up that pull up three to him all day long that's his bread and butter. The more he gets better. Seltzer, obviously be rubbed to into since this resumption at this point, the first game against the bucks when there was so much rust and again, tatum was awful. That is absolutely a game that tatum is even mediocre. They probably win that one. You know they lose by seven Portland eat that one out narrow loss to the heat and obviously blow the nets out a out of the water. So these are four games that at least three if you include the ones they lost within that all really close all very winnable games. I don't know how much these players are focused in on seeding, how much they care, how much they're outlining future matchups. What I do think Brad Stevens is naturally paying a lot of attention to is, okay. What are things going to look like by the time? This comes to an end you August thirteenth a few days from now really and I get a honed in on a playoff rotation. Even Romeo Langford we alluded him before could be part of this rotation just because of what he does defensively do you feel like you're getting? Little Hints Little Clues into what the playoff rotations going to look like or four games. Yeah absolutely I think we kinda saw that would Brad Stevens I was going to be out of the gate any see against. The fact that you know Lankford and Rob Williams those guys replaying it all are playing. But then the results were there in the defense wasn't there so that I think let him to go search down the mental more to see what these guys to give him in the Romeo Langford thing to me. That'd be a guy if I'm Brad Stevens Ice WanNA throw his feet into the fire last next fourteen games, you're. Not, GONNA play in thirty minutes or anything like that. But haven't be kissed consistent rotation because you're not sure what that ceiling is. Yet, you know what Jimmy is a Grad wanamaker is Lankford has improved over the course airing his defense. I'd say beyond behind smart off the benches better than anyone on the perimeter there and that's what you're going to need in the playoffs. So the offensive for him is a question mark obviously jump shots a question mark, but he seems to have a really good feel for a rookie and. You know a couple months down the Road Gordon Hayward is going to disappear for probably a couple of games for the birth. Ends those minutes are going to have to go somewhere win where that's going to be if you're lucky enough to still be playing that point It'll be good to know what happened life for in that spot. Instead of trying to you know throw rookies out there and not you're GONNA get. To that end is Robert Williams going to get a look over a guy like and his canter? I, mean, obviously over the course of the regular season, the original regular season pre pandemic that wasn't the case for a couple of reasons one I think kanter entrusted within a certain role despite the fact that he is kind of defensive sieve lack of effort just lack of ability it'll give you more offensively more often than not but Robert Williams with. The injury, he wasn't out there. Now, all of a sudden you see him first opportunity in that game against the nets after playing something like I dunno twenty seconds or whatever was total in Orlando. Prior the guy comes in and is there there's the Campbell Madman knock great bob well great Bob Great Bob Perfect Seven for seven eighteen points is out there mashing guys is rebounding. He's blocking shots this guy that I wanna see out there on the regular. Yet I mean that was the best game career by far against Brooklyn nine Wednesday night and it was a slow start from in that game too. He had a couple slip-ups on offensive for early but you know with the big league gives the ability to play for those mistakes and then he got it going. But there are certain cancer I thought Legwell Orlando Heist is Tyson your defense kind of comes and goes a little bit there but he gives you the versatility that can't Rob Williams can't. But there's no question certain match ups like. The southern would love for rob waves come and kind of win that job in show in the minutes that hey, you know I can be the rim-protector on the defensive end floor in also the rim running pull guys in from the ground perspective whether it's the lobs are just simply in the pick and roll because you have to account for that, and that opens up shooters and other parts of the floor. I think Langford is also make a bigger impact, the Rob Williams. I think. Rob Williams is just not there as well. He is. He needs to be for a big man on the defensive end yet to kind of like from a communication standpoint from on a trust standpoint, Brad. Stevens, but to your plan I'm like. Why not he i? Think he is with that performance you should earn time in all the rest seating games. You'll see what he can do see if can sustain momentum and then yeah in the right match up in the postseason against team where cantor's getting cut up defensively and Thais is. In foul trouble, the net like Williams might be an appealing option there. Have to be really benefited by this whole experience right like I get. There's nothing good about pandemic. There's nothing good about what's going on sports right now although we can save this for a little bit later what Adam, silver in the NBA like I mean unbelievable the the competition, the way it looks the way it sounds the way it feels the return of the NBA has just been credible far better than baseball. Is better than hockey for different reasons just the way maybe it's the nature of the sport the way they can kind of trap the court and obviously the virtual fans and block off the other seats. You can't even see him. It's like they're playing inside a box. It looks incredible but just a key, my point for especially for a guy like Langford, who's a rookie and dealt with injuries early in the years well. Is He really benefited just by the fact that? There is no homecourt advantage. There are no fans. There's nothing other than himself to psych himself out in this situation you know the the moment is only as big as these young guys across the board whatever team they're on, allow it to get for themselves within their own heads. If you know what I mean like we talk about the importance going into the. Situation. For All these guys of of will to win of psychological, you know ability and and just and really grasping at the moment versus what it is in a a usual a typical year and it seems like Langford especially is a guy who could benefit being in Orlando versus I think if if life were normal, he probably doesn't play in the playoffs at all. Yeah it certainly levels the playing field. For those guys really you know any young role guy when you go on the road in the playoffs there if you at the splits for this players like it's like shooting like. And get lost you get into the crowd like you said, and even on top of that just a unique situation of having four months to like kind of breakdown where games add and to see what went right will get the feedback after. You're obviously limited in terms of how much these guys could work on their game individually but it does provide just like fresh legs heading into postseason instead of a an eighty, two game grinder, which is more than twice would these guys went through in college? So? I'll be curious to see just not just how guys like Lankford and other players respond to that. But just team like I mean we've seen. Touched a little bit I mean. On jalen earlier and how good he's looked. allow these guys come back you know trade world is a team that's shown good discipline I think during quarantine they weren't huffing and puffing in these games up and down the for the radio they've clearly worked on their game and we're GONNA see in a couple of weeks how much pays off The I've enjoyed the Romeo Langford experience only because you know a Lotta people early on, you look at Langford his his league on the floor, and then when he got on the floor like his shots little not falling as much you know he's still learning his ways little bit but the one thing that Brad and Danny have focused on in this is really highlights Romeo, but also highlights Jason Tatum and also. Highlights, Jalen Brown and a lot of their strategy. Lot of these one done guys they don't put all their eggs into the basket of one season. Right Romeo had played through a torn ligament in his thumb on his shooting hand. Obviously, he wasn't as good as he could be Jalen Brown had a mess of spacing when he was playing with cow was a disaster he shot like twenty percent from three point range. It wasn't as good as it could be. Jason Tatum played hurt through that year But again back with Shaman odd he was unbelievable back in Saint? Louis. I like what Boston is done to said Hey. These guys that we've picked it's Romeo. Jalen Brown Jason Tatum are all high pedigree guys who maybe had a rough year one year when their collegiate location. But if you go back to their high school career and look all the tape and all the film and all the sessions we've had with them, their high school tape is really impressive and with Langford and this has been my. Argument sense drafted him they draft him because he was going to be a top five pick if he didn't have good Indiana right he was Mr Braswell in Indiana. He had all these accolades had a rough year because he played through an injury and then you look at them now here in. August. In his instincts on the floor show immediately again that shot still working progress Jomo Zoos. A great job trying to work with him on that. But this just highlights the the Scouting Department Austin Age Danny Aines, Brad Stevens, and everybody else involved with that. They don't just look at one year and say that's it. No, they go back as far back as they possibly can they trust their instincts in Romeo? It might pay off huge because you look at a guy at. Fourteen that they've actually gone top five that's going to be big going forward as they try and thought the rest of this roster you might have a guy in. Romeo. Who can step in that second unit and really provides scoring down the line getting him his feet wet right now in these scenarios in Orlando and in the playoffs is only going to help his development going forward my. Doubt. There's no question about that and you aged has long history of doing this. You've mentioned a few names back to avery Bradley even finding high schoolers like ow Jefferson. Kendrick. Perkins way back. But yeah they he's been good at identifying. Good young talent that may have slipped through the cracks and Lankford is a you know is the after what was a nightmare start the season but missing summer league you know being banged up. reworking the junk shot, he couldn't work as a floor in the first fifteen twenty games but to me the defense is already and that's usually the toughest thing. For on the floor. So playtime for the offense to come in. For now, they don't really much if he can play defense. He's GonNa play. Real quick just WANNA share. This is a special show for us. It always is the show brought to you by bet online or exclusive partner no shortage of action going on at bed online sports slowly making their way back maybe not so slow anymore UFC NASCAR soccer led the way. 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Nice? Nice. Nice job. I'm just sitting here in one of my Homage. Jam Celtics Bird Shirt and Mikhail homage sponsor US which. The the question though that I have for you be rob is through four games. What you've seen obviously halfway through four more to go the report is well, the Ben Simmons is out indefinitely for the sixers dealing with quite frankly it's horrible could be very serious injury long-term hope it's not because he is an elite talent league and also you just never wish that upon players want to beat the best while they're at their best I'm not so sure the sixers though are going to be at their best when the playoffs rolled around pretty soon here, and that very well could be a first round match up with Celtics. So how does this impact things? It's big I mean there's no given how the stick serious they clearly tried to rework their lineup. For Orlando Input Benjamin's at the four more in now that plan kind of goes a shambles and there really isn't much shock gration ability on that team outside of Simmons and that's really worrisome for how bad their defensive looked on. Defense. Orlando phillies even worse than that friend and so. It's we'll see you know my guess is they're going to try to put him on something I. Bet you if it's Simmons will play a ugliest give it a shot on playing the ploughs is based on what I've. Read about injury as long as it's not a more severe. Subway, like he should be able to give it a shot a couple of weeks potentially but even then like just jumping in straight to a playoff season firm that point that's not going to be easy especially against his stomach seem so. I. Don't think the Celtics were GONNA. Jockey too much for positioning in terms of the three four seat in order to avoid philly and get the Pacers instead at this point I still. If. Simmons is playing I still rather play Pacers if I'm the Celtics because I. Don't think bonus is coming back at all for them and dad is a huge game changer for them since Sir frontline is so thin and Tuesday Warren though JJ UNBELIEVABLE He's lost the other night right and so you have to I, mean they've been looking I one of the best teams in the bubble I guess I trust that. You know you'd go to the postseason Celtics locking a little bit more defensively housing many in the bubble period outside of like maybe trying to walk in defensively at all right now, and who knows whether that's just slippage or effort, but it seems to be like a league. Wide thing I expect that tighten up once the playoffs is going but even still like if Tj Warren and you know. Depot who doesn't quite looks like himself yet still even after having several months we have GET Games during this year after his bad knee injury I'm still thinking Apple Yep Simmons is out of the picture for for Philly you definitely like out here that in beats the best player in that series. Known offset team really scares me too much. So I take them over a overseeing from the pages right now. Can you gauge your expectations for the Celtics right now through only four games and injuries and performances from other teams across the bubble or is it all just so new and and Rusty unfamiliar? I was A, it's probably still on par for what I think. It's GONNA be. A. Coin Flip series against the raptors around two I. Still think that's what the my expectation before the bubble started was for the Celtics. Nothing has changed to that point if if southern came out last night in like loss that nets team after getting not embarrassed getting beat pretty well by Jim Butler, he listening on Tuesday night that'd be like, okay. Maybe you know they're really struggling to get things altogether here on the defense side of the floor, but it took care of business there. There's been enough flashes of. Promise early on on both ends four to see you know this is what turned this team into what looks like a fifty five one team for most of the year and so cameras looks good everyone else is healthy as right now So if they can maintain that hanging the postseason Achy, have I mean I can't even remember the last time Banja postseason healthy during the Brad Stevens era but if they can get to that level and smart doesn't. Suffer here's the. Next to last game injury van. Go Toe to toe with the raptors in you know if the very than if you hit threes against the Bugsy Ova chance so Nothing's changed enough to me. The only thing that would have brought the Lord expectations if was Kim budget look like himself and that hasn't been the case. Be Rub I. Know You've got run we're going to keep on here for a little bit, but we'll let you escape this show. But obviously, we appreciate you coming on and talking up all things bubble and the Celtics. Of course, you can always find be rub not only twitter but Boston Sports Journal Ninety eight five sports up as well. He can be heard occasionally seen depending on a program that you're tuning in for so great to catch up buddy and will definitely have to do it again as the playoffs get moving. Absolutely thanks boys and fornication of more down the road here. It sounds good look forward to it, and of course, be rob host show as part of the Seattle and s family as well. You can catch the winning plays podcast Michael Pena with rich Levin. So we, we love having B. Rob on, but seven I continue just for a couple more minutes. Let's Anything anything big that you're taking away from the stuff that. That be rob talked about in any big disagreements that you have off of expectations for these final four games and just to let the people know if you don't have a schedule Handy as we talk again, it's August sixth Thursday. Celtics will play quote Unquote at Toronto in Orlando Tomorrow night and also have games. Against the magic shouldn't be a problem grizzlies who have just been I mean. Keeping a close eye on that pig obviously off on Tuesday of next week. Then Thursday, it's the wizards who just don't belong there, and then right into the playoffs at that point. I Will Backup B. Rob on the defense. because. Toronto looks on believable defensively I mean they were good defensively bef- before the bubble happened in the shutdown happened they were one of the best teams defensively in the League and I think they look better than they did before we shut down I mean I really do they look and maybe it's because everybody else looks terrible it on defense in Boston at. Times is locked in at times is really terrible that Miami game I I wanted to throw my TV out the window. There was so many. So many bad miss opportunities defensively they just kept blowing I'm not sure if that's just legs or or just rhythm or what but that Toronto team for it and I think the one thing I learned is this. I I thought Toronto was good. Don't get me wrong. It's just the the the system works nick nurses a terrific coach but they look like in my opinion and you know it's only four games in. So we still aways go in the box. You Know Jaanus is the best player in every series but I think Toronto is looked the best of any team, the Eastern Conference and I don't even think it's relatively close I think kyle lowry has spent tremendous og and an nobias stepped up for the last time we saw ham and he's had a pretty terrific year if you've been paying attention. Been Great you'll Fred Van Valley is going to get a really nice contract when the season is done they've been great and they have, they might not have the best player in every series, but they've got the best coach and every series, and that is a huge huge huge advantage for Toronto Ours. Does that surprise you though without quite Leonard? I think it's probably the one of the biggest surprises. The entire season that Toronto has been this good without argument, the best player in the NBA I mean. They've been able to figure out how to replicate not only his scoring because his scoring obviously is a big part of what made them go last year but his defensive prowess has shifted to some other guys in the system just completely works and whether they have this guy, enter this guy on this. All. Works and it's all nick nurse and I can't believe he didn't win coach. I honestly, CANNOT FATHOM AND Billy Donovan had a great year who had a great year None of those guys did the job at ignores dead and I think that Toronto out of all the teams Eastern Conference looks the sharpest and if I'm any, if you're a walkie especially avoid them until the last possible minute they look tremendous and if you're Boston you can't overlook any. Opponent right you're gonNA have philly maybe in round one made the around one what goes through teams are banged up in. Boston. Should handle those teams but that Toronto teams lurking and that is a scary scary team on both ends of the floor because of their head coach and out of all teams we've seen they're the most impressive not in close. What do you think through four with four go perfect midpoint obviously not only the show's return but just For. The Celtics return we already outlined kind of the pros and cons so I don't want to rehash things we've already talked about but bigger picture is there one overwhelming concern for you? That's not the defense I think for everybody it's the defense beyond the defense is there that one big concern. We sorta orange indigenously if you'd prefer the big thing that you feel great about you know you can go on either side of the spectrum. Well there's two things and they're kind of related. The. What happens to the Celtics? When things go stagnant is a problem now hayward has I think been underrated great this entire run and I think we've mentioned it may be in passing but I wanNA give him some serious prophecy looks tremendous But this this team in the mustache. And is definitely the mustache. I've hundred percent with that is the power data mustache no way. That's beautiful. He looks like I made the joke today he looks like a real life Luigi. It's fantastic. Does, he really does especially when they're in green really it really throws me up. But, offensively, this team sometimes tatum had the rough night in Milwaukee but he's been fantastic sense Jaylen Brown's been unbelievable in Kemba and very limited minutes. I, think that the the offensive flow problem they have will be alleviated with giving Kemba, more minutes and and Brad finding the best way to stagger the four guys because I. I've I've talked with this on different radio show. that. Boston has four guys in this. Radio, shows Oh, I do. There's going to be. Like you would know about that. You have four guys that are gonNA count for every night probably somewhere between eighty and ninety points right somewhere between their hayward, Brown Cambe tatum somewhere between eighty and ninety could even more than that. Pending the night. Maybe it's a good night. It's one hundred who. But you're. GonNa have four guys conflict majority offense. Brad Stevens has to find a way between Jangle ties, Marcus Smart, and then any other combination of bench guys that he throws out there they got to come up with a way to score thirty points thirty thirty points because score ninety, eight, hundred, twenty, twenty most gains. The defense has been great in the bubble. So I think buck twenty should probably get you wins on most nights finding the right combination of guys to get that is going to be huge. Now smart of the night can be really hot or really cold. He's GonNa make winning plays either way Thais sets great screens. A great sealer plays good defense positionally guards up down but not a guy who's GonNa score a whole lot. Then you miss the midst, the mixed things off the bench between you know Brad wanamaker in Romeo. Langford, and whether it's Tyson Robin Williams and then we'll see if grant Williams anything, they gotta find the right combination of guys to come up with thirty points a game between six guys, right so are let's call it 'cause it's going to be an eight-man rotation four guys. So they're going to find a way scored thirty points and four guys now. What is helpful with Boston is they have different guys facilitate they have a camera, they have a hayward, they have smart those three do in tatum did primarily you know the the ball handling? Having those guys set up their teammates is going to be huge. I think smart is that a great job? The first couple of games of dictating who gets the shot win like okay. Tatum them give him the ball sans called find somebody else can the ball he does a great job like if you know cantor been doing great on the defensive boards offensive boards next time down. Touch early to go to work, get into it do or oh Jalen all right, give him the ball clear out everybody move out. So they got to find some things I'm encouraged by a lot of stuff but the offensive lapses they have which could be cured by plane Kemba Walker more are concerning especially against team Toronto who you're going to have to go through to get the Milwaukee was another legendary defensive team. In has link the four so. As you look at the bigger picture, the two teams faucets going to have to beat the NBA finals. You can't have defense offense of lapses against those teams because even if when you do. They can bury you on the other end. It's not going to be pretty. I'll tell you I totally agree with what you're saying obviously about Kemba. Walker. Looking good in the limited amount that he has played and right now we're between. What eighteen twenty, five minutes a game ballpark basically that he's played in these first three, he has looked solid. He is locked in he shooting well, he's composed even defensively is looking pretty good. The need is is assertive. The NITA's not seem to be bothering him that being said. Is just sort of like the you know my my my my internal alarm goes off a little bit whenever I feel like and maybe you disagree I feel Kendrick Perkins has gone out of his way to. To slight Kemba multiple times since the season restarted not saying like it's not an attack on Kemba. So much as a skepticism that he's going to be there when the Celtics need him now maybe it's just a guy who's dealt with a lot of injuries in his career calling out campus injuries I can't help but feel knowing how closely connected he still has to that organization and Danny Ainge and doing media with NBC and Blah Blah Blah Blah I feel like he knows something that has not been revealed at this point and I'm nervous about it. I I respect the opinion I, disagree. I don't think it's wrong with cameras, knee? I. Don't think about saying anything. Not Right now I don't think they're going to say a word I. Think they're just GONNA keep is In. The Celtics. There are other organizations out there. This would get out of Boston does a good job of getting the information that they want to have out there. I. Mean the Marquel Foltz pick or the trade is the ultimate example of that. Right? They wanted to make everybody believe they're taking marquel false for the entire time, their ticket Jason Tatum. So they're they're really good in and it goes. Back to the point although out like if bullpen does if pet says it, it's true if he if he doesn't, then we don't know I understand where you're coming from because again, he's a one rang with the Celtics obviously since ties the organization but I don't think Danny Ainge or are awesome age or Brad Stevens or anybody's really telling perk what's going on I? Think it's Three are but I I'm thinking lower level is there anybody is like Jeff twists might be the only guy left you know like Gone. Gone I mean who's left of that of that that grew in There who's the WHO's the equipment guy who's been there for like Thirty Years Joe? Yeah. All right. Well, we'll just. Look Olives I'm not accused of anything say Perk if you're listening, you're making me nervous. He's making everybody his takes has been unbelievable. What did he say? It was going around on twitter like well in the Celtics Celtics do. This is why I'm going with Toronto Golden Milwaukee and the Celtics don't have Kemba. What do you mean the Celtics? What happened? What happened Kemba? What did we miss? What wasn't reported? US guys talking about I? Think it was a classic perk MIS mixed miss up or mixed mishap or something I. Wouldn't put a lot of would have put a lot of stock in a perkins on Television I. Love the Guy He's great. He's fantastic. He he gets he stirs the pot he gets twitter going no question But I, I love him to death because he was shop front of the program. Hey. I sure don't I I can't say this with certainty but I'm pretty sure his media career started doing this show i. think this was the. Did before he before he. became the sensation that he is in the media world. Obviously perk was always perk but before like before Fox Espn and everything I, it was on Celtics beat. dammit. Was Fun actually skits on. He he the classic what I wanted to call it. What did he kept saying something over and over and over and he had a crutch and I forget what it was. It was a but I, wanted to call it that looks like the name of the episode be that in fact that I can't. Completely ruining this take and I apologize to anybody listening to. People. Just need to go back and listen to the archives. Then that's et go back on. To Insert Celtics Celtics beat it'll save though to the Kendrick Perkins show which was at this point many months ago and about a year ago. Yeah. Probably. A year ago like now like I'm not GonNa lie it's right about now. What are you nervous about you? Nervous any. When it comes to seize are you dislike ads four games? It's the Russ Joe's but done even played in four months. Obviously the GonNa show are you nervous about that because I am the nervous about The lack of offense sometimes, and because I'm willing to get harder when the playoffs star defenses get better. Yeah see I'm I'm actually it's it's the same, take the opposite approach to it. I actually believe that the offense is going to be there generally speaking when they needed I'm nervous about the defense showing up. And even though it is Brad Stevens staple, even though they have the guys to do it, I am concerned about the defense making a key stop when it absolutely has to and at because again, like that here that statement they think one play no I mean one quarter like you might have to lock down for a quarter might you might have to? Lock down for a half and we have seen no evidence from the Celtics of that so far in their return doesn't mean they won't get there and it is a four-game, very small sample size, but it is what it is and you know I include scrimmage games as well. This is just the reality bidded. It has been so far I feel like. There's so much talent. They're both sides of the ball, but there's so much talent there that like Brown, tatum Kemba, even smart hayward. Obviously, you know random guy expert like those ones in particular i. think the buckets are going to be there when they need them a big key defensive stop against a guy that most people are not equipped to stop the. Honest of the world, the EMBIID's of the world we know that there then the big man position was a guy like Rob Williams all of a sudden you know evolves to be much bigger contributor on that side of the ball. Then people would have thought pre nets game. Obviously, if that all happens I will feel a little bit better but in this moment. It's SORTA the opposite end of your take I guess. Look at that Blazers game right where were dame gets absolutely red Hot and man who I love watching Dame Kit redhawks. He starts pulling up from thirty eight feet in insists nothing you can do about it. But the one thing I will say is you know I thought it took Brad a little too long. To start trapping him as soon as he crossed half court in in, you know not to plug somebody else's podcasts but Steve Kerr was on Simmons Bod and talked about how dame trae young curry while these long distance Luca these long distance shooters that have changed the geometry of the floor that you know you. You don't trap them when they get to the three point line now, you're got to track them. As soon as they cross half court, the ball out of their hands, the ball moving somewhere else and I am branded a good job eventually get into that point trapping him. As soon as he crossed the half court line getting the broadest his hands making cj or or Nurkic or Gary Trent junior who has not stopped shooting well, this entire bubble run you know getting the ball out of his answer and Those guys and having those guys kill you because dame. He's like he's one of the few guys at once it gets hot. It's hard to take him out of his rhythm Hardin Staff once he gets moving, it's hard and now. The one thing with Brad I'm glad he did it but you gotta do that earlier when when the Games really caliber, you can't let Jaanus. Get a full has seen going to the basket over and over and over and over again I know it's difficult trust the he's seven foot whatever it an alien he's not really human but they're going to face some guys coming up like a lowry eventually we'll get there you know embiid if he's really. Feeling, find a way to get the ball in his hands and moving it around. It's going to be real interesting and I, I, Somewhat Echo your concerns about the defense but I go back to Brad Stevens defensive coach they have the bodies and that side of the ball to really make things difficult between Brown tatum ties I'll throw Romeo. Langford and they're just just for to throw him out there to shake the snow globe as Brad always says smart obviously. They have the horses to do that. I'm just I guess you and I are an obstacle suspect but still have concerns about one very, very big thing and it's just you know four games ago haven't played in a long time this all could be for not. But if you don't see improvement quickly this other to look at it premature exit and that's going to be really disappointing. But a full circle what the hell are we worried about? They just put up one hundred, fifty points. Yeah against the poughkeepsie nets. Not. Even. Large Island. We wanted guide you central new? York. The show's brought to you by Bet online dot ag go to bed online Dot AG, your exclusive sign a bonus. We appreciate you being with US Brian Rob Boston's force journal sports hub in Boston, and of course, you can always hear him as part of the. Media Network with winning plays podcasts as well. We'll plug other podcasts within the family were okay with that none none of those other shows. Ridiculous. The thank you sir. I am Adam. Kaufman thanks for being with us. We'll talk to you again in just a few days right back with you as these Games Continue Celtics back at it. Tomorrow night inside the bubble Gino go on.

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