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"brian oil murray" Discussed on Mt. Rushmore Podcast

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"brian oil murray" Discussed on Mt. Rushmore Podcast

"I got her a here club paradise. Oh yeah the slightly less successful herald ramos film but was a writer for saturday night live. Setv has been on about a done all kinds of voice over work and animation work and just has settled into this great career as that guy. Yeah we brian doyle. Murray is an ultimate backup. He's he's gotten great boardroom. Energy that guy five. Yeah like where you could just. You could imagine him in any he could be the ceo. He could be a lackey. he get somewhere. Put them in a suit he could be. You can see him in any rule of some guy in a suit sitting there. Doing something. And i appreciate the fact that once again. It's a brother who seems to appreciate the fact that his elder brother eclipsed him professionally but doesn't seem to have any bitterness about me. Maybe he doesn't in harbours harbors it and prince private deepest deepest darkest world. Brian doyle murray but but you know publicly. They just aren't seem like this really close tight knit family that you know mill. Bill loves putting brian oil murray and his movies and he loves being kind of the clint. Howard ron howard. Spy speaking of my choice. Oh enjoy fine. Go ahead finish your aching of rock and roll highschool from last week i would say that in my brief experience in second city and an ensemble comedy as a younger person. You find yourself playing the Nuts in the hippie weirdo or the crazy character. And then you start to age and within five years i remember going from majors. My locker facilities flavor. You start going from the herald is talked about this to you you go from being the space cadet crazy character to be the one that brings oil murray. Is everything where. He's the authoritarian news. The person saying all right you guys knock it off you know. Tease the patriarch heavy. And it's no fun because you you play the person without a sense of humor you play the person who has kind of come into kind of shut down the scene. At the end you can scramble. Knock it off you become the the you're the street man you're the sixteen wade becomes an and squashes the scene so so they can go onto something else and boy. It sounds like The character maybe you are going to talk about or the person usually actually plays the weirdo. Yeah definitely clint howard. Younger brother too to ron. Howard ron howard will start off as the more famous. One is obviously famous for his roles as a child actor. So was clint clint. You know on the courtship of eddie's father but also like had voice roles for like famous disney things. He was ruined and in the jungle book. You had like a very like. Oh that is that voice. I didn't know that was clinton howard sort of thing. But then ron howard just had a longer starring role on you..

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