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"brian miller road" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"To. Why editorial side will we ever know the reason why. And if we do can that reason why be incorporated to stop other tragedies other mass shootings again remember his knees. Ricky olds is being strong and independent. He said she changed her hair color every week. Free will independent lived life on her terms. He provided a statement from the family that says in part on behalf of the old family. We want to thank the community and ricky's friends and coworkers the outpouring of support for our family. Today we are mourning. The loss of granddaughter daughter sister niece cousin friend and colleague ricky olds was truly one of a kind. She didn't follow trends. She made them suzanne fountain h fifty nine. She's remembered by boulder's theater community as an incredible actress in a facebook post. Brian miller road that he got to know suzanne while working on wit a play that was performed at the nomad theater in boulder in may of nineteen eighty two. Tom ruin now lives in new york. Found out about susan's death over denver theater facebook group scrolling through the names. He said. I didn't think i'd ever come across someone. I knew i was shocked. Rohan attended boulder high school and was in a play with suzanne they started winnie the pooh at the arvada center in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven row and said i was ravaged. She was piglet and she was adorable in it. She was a great colleague. Fountain also performed denver with the denver center theatre company for two seasons in the early nineties. Erik o'mahony remembers kevin mahoney. Her father kevin mahoney victim in the mass shooting at the boulder king. Supers erica is news director. Khz radio in pacific grove california. She remembered her father saying he represented all things love. Then there was terry laker terry. Like h fifty. One terry was an employee at the king superstore. According to alan willey said he used to work with her at the store where the shooting occurred still in shock. Everybody loved her here at the store. Also willie said. He participated in special olympics with liker..

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