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"brian mama safi" Discussed on Couples Therapy

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"brian mama safi" Discussed on Couples Therapy

"It. What do you do? We have not taken it. We've had our car for almost three years. I think we hire rotate it. Rotate it? I have a feeling that car because I don't know how to actually own a car, but that thing's gonna be on the one O one and it's just gonna fall apart. Component parts. Absolutely. And we will be sitting in a pile of metal. We should take it for a tune up. That's a thing. You know? And just go to them. That's the problem though, 'cause if you go and they know I blatantly have no idea what I'm talking about, that's how you get up charged. So I need if there's anybody in the chat who knows about cars who wants to maybe like come in, take our car, like make it look like we know what's up, so we don't get hustled. Please do offer your services at couples therapy pod at Gmail dot com. By the way, I think I know why vets have baby voices. Why? Because they're telling you awful things to someone who is very vulnerable. You and your pet is very vulnerable, right? It's a very sacred bond. The bond between a pet owner and their pad is sacred. So I'm sorry, I think dogs got heart disease. Brenda just said a tune up is a thing. Are you supposed to get every three months? Well, Brenda, we two years too late on that girl. 'cause that ain't happened. This car is pitchy. Okay. Stop doing it. This car should be at E and it's at a G that's how bad it is. Good one, babe. Mabel. I just love you. And she always is like, she always looks like half over it, no matter what's happening. How do you feel about bringing on our illustrious panel? Yeah, we decided who are some of the favorite people that we either got closer with or got to know a little better over the pandemic. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Would you care to introduce what I finished this character Coke bottle? All right. Okay, you know this guy from the podcast asked Rana and attitudes and 9-1-1 on Fox. We got Brian safi. You know this next one is the scam goddess herself, Lacey Moseley. You know this queen from big mouth and Dickinson, Iowa debris. Where's that panel, ladies? Lacey, are you here? Okay, well, I think we should just. Nothing like a little drama to start the that's right. This is gonna turn into a murder mystery dinner. Really quickly. Well, I will say it's funny because everyone in the panel is coming with their own situation. First of all, Brian coming to us from Texas. Very brave to be there. Okay. Well, then also I was just saying, so Brian's in Texas right now, how wonderful to take the time from visiting his family to do this show. What did your parents say when you were like, I have to go do a show online? You know, I told them it was a resume and my mom kept being like, well, we can all watch it together, right? And I was like, so I'm in it. She's like, cool, so we just started watching together. And it was actually very sweet. They put their iPad up and they're on chairs watching it together right now. Oh, that's why I was nervous when I said the F word, 'cause I said, I don't know what I'm saying. Being like, excuse you? Not at all. You know? That's my middle name. They gave me that middle name. Mama? No, the F word. Oh, I thought Brian mama safi. So close. So close. They were really into mama's family. Nikki, can you put up Travis's comment? We're waiting for it, but Travis. Other Travis? From 6 17. Okay, well, also, as Brian is in Texas, Io is coming here fresh from wisdom teeth surgery. Can you imagine? This is true. You got them all out. They're all for. They were impacted another up my mouth. And now I'm doing this. That is amazing, quite honestly. It's pretty great. Listen, they gave me the medicine. And I showed up. What did they give you? What are you taking? What are your pretty sweet little ever heard of these antibiotics? One. Next, I'm honor Tylenol two. Okay. Classic. I'm on Tylenol and codeine together. Three. Oh no. Antibiotics I was like, that's a yeah, so I don't know if my demeanor seems chill. It might be because I physically can't move my face or the coding. I love it. And now Lacey scam got is herself. We were waiting with bated breath. I was like, she better not be a voice because I know there's a face beat we all need to say. No, there's not, as you can see. That truth, you're not really sure. I have an eyelashes. And I tried to run and put a little bit of powder on, but it's bad. I just can't today. I always thought you had a full face with me. No..

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