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"brian lingerie" Discussed on KILF Morning New Podcast

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"brian lingerie" Discussed on KILF Morning New Podcast

"Good morning jeff. Good morning to you. Yeah the fbi is now asking for the public health and finding twenty-three-year-old brian lingerie considered the sole person of interest. In this case of twenty. Two old gabby petito This is a corner in wyoming. Yesterday officially identified the body found. Sunday in the eastern edge should a grantee national park adds potatoes and the fbi The denver office of the fbi. Say that that Her death was listed homicide specific cause of death. And it's going to have to wait until they full autopsy results Comes in but that really intensifies the search for laundry whose parents left his left his home on the fourteenth Three days after petito was reported missing by our parents after laundry arrived back home on in florida. September first without her from the couple's cross country road trip. Jeff do we know anything at all and and think we were talking about yesterday saying it's a tough story to report because the fbi is notorious for not releasing any information that that is not useful to them in their investigation. So we have so many questions that are unanswerable at this point. But do you know anything at all about any conversation. The parents might have had with brian laundry before he disappeared again up on his arrival. Well we know that the family bryan laundry and his his family. He's talking about his parents. They lawyered up collectively And they weren't saying anything Until a on or about the fourteenth In that is when we know that. Brian laundry going to his parents left his home. His car was found at the carlton nature reserve but thirteen miles away from the family's home vast vast nature reserve about twenty five thousand acres. It's woody it's it's mostly. Underwater is parents picked up. The car brought it home In when they were contacted by the fbi. They said he took his backpack. And they believe us there. So the focus on this. This reserve really was in the western side of the north side of this reserve The last couple of days now. It's shifted towards the eastern side of the reserve where state police are now. Joining the search for him about sixty officers are now in this church. Many new using gators and snakes website. They're using a gators to those those all-terrain vehicle type things and and And dogs because it's really it's really. It's tough it's tough terrain Because they're snakes and well. I guess caters to because it's florida and and And so the parks close to the public until further notice governor onto santa's Also having state polices system is search and the fbi is also asking for for for information. They're asking for help. They're asking people anyone who may have come into contact with petito or laundry or who visited that. The spread creek dispersed camping area The granting national park between august twenty seventh and thirtieth or who may have seen the vehicle we've had somebody Tampa family that came forward and said we had our gopro rolling as we were going through. The grand teton national park. We went through it. We saw van obama's part white year gabby potatoes body was found. There's also a witness who may have picked up laundry while he was hitch-hiking not far from potatoes remains this via the i really starts piecing together. I guess a case against brian laundry again. Consider the only person of interest in this case right now all right jeff. Thanks so much for the fda we do appreciate it fox news jeff. Monosso time for scott's thoughts on a lot of times. I'll come in here with a new study. That says blah blah blah blah blah blah. With this whole gabby petito thing. I just asked you guys a question off the air. Like thirty forty five minutes ago and it spurred a conversation. That question is if you're brian. Laundries parents How would you handle this situation. And i'm not apparent right. I don't have a kid. So i feel weird answering the question myself but it just feels like a very tough ethical situation to being as apparent who was always going to look out for your own But it is also watching another set of parents struggle with the loss of their own. I think if you and most parents love their children. And i think you would do the right thing and the right thing would be turn your son in as hard as it is to do something like that part part of a big part of being a parent for me is even at the my. My son is forty four years old. And i still try to put forth a good be a good role model for him. You know do the right thing and show you know you do. What's right and in this case. I think first of all out after talking with jeff monosso a couple of minutes ago now. We've got other questions about. Shouldn't his parents be facing charges would be. That's where my mind. When i think that's because i don't have the emotional attachment to a child like you guys. Do my mind went. Go to okay. Can i be charged for obstruction or anything. Like this. if i if i know something and don't tell police i guess the question is how much do they actually know. Right you know versus like did he come home and say just. I'm leaving ryan leave. But didn't they say we'll wears your girlfriend or where's your fiance. Come home with. Well he gave the he gave some. They said that he said that She didn't come home. She wasn't she was on her own or something. You know just not answer. Maybe i don't know. But that's it's always fishy when a lawyer gets involved because you know the lawyer saying do not talk. Don't a thing and that just makes everybody look guilty in the whole matter. But it's the me you mentioned tough love when we were talking. All right here. Amy that like you would. It's not necessarily about just doing the right thing. It's about tough love in a situation. Where like that's something. No one wants to turn their kate in. No one wants to do that. Besides tough love and besides doing the right thing..

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